For a little more than a year, we have presented “Perspectives,” a series in which Bereans reflected on and provided their views about two of the Great Commitments and how they are connected. This issue brings the series to a close by examining our Commitments to “democratic community” and “plain living.” These topics are particularly relevant in light of events on other campuses and national conversations about energy needs and our obligations as stewards of the planet’s natural resources. As always, we hope you enjoy reading these perspectives and that you will consider joining the conversation through your comments.

Dr. Beth Crachiolo


Dr. Beth Crachiolo



Joan Pauly


Joan Pauly



Andy Beichler, '91


Andy Beichler, ’91



Marie Gibaldi, '10


Marie Gibaldi, ’10



Gus Gerassimides, '83


Gus Gerassimides, ’83



Nick Mullins, '16


Nick Mullins, ’16



Quentin Savage, '16


Quentin Savage, ’16


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