About the Berea College Magazine

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The Berea College Magazine is a quarterly publication produced by students and staff in the Office of Marketing & Communications.  In each issue we tell the “Berea Story” through profiles of faculty members, students, staff, and friends of the college.  We highlight the accomplishments of our alumni, and inform the broader Berea community about the events, activities, and ideas shaping life on Berea’s campus today.  We also help keep the history of Berea alive by presenting articles on aspects of the college’s history ranging from the lives of our founders, the development of academic and other programs, to the impact Berea has had on the world.  We tell the story through words and images. Now, thanks to our website, we will tell it through audio and video as well.

After reading the magazine, we believe you too will be compelled by the “Berea Story” and by the college’s unique mission to provide students of great potential but limited economic means access to a high quality, liberal arts education rooted in an ethic of work and service to others.