Beyond alumni, faculty, staff and students, Berea is honored to have so many individuals committed to supporting the College’s mission and values. These individuals encompass diverse passions and motivations for their giving, but their combined philanthropic support allows Berea to maintain its commitment to student access and success.

July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020

When the symbols below appear after listed names, they designate members of various giving clubs. Learn more about each designated gift club.

✤ Lifetime Giving Society
❡ Elizabeth Culbreth Society
❦ Annual Gift Club
❖ Great Commitments Society
Last names A-D

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Aalto
Ms. Elizabeth Aaronsohn
Mrs. Helen Aase
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Abate
Dr. Claire Cifaloglio and
Mr. W. Robert Abbot ❡❦
George B. and Mary Abbott
Rev. and Dr. James L. Abbott ❖
Steven N. Abbott
Ms. Frances Abdul-Azeem
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Abele ✤
Ms. Theresa A. Aberle
Mr. Robert J. Abernethy
Ms. Clair Abney
Mr. Timothy J. Abraham
Mr. Erik R. Abrahamson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Perry C. Abrams
Ms. Ann Abshier ❖❦
Ms. Dorothy W. Achor
Mrs. Loretta L. Archey-Noland ❡❦
Col. and Mrs. A. D. Ackels ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Lee Ackerman
Mr. John M. Ackermann
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Acock
Mrs. Kay E. Adair ✤
Dr. Alice K. Adams ❦
Ms. Ann L. Adams
Mr. Daniel E. Adams
Ms. Debora S. Adams ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Adams
Ms. Elaine Adams ❡
Ms. Linda Tafapolsky and
Mr. James F. Adams, III ❦
Dr. Krista Adams ❦
Ms. Nancy Motley Adams
Mr. Norman Adams
Mr. Parks Adams ❦
Ms. Patricia A. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Adams ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William Adams ❦
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Adams
Ms. Janet E. Adamski
Dr. and Mrs. Norton Addy ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David Allen Adey
Ms. Eldora Love Adkins
Mary A. Adler ❡
Melissa Kepner and Jim Adney ❡
Ms. Joanne Adsen
Mr. Malcom B. Adwell
Mr. Lothian A. Ager
Mr. Oscar W. Agre, Jr. ❦
Mr. Paul Agriesti
Ms. Lucille Carolyn Ahearn ❡❦
Mr. Shahnaz M. Ahmed
Ms. Lisa M. Ahorner
Dr. Leslie Ortquist-Ahrens and
Dr. Thomas B. Ahrens ❡❦
Mr. Antonio C. Aiello
Ms. Laura Murphy and
Mr. Matthew Airhart ❦
Judy B. and Robert E. Airhart, II ❖❡❦
Dr. Mohammad M. Akbar ❦
Ms. Erma L. Akey
Ade Akhetuamhen ❡
Terry J. Akins ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Esat Aksu
Ms. Maria Eduviges Alarcon
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Alberda
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Alberti
Mrs. Glenna F. Albertson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Albright, Jr. ❡
Benjamin A. Albritton ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Alcantara
Mr. James Alcorn
Mr. Nelson T. Alderman
Ms. Marta E. Aldover-Ayon
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Alexander ❦
Ms. Cleo J. Alexander
Dan D. and Carolyn T. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Alexander
Mr. Michael Alexander
Ms. Rhetta J. Alexander
Mrs. Janet R. Aley
Mr. and Mrs. Jose G. Algenio
Ms. Julie A. Alig
Mr. William Alison ❡
Mr. Henry J. Alkema
Ms. Ellen Alkon, M.D.
Ms. Bonnie C. Allan
Mrs. Sonia Alland
Miss Mary Helen Allburt ❖
Dr. Abram Allen ❡
Edward J. Allen, III ❦
Eric Allen
Ms. Maria J. Allen
Ms. Marillene Allen
Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Allen
Mr. Richard A. Allen ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Allen
Mr. Roy M. Allen
Ms. Susan M. Allen
Ms. Teresa Allen
Tonya Allen
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Allen
Sharon R. Alley ❡❦
Ms. Arlene M. Alligood ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Allman
Ms. Constance Allquist
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Allred
Ms. Ruth Alpers
Ms. Nancy Alsfelder
David H. Alspaugh ❡❦
Mr. Howard Alston ❦
Ms. Annice M. Alt ❦
Sr. Mary Alter
Mr. Edward Alterman
Mr. Michael Alterman
Dr. Rickert R. Althaus ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Altman ✤
Mr. Eric R. Altman
Gerald D. Alton ❡
Ms. Virginia G. Alton
Mr. John Alverson
Mr. Joseph P. Alves, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Alvirez ❡
Ms. Sheri E. Amara
Mr. Ernest T. Amaral
Mrs. Louise Todd Ambler ❡❦
Mr. Harry H. Ambrose, Jr.
Ms. Neena Ambrose
Janie Amburgey ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Ameduri
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Ames ❡
Ms. Stephanie Sawyer-Ames and
Mr. James A. Ames, Jr.
Ms. Mary E. Ames
Ms. Seymour Amlen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Amling, Jr.
Sharon Ampofo-Tuffuor ❡❦
Mr. J. Amushka
Mr. and Mrs. Ashwin Anand
Ms. Beverley Andalora
Ms. Isabel Anders
Mr. and Mrs. K. Tucker Andersen ❦✤
Ms. Adele K. Anderson
Ms. Barbara K. Anderson
Dr. Barrie Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson, Jr. ❡
Mrs. Deborah Anderson ❖❡❦✤
Derek L. Anderson ❖
Mr. Donald P. Anderson ❖
Ms. Genevieve M. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Anderson
Mr. Harold A. Anderson ❡
Mr. James E. Anderson
Mr. John S. Anderson
Ms. Joyce L. Anderson
Mr. Kevin G. Anderson
Mr. Kevin R. Anderson
Mr. Larry G. Anderson
Mrs. LaVerne A. Anderson ❡❦
Ms. Mary Ann Anderson
Mrs. Mary Anne Anderson ❖❦✤
Ms. Michelle C. Anderson
Ms. Nancy A. Anderson ❡❦
Mr. Norman E. Anderson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Anderson
Ms. Peggy L. Anderson
Sarah Anderson
Ms. Shirley A. Anderson
Jane and Stephen M. Anderson ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Andrews ❦
Ms. Bertha Andrews
Ms. Carnella M. Andrews
Ms. Catharine H. Andrews
Dr. Melodie J. Andrews
Mr. Dennis P. Angelo
Miss Elisabeth Anger ❡
Mrs. Susanne S. Angermeier ❡
Thomas E. Angermeier
Mrs. Ulanda Angton
Rev. Larry A. Angus ❡
Mr. Domenic A. Annotti
Mr. Mark S. Anschutz
Ms. Deanne B. Anson
Ms. Kristine Z. Anstrats ❡
Susan Antonides ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Antonovich
Ms. Marilyn S. Antosh
Mr. James G. Antosiak ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Aiko Aoyagi
Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Apol
Ms. Charlene E. Appel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Apple, Jr.
Mr. Mark Applebaum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Appleby
Mr. Allan L. Apter ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Aquilone
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Archer ❡❦
Mr. Van Henry Archer, Jr.
Ms. Marybeth Ardike
Mr. Richard L. Ardis ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ares
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Arico-Muendel
Dr. Frank A. Ariosta, MD
Mr. William J. Armentrout
Carlos Armesto
Mr. John A. Armistead
Mr. Eugene L. Armstrong
Joseph B. Armstrong ❡
Kenneth Armstrong ❡❦
Ms. Kathryn Arn
Ms. Kathryn L. Arndt
Carol Jean Arnett ❦
Mr. and Ms. Alan Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Arnold ❖
Ms. Eleanor Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. John Arnold ❦
Mr. Raymond Lee Arnold ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Arnold ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Arnold ❡
Ms. Nancy Arnott
Ms. Susan Simon and Mr. Joel Aronowitz ❦
Mr. Daniel J. Potaracke and
Mr. Richard B. Aronson ❦
Mr. Stephen J. Arpin
Mrs. Eileen H. Arpke ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin James Arrighi
Ms. Judith Alleyne Arrindell
Dr. Sylvia E. Asante ❦
Mr. William A. Asbury ❡
Ms. Brittany Lynn Ash
Mr. Robert Ashby ❦✤
Mr. David R. Ashenhurst
Mr. Jefferson W. Asher, Jr. ✤
Ms. Lisa Wersal and Mr. Louis Asher
Roy E. Asher
Ms. Cleone Ashley
Mr. and Mrs. Vladislav D. Ashminova
Mr. David L. Ashmore
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Ashpole
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Assante
Mr. Ralph B. Atkins ❡
Dr. Robert Dale Atkins
Ms. Jill A. Atkinson ❡
Mr. John Atkinson
Melissa W. Atkinson
Ms. Yvonne M. Attonito
Ms. Camille W. Atwood
Dr. James D. Atwood ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Auchincloss ❦
Ms. Hedy M. Auletta ❡
Chad R. Aull
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Austerman
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton M. Austin ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert R. Austin, Jr. ❡
Mr. Herbert Austin
Ms. Martha W. Steuart and
Mr. Paul F. Austin
Steven D. Austin
Mary Lou Auxier ❖❦✤
Michael T. Auxier
Mr. Paul B. Avey
Dr. Soma S. Avva
Ms. Carol Axelrod ❦
Ms. Virginia N. Axenfield
Senora Maria Hernandez Ayala ❡
Mr. Donald E. Ayer ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Ayers
Mr. M. Babayale
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Babb ❡
Derek Babcock
Ms. Karen L. Bacca
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bachar, III
Mr. John Gale Bachman ❡
Mrs. Wynne J. Bacon ❡
Ms. Marian S. Badgett
Mr. Michael W. Baehr
Ms. Annalisa Baer
Mrs. Christine M. Baermann ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Baeuerlin ❡❦
Ms. Martha H. Bagby
Ms. Carolyn Baggett
Mr. and Mrs. Phil M. Baggett
Mr. and Mrs. T. Maxfield Bahner
Ms. Diane P. Bahr
Mr. Bryan Bailey
Mr. Clyde Bailey ❡
Mr. James B. Bailey
Mr. James D. Bailey
Mr. Mark A. Bailey
Mr. Paul E. Bailey
Mr. Rufus Wayne Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Bainton
Mr. Ben Baird
Ms. Nadia Arain and Dr. Rizwan Bajwa ❦
Miss Vivian Bakal ❡
Ms. Carol J. Baker
Mr. Cebern Baker
Revs. Donna B. and
David R. Baker ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Baker
Judy C. Baker ❡❦
Ms. Kathy Helms Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Morris A. Baker
Ms. Nancy Baker
Peter J. Baker
Mr. Richard Baker ❡❦
Ms. Vicki L. Baker ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Balch
Drs. Nancy T. and
Fletcher N. Baldwin, Jr. ❡❦
Mrs. Frances W. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Baldwin ❡
James V. Bales ❡
Mr. Ian C. Balfour
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby J. Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman A. Ballard
Andy Balmer
Ms. Paula B. Bonino and
Mr. Francis A. Balog ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Jay H. Baltisberger ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Baltzer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Baluch
Dr. Dasgupta and Mr. Banerjee
Judith Bangha
Mr. Alterio A. G. Banks ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Banks
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Banks ❡
Judith G. Banks ❡❦
Dr. Marla K. Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Willie J. Banks
Mrs. Pamela Bansbach
Mr. Steven Barbash
Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Barber
Mr. William S. Barber, Jr.
Mrs. Marion Barbero ❡❦
Mr. John H. Barbour
Mr. Tim M. Bardell
Ms. Karen E. Barfield
Mrs. Casey Bargo
Mr. Ralph Barhydt
Mr. and Mrs. Noshir Baria ❡
Mr. Jeff Barile
Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Barker
Mr. Gary P. Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barkley, Jr.
Mrs. Paula L. Barksdale
Ms. Bette B. Barler
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Barlow
Ms. Jan C. Barlow
Dr. and Mrs. C. Robert Barnard ❖❡❦✤
Joey W. Barnard ❦
Ms. Sylvia Barnard ❡
Ms. Elaine Barnartt-Goldstein
Mr. Alan Barnes
Mr. George L. Barnes
Mr. Harry W. Barnes, USA, Ret.
John T. and Patsy H. Barnes ❡
Ms. Marie Power-Barnes and
Mr. Kenneth Barnes ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Linley Barnes ❡
Mrs. Mary Barnes
Mr. Richard Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Barney
Mr. Robert Barney
Mr. and Mrs. Keith F. Barnhardt
Mr. Chris Barnum
Ms. Nancy E. Barnwell ❖❡❦
Mr. David G. Baron
Charles R. Barr ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barrett ❡
Ms. Donna L. Barrett ❡
Ms. Melissa T. Barrett ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Barrett ❡❦
Mr. William R. Barretti
Mr. John M. Sanzo
and Ms. Brenda J. Barrier ❖
Ms. Jane W. Barron
Dr. Rae Anne Barry ❦
Ms. Barbara Barta ❡
Ms. Linda Bartera
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bartlett ❖❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bartlett ❡❦
Ms. Maria A. Bartoli ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bartolo
Mr. Bernard D. Barton
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Barton, Jr. ✤
Mr. Frank R. Barwig ❡
Mr. Ali Basaam
Symerdar Baskin ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Bason, Jr.
Lt. Col. Patricia E. Basque, USAF RET
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Bass ❡❦
Ms. Marilee S. Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Bassett
Ms. Joann Bassett ❡
Mrs. Katharine M. Bassett ✤
Mrs. Mary B. Basta ❖
Dr. Richard L. Batchelder ❖
Dr. Barbara D. Bateman
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bateman
Ms. Greta L. S. Bates
Ms. Lois C. Bateson
Mr. Francis M. Batson
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh James Battley
Mrs. Dora M. Battram ❖❡❦✤
Ms. Vickie W. Batzka
Mr. and Mrs. Jared O. Bauch ❡❦
Mr. Barry W. Baucom
Doris B. Baucom ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Baucom, Jr.
Ms. Geneva M. Bauer
Mr. John D. Bauerlein ❡
Mr. Neal B. Baughman
Mr. Richard Baum
Mr. William N. Baum
Mr. Frederick Baumann
Mr. A. F. Baumgartner
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Baur ❡
Rev. C. M. Bavaro ❡
Mr. Lee D. Baxter
Jennifer L. Bay
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett E. Bayer
Ms. Lavon Ann Bayler
Ms. Susan Bayley ❡❦
Rev. Joaquin A. Bazan
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett H. Beach
Mr. Paul W. Beach, Jr. ❡❦
Ms. Suzanne M. Beach
Ms. Patricia K. Beagle
Ms. Teresa E. Thompson
and Mr. Aaron G. Beale ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Beale ❡❦
Ms. Becky G. Beasley ❦
Mrs. Jacqueline M. Beasley
Mr. Norman Beat
Mr. Joe Beauchamp ❡
Ms. Paulyne Becerra
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Beck ❦
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Beck ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Goddard F. Beck, Jr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Beck ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Becka, Jr. ❡
Mrs. Donna M. Packer and
Mr. David E. Beckenbaugh ❡
Dr. Ann Becker and Col. James W. Becker
Drs. Michael F. and Heather A. Becker
Mr. Robert A. Becker ❡
Ms. Susan Becker
Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Beckman ❖❡❦
Drs. Sarah and David Beckmann ❦
Mr. Bill Becknell
Mr. Robert H. Becknell ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Beckner ❡
Ms. Janis G. Glover and
Mr. Richard W. Beebe, II ❖❡❦
Ms. Patricia A. Beedle, M.A.
Ms. Carolyn J. Beeman ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Beesley ❡❦
Joy Begley ❖
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Beidler ❡❦

Ms. Carolyn A. Beimdiek
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bein
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Beinecke
Ms. Cynthia D. Beischel
Mrs. Keltah Belanger ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Walter K. Belasko ❖
Ms. Donna Sue Muller and
Mr. Daniel James Beless
Ms. Alice Wright Belknap ❡
Mr. Dennis J. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Bell ❡❦
Dr. John L. Bell ❡❦✤
Miss Mary M. Bell
Ms. Sharon L. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Tom G. Bell ❦
Mr. William Bell ❖✤
Ms. Betty R. Bellairs
Ms. Betty C. Bellamy ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bellomy ❦
Mr. Eugene W. Bellospirito
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bemis ❡
Mr. Bryan J. Bencomo ❦
Ms. JoEllen Bendall ❦
Ms. Susan Benike
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Benjamin ❡
Ms. Louise A. Benjamin ❡
Mr. Jeffrey S. Benkoe
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bennett
Mr. P. E. Bennett ❡❦✤
Mr. Richard J. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Bensel, Jr.
Dr. C. B. Bensenhaver ❡❦
Doretha Bensenhaver ❖❡
Dr. David Benson
Mr. David A. Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Benson
Mr. Terence G. Benson
Mrs. Susan K. Benthall ❦
Ms. Patty Ecker and Mr. Joseph Benti ❡
Omer A. Bentle
Michael C. Bentley
Ms. Judith A. Benton
Ms. Laura Benton
Lillian A. Benton
Mr. Peter Benzing
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Berg
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Berg ❡
Gerald J. Bergen
Mrs. Edith May Berger ❡
Mr. Norman D. Berger
Mr. Steven Berger ❡
Mr. Glenn Bergethon
Dr. Michael C. Berheide and
Mrs. Becky J. Berheide
Ms. Celia I. Berk ❡
Mrs. Anne M. Berkley ❡
Dan and LuAnn Berkley ❡❦
Mr. David I. Berman
Mr. Jerome Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Berman ❡❦
Ms. Gail M. Bernard
Mr. Melvin Bernay
Carol K. and Roland W. Bernbeck ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Berndt ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Berstine
Mr. and Mrs. Bertold Berrang
Mr. German A. Berrellez
Lisa Berry ❖❡❦
Mr. Robert Hunt Berry ❡
Ms. Susan D. Cooley and
Mr. R. Kim Berten ❡
Mr. Robert Berto
Thomas M. Bertram
Ms. Rebecca Lowe and
Mr. Samuel Bertron ❖
Mr. Steven Berzin ✤
Ms. Mary Anne Bestebreurtje ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bethel
Ms. Jane W. Bettistea
Mr. and Mrs. Buck Beverly ❦
Mr. Kenneth G. Bevry
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Bewley
Mr. Barry H. Beydoun
Mrs. Prem Bhatia ❦
Mr. Paul Bickart ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McKiernan Bickel
Ms. Phoebe Bickhaus
Ms. Julia P. Bidell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Bier ❡❦
Mr. Gene Biermann
Ms. Mary E. Bigelow ❦
Ms. Melissa A. Biggs
Mr. Terry Alan Bihary ❦
Ms. Annabelle Bilek
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Biller ❦
Ms. Elena Billing
Ms. Elena Billing
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Billings ❡❦
Ms. Ruth F. Billman
Ms. Deborah F. Billmire ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Biltz ❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Dick W. Bily ❡
A. Y. Butch Bingham ✤
Mrs. Edith Bingham ❡❦✤
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bingham ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Bingham ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Binkley
Big Bug and Mr. Feesh ❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Birchard
Mr. Franklin T. Birdsall, Jr. ❡❦
Dr. Betty J. Birner and
Mr. Andrew E. Birner ❡❦
Dr. Suzanne Katherine Birner ❦
Mr. Herbert William Birns
Dr. Marshall B. Bischoff ❦
Mrs. Julia W. Bishop
Ms. Lucinda Bishop
Ms. Rebecca Bishop
Mr. Thanh N. Bishop
Mr. Charles A. Bisselle
Drs. Leonard L. and Teresa Bissonnette
Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Bizer
Ms. Alice H. Bjorkman
Ms. Betty G. Black
Ms. Brenda Black
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clay Black
Mr. J. Hunter Black ❦
Mr. Jonathan Black
Rev. Dr. Katharine C. Black
Ms. Linda C. Black
Ms. Louise B. Black ❦
Mrs. Marilyn M. Black
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Black
Ms. Nancy Black
Mr. Robert Black ❖
James Blackburn-Lynch
Edward M. Blackmer ❡❦
Ms. Kate Blackwell
Ms. Linda K. Blackwell
Ms. Alivia Blade
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Blade
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce D. Blair, Jr.
Mr. James L. Blair
Mary C. Blair ❡❦
Ms. Barclay Burt Braden and Mr. Richard Henry Blair
Col. Roger Dale Blair
Mr. Walter Blair ❖
Mr. Douglas Blaisdell
Ms. Barbara Howald and
Mr. Michael Blake ❡❦
Mr. Frank Blakemore ❖❦
Ms. Louise Blakey
Mrs. Era M. Blakney ❡
Ms. Marilyn Blanck ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Bland ✤
Ms. Esther W. Blandford
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Blankenship ❡
Sandra Blanton ❦

Mrs. Shirley D. Blanton
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Blayer
Carol S. Blayney ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert K. Bleck
Miss Barbara J. Blecka
Ms. Ashley Bledsoe
Ms. Bonnie L. Bledsoe ❡
Margaret B. Bledsoe ❦✤
Ms. Phyllis L. Ehlert
and Mr. Dennis Blegen
Mr. Samuel H. Bleier
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Blenker
Margie Blevins ❡❦
Mr. Donald L. Blickenstaff
Mr. Allan N. Blitz
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Bloch
Ms. Jane L. Block
Sr. Lesley Block ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blohm
Mr. Don Charles Blom ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Blome ❡❦

Lester D. Blomgren
Karen G. Blondell ❡
Ms. Diana Barnes Blood
Ms. Barbara A. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Bloom
Ms. Julie G. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Bloom ❖
Ms. Gloria J. Bloomer
Rev. and Mrs. Ross Blount
Carol E. Blue ❡❦
Sept of Blue, Clan MacMillan ❡❦
Mr. Milton Blum
Ms. Gayle K. Blume ❡
Ms. Mary E. Blumle ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Rudee L. Boan
Mr. James R. Boardman
Mrs. Lestrita Boardman ❡
Mr. William J. Boaz
Mrs. Jane Bock
Maj. and Mrs. J. Barry Bocklet, Sr. USMCRET
Mr. and Mrs. C. Stanley Bockoski
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Bockstahler ❖
Charles S. Bocskey
Mr. Peter Bodenheimer ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Bodine ❡
Ms. Elizabeth A. Boehne ❡
Ms. Jane Eynon Boesch ❡
Dr. Lawrence Boesel ❖
Mrs. Gerry Bogart
Ms. Eloise J. Boggs ❡
Ms. Helen Boggs ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Boggs ❖
Ms. Cynthia A. Bohan
Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Bohme
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bohn

Michelle J. Bohnert
Mr. Ghazi Bokhari ❖
Mr. James Boland ❦
Mrs. Nancy Travis Bolden ❡
Mr. Cooper Boldrick
Mr. and Mrs. H. Tom Bolen ❡
Ms. Susan A. Gasparian
and Mr. Stephen Bolerjack ❡❦
Annette C. Boles ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bolin
Ms. Kathryn A. Bollhoefer ❦
Rev. Anthony P. Bolman ❡
Ms. Linda S. Bond ❡
Ms. Mary B. Bonet
Mr. Jonathan A. Bonjean
Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Bonner
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Bonnie ❦
Rev. Anne B. Bonnyman ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonnyman, Jr. ❦
Ms. Shirley A. Booker
Mr. Matthew Craig Books
Mr. Richard K. Boone
Mr. Robert C. Boone
Mr. Robert V. D. Booth, Jr. ❦
Basil Booton ❡❦
Eleanor S. Borders ❖❡❦
Mrs. Jennifer L. Borens
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Borg ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Boring
Ms. Margot Born
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin Borsuk
Melvin J. Bosma ❡
Mr. Harold Bosstick
Ms. Laura Lee Bost ❡
Ms. Isabella Tcaciuc and
Mr. Thomas M. Bosteels ❡❦
Nancy B. Bostic
Dr. Herman F. Bostick
Mr. Michael T. Boston
Ms. Elizabeth S. Boswell
Ms. Carroll Ann Bottino
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bottom
Mrs. Jane P. Bottom
Mr. and Mrs. Roney A. Bottom
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bottona ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bouchard ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Boudreaux
Mr. Ward C. Bourn ❖
Rev. Janice S. Bourne ❦
Matthew Bourque
Mr. Jonathan H. Boutelle
Mr. Arthur L. Bowen
Ms. Sandra M. Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Doin R. Bowers, Jr. ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bowers
Mr. John O. Bowers
Ms. Pamela S. Bowers
Ms. Phoebe H. Bowers ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Bowes ❦
Mr. Todd Bowes
Ms. Nancy L. Bowker
Mrs. James C. Bowling ❖❡❦✤
Mrs. Nancy Bowling ❦✤
Virginia Bowling ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick O. Bowman, Jr. ❦
Linda W. Bowman ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bowman
Ms. Patricia S. Bowne ❦
M. Margaret Boyce ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Boyce ❖
Mr. F. Brian Boycott
Dr. Marjorie A. Boyd
Mr. Richard Boyens
Mr. D. Clark Boykin
Rev. and Mrs. John Boyle ❦
Rev. Robert J. Boyle
Mrs. Cathy J. Brackett
Mrs. Elva M. Bradley ❡
Mr. James R. Bradley ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bradley ❦
Mary L. Bradley ❖
Mr. Peter P. Bradley ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David Bradman
Robin Bradshaw
Mr. Hugh Brady ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Brady ❡
Mr. Felix Braendel ❖
Mr. Robert Braine
Mr. Michael J. Brake
Ms. Beverly A. Branaman ❡
Rev. and Mrs. William A. Brandner ❡❦
Ms. Ruth Brandt
Rev. Johannes Weidler Brann
Sharen Branscome ❦✤
Emma Brant
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Brantley ❡
Mr. David A. Brashear ❦
Lt. Gen. and Mrs. Arnold W. Braswell ❡❦
Mr. Paul A. Brauch
Ms. Carol V. Braund
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Brauner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Brautigam
Ms. Ira L. Bray
Mr. Carl L. Brazell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Brearley ❦
Ms. Linda B. Brebner ❡
Ms. Anne N. Breckenridge
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bredt ✤
Ms. Marguerite A. Bree ✤
Mrs. Jane T. Breece
Mr. and Mrs. Dudne M. Breeze
Mr. Frederick S. Breimyer
Mr. Pieter Breitner
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Everett Brekke ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. B’Rells ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bremner
Ms. Ann M. Brennan
Ms. Candace S. Brennan ❡
Ms. Nancy S. Brennan
Ms. Sheila K. Brennan
Dr. William E. Brenner
Mr. Lyle Brewer ❡
Mrs. Silas Brewer ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brewer
Mr. David K. Brice
Mrs. Gilda Brice
Mr. Walter C. Bridgewater ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Bridy ❡❦✤
Mr. Gary O. Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Graham M. Bright ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Bright
Ms. Gini Brighton
Mr. Ronald J. Brinegar
Sherry L. Brinegar ❖
Mr. Joseph E. Bringman ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James Brink ❦
Mrs. Wanda F. Brinkley ❖
Ms. Louise Brinkmeyer ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Broida
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Victor Briscoe
Ms. Cheri G. Briscoe
Ms. Charlotte Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Brock
Ms. Margaret Brockland-Nease
Randall Brockwell
Mrs. Barbara Brodie
Mr. and Mrs. Calman B. Brody
Mrs. Janice R. Brody ❡
Mr. and Mrs. M. Bennet Broner
Ms. Roxanne Bronner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Brooke, Jr. ❦
Mr. David J. Brookmyer
Mr. and Mrs. Barclay D. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brooks ❦
Mr. and Mrs. E. Allen Brooks
Mrs. Gertrude Lange Brooks ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Broome
Charlie Broster
Ms. Patricia K. Brouillet
Mr. and Mrs. James Broussard
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Broussard ❡
Janene D. Browder
Mr. Alan R. Brown
Mr. Alfred T. Brown
Mrs. Ann Saunders Brown ❡❦
Ms. Anna L. Brown
Mr. Aubrey C. Brown ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard O. Brown ❡❦
Ms. Beth Dotson Brown
Ms. Betty C. Brown ❡
Ms. Betty Dabney Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Brown ❡
Ms. Conella Ceulter Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brown ❦
Ms. Donna M. Brown
Mr. Douglas L. Brown ❖❡❦
Ms. Frances C. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Brown ❡❦
Ms. Gillian F. Brown
Ms. Irma T. Brown ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Brown
Ms. Jerilyn L. Brown ❡
Ms. Joan C. Brown ❦
Ms. Kathleen Brown
Mr. Keith Brown
Mr. Keith Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Brown
Mr. Kenneth Brown
Ms. Kimberly D. Brown ❦
Ms. Lisa R. Brown
Ms. Nancy M. Brown
Ms. Nettie Ruth Brown
Ms. Pamela Wedd Brown
Ms. Peggy Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Brown
Mrs. Shirley G. Brown
Dr. Sidney L. Brown, PhD ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Brown
Mrs. Susan T. Brown ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Brown
Ms. Valerie R. Brown ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brown, III ❡
Ms. Carol P. Browne ❡
Dr. Donn R. Browne
Ms. E. Ann Brownell
Mr. David G. Browning ❖
Ms. Barbara K. Brumberg
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Brune
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Brunelle
Cassandra A. and John J. Bruner ❡
Kurt E. and Katherine Yates Brungraber
Ms. Mary F. Brunholz
Ms. Willa Brunkhorst ❖
Ms. Karen Bruskin ❖
Mr. Edwin Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bryant
Blanche E. Bryant ❡❦
Ms. Martha A. Bryant
Mr. Marvin R. Bryant
Mr. Dennis Paul Brzezinski
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Brzozowski ❡
Mr. Bob Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry U. Buchanan ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Buchanan, IV
Mr. Thomas Walter Buchholtz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Buchmeier ❖
T. Krolikowski Buck ❡
Ms. Jan Buckaloo ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Ray B. Buckberry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Bucklen ❡
Marlene Buckles
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Buckley
Glenda Buckley
Ms. Lynne Layton
and Mr. Oliver Buckley
Mr. Donald H. Buckman
Ms. Erika L. Buckman
Mrs. Susan M. Buckmaster
Mr. and Mrs. George Budig
Fr. Arthur Bufogle, Jr.
Mr. Peter D. Buhr
Mr. and Mrs. George Bulau
Mrs. Patricia A. Bulger ❡❦
Mr. Salem C. Bullard
Mr. Steve T. Bullock ❡❦
Ms. Natalie A. Bumgardner
Ms. Natalie Bumgartner
Mr. Jack A. Bunch ❡❦
Melissa A. Bunge
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bunge ❡❦
Mr. Joseph L. Bunnell
Joice E. Burberry ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burbridge
Mr. Steven Burda
Ret. Col. Charles B. Burdette ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Dewey A. Burdine ❡
Mr. Dennis Burge ❡
Mary Lou Burger ❖❡
Mrs. Judith O. Bugert
Prof. Peter H. Burian ❡
Mr. Arthur W. Burke, Jr.
Ms. Nancy Burke ❡
Ms. Peggy Burke ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Burkhard
Mr. Martin S. Burkhead
Mr. Edward J. Burnell, III
Melissa Rene Burnett
Robert K. Burnett
Ms. Christina Burnette
Ms. Bonnie Burns
Ms. Charlise S. Burns
Mrs. Janet Maxine Zickfield Burns ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Burns ❡
Ms. Rebecca J. Burns
Mr. Christopher Burr ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Burridge, Jr. ❦
Mr. Richard M. Burridge, Sr. ❖✤
Mr. Harold Burrows, Jr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice M. Bursey
Mrs. Jeanne C. Burton ❖

Mr. Lewis M. Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Burtt ❦
Mr. Richard H. Busch ❡
Mr. Robert B. Busch ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Buschmann
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bussell
Ms. Lora Butcher
Mr. Ralph Stevens Butcher ❡
William R. Buterbaugh ❡
Mr. Robert Butler
Mr. Charles C. Butler ❖
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Butler
Mr. John L. Butler, Jr.
Mr. Robert B. Butler ❡
Col. Dr. Roosevelt D. Butler, Ret.
Scottie J. Butler ❦
Mrs. Joan L. Mantel and Mr. Tod J. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Butterfield
Ms. Susan B. Button
Ms. Dorothy J. Butz
Ms. Jo A. Buxton
Dr. Jerome Alain Byam ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Bye ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bayfield
Alexander X. Byrd ❦
Mr. Charles Ray Byrd
Mr. Don Byrd
Linda Byrd ❦
Shedrick Byrd ❡
Ms. Virginia C. Byrn
Mr. Philip J. Byrne, II
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bystrom ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Hygeia Cabael
Ms. Susan E. Caddell
Ms. Shirley M. Cade
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cadman ❡
Mr. Peter M. Caesar
Mr. Robert C. Cagen ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan E. Cagle, Jr.
Ms. Rose Marie Caglia
Ms. Mary V. Cahill
Ms. Sally Cahill
Ms. Jean Watson Cahouet ❡❦
Lloyd Cain ❡
Ms. Maryellen Cain
Prof. Francesco A. Calabrese ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Grant G. Caldwell
Mr. Henry Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Caldwell ✤
Rev. Mark L. Caldwell-Reiss ❡
Mr. Edward T. D. Calhoun
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Richard Calkins ❡
Ms. Nan Callan, LMHC
Mr. Thomas F. Callan ❡
Mrs. Mary L. Callesen
Ms. Ann Callison
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Callison
Ms. Victoria Beth Calvert
Mr. Charles H. Camacho
Mr. Thomas J. Camarata ❡
Ms. Anne M. Cameron ❡
Mrs. Darlene A. Cameron
Ms. Laura G. Cameron
Mr. Paul J. Cameron
Ms. Alice L. Camille
Mr. Bruce S. Campbell
Mr. Charlie C Campbell ❡❦
Mrs. Dorothy Campbell ❦

Mr. James D. Campbell
Ms. Jane E. Campbell ❡❦
Mr. Jim J. Campbell ❖
Ms. Karen Jean Campbell
Ms. Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Ph.D.
Ms. Lindsey Ann Campbell ❡
Mrs. Mary S. Campbell ❡
Ms. Maryellen Campbell ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Campbell
Mr. Scott Campbell
Dr. Heather McHold and
Mr. Stephen Campbell ❦
Ms. Betty Jo Canada ❡
Dr. Theresa J. Canada ❖
Ms. Martha M. Canamare ❡
Miss Susan L. Canfield
Ms. Catherine L. Canham ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Canida ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Canipe
Ms. Eleanor Cannan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cannata
Mr. Randolph O. Cano ❦
Mrs. Catherine F. Cantey ❡❦
Mr. Milton Cantor
Mr. and Mrs. Voorhis C. Cantrell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Canuteson
John B. Capelle ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Philip S. Caplan
Mrs. Carol Caplinger
James J. Capobianco ❖
Miss Colette Cardwell ❡
Mr. Richard L. Carl ❖❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Carlberg
Mr. Marvin C. Carlberg ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Carlin
Mr. Jack Carlock
Mrs. Justyna M. Carlson ❡
Ms. Susan W. Carlson ❡❦
Freida G. Carlton ❡❦
Ms. Marie Carluccio ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Carman ❦
Mr. Marshall L. Carman
Mr. Douglas L. Carnahan ❡❦
Mr. Dennis H. Carney ❖❡❦
Ms. Eileen Carney
Mr. John J. Carney
Ms. Polly S. Carnifax
Rev. Charles Carpenter
Cron B. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. David Carpenter ❡
Mr. Elizabeth Zorsky Carpenter
James D. Carpenter ❡
Mrs. Marlene C. Carpenter
Marsha C. Carpenter ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carpenter
Ms. Linda J. Arlien and
Mr. Lennis W. Carpentier ❖❡❦
Markel Carr ❦
Ms. Norma Carr ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Carr ❡
Mr. W. Dale Carrier, Sr.
Mr. Salvatore Carrill
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Carroll ❦
Mr. Frank J. Carroll ❡❦
Ms. Vivian E. Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carron ❡❦
Mr. John W. Carson
Ms. Ann M. Carter
Mr. Larry L. Carter
Mr. Lawrence D. Carter
Ms. Margaret Ann Carter
Mrs. Nancy Carter
Mr. and Mrs. P. John Carter
Mrs. Patricia T. Carter ❖
Mr. Robert G. Carter ❡
Mrs. Tyna D. Carter ❖✤
Ms. Virginia Ann Carter
Mr. William D. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cartwright
Mrs. Winifred D. Carver
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cary ❦
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Cary
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cary
Mr. Carl J. Case
Mr. and Mrs. H. Manley Case
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Case
Ms. Margaret Ayres Case
Vernon Casey
Mr. Richard Cashman
Mr. Dexter Andre Cashwell
Mr. James N. Caskey, III ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Casper ❡
Mr. Peter M. Casserly
Mrs. Ellen Ann Cassidy ❖
Mr. Robert J. Cassidy
Mr. Daniel Caston
Mr. Robert P. Castrignano ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Castro
Ms. Emily M. Castrodale
Mr. John D. Caswell
Mrs. Phyllis Caudill
Jack Cavalier ❡❦
Mr. William T. Cavender
Ms. Alisen Celestyne
Mr. George E. Chabot, Jr.
Ms. Betty S. Chaboty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Chadwick ❡❦
Ms. Margarete E. Chalfant ❡
Arlene Chalmers ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Chalmers
Mr. Gordon B. Chamberlain ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chambers ❡
Ms. Louise C. Chambers ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Chambers ✤
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander U. Chan ❦
Ms. Yolanda V. Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Chance
Dr. Kamal C. Chanda ❦
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Chandler ❡
Robin Chandler ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. B. Chandra-Sekar ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ching Chang ❦
Ngee-Pong Chang ❡❦
Mrs. Yu Nien Tze Chang ❡
Ms. Anita Chanko
Mr. David R. Channell
Mrs. Catherine Wei Chao ❡❦
Mr. John Chapin
Mr. Harvey Chaplin ✤
Beverly M. Chapman ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Chapman, II
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harley Chapman ❡
Ms. Patricia D. Chapman
Mr. Davy Charbula
Gilbert M. Chard ❖
Dr. and Mr. M. V. K. Chari ❡
Mr. Glen Charles ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Charnock
Mr. Bernard Chase
Ms. Pauline Chase
Mr. Paul Chastant
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Chasteen, Jr. ❦
Ms. Geri Chaton
Dr. Howard J. Chavis
Ms. Huapei Chen ❦
Mr. and Mrs. T. Timothy Chen ❡
Ms. Patsy Cherney ❦
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Cherniwchan ❡
Mrs. Doris W. Cherry ❦
Dr. Marion C. Bloch and Mr. David Cherson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Chesnut ❡
Mr. Linnes L. Chester
Mr. and Mrs. William Chestnut
Mr. and Mrs. Ryszard J. Chetkowski
Ms. Nancy H. Cheville
Ms. Frances A. Childre

Banner G. Childress
Mrs. Roberta L. Childress ❡❦
Mrs. Doris R. Childs
Mr. Linton J. Childs ❦
Mr. Calvin Chin
Mr. Fei-Pang Ching ❦
Mr. Richard Chisholm
Choy Pik Chiu ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Chivetta ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Chivetta ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Chmell
Mr. Harold C. Choitz ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Amarendu P. Roy Choudhury
Ms. Mabel Lee and
Mr. David H. Chow ❡❦✤
Mr. Keith Chrisman
Dr. Christian M. Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Christensen ✤
Ms. Sue T. Christian ❡
Dr. Elinor T. Christiansen
Ms. Barbara Christman
Miss Marjorie A. Christman ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David S. C. Chu
Ms. Annamaria T. Church
Ms. Judy Church ❖
Mr. Malcolm E. Church
Ms. Marianna E. Cicerchi
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cidell
Dr. Samuel P. Cimino
Mr. Edward F. Cincinnati
Miss Donna Civitello ❡
Mr. Lawrence E. Clapp
Ms. Catherine Clare
Anne Clark
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Clark ❦
Dorothy R. Clark ❖
Mr. Dwight D. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Jason S. Clark
Ms. Jewel L. Clark
Ms. Michele C. Clark ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Clark ❡
Mr. Robert E. Clark ❡
Mrs. Sharon E. Clark ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Clark
Mr. Donald D. Clarke ❡❦
Mr. James R. Clarke ❦

Ms. Margaret C. Clark
Rev. and Mrs. Robert N. Clarke ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Clavijo ❡❦
Mrs. Byrl A. Clayton ❡
Mr. William E. Clayton
Dr. Vera F. Gutierrez-Clellen and
Mr. Jeffrey B. Clellen ❡❦
Miss Phyllis P. Clements ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. William Clemmer
Raymond M. Clemo ❖❦
Holly Clemson ❡❦
Mr. Jerome L. Cleveland
Ms. Marilyn E. Cleveland
Mr. Richard L. Clickner
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Cline
Mr. Robert J. Cline
Mr. Dennis Cloherty
Ms. Maya Close
Bud A. Clouse ❦
Mr. George L. Cloward
Ms. Emily B. Coats
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh R. Cobb
Ms. Joan M. Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cobb ❦
Mr. Morton Coburn
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cocanougher
Ms. Janet Cocchiarella
Eugene C. Cochran ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Cochrane ❡❦
Mr. Thomas P. Cocke
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Coe ❦
Mrs. Jane S. Coe
Dr.. Mary Kathryn Coe
Ms. Ana L. Coelho
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Coffey, Jr.
Ms. Fai Coffin
Ms. Eleanor J. Coffman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Coffman ❡
Mr. John F. Cogan, Jr. ✤
Mr. Bruce E. Cohen
Mr. David Cohen
Ms. Eleanor Cohen
Mr. F. Allen Cohen ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey M. Cohen ❡❦
Mrs. Lucille Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman H. Cohen
Ms. Lisa Goldberg and Mr. Michael Cohen
Ms. Rivkah Cohen

Mr. Robert L. Cohen
Mr. Stanley Cohen
Mr. Richard Coholan ❡❦
Ms. Jo G. Coker
Col. Richard W. Coker, USAF Ret.
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad P. Colahan-Sederstrom
Kathleen Colbert ❡
Ms. Linda L. Colbert
Mr. Terry G. Colbert
Mr. Chip Colburn
Ms. Minta Colburn ❡
Ms. Elizabeth P. Colby ❡
Ms. Cynthia Coldiron
Mrs. Alexandra C. Cole
Mr. Barry M. Cole
Beverley Cole ❦
Rev. Brian Lee Cole
Mrs. Carol C. Cole ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Cole
Jim and Deane Cole
Mrs. Karen Cole
Ms. Lee E. Cole ❡
Ms. Michelle Cole ❖
Ms. Sandra R. Cole ❡❦
Mrs. Karen G. Coleman
Ms. Laney Nicole Coleman ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Coleman ❡
Mr. Rogers K. Coleman
Ms. Rose P. Coleman
Ms. Sue Coleman
Ms. Janet K. Carsetti and Mr. W. Robert Coley
Ms. J. Barbara Colford
Ms. Lori Denny-Collamer and
Mr. Michael C. Collamer
Dr. Ann F. Collard and
Mr. David Joseph Collard ❡❦✤
Mr. Justin W. Collat
Ms. Lisa M. Colletti-Jones ❖❡
Ms. Deborah A. Harsch and
Mr. Mark D. Colley ❡❦
Mrs. Frances J. Collier ❖
Mr. Arthur C. Collins, Jr. ❖
Ms. Diana Ware Collins
Elisabeth Covey Collins ❖❡✤
Frank Collins
Mr. James P. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Collins
Mrs. Nina Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Collins ❡
Col. Ruth B. Collins ❦
William Collins ❡
Mr. Lyle Kenneth Collinson
Ms. Kathleen Collongues
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Colomb, Jr.
Mr. Ramon L. Colon
Ms. Kathryn Colson
Ms. Linda A. Colvin
Ms. Ann K. Colwell
Dr. Peter L. Comanor ❡
Ms. Jean Comer-Ranga
Mr. Frank R. Comfort ❡❦
Ms. June Comins
Ms. Pearl Compaan
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Compton
Dr. Tamela Compton ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O. Conkle ❦
Mr. Thomas A. Conklin ❡
James F. Conley
Kerri Conley
Ms. Martha Downes and
Mr. Peter S. Conley ❡
Ms. Christine Conlogue
Glenn Conn ❖❦✤
Ms. Janet M. Conn ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy B. Connelly ❡
Mr. Thomas L. Conner ❦
Ms. Patricia Connolly
Ms. Connie Z. Connor
Ms. Cecilia L. Severin and
Mr. Kenneth T. Connors
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Connors
Ms. Carol J. Conrad
Ms. Kelly W. Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Osmond Conrad ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Conroy ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Conway ❡
Mrs. Cornelia L. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Cook ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey G. Cook ❡
Ms. Nancy Ellen Cook ❡
Mr. Robert Francis Cook ❡
Mrs. Bettie B. Cooke ❖
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Cooke ❡
Mr. Robert A. Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence G. Cool
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey W. Coombs ❦
Mrs. Carol Ann Coop
Mr. Christopher Cooper
Dr. Haseen Sharma-Cooper and
Dr. Cornelius Cooper
Mr. Gary N. Cooper ❖❦✤
Mr. Gilberto A. Cooper ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Cooper ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cooper ❦
Mr. Richard G. Cooper
Mr. Richard W. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Coppel, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Corack
Mr. Joshua D. Coran ❡
Mrs. Helene A. Corbett
Ms. Sheila Gail Corbin
Mr. Brian L. Corbit
Mr. Victor L. Corder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cordova ❡
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Core
Mr. Glenn M. Corey
Mrs. Doris Lou Cornell ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron B. Cornett
Judy Cornett ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cornick
Ms. Ann M. Corrigan ❖❡
Mrs. Mary Lee A. Corrin ❡
Ms. Rose Marie Corriolant
Mr. Joseph Corry
Ms. Jacqueline E. Corum ❡
Ms. Stephanie Corum
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Corwin
Mr. Christopher Cory
Mr. John F. Cosby, Jr. ❡
Ms. Catherine H. Cosman
Mrs. Marcia M. Costello ❡❦
Ms. Martha K. Cotsworth
Dr. Betty Lowell Cottle ❖❡❦
Mr. Otis E. Cotton, Jr.
Ms. Mary B. Cottrell
Mr. Jeffrey L. Couch ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Couch, Jr. ✤
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Coughlin ❡❦
Greg A. Counts
Mr. and Mrs. Brent L. Cousino ❦
Dr. Linda A. Covey
Mr. John P. Cowden ❖
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cowgill
Cortland Cox ❡
Mr. John Kevin Cox ❡
Mr. Morgan Cox ❡
Ms. Stephanie G. Cox ❦
Mr. Christopher Coy
Dr. Doris R. Coy
Martin A. and Sandy Coyle ❖❡✤
Ms. Mary P. Crabbs ❡
Mr. David Patton Crabtree
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Crabtree
William Crabtree ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Craig
Mrs. Lilly M. Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Craig ❡❦
Alice R. Crain ❖❡
Mr. Jim Cramer ✤
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cramer
Mr. M. Richard Cramer ❡
Ms. Marilyn A. Cramer
Ms. Mary Ann Cramer
Ms. Nancy C. Cramer
Ms. Theresa M. Cranco
Ms. Vivolynn C. Crandall ❡
Cecil P. Crane ❦
Ms. Elisabeth Godfrey Crane
Mrs. Mary K. Crane
Ms. Rhonda Crane
Dr. William C. Crane
Mrs. Emma Lee Crannell ❡

Dr. Dixie R. Crase ❖❡❦✤
Ms. Regina Y. Fragneto and
Mr. Harold D. Craven ❡
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Craver ❖
Dr. and Mrs. David Crawford ❖
Ms. Susie Crawford
Mr. Ronald Crimins
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Crispino ❡
Mr. Gino Crocetti
Mr. Cam Crockett ❡
Mr. Gene A. Crockett ❦
Mr. Albert E. Croker ❡
Mrs. Bobbie S. Cromer
Mr. James W. Cromley
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Crompton
Mr. Chip A. Cronauer
Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. Cross ❡
Ms. Dorothy A. Cross
Mr. William V. Cross ❡
Mr. John Moore Crossey ❦
Mr. Douglas H. Crossman
Mrs. Muriel J. Crosthwaite
Ms. Thelma B. Crowder
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Crowe
Edwena L. Crowe ❡❦
Kenneth R. Crowe ❦
William R. Crowe, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Crowell
Ms. Willa C. Crowell
Mr. Joseph D. Crowley
Mrs. Kathy Crowther
Mrs. Luann Croy ❡
Sandra Jane Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crump
Rev. and Mrs. Robert T. Crumpton ❖
Ms. Janet Cruse
Barbara Sue C. Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Cuff, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. Don M. Culanag ❡
Mr. W. Bruce Culbertson
Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Cullison ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Culp
Ms. Harriett E. Culp
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. Culton
Mr. Lester A. Culver
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cumings
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cummings
Mrs. Bonita W. Cummins
Mrs. Elaine B. Cummins
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Cuneo
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Cunningham ❡❦
Ms. Margo W. Curl ❖
Ms. Claudia H. Curle
Mr. and Mrs. H. Allen Curran ❡
Miss Mary E. Curran
Dr. Jannar W. Davis and Mr. Douglas E. Curry
Emily Jane Curry ❡
Mrs. Nancy D. Curtin ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Curtis
Mrs. Frances D. Curtis
Mrs. Jane E. Curtis
Ms. Laverne Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Curtiss
Ms. Kathryn A. Curtner ❡
Mr. Bill Cutler
Mr. Travis Cuzick
Ms. Tanya Cwiakala
Mr. Czeslaw Czapla
Mr. John M. Da Cunha
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dean Dabson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dacci
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Daetz ❦
Mr. John T. Daggett, Jr.
Mr. Gislin Dagnelie ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Daiker
Revs. John and Frances Dailey ❡
Mr. Scott Dailey ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo C. Dalageorgas ❡
Mrs. Jean Esther Dale ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dale ❖
Mr. Edwin W. Daley
Hunter Dalton ❖
Sara B. Dalton
Dr. W. Lisle Dalton
Mr. C. Daly
Mr. and Mrs. N. James Dam ❡
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dameron
Mr. John A. Dameron ❡
Gerald W. D’Amico
Mr. Robert J. D’Amico
Ms. Carolyn Damon
Ms. Mary C. D’Amore
Ms. Phyllis N. Damour

Dr. William H. Danforth
Ms. Mary L. Daniel
Ms. Maxine H. Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Dank
Mr. George I. Danly ❖✤
Ms. Emily R. Dann
Mr. and Mrs. David Dansky ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Dardaganian
Mrs. Doris J. Darr
Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. Darst
Ms. Harriet Dart
Dr. and Mrs. Fouad L. Darweesh
Mrs. Sarah L. Darwin
Mr. and Mrs. F. Davis Dassori ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John Daugherty ❖
Zella Daugherty ❦
Mr. G. Bryan Davenport ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Paul V. Daverio ❦
Mr. Donald G. David ❡
Judith K. David ❖✤
Mr. Don Davidson ❡
Mrs. M. L. Davidson ❡
William H. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Davies ❦

Mr. and Mrs. John Davies
Mrs. Shannon B. Davies
Mr. Abraham Davis, Jr. ❖❦
Dr. Anne J. Davis ❡❦
Ms. Barbara J. Davis ❡
Mr. Bill Davis ❡
Mr. Charles Davis
Mrs. Vina Titaley and Mr. Curt Davis ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Davis ❖❦
Prof. Edwin S. Davis ❡
Ms. Elaine Davis
Elizabeth Davis ❡
Ms. Enid W. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Davis ❡❦
Dr. Annette M. Chavez and
Mr. Gregory J. Davis
Mrs. Helen B. Davis ❖
Mr. Jason Richard Davis
Jerrye L. Davis ❡❦
Johelen Davis
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Davis ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Davis ❡❦
Ms. Karen L. Davis
Ms. Kathleen Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Davis
Mr. Larry Davis ❦
Drs. William Bruce and Loretta Davis ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Davis ❡
Mr. Mel Davis ❖
Mr. Melvin L. Davis, Sr.
Ms. Patricia Hean Davis ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Davis
Mr. Robert C. Davis
Dr. Nancy G. Thomas and Dr. Roger E. Davis
Roxy Davis ❖❡❦
Dr. Wiley M. Davis, Jr. ❡❦
Mrs. Yvonne S. Davis ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O. Davisson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Day
Dr. George L. Day
Ms. Verna De Austin
Ms. Christine E. De Graffenriedt ❖❡❦
Ms. Hilda L. de Moya
Mr. John P. de Neufville ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Mario De Pinto
Ms. Margaret R. de Rivera
Mr. David G. De Roo
Ms. Martha A. Deaderick
Ms. Barbara R. Dean
Mr. Ty Hollingsworth and Mr. Nathan Dean
Ms. Patricia Amend and
Mr. Stephen Dean ❡❦
Mr. Bobby G. DeArmond ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Ion V. Deaton
James D. Deaton ❦
Ms. Betty L. Deaver
Mr. Jerald R. Debenport
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. B. DeBlank ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Debnam
Mr. Joe B. DeBord, Jr.
James L. Deck, Jr. ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Decker ❡
Mrs. Joan M. Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dale Decker
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Dee ❡
Mr. Gabriel E. Deeb
Ms. Sara Deem
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. DeFend ❦
Mr. Ralph A. Defino
Mr. and Mrs. Travis L. Defreese
Mr. James Degeorge
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance C. DeGeyter
Ms. Ganie B. DeHart ❡
Mr. James M. Dehart
Mr. Patrick J. Dehn
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Deisinger ❡
Mr. Justin F. Dejean
Dr. Thomas J. Dekornfeld ❡❦
Mr. Joseph Del Ferro
Mary Anne Delaney ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Delaney
Ms. Lisa Vandersteur and
Mr. William Delano
Ms. Gail Della-Piana
Ms. Sammie Dellinger ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Casey DeLong ❖
Mr. Edward DelVecchio
Professor and Mrs. Richard Dembo ❖❡
Ms. Judy N. Deme ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Demoff ❡
Mr. James Gregory Demond
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Demory
Mr. H. Raymond DeMott, Jr.
Mr. Jackson T. Dempsey
Mr. Rocky DeNapoli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Denham ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Denham, III
Ms. Barbara A. DeNicola
Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel T. Denis
Mr. Michael Leo Denneny
Mr. Jeffrey L. Dennis ❦
Mr. Daniel Dennison ❡
Dr. Jeffrey T. Denniston, PhD, CPS
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Denniston ❡
Ms. Ann L. Denton ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard I. Dentz
Ms. Karen DeRose
Ms. Mary DeRosier ❦
Dr. Sarah E. DeRossett ❦
Mrs. Carolyn M. Derr ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Derr
Mr. Joseph T. Derry ✤
Ms. Jane O. Derryberry
Mr. Fal deSaint-Phalle ❡
Ms. Mildred E. DeSmet ❦
Peggy Detchon
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Detjen ❖❡❦
Mr. Robert E. Dettling
Mr. Joseph Michael DeTurris ❖
George W. Deuillet, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Deutsch ❡
Ms. Mary Anne Devarti
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Devereaux
Edmund Benet Devereux
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Devereux
Mrs. Linda Devin-Sheehan
Mr. George Devlin
Mr. Robert Devlin ❦
Ms. Myrna H. Deweese
Mr. Earl H. Dewey ❡
Mr. George T. Dewey, III
Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Dewey
Ms. Leah L. Dey ❖❦
Mr. Ismael Dial
Dimond Family
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Diamond
Mr. Richard Diamond, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Dibiase
Mr. John R. Dice
Mrs. Susan DiCicco
Mr. Robert D. Dickerman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Dickerson
Mr. Duane Dickey
Ms. Geraldine Dickey ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Dickie
Mr. Donald T. Dickinson
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dickinson, Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. Richard F. Dickinson ❡❦
Miss Jacqueline Didier
Mr. Donald DiDonato ❡
Mr. James C. Diefenderfer
Mr. Larry J. Dieli
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dierkx
Harry C. Dietrich ❡❦
Mrs. Mary Ann Dietrich
Mr. Joseph H. Dietz
Mr. and Mrs. Ray I. Diffen
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent T. DiFranco ❦
Mr. Vincent DiGangi
Mr. Joel A. Digirolamo
Mr. Ronald C. Dillehay ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Dillon
Mr. William D. Dillon ❦
Mr. Gerry Diltz
Mr. Stephen DiMarco
Mr. Ralph Dimenna
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Dingler
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Dinsmore ❡❦
Ms. Mary DiLibero and
Mr. Peter DiSpigno
Mr. Kenneth L. Dissinger
Mr. and Mrs. Phil H. Dittmer
Ms. Mary S. Dix ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O. Dixon
Ms. Henrietta L. Dixon ❦
Ms. Peggy C. Allen and
Mr. Steven C. Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Doan
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Doane ❖❡❦
Ms. Winifred W. Doane
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Dobbins
Ms. Mary Dawn Dobson
Charlotte Dockery ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Doctor ❡
Douglas Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Dodge ❡
Revs. Lois M. and William H. Dodge
Ms. Samantha J. Dodson
Mrs. Frances H. Dody ❡
Mr. Robert Doeden
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Doehnert ❡❦
Mrs. Paul C. Doehring ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Doeltz ❡❦
Mrs. Pat Doerman
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan E. Doezema ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Carroll A. Doggett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Doherty
Mr. Garai L. Doll
Ms. Wilma R. Doll
Ms. Rachel L. Abramson and
Mr. William P. Dolnick
Ms. Joan Dombrowski
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Dombrowski ❡
Mr. Ronald W. Dombrowski ❦
Rev. Elizabeth Y. Anderson-Domer and
Mr. Jack Domer ❡❦
Ms. Virginia R. Dominguez
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Donahoe
Mr. Bruce R. Donahue ❡❦
Ms. Mary Ann Donahue
Dr. Rebecca Rigel Donald and Mr. Christopher Donald
Mr. John Franklin Donaldson
Ms. Kelly Donaldson
Mrs. Shirley C. Donaldson ❖❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dong ❦
Mrs. Marjory M. Donn
Mr. Michael Donnay
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Donnelly
Mr. Alan P. Donohue
Ms. Elizabeth A. Donohue ❡
Dr. George Donoian
Ms. Alice Donovan
Ms. Jo Dooley
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dorosz, Jr.
Ms. Carolyn L. Dorrance
John Dorrer ❖
Mr. David A. Dorsey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dorsey ❡
Mr. Eddie H. Doss
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Dotson ❡
Ms. Carol Doty ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Doucette ❡
Ms. N. E. Doudican
Mrs. Gwendolyn Dunn Dougherty
Ms. Bernadine M. Douglas ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Douglas ❡
Mr. Christopher H. Douglas ❦
Ms. Donna Douglas
Mr. Francis L. Douglas
Dr. Herbert Douglas ❦
Ms. Jan L. Douglass
Mr. and Mrs. M. Mehdy Douraghy
Ms. Johnine M. Doutt
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance S. Dove
Ms. Joyce Adele Dow
Ms. Ruby L. Dowd
Mr. Adrian Dowdle
Max Dowell
Mr. Richard Q. Downey
Mr. Ronald Downing
Marjorie Wood Drackett ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Drake
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Drake ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Drake ❡
Mr. Arlen D. Draper
Ms. Lounelle Draper
Mr. Robert Draudt
Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Dressel ❡
Ms. Jean M. Drew
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Drew
Mrs. Kay K. Drey ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Driedger
Mr. Daniel R. Driver
Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. Drulias ❡❦
Mr. Paul Drumm
Mr. Walter R. Dryden
Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. D’Silva ❡
Ms. Susan J. Duarte
Ms. Paulette Dubetz
Ms. Francine Dubrow
Mrs. Marjorie S. Ducote
Ms. Dorothy L. Dudley ❡
Ms. G. Rita Dudley-Grant
Steve Duffee ❡
Ms. Barbara J. Duffner ❡❦
Ms. Frances Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. William Duffy
Mrs. Laura Dugo ❖
Mr. Ralph Dujmovich
Mr. Finley Dula
Mr. Joseph H. Dumas, Jr.
Donald P. Duncan ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. L. Scot Duncan ❦
Ross E. Duncan ❡
Ms. Mary Catherine Dundon
Ms. Jane C. Dunehew
Bill Dunford ❡
Mrs. Anne G. Dungan
Dr. Lauren Dungy-Poythress ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Dunham
Mr. David Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Dunham
Dr. and Mrs. Noel Dunivant ❡❦
Mrs. Ruth I. Dunlap ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Dunn ❡
Ms. Jacqueline J. Dupon
Ms. Marcie Dupre
Mr. Mark Duran
Ms. Diana Durant
Dr. Nancy A. Durant-Edmonds
Rebecca Ann Durham
Ms. Tamara M. Durham ❡❦
Gail Dustin
James R. Duvall
Mr. Andrew L. Dvorak
Ms. Cynthia Dvorak
Mr. Darren Dwyer ❡❦

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Ingraham Dwyer
Sister J. T. Dwyer
Ms. Kaye Dyar ✤
Mr. Larry W. Dye
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dye
Mr. Brien W. Dyer
Dr. and Mrs. George R. Dyer ❡❦
Dr. Herbert R. Dyer
Ms. Nancy W. Dyer
Ms. Gretchen Dykstra ❖❡❦
Mrs. Arline J. Dzwonkowski

Last names E-H

Ms. Alice A. Eaddy
Ms. Caroline Eades
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Eads
Ms. Rita S. Eagle
Mr. Lewis Alvin Eakins ❖
Mr. Stephen N. Earl
Mr. Roland East
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Eastburn ❡❦
Ms. Barbara J. Easterling ❦
Mr. E. M. Easterly
Ms. Sabrina Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Eberle
Mrs. Barbara Eberly
Ms. Catherine G. Ebert ✤
Mr. Thomas G. Ebner
Mr. Richard L. Eckersley ❦
Ms. Elaine Eckert
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Eddleblute
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Edelman ❦
Mr. Dennis Edge ❦✤
Lt. Col. and Mrs. John C. Edgecomb ❡
Ms. Karen Edmison
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Edmondson
Mrs. Joyce Edward
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Edwards
Mr. Charles Edwards
Mr. Craig Edwards
Mrs. Eugenia D. Edwards ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Alan Edwards
Mr. Jimmy C. Edwards ❡❦✤
Mr. Jonathan W. Edwards ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Jerome Edwards ❡
Mr. and Mrs. R. Kemerer Edwards ❡❦
Ms. JoAnn Edwards-Norman
Dr. Katherine Egerton
Mr. Robert G. Egge
Drs. Peter H. and Zuzka P. Eggena ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Eggleston
Mr. George J. Egner ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton E. Ehinger
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Eichenberger ❡
Ms. Connie Eigenmann ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Einhorn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Einhorn ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Eisenbarth ❖
Ms. Carol Eisenberg ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Eisenman ❡
David E. Eisenmenger
Mr. Steven J. Ek ❡
Mrs. Tammy E. Elam
Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Elder, III
Mr. and Mrs. James Elder
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Eldred
Mr. James D. Elison
Ms. Charlene Elizabeth
Lt. Col. Ted C. Ell, Ret.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Ellebrecht
Mrs. Ellen Chewning Eller ❡

Ms. Nancy E. Ellingham ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Ellingwood ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Elliott ❖❡❦✤
Mr. Joseph E. Elliott ❡
Ms. Karen E. Elliott
Dr. Lucinda H. Elliott
Mr. Mark E. Elliott ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Elliott
Ms. Brenda E. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ellis
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ellis
Mr. Robert W. Ellis, Sr.
Mr. David L. Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ellison ❦✤
Mr. Stephen E. Ellison
Ms. Susan E. Ellison ❦
Ms. Mary C. Elrick
Mrs. Laurel L. Elsea ❡❦
Dr. Suzanne Scott Embree ❖
Mr. Bruce Emerick
Mrs. Kathleen L. Emery ❡
Ms. Juanita Emily
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Emmott
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Enander
Ms. Jean E. Engel
Mr. Alan L. Engelberg
Mr. David C. Engelder
Mr. James T. Engell ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Terry England
Mr. Lloyd Englander
Mr. Billy R. Engle ❡
Ms. Evangeline Englert
Mr. and Mrs. Bill English
Dr. and Mrs. Evan A. English ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Engstrom ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. Enloe, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Pinckney C. Enniss
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Enzenbacher ❡
Eddie Epperson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Epstein ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. Miles L. Epstein
Dr. Ralph Epstein
Mr. Roger H. Epstein
Joseph Erba
Dr. Howard Erdman ❡❦
Mr. David Erdreich
Dr. John Erickson
Ms. Carolyn M. Ericson
Mr. and Mrs. Kai T. Erikson ❦
Mr. John L. Erlich ❡
Ms. Monique S. Erlichman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Erstine
Ms. Marion S. Erwin ❖❡❦
Ms. Patricia Eschbach
Dr. Alexandra Escobar
Mr. and Mrs. Evald R. Eskilson ❡
Ms. Mary Anne Espenshade
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Espenshade
Ms. Alma O. Espinosa
Mr. and Mrs. John Espinoza
Ms. Linda C. Essary ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Estes ❡❦
Ms. Karen A. Estes ❡
Mrs. Gaudencia C. Estrada
Ms. Carolyn M. Etchison
Mr. Jesse Etelson
Mrs. Hartley C. Etheridge ❡❦
Mr. Thomas W. Ethington ❦
Ms. Mary Jean Etten
Mr. John L. Etter
Ms. Joan Y. Ettinger
Kathy and Dan Eubank
Ms. Mary C. McKitterick and
Mr. Allan C. Eustis
Dr. Ann Evans ✤
Ms. Bonnie Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Evans
Mr. Emory D. Evans
Mr. Errol L. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Evans
Ms. Jane K. Evans ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Evans
Jelena Z. Evans
Mr. Jesse D. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Evans ❡❦
Ms. Lucinda L. Evans ❡
Ms. Mary Jane Evans
Mrs. Mary Jo Evans
Rev. Melbalenia D. Evans
Nancy Evans ✤
Mrs. Patricia F. Evans ❖
Mr. Peter A. Evans ❦
Mr. Philip L. Evans ❡
Ms. Rhonda Evans ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Evans
Mr. Troy Evans
Wanda L. Evans ❡
Ms. Wendy D. Evans ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Evans, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Doy E. Everage
Mr. Henry Everett
Ms. Sally Everett ❦
Mr. Lewis E. Everline
Mr. Michael B. Everling ❡
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Evertson
Mr. Thomas P. Ewbank
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Ewell
Mr. Bob J. Ewert ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Ewing ❡
Mrs. Susan Brown Eyster ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Faesi ❡❦
Ms. Marian M. Fagan
Mr. Merlin L. Fagan, Jr. ❦
Ms. Vicki E. West and Mr. Michael S. Fahey
Ms. Nadine N. Fahlbusch
Dr. David Fahner
Mr. Edward Daniel Fahrmeier
Mr. Robert Faine
Dr. and Mrs. Leland L. Fairbanks ❦
Mr. Robert Fairchild ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John Fairfield
Mr. Bennett Lear Fairorth
Brandy M. Kidd and Carmen M. Falbo, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Faletti
Mr. and Mrs. John Falkenholm, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fanelli
Ms. Jane Fant
Mr. Alfred Fantasia
Mr. Christopher Fargnoli ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Farler-Hoyt ❡❦
Mr. Kit Michael Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott Farmer
Mr. Thane S. Farmer
Briant J. Farnsworth ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Farquhar ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Yusuf P. Farrah ❡
Ms. Barbara Hoff Farrell
Miss Joan E. Farrell ❖❡❦
Mr. Ryan Farrell
Mrs. Carney O. Farris ❡
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Fast
Mr. A. L. Faubert ❖
Mr. Howard E. Faulkner
Dr. Henry Fay
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Fayard
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Feakins ❡❦
Mr. Robert A. Fears
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Wayne Feasel
Mrs. Betty B. Feathers
Mr. Nai-Tai Fei
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Feick
Mr. R. Feige ❡
Ms. Elaine Feincalvin
Mr. Leonard M. Feinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Feister ❡
Mr. Robert R. Feldmann
Mr. and Mrs. Jay E. Feldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Feller ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Felter
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Felty
Ms. Anne C. Fendrich
Ms. Valerie Fennell
Ms. Della B. Fenner
Ms. Chris M. Fenninger
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass R. Ferguson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James Gates Ferguson, Jr. ❦
Mrs. Joan K. Ferguson ❡
Ms. Katherine A. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ferguson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ferguson
Ms. Julia V. Fernandez
Mrs. Barbara Jane Ferrall ❦
Mr. Anthony Ferrante
Martha C. Ferrebee ❡❦
Dr. James R. Ferwerda ❡
Mr. Robert W. Fessler ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Fetty
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ficalora
James R. Fick
Mrs. Wilma C. Fidoe ❖
Mr. Marc I. Fiedler
Mr. Carl H. Field
Mr. Louis Field
Marvel Fielden ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Fielder
Ms. Jane Mohraz and
Mr. A. Belden Fields ❡
Ms. Connie M. Fields
Jerilu Fields ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Leon H. Fields
Ms. Mary S. Fields
Pamela J. Fields ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Fields
Ms. Candice L. Fife
Mr. Eugene V. Fife ✤
Mrs. Frances Rosi Fife ❖❡❦✤
Ms. Carmen M. Figueroa ❖

Mr. John J. Filak
Dr. Emily K. Filardo
Ms. Eleanor R. Filburn ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Filiaggi
Ms. Maryann Silver and
Rev. Michael Fill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Finch ❖❦
Ms. Elizabeth A. Finelli
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Finkbeiner ❡
Mr. Matt Finke
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Finkel ❦
Jeanne and Ted Finlayson-Schueler ❡
Mrs. Margaret Finley
Mr. Dennis Finseth
Ms. Margaret S. Fiora
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Firmin
Ms. Kathleen Firns-Hubert
Mr. Bruce Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Fischer ❡
Eric N. Fischer ❡
Mr. Grahme Fischer ❡❦
Ms. Jennie L. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fischer, Jr.
Mrs. Edwina Fishbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Fisher ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Fisher ❦
Mr. Bruce Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Fisher ❡
Ms. Kathleen M. Snider and
Mr. Frederick W. Fisher ❖
Ms. Gayle A. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Irving J. Fisher
Lesa W. Fisher ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Fisher
Mr. Robert Fisher ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Fisher ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Fishman ❖❦
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Fishman
Mr. Milton Fisk ❡❦
Poppy Fitch ❦
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fite
Mr. Christopher C. Fitz ❡
Ms. Virginia M. Fitzgerald
Mr. Michael M. Flaherty
Ms. Gail H. Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Flandermeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Flanigan
Mr. and Mrs. William Flarsheim
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis S. Flatland ❡
Mr. Marcus H. Fleahman
Mr. Harold W. Fleenor
Mr. Leslie Gene Fleet ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fleeter
Mr. Edward Fleischli
Mr. A. Martin Fleishman
Mr. and Mrs. Alarie O. Fleming ❡
Mrs. Barbara H. Fleming
James R. Fleming
Lillie J. Fleming ❡
Dr. Cora W. Fletcher
Mr. Jerry Fletcher
Ms. Bette A. Flick ❖

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Flick
Miss Arlene Flisik
Ms. Mary Tyler Knowles and
Mr. Laurence B. Flood ❡
Ms. Nancy Flood, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Flores
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Flores ❡❦
Ms. Beth Flowers ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Flowers ❦
Mrs. Anne Z. Floyd
Barbara E. Flynn ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Flynn ❦
Mrs. Ingrid A. Fogg
Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Foggin, III
Gretchen W. Fogo
Ms. Marcia M. Foley ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Foley
Ms. Lisa Lewis Folk ❡
Mr. Michael E. Folkman
Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. Follmer ❡
Drs. Richard Z. and
Marjorie Marks Fond
Mr. Earl Fong
Mr. George L. Fonyo
Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Forbes
Ms. Eunice Reep and
Mr. Robert E. Forbess ❖❡❦
Ms. Nancy B. Forbriger ❖
Mrs. Helen H. Ford ❦✤
Ms. Susan Henthorn and Mr. Steve Ford ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso Fore
Mr. William C. Foreman ❦
Anita Forman ❡
Ms. Cecelia L. Forrest
Mr. Shane M. Forsyth
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Forte ❡
Ms. Mary Fortney
Ms. Sarah P. Foss
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Foster
Ms. Florence W. Foster
Mr. Gershom Foster ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Foster ❦
Ms. Kathryn M. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Foster
Mrs. Nancy Leiser Foster ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Fowler
Mr. David V. Fowler ❡❦
Mr. James Arthur Fowler ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. M. Gregg Fowler ❡❦
Ms. Norma E. Fowler ❡
Ms. Betty L. Fox
Ms. Claudia J. Fox
Mr. Fred F. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. George Fox
Mr. Lloyd Paul Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lee Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Fox
Capt. Richard T. Fox ❡
Mr. Thomas A. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fox ❡❦
Ms. Diane H. Francis ❦
Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Francis ❡
Ms. Patricia L. Franck
Ms. Elaine A. Franco ❦
Mr. Bruce O. Frank
David Frank ❦
Mr. and Mrs. J. Blair Frank ❦✤
Mr. Michael T. Frank
Ms. Shelley Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Frank
Mr. Robert H. Franke ❖
Ms. Kathleen Clark and
Mr. Richard A. Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. Don Franklin ❖❡❦
Ms. Doris L. Franklin
Mr. Douglas B. Franklin
Mr. Gordon C. Franklin ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Franklin ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Franks
Ms. Kathleen Franks
Ms. Margaret Nan Frankston
Mr. and Mrs. David Frantz ❡❦
Ms. Mary Lillian Frantz
Ms. Beth Franz
Mr. Glenn O. Franz
Rev. Sheldon M. Franz
Mrs. Patricia M. Fraser
Dr. and Mrs. Devon W. Frash
Mrs. Julia Arata-Fratta and
Mr. Dante Fratta
Joseph J. Fray ❖❦
Clyde Douglas Frazier ❡❦

Linda Frazier
Mr. Paul Frazier
Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. Fread ❡
Thomas R. Freck ❖❡❦
Mrs. Mildred Frederick
Mrs. Pamela F. Fredericksen ❡
Constance Frederickson ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frederickson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Frediani ❡
Ms. Virginia Fredricks ❡
Ms. Sallie R. Free ❡
Mr. Mark Freedman ❡
Mr. Don Freeman
Dr. John P. Freeman ❖
Mr. Kenneth Freeman
Mrs. Megan Freeman
Mr. Ted W. Freemire
Ms. Paula C. Freepartner
Ms. Eloisa Frein
Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. Frellick ❡
Grant French
Mrs. Regina French
Mr. and Mrs. William D. French ❡
Mr. Charles R. Frenkel
Mrs. Barbara T. Frey ❡
Rev. and Mrs. Mark W. Frey ❡
Mr. Oscar Frias
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Frick
Judy Fricks ❡
Ms. Rachel Friedberg
Mrs. Phyllis A. Friedmann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Fries ❡
Ms. Norma A. Fritsche ❡❦
Ms. Helen V. Fritschi
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Fritz
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Froehlich ❡❦
Georgia Joie Froelich
Dr. Robert E. Froelicj
Ms. Barbara G. Froemming ❡
Mr. David V. Fronske
Mr. Jess V. Frost ❖
Mr. Meredith W. Fry
Ms. Claudia Marie Fuchs
Ms. Diana M. Fuchs
Steven J. Kretzmann and Robert B. Fudge ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Fuehrmeyer, Jr. ❦
Mr. Ross J. Fugill ❡❦
Mr. Glenn R. Fuhrman ✤
Mr. Brian T. Fuhrmann ❦
David and Marilyn Fuhrmann ❦✤
Muriel Fuhrmann ✤
Ms. Kathleen Fujimoto
Mr. Richard E. Fulk
Ms. Denise A. Fulkerson ❡
Ms. Ann Marie Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Fulmer
Elizabeth L. Fulton
Ms. Linda P. Fulton ❡
Mr. Robert Funderburk
Dr. and Mrs. R. Brent Furbee ❡❦
Ms. W. Marie Furcron
Mr. and Mrs. Duane P. Fureby
Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Furniss
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Furrow ❡
Ms. Marlene Furtick
Mr. Berney Futter
Mr. Gene Gabbard ❖
Marilee Gabbard ❦
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Gable ❡❦
Ms. Phyllis A. Gabriel
Ms. Jeanne C. Gadbois
June C. Gadd ❡
L. David Gaddie
Mr. David Gaffaney
Rev. and Mrs. John Gaffney ❖
Ms. Pauline M. Gaffney ❖❡
Thomas J. Gaffney ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Alden G. Gagnon
Ms. Antoinette Wild Gagnon
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gaidis ❦
Mr. Frank R. Gailor ❦
Ms. Annie Gainey
Mrs. Estrella P. Galang ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Galasso
Ms. Anne R. Gallagher
Mr. Dennis J. Gallagher
Ms. Marcia Gallippi
Angela K. Galloway
Ms. Kate B. Galloway
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gallup
Mr. Jeffrey C. Gallup ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Barry B. Galton ❡
Mr. Robert O. Gamble ❡
Mrs. Virginia N. Gamble ❡
Ms. Lois E. Gamer
Mr. John W. Gammon ❡
Mrs. Harriet E. Gamper ✤
Mrs. Marianne E. Gandee ❦
Ms. Susan Gandhi
Dr. Dorothy J. Ganick ❡❦
Ms. Susan Matchett and Mr. Hal Gann ❡
Ms. Mary Kay D. Ganning ❡
Ms. Margaret R. Gannon
Mrs. Phyllis Gansz-Greene ❡
Ms. Erin C. Gantt ❡
Ms. Joan E. Gantz
Ms. Pat Garavaglia
Dr. R. J. Garbacz ❖
Ms. Dolores J. Niewald-Garbarini and
Mr. James J. Garbarini
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garcia
Ms. Mary P. Gardinier
Ms. Edith B. Gardner
Melissa E. Gardner ❦
Peter D. Gareis ❦
Pastor and Mr. Michael W. Garey ❦
Ms. Katharine B. Garfield ❦
Mr. Irv Garfinkel ❡
Mr. George F. Garland ❡
Ms. Katie Garner
Dr. Adolfo D. Garnica
Mr. Floyd B. Garrett
Mr. Fred J. Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrison ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Garrison
Mr. Michael J. Garrity ❦
Mr. Richard Gart
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garver ❡❦✤
Ms. Lydia Garvey
Mr. Patrick M. Garvey ❡
Mr. Lee E. Gase
Ms. Laurie B. Gates
Mrs. Lorna J. Gates ❖❡❦
Ms. Mary Gates ❦
Ms. Suzanne Gates ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Gault
Mrs. Thelma G. Gault ❦
Mr. Tommy Lee Gault
Mr. Timothy Gauss
Vito J. Gautieri
Dr. John D. Gawlik ❖
Mr. and Mrs. John Gaynard
Ms. Bonnie Gayne

Mrs. Margaret G. Gaynes
Dr. and Mrs. David Gearring

Ms. Arlee L. Geary

Mrs. Marie Gebbie-Kemper
Mr. John Geddie
Mr. Robert H. Gedekoh
Mr. Harry Gedney
Mr. Clinton M. Gee
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Geertz
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram B. Geeslin, Jr.
Dr. Lois F. Geeslin ❡
Ms. Shelley P. Geiger
Mr. Eric Geil ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Geil ❡❦✤
Ms. Kathleen M. Geile ❖❦
Ruthann Geiss ❦
Ms. Julia V. Blake and Mr. Stephen H. Gelatt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gelfano ❦
Ms. Margaret Gelin
Mr. Lawrence H. Geller
Ms. Claire Geller-Kolchetski
Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan and
Mr. Steven D. Gellman ❦
Ms. Cynthia A. Gelsthorpe
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Gelsthorpe ❡
Ms. Elaine Gelvin
Ms. Susan M. Walsh and
Mr. Anthony W. George
Mrs. Lois Anne George
Mrs. Nat Lee George
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick George ❡
Ms. Maureen Gerardi
Mr. Clayton E. Gerberick
Ms. Nora Gerhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Gerhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Gerichs ❦
Ms. Jane Elizabeth German ❡
Ms. Erin Essenmacher and
Mr. Charlie Germano ❦
Ms. Donna G. Gerrard
Mrs. Mary Meeker Gesek ❦
Ms. Lesley Getz
Mr. Frank I. Gewickey
Ms. Sylvia E. Ghainer
Mr. Mohammad Gheba
Mrs. Evelyn C. Ghiselin ❦
Mr. Albin M. Giaimo ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Gibb
Charles and Margaret Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. L. Tucker Gibson, Jr.
Dr. Lawrence E. Gibson ❡❦
Ms. Mary E. Gibson
Mr. Perry Gibson
Ms. Urath C. Gibson
Ms. Julia M. Giegler ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Giele ❦
Mr. Mark M. Giese
Dr. Nancy E. Gift ❡❦
Mr. Barry Gilbert
Ms. Carla Ann Gilbert
Rev. Kent Gilbert ❖
Mr. Lloyd S. Gilbert
Ms. Margaret Gilbert
Mary Kay W. Gilbertson
Ms. Karen S. Giles
Mr. Bruce M. Gillam ❡❦
Ms. Rebecca A. Gillan ❦
Janis Ann Gillenwater
Geraline L. Gillespie ❡❦
Mr. J. Keith Gilless
William Gillette
Ms. S. E. Gilley
Mr. Forrest Gilliam
Dr. Ronald E. Gillilan ❡❦✤
Charley E. Gillispie ❖❡❦
Ms. Deborah Gillispie
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Gills
Mrs. Karen J. Gillum
Mr. Alfred S. Gilman
Mr. Nelson J. Gilman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Gilman ❡
Rev. and Mrs. G. Kipp Gilmore-Clough ❡❦
Mr. Monroe Gilmour
Mr. Russell L. Gilreath
Mrs. Janice G. Gilroy
Mrs. Barbara F. Ginn ❡❦
Ms. Judy Lynn Ginter ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Giorno
Joyce Girdler ❖
Ms. Carol A. Giroud
Mr. and Mrs. Vincenzo Giustino
Mr. Rodney Givens
Mr. Phillip E. Gladfelter
Mr. David E. Glass
Ms. Diana Glass
Ms. Laura Glassman
Ms. Carol H. Glazier
Mrs. Joseph F. Gleason ❡❦✤
Mr. Eric Gleaves ❦
Mrs. Julia Ann Glenn
Nancy B. Glenn ❡❦
Mr. and Ms. Philip R. Gliebe
Mr. Frank Globokar
Ms. Lenore E. Glodowski
Ron Glore
Mr. Eugene C. Glover ❦
Mr. Eugene O. Glover
Ms. Joslyn Hyatt Glover
Mr. Mark Glowatz
Mrs. Jane Gluck ❖
Ms. Helen Glushakow
Mr. James Glynn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gmitter ❡
Mr. Richard Gnaedinger ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Goble
Mrs. Fred M. Godard ❖
Ms. Mary A. Goddard
Mr. Aaron W. Godfrey ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Godfrey ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Godfrey
Ms. Sheila Mickey Godfrey
Mr. Joseph Goenaga
Mr. Leon T. Goin
Mr. Francis V. Goins

Ms. Janne Goldbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua N. Goldberg
Mr. Larry A. Goldberg ❡
Mr. Richard Goldberg ❡
Ms. Nancy Goldcamp
Mr. J. P. Golden
Mr. Paul V. Golden
Dr. Allen D. Golding ❡
Ms. Elaine R. Goldman ❡
Mr. Robert Macdonald and
Ms. Jane Goldman ❖
Ms. Linda I. Goldman ❡
Mr. Mark H. Goldman ❡
Dr. Harold S. Goldstein
Ms. Mimi K. Calhoun and
Dr. Howard B. Goldstein ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goldstein
Dr. Leslie F. Goldstein and
Mr. Philip Goldstein ❡
Dr. Robert Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Michael Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Goldstein
Anne F. Golliday ❡
Mrs. Jean Gollinge ❖
Mr. Gus Gonzales ❡
David Allen Good, Jr. ❡
Ms. Mary Goodale
Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Gooderson
Mrs. Susan D. Goodhard ❖❡❦✤
Miss Karen Goodloe
Ms. Nancy D. Good-Maddox
Mr. Joe L. Goodman, Jr. ❡❦
Mrs. M. E. Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Goodman
Mr. Marvin Goodman ❡
Mary R. Goodman ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Goodman ❡
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Goodman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Eugene Goodson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Goodspeed
Mr. Charles Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Goodwin
Ms. Anita C. Goodwyn
Ms. Nancy Ann Goolsby ❡❦
Amaline Gordon
Ms. Ann B. Gordon
Rabbi Maralee Gordon
Dr. Samuel Stanley Gordon ❖
Mrs. Sheri L. Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Gorelick ❦
Ms. Nancy A. Gorenshek ❡❦
Mrs. Angela J. Goris ❡
Ms. Pamela C. Goris ❦
Ms. Helene D. Gorman
Ms. Susan R. Gornall ❦
Mr. Martin Gornstein ❡
Ms. Joan Gorrell ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Gorski ❡
Ivey W. Gosser ✤
Mr. Karl D. Gottschalk
Ms. Pat Gottschalk
Mr. Michael R. Goucher
Ms. Pat V. Gouge
Alan Gould ❡
James E. Gourley ❡❦
Dr. Cheryl J. Gowie ❖
Ms. Rose M. Flynn-Goyette and
Mr. Joseph F. Goyette
Ms. Jenny Beene-Skuban and
Mr. Benjamin C. Grabow
Ms. Viola E. Graef
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Graffenberger ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley N. Graham ❦
Ms. Delores P. Graham
Donna L. Graham ❖
Mr. Forbes P. Graham ❡❦
Mr. Lewis P. Graham, II ❡
Ms. Serena E. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bruce Graham ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Ray Graham
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Grainger
Ms. Carolyn E. Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Grant
Mrs. Terri M. Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Grant ❡❦
Ms. Christine S. Grantham ❡
Mr. Lee R. Grasfeder
Mr. Danny Graves ❖
Mr. Hugh M. Gravitt, II
Lt. Col. Alvin L. Gray, Jr. ❡
Dr. David W. Gray ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Gibson Gray
Mr. Jim Gray ✤
Mr. John Clark Gray
Mrs. Lauretta D. Gray ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Marian Gray ❡❦
Mr. John C. Graybeal, Sr.
Ms. Yolanda M. Gray-Hoffman
Ms. Zelma J. Greathouse
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Greaves
Ms. Karen Rose Gredler
Ms. Leann Greeley
Mr. Michael D. Greeley
Mr. Cecil C. Green
Dr. Christopher A. Green and
Ms. Jennifer Hobson ❡❦
Dr. Harvey Green
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Green, Jr.
Ms. Judith B. Green ❡
Mr. Lonzo F. Green ❦
Mr. William L. Green ❡
Rachel L. Greenawalt ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Greenburg ❦
Mr. Brian H. Greene, Jr. ❦
Mr. Chester W. Greene ❡
Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Greene
Teresa E. Greene ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Greenwood
Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Edward Greer, Ret.
Martha J. Greer ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gregory ❡❦
Mr. Samuel Gregory
Ms. Juliette F. Gresche
Ms. Nancy C. Gressinger
Mrs. Ona Mae Greve
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Grider ❖
Mr. J. Daniel Griego
Mr. Kevin Grier
Dr. and Mrs. Lee W. Grier ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Griesser ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. R. Wayne Griffing
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Griffith ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Griffith ❡❦
Ms. Barbara Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. G. Gene Griffiths
Ms. Maria Concetta Grifoni
Mr. Ronald Griggs
Ms. Dorothy B. Grimm ❡
Ms. M. Alice Grinnell ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Grinney ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Grismer
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Griswold ❖✤
Ms. Susan G. Gritton
Mr. Michael A. Grogan
Mrs. Lynn Groh
Mr. John Grooms
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Groser ❡
Ms. Louise G. Gross
Mr. William A. Grosse ❡
Ms. Lilian Grosz
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Grote
Mr. Jeffrey T. Grothaus
Mr. Henry J. Grubb
Mr. Roger A. Grubic ❡
Mr. Geoffrey R. Gruendl ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Gruenenfelder
Mr. Terry Grumley
Ms. Joan O. Grunewald ❡❦
William R. and Joan Gruver ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Grybko
Ms. Therese M. Guedon ❡
Mrs. Michael Anne Guido ❡
Ms. Pauline L. Guilfoyle
Edwin Lowell Guinn ❡
Ms. Sandra Gulian
Mrs. Nancy Belle T. Gull
Mr. G. J. Gump ❡
Ms. Charlotte P. Gunn
Mr. John A. Gunnderson
Ms. Litra O. Gunter
Mrs. Janet L. Gurd ❡
Mr. Stephen S. Gurney ❡
Ms. Jill M. Gurtatowski
Homer G. and Barbara B. Gurtler
Ms. Naomi Gusowski
Mrs. Barbara B. Gustafson
Rev. and Mrs. Ronald C. Gustafson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Guthrie ❦
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Guthrie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Gutierrez
Ms. Jean L. Guttman
Ms. Barbara McCoy and Mr. Huey Guy
Mr. Roland L. Guyotte
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Guyton ❖
Ms. Jimmielou Guzman ❦

Lynette R. Gwinn
Mr. Harry M. Gwyn, III ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Haag ❡
Heather Sturt and Paul G. Haaga, Jr. ❖❡❦✤
Ms. Deena M. Haas ❖❡
Mr. James Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Haasis
Mrs. Janet Holton and Mr. Phil Haber ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Habercom
Mr. Samuel Haberman
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Haberthear
Ms. Sara Habhab
Mrs. Eileen R. Hacker
Mr. and Mrs. John Hackett ❦
Mr. Will H.Y. Hackett
Mr. Rodney L. Hackney
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hackworth
Omar C. Haddad ❖❡❦
Ms. Agnes V. Haddox
Mrs. Margaret A. Hader ❡
Ms. Daphne Hadley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hadley ❡❦
Loretta Hafley ❡
Mr. Francis J. Hagan ❦
Ms. Margaret Hagar
Mr. G. Allan Hagelthorn
Warren M. Hagen ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Carl V. Hager
Mr. Joe Haggard ❦
Ms. Elaine N. Hagley
Mrs. Maximilian W. Hagnauer ✤
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hague
Mr. Richard Hahn
Mr. and Mrs. David Hahn-Baker ❡❦
Ms. Leila K. Haight
Mr. Michael W. Hail
Mrs. Eva S. Hain
Jean S. Haines
Dr. Barbara M. Hair
Mr. Elbert Hairston
Ms. Yvonne D. Haitsma
Ms. Janet Halatyn
Mr. Howard D. Halbasch
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Halberg ❡
Denise Halbert
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn L. Halbert ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. Halderson
Mr. Mark P. Hale, Jr.
Mr. Richard J. Hale
Roger Hale
Ms. Jane T. Mudwilder and
Mr. Ronald S. Hale
Ms. Carolinda Hales
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Haley
Mr. Charles A. Haley
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Haley
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Haley
Austin Hall ❦
Mrs. Barbara W. Hall ❖❦
Donna Stauffer Hall and
John Richard Hall ❡❦✤
Mrs. Dorothy S. Hall ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight H. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hall
Ms. Ibby Z. Hall
Mr. Joe Hall
Mrs. Lauren R. Hall
Marcus P. Hall
Ms. Margaret S. Hall
Ms. Mary Janice Hall
Miss Mary H. Hall ❡
Dr. Sarah L. Hall ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Van Hall ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hall ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. William Michael Hall
Mrs. Margaret Halleck ❡❦
Mr. Douglas R. Hallett, Jr.
Ms. Deborah Halley ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Halley ❡
Ms. Ruth E. Halligan
Dr. and Mrs. Donald P. Hallmark ❡
Ms. Roberta Abbe Hallowell ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hamanaka
James G. Hamberg
Dr. Edward L. Hamblin ❦
M. J. Hambright ❡
Ms. Cynthia Hamill
Mrs. Mary Causey Hamilton ❡
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. W. Richard Hamlin
Mrs. Frances K. Hamm
Mrs. Gloria H. Hamman ❖✤
Drs. Mary Arneson and
Dale E. Hammerschmidt ❡
Ms. Anne W. Hammond ❦
Mr. David L. Emanuel and
Dr. Deborah E. Hammond ❡
Ms. Heather L. Hammond ❡
Jeffrey Alan Hammond ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hammond
Mr. William J. Hammond ❦
Mr. James Hammonds
Donald Hampton
Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Hampton
Mr. Wade Powell Hampton
Dr. John P. Handago ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Handel ❖
Col. and Mrs. Walter R. Handy, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Ted L. Hanes
Mr. Richard W. Hanft
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hanington ❦
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hanley
Mr. J.S. Hanlon
Mr. Jack Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Hannaford ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jim H. Hannah
Dr. Linda M. Nagy and
Mr. Matthew J. Hannon
Mr. Leighton Hansel
Mr. Brent Hanson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. E. Victor Hanson
Mr. Eric H. Hanson
Ms. Linda H. Hanson
Mr. Roger J. Hanson
Ms. Mee-Seen Loong and
Mr. Jeffrey P. Hantover
Mr. Bruce W. Hapke ❡
Ms. Lois K. Happe ❡❦
Mr. James A. Harbaugh ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Hard ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hardenburg
Mrs. Betty Jo Hardiman ❡
Mrs. Shirley B. Harding ❖✤
Mr. Todd D. Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hardwick
Ms. Barbara B. Hardy
Ms. Carole J. Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hare
Ms. Janet L. Hargett
Mr. Jerold Hargis ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Hargrave
Ms. Catherine Hargreaves ❦
Ms. Susan S. Haring
Mr. and Mrs. John B. L. Harkness ❡
Mrs. D. Foster Harland ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Harley ❖✤
Mrs. Mary Harmeyer
Ms. Patricia L. Harmon
Mr. Richard Harper
Mr. Evan J. Harrell
Ms. Cynthia D. Harrelson ❡
Mr. John Harrigan ❖❦✤
Ms. Elizabeth A. Harrington ❡❦
Betty S. Harris
Ms. Cheryl Bates Harris ❡
Mr. Craig W. Harris
Ms. Cynthia L. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harris
Mr. James O. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Harris
Mrs. Janet L. Harris
Ms. Jeri J. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Harris
Mr. Kendall Lee Harris
Mr. Leo O. Harris ❖
Ms. Martha C. Harris
Matthew Harris ❡❦
Mr. Richard A. Harris ❡
Rita H. Harris ❡❦
Mr. Robert W. Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harris
Mr. Roger W. Harris
Ms. Ruth Elmore Harris
Ms. Sandra Harris ❦
Ms. Sharon B. Harris
Mr. Steven C. Harris
Ms. Susan K. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Harris
Margaret A. Harris-Murray ❡❦
Ms. Dorothy L. Harrison
Mr. Max E. Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gene Harrison
Stephanie Harrison ❡
Mr. Clyde H. Harriss, Jr. ❖❡❦
Ms. Betty M. Harsh

Mr. Arthur Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Hart, Sr. ❡❦
Mr. David B. Hart ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick J. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Martin Hart ✤
Mrs. Jean Lambeth Hart ❡❦

Ms. Joanne E. Hart
Mr. River Hart
Ms. Sue B. Hart ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hartenberg ❡
Mrs. Lucille S. Harter
Mr. Thomas J. Hartford, III ❡❦
Ms. Marilyn A. Hartig ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. David Lin Hartley
Miss Anita M. Hartman ❡
Mr. Clarence P. Hartman ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Hartman
Joan R. Hartman ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Hartmen
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hartmann
Mrs. Edith Elaine Hartong
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hartsig ❡
Zenna Hartsog ❡
Ms. Carolyn Hartung
Dr. John G. Hartung
Ms. Genevieve Hartwig
Mr. and Mrs. James Quinn Harty
Mr. James A. Harvey ❡
Richard Harvey
Mr. William Harvey
Ms. Millie Harvieux
Mrs. Patricia Harwell
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hassinger
June A. Hatcher ❡
Mrs. Constance A. Hatfield
Pamela Hatfield-Wells ❖✤
Ms. Susan E. Hatley
Hon. Terry J. Hatter, Jr.
Mrs. Helene M. Haughney
Mr. Gary L. Haun, Sr. ❦
Ms. Marie C. Hauser
Dr. Elizabeth Hausmann-Stokes ❡❦
Ms. Joann Hausser
Mr. Ronny G. Havens
Mr. Alvin A. Hawk
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hawks ❡
Bill and Carol Hay ❡
Drs. Carla H. and Robert Pettus Hay ❦
Mr. Harvey W. Hayden
Ms. Ann Leiphart Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil E. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Franklin Hayes ❖❦
Mr. Lawrence Patrick Hayes ❡❦
Mrs. Lydia B. Hayes
Mr. Sherman Hayes ❦
Mr. Claude D. Haynes ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Haynes ❖
Daniel A. Hays ❡
Judy Haywood ✤
Mr. John Hazard
Ms. Cynthia Hazeltine ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Hazen
Jack Robertson Hazlewood ❖
Miss Margaret Headley ❖❦
Ms. Francesca L. Heap ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Don Heard
Mrs. Patricia D. Hearn ❡
Mr. Robert W. Hearn, Jr.
Ms. Michelle P. Heatherton ❖
James M. Heck ❡❦
Dr. Thomas F. Heck ❡
Mrs. Joan G. Heckel ❡
Mr. Ted Heckman
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Heckman, Jr. ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hector ❡❦
Mr. Charles J. Hedetniemi, Jr. ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hedman ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Heerema ❡
Mr. Barry K. Hefelfinger ❡
Ms. Carole A. Heffernan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hefner
Mrs. Marjorie W. Hegarty ❖
Ms. Shirley Heidenreich
Brenda J. Heidt
Ms. Kerry Malawista Heilbron
Joe L. Heiman ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hein
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert P. Heinen
George G. Heiney, II ❦
Mr. and Mrs. James Heinrich ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Heinsohn, Jr.
Mrs. Rebecca Heintz ❡
Ms. Caroline Heise
Miss Rhonda J. Heithaus ❡
Mrs. Joan E. Hekimian ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. James Gardner Heldman
Mr. H. Lawrence Helfer
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Helfers
Mr. Richard M. Helfrick
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Heller
Mr. Donald G. Hellkamp
Dr. Jane Hellwig
Ms. Patricia Helm
Paul E. Helm
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Helman ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Helms
Jim Helton
Mr. Charles Heltsley
Ms. Tana Hemingway
Mrs. Barbara E. Hempill ❡❦
Nancy K. Henderlite ❡
Mr. Al C. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Basil W. Henderson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Henderson
Mrs. Harriet S. Henderson ❖
Dr. and Mrs. Worth W. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hendrick
Mrs. Lorraine Mckenna-Hendricks and
Mr. David M. Hendricks ❦
Charlie R. Hendrickson
Mr. Charles T. Hendrix ❖❡❦✤
Ms. Charlotte A. Hennessey
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Hennessey ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hennessy ❦
Ms. Veda Elaine Ward and
Mr. David Peter Henninger ❦
Ernest H. Henninger
Mr. Herbert W. Hennings ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henrich
Mr. Jerome F. Henry, Jr.
Ms. Charlsa Anne Hensley
Dr. and Mrs. E. Dean Hensley
Mrs. Joyce W. Hensley
Paul H. Hensley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hensley ❦
Jan B. and Karen Kemper Henson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin R. Henze ❡
Ms. M. Julia McKenzie and
Mr. J. William Hepler
Ms. Sigrid Hepp-Dax ❦
Ms. Claudette Herceg
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Herdeman ❡
Ms. Judith Herman
Mr. Nicholas Herman
Mr. J. William Hernandez ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Billy R. Heron ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Alan Herr ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Herr ❡❦
Ms. Pamela Neubacher and
Mr. Richard Herrema
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Herrick
Mr. Stanley R. Herrlinger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Herrmann
Mr. Paul Herther ❡
Mr. David Hertzberg ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hertzog
Mr. John M. Herzog
Mr. D. Glenn Hess
Mrs. Karen H. Hester ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hester ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hester
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Heston ❡❦
Ms. Eleanor D. Acheson and Chief Judge Rev. Emily Clark Hewitt ❡
Mrs. Margaret W. Heyn ❖
Ms. Barbara K. Shepp and
Mr. Jonathan P. Hiatt ❦
Maurice B. Hibbard ❡
Ms. Analine S. Hicks
Jack Hicks ❡
Ms. Patricia J. Hicks ❡
Mr. Shirley Gene Hicks
Ms. Judith T. Hickson ❡
Mrs. Martha H. Hiebel ❡
Ms. Anne H. Hiemstra ❦
Ms. Dawn Higgins
Mr. Thomas W. Higgins
Mr. Terry V. T. Hight
Ms. Carolee F. Hildenbrandt
Aimee Hill ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Hill ❡❦
Mr. Jesse W. Hill
Ms. Laura A. Hill ❦
Mr. Logan M. Hill ❦
Mrs. Lynda Ryan Hill ❡
Mr. Robert C. Hill
Ronnie Hill
Chong Lee Hill-Ellis ❖
Mr. Robert S. Hillenbrand
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Hillier ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hillis ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hillman
Samuel D. Hillmon ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Warren F. Hillyard
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Hilton
Debra S. Hilton ❡❦
Ms. Marva Hilton
Ms. Marylyn M. Hilton ❡
Mrs. G. T. Him ❡
Dr. Makram A. Himaya
Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Hinckley ❦✤
Amy Hincks ❖❡❦
Mr. C. Douglas Hindman ✤
Mrs. Jane Monnette Hinds ❖
Ms. Sharon L. Hiner ❡❦
Ms. Frances M. Hines
Mrs. Mary R. Hines
Ms. Mary Hines
Ms. Susan W. Hinkle
Mr. and Mrs. DuWayne R. Hintz
Mr. Akio P. Hirano
Mr. John B. Hirsch ❡
Ms. Elisabeth M. Hirsh
Rev. and Mrs. Roy E. Hiser, Jr.
Ms. Mary Ruth Green and
Mr. Don E. Hissam ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hixson, Jr.
Mr. Lawrence Hjorth
Mrs. Joyce P. Hobbs ❦
Mrs. Linda D. Hobbs
Ms. Margaret J. Hobbs
Dr. and Mrs. H. Richard Hobe ❡❦

Ms. M. Sebina Hobson
Mr. William H. Hobson
Ms. Alice P. Hochman
Ms. Trudy K. Hochradel
Ms. Edye Lou Hock
Ms. Carol I. Hockett
Miss Phyllis A. Hockman
Ms. Elisabeth M. Dykens and Mr. Robert M. Hodapp ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. E. Beaumont Hodge, Jr.
Ms. Linda M. Hodge
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Hodge
Ms. Sharen M. Hodges
Dr. Michael Hodgman
Dr. Jonathan D. Hofer
Mrs. Rackeline J. Hoff ❡
Ms. Florette B. Hoffheimer ❡
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hoffman
Ms. Dava Z. Hoffman ❡
Ms. Gaye A. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Hoffman
Ms. Janis M. Hoffman ❡
Mr. Jeffrey L. Hoffman ❡❦
Mr. John J. Hoffman ❡❦
Ms. Kathryn J. Hoffman
Ms. Lucienne E. Hoffman ❦
Dr. Megan M. and
Mr. Charles F. Hoffman ❖❡
Mr. Michael Hoffman
Mr. Rudolph Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hoffman
Mr. Robert G. Hoffmeister ❦
Ms. Janet M. Corpus and
Mr. John Hoffmeyer ❡❦
Ms. Arlene Rae Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Hogstorm
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hogue ❦
Mrs. Virginia M. Hohenstein ❖
Ms. Luretta J. Holanda ❡
Faye Holbrook
Shannon Marie Holbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Holdener ❡❦
Ms. Carla E. Holder ❖
Mr. Earold Ashbourne Holder
Ms. Roberta J. Holder
Ms. Andrea Holladay
Mrs. Penelope B. Holladay ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Holland, Jr.
Ms. Shoshana S. Holland
Ms. Venetia Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Hollander ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L. Hollander
Mr. James O. Hollimon
Mr. Thomas Hollingshead
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hollister
Kathryn L. Hollitt ❡❦
Mr. Eugene Hollman ❦
Mr. John J. Hollohan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Holloman
Ms. Mary A. Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Holmes ❡
Ms. M. Frances Holmes ❦
Ms. Marianne Holmes ❡
Paul R. Holmes ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Holton
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Holtz
Mr. and Mrs. Harris S. Holzberg
Mr. Roger J. Holzman
Mr. John E. Homer ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Homer ❡❦
Reba Honeycutt ❖✤
Dr. Alice S. Honig ❡
Mr. L. Chad Hood ❡
Ms. Lynn C. Hoogenboom
Ms. Odessa W. Hooker ❡
Mr. Jeffrey H. Hooper
Mr. Mark T. Hooper ❡
Ms. Helen M. Hoover ❖
Ms. Linda S. Hoover ❡❦
Mrs. Sally R. Hoover ❡❦
Mr. James E. Hopkins
Ms. Roberta R. Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hopson
Ms. Patricia H. Horan ❡
Mr. Jeff Horen ❡
Donald N. and Mary Ann Horenstein ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. Irving B. Horn, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen L. Hornberger
Mr. and Mrs. Terrell E. Horne
Ms. Carol Horner
Mrs. Lynn M. Hornsby ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Horrell
Ms. H. Mathilda Horst
Mr. Alfred G. Hortmann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Horvay
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz
Mrs. Norma M. Horvitz ❡❦✤
Mrs. Leah Horwitz ❦
Mr. Phillip Horwitz ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Horwitz ❡
Mr. Martin Horzempa
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Hosea, Jr. ❖
Ms. Anne K. Hoskins
Drs. William and Iffath A. Hoskins ❡❦
Mrs. Teresa G. Hosler ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John Hotchkiss
Ms. Maxine W. Houck ❡❦
Ms. Susan E. Houde ❦
Ms. Christina M. Houghtaling
Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Houle
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond House
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. House ❦
Ms. Roberta A. Houston ❦
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hovan ❡
Ms. Beverly Hovmand
Dr. Daniel J. Hovorka
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Howard
Ms. Christi Howard
Mr. Douglas Howard
Emily V. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Fern Howard ❡❦
Mr. Stephen Matthew Howard
Mr. Hubert Howe, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Howe
Mr. John B. Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Howe
Mr. and Mrs. James Howell ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Howell
Mrs. Janice L. Howie ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Howlett
Mr. Mendelssohn Hoxie
Mrs. Zelpha B. Hoyer ❡
Mrs. Vesta A. Hrnciar ❖
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hubbard
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Hubbard ❡
Ms. Sallie C. Hubbard
Ms. Susan J. Hubbard ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Hubbard
Ms. Wiltrud Hubbard
Mr. and Mrs. Thoams W. Hubbuch
Dr. and Mrs. Albert L. Huber ❡
Mr. James W. Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Merlin R. Huckemeyer
Drs. Peggy M. and
William Huddleston ❖❡❦
Ms. Carole I. Hudgings ❦
Mr. Gerald T. Hudson ❡
Ms. Heather Hudson
Mr. Lincoln Hudson
Mr. Patrick L. Hudson
Dr. Phyllis Huff ❖
Mrs. Ann Huffman
Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Huffman
Mr. Kurt Huffnagle ❡
Mrs. Alice M. Hughes ❖
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hughes ❦
Mr. Malcolm Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Hughes ❦
Ms. Cecily Cahill and
Ms. Virginia Hughes ❦
Mr. Mark A. Huguely
Mr. Alfred Huisenga
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hulick
Mrs. Weldon Hull
Mr. Jeff Humberson
Ms. Karen C. Humbert
Mrs. Dolores W. Humphrey ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Humphreys
Ms. Elenore M. Humphries
Ms. Deborah A. Hunsberger
Mrs. Caroline Lewis Hunt ❦✤
Ms. Fern E. Hunt
Ms. Patricia L. Hunt
Rev. and Mrs. Ramon E. Hunt ❡
Mr. Roy H. Hunt
Ms. Sallie S. Hunt ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Sammie L. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hunter
Mr. Robert L. Huntington
Mr. James G. Huntting, Jr. ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Hupf ❡
Ms. Cynthia Hurd
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hurd
Ms. Paula J. Hurd
Mr. John T. Hurley
Mrs. Rosalyn R. Hurley ❦
Ms. Jane D. Hursey
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Hurst ❦
Dr. Patricia A. Mayer and Dr. Paul G. Hurst ❦
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Hurtado
Amanda J. Husband ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Huse
Ms. Esther L. Huston

Dr. Thomas S. Hutsell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hutson
Ms. Mary Denmark Hutcherson
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Hutcheson
Mr. and Mrs. Lex C. Hutcheson
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hutchinson
Ms. Morgan Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Hutchison ❡
Reda Hutton ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Hutzell ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Huxtable
Joni W. Hyder ❡❦✤
Mr. Virgil Hyder ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Hylton ❖❡❦✤

Last names I-L

Mr. Diego Ibarguen
Ms. Jacqueline Ikeda
Dr. Martha S. Iley
Mrs. Ina Imbrey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Imel
Dr. Robert Louis Ingberg ❡
Mr. David C. Inge ❦
Peter and Kerry Ingold
Ms. Gloria A. Filippelli Ingram
Mrs. Virginia Innocenti
Ms. Joan Insana
Mr. David Ireland
Rev. Hans J. R. and Dr. Linda G. P. Irmer
Ms. Eleanor M. Irons
Mr. Robert A. Irvin
Ms. Judy Olds and Mr. Steven M. Isaac ❦
Mr. Sari Isaacson ❡
Mrs. Carol B. Isaak
Mr. Jerold W. Isensee
Mrs. Patricia K. Isenstein ❡
Ms. Kumiko Ishida
Thelma Ison ❡
Mr. Rob Roy Ives
Mr. Richard J. Jabour ❡
Howard and Mary Jack
Mr. Earl Jacklin
Mr. George Jackman
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Jackson
Ms. Carol S. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Jackson ❡
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Jackson
Gary R. Jackson ❦
Howard P. Jackson ❖
Mr. J. L. Jackson, Jr. ✤
Mrs. Jacqueline B. Jackson, Ph.D.
Mrs. Janet I. Jackson ❡❦
Ms. Janie Jackson ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jackson
Mr. Richard L. Jacobi
Mr. George H. Jacobs ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Jacobs, III
Rev. Philip C. Jacobs
Mr. Robert E. Jacobs ❖
Ms. Marget H. Jacobus
Ms. Patricia Jaconette ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Neal M. Jacques
Dr. Germaine Jacquette
Mr. John M. Jacus ❡❦
Drs. Matthew and Carrie Jadud ❡❦
Ms. Lynda J. Jaeger
Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Jaggard ❦
Mr. Charles J. Jahne
Ms. Patricia L. Jahnke ❦
Ms. Tamara Jamerson
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew B. James
Ms. Deborah J. G. James
Dr. Jennifer James
Mr. Jim James
Mrs. Mollie K. James ❡
Morgan James
Mr. and Mrs. Newton E. James ❖
Ms. Ruth James
Dr. William J. James ❡❦
Mr. George Jamieson ❖
Mr. Larry Jamieson
Mr. Alan R. Jampol
Mr. Ernest Lee Janes, Jr. ❡
Mr. Joseph Janick ❦
Mr. Charles L. Janis, Jr.
Ms. Sneha Dhekane and
Mr. Manish Janorkar
Ms. Linda Janosko
Ms. Hildegard K. Janssen

Ms. Karyn Janssen
Michelle and Wade Janssen ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Uwe B. Janssen
Dr. and Mrs. David Japikse ❡❦✤
Ms. Marguerite E. Jarchow
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Jarf
Mr. and Mrs. Jarsocrak
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jarvis ❡
Ms. Virginia E. Jarvis
Olimatou Jatta
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Jay ❡❦✤
Ms. Linda Jebavy ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William Christopher Jeffers ❡
Ms. Sue C. Jefferson
Ms. Barbara Jenkins ❡
Ms. Katherine E. Jenkins ❡
Ms. Marguerite Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Neale R. Jenkins
CSM Samuel E. Jenkins, USA Retired
Ms. Sarah Y. Jenkins ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Jenkins ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Jenkins ❡❦
Ms. Beverly J. Jennings
Emily Jennings ❡
Phyllis Jennings
Mr. Gilbert W. Jensen
Dean E. Jenson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jepson, Jr. ✤
Mrs. Carol A. Jeschke
Mr. Ferman R. Jespersen ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jester
Ms. Jenny L. Jeter
Mr. Cecil M. Jividen
Gale and Mark Eric Johansen
Mr. Booker T. Johnikin
Ms. Andrea Johns ❡❦
Ms. Carla Waal Johns
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnsen
Prof. Abiodun O. Johnson
Dr. Alan H. Johnson
Mrs. Anita T. Johnson ✤
Mrs. Anna Belle Johnson
Ms. Anne C. Johnson
Mrs. Babette K. Johnson ❖
Ms. Barbara M. Johnson
Mrs. Carol B. Johnson ❡
Carole M. Johnson
Chad G. Johnson
Charles Johnson, Jr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Johnson
Ms. Charlotte E. Johnson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Clark M. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Johnson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Johnson
Mr. Daniel P. Johnson ❡
Mr. Danny Gene Johnson ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Johnson ❡
Ms. Elvera Johnson
Mr. Frank D. Johnson
Dr. Harold R. Johnson
Ms. Hollis Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Johnson, Jr. ❡
Mr. James Frederick Johnson
Ms. Karin M. Johnson ❡
Lee E. Johnson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson ❦
Mr. Matthew Johnson
Mr. Matthew A. Johnson ❖❦
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wayne Johnson
Mrs. Ruth Anne Johnson
Ms. Ruth M. Johnson
Mrs. Sharon Rose Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn C. D. Johnson ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Shelton C. Johnson ❦
Rev. and Mrs. Shephard S. Johnson ❡
Mr. Stanley C. Johnson ❖❡
Mr. Stephen P. Johnson ❡
Mr. Steven Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Johnson, III
Mr. William R. Johnson
Nannie E. Johnson-Morgan ❡❦
Ms. Ann R. Johnston
Ms. Anne Johnston ❡
Mrs. Caroline F. Johnston ❡
Mr. David L. Johnston ❡
Mr. James M. Johnston
Ms. Jane Johnston
Ms. Jean P. Johnston
Janet H. Johnstone ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Seth K. Jolly
Mr. Amos N. Jones
Amy Jones ❦
Ms. Anne C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett H. Jones, Jr. ❡
Ms. Brownwen Jones ❦
Dr. Caroline E. Jones
David Jones ❡
David K. Jones, PsyD
Mr. David A. Jones ✤
Dr. Elizabeth Charlotte Jones
J. E. Jones, Jr. ❦
Dr. Jasmine L. Jones
Mr. Jeffrey P. Jones ❦
Ms. Jennifer Jones ❦
Mr. and Mrs. John Charles Jones
Mr. John F. Jones ❡
Ms. Judith M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jones
La Verne Hawkins Jones
Drs. Libby and Edward R. Jones
Mrs. Marilyn M. Jones ❡❦
Ms. Mary Alice Jones
Mr. Michael D. Jones ❡
Ottie V. Jones ❡❦
Ms. Patricia G. Jones ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Porter Jones ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Jones ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Jones
Mr. Ronald Jones and
Ms. Theresa Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jones ❖
Fr. W. Paul Jones
Mr. Welton A. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis Jones
Mr. Willis E. Jones
Ms. Patricia L. Jones-Parker
Mrs. Jayne Jones-Sellers ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Jonsson ❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Jordan
Mr. James P. Jordan
Kay Jordan ❖❡
Mrs. Penelope A. Jordan
Mr. Scotty B. Jordan
Ms. Era Jordon
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jorgensen
Ms. Cynthia Jose ❡
Mr. H. Wilkes Joy ❖
Ms. Lillian A. Joyce
Mr. Kwadwo Juantuah ❦
Janet H. Judd ❦✤
Mr. Leonard M. Judickas
Drs. Rachel and Bruce A. Julian ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jungas ❖
Ms. Esther Jurchen
Mr. John Jurewicz
Mr. James J. Justice
Mr. Mace C. Justice ❡
Mrs. Martha Justice ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Kabat
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kabat-Zinn
Rev. Michael G. Kaehr ❖
Mr. Gil Kaelin
Ms. Jeanne M. Kagey
Mr. Robert Kahan
Ms. Martha J. Kahle
Mr. Michael Kahle ❦
Ms. Katherine Simon Frank and
Mr. Richard Y. Kain ❡
Mr. John E. Kaiser, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. Reginald M. Kaiser
Ms. Sheri A. Kalbfleisch, M.D.
Mr. Steven Kalka ❡
Ms. Vivian M. Kallen
Mr. Joe R. Kallus
Mr. Albert Kalter
Mr. Terry Kamstra
Mr. Kenneth Kanagaki
Ms. Nancy A. Kane ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Art Kanna
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kantowitz ❖
Ms. Arlene J. Kaplan
Ms. Lucille Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Kaplan
Mr. Kennard Kapstafer
Adrienne Karamichalis
Dr. Karla Hurst Karash and
Mr. Richard I. Karash ❦
Ms. Hedy Karbiner
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Karcher ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Parvez Karim
Ms. Paige Wilder and
Mr. Rolf Karlstrom
Mr. George Karnoutsos ❦
Mr. Roger J. Karny ❡
Stephen B. Kass ❦
Mr. Arthur L. Kassan ❡
Mr. John L. Kater
Rev. and Mrs. John C. Katonah ❦
Mr. Michael Katurbus
Mr. Jonathan Katz
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Kauder, Jr.
Ms. Kathy A. Kaufman ❡
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kaufman
Mr. Ben C. Kaufmann
Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Kaupp
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kautz ❖❦
Drs. Gregory Louis Kay and
Susan Barcus Kay ❦✤
Ms. Janet A. Kay
Ms. Ellen Kaye
Ms. Winona Kaye
Ms. Cynthia Kayer
Mrs. Leslie A. Kaylor
Ms. Doris B. Kaynor
Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Kayser ❡
Ms. Martha Kazura
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Keane ❡
Ms. Georgia F. Kearney ❖❡❦✤
Mrs. Lorraine Keating
Rev. Donald C. Keck
Ms. Mary Ann Keck ❡
Mr. Douglas R. Keegan ❦
Carolyn Keelen
Mrs. Nancy S. Keeler
Mr. Raymond C. Keeling ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Keenan
Cdr. and Mrs. Michael F. Keenan ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Keene ❡❦
Miss Brenda E. Keener ❡
Rev. and Mrs. Joseph D. Keesecker
Mrs. Ruth Kegerreis
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Kehler
Ms. Doris Kehoe
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kehr
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm W. Keiller
Mr. Robert B. Keiser ❡
Mrs. Barbara Keish
Ms. Jeanne C. Keith
Ms. Janet E. Kellam
Mrs. Ruth V. Kellam
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kellenberger ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Keller
Mr. Elgin Keller, Jr.
Mrs. Min E. Keller
Paul M. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Keller, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. David E. Kelley
Mrs. Dorothy W. Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Kelley ❡
Mrs. Jane S. Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kelley
Mr. Norman A. Kelley ❡
Ms. Camille Tischler and Mr. William Kellner
Ms. Susan Kellogg ❖
Ms. Florence L. Kelly
Ms. Patricia Ann Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kelly
Ms. Diane M. Kelsey
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kelzer
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Kemp
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Kemper
Mr. Bruce J. Kempf ❡❦
Ms. Linda S. Kemple ❡
Ms. Joan M. Kendall
Mr. Patrick V. Kendall ❖
M. F. Kendrick
Mr. Gerald D. Kenjorski
Ms. Catherine A. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Kennedy ❡
Ms. Dorothy B. Kennedy ❡
Mr. Gordon D. Kennedy
Mrs. Kathleen D. Kennedy
Ms. Kola M. Kennedy
Ms. Minnie Kennedy
Ms. Dorothy Kenney
Ms. Eileen F. Kenney
Ms. Patricia A. D. Kennington
Dr. Monica Kennison ❡
Ms. Nancy L. Kenworthy
Ms. Patricia Kenyon
Mr. Brian P. Keogh
Ms. Margaret L. Keon ✤
Mr. Roy C. Kepferle ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Kerbel
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Kern ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kern ❡
Dr. Jeffrey K. Kerner
Mr. Rolstan D. Kerr
Ms. Ruth Slenczynska Kerr
Ms. Ruth Z. Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kerrick
Ms. Jessica Kessinger
Ms. Linda Kessinger ❦
Mrs. Bernice M. Keutzer
Mr. M. Greg Key
Ms. Joyce A. Keys
Ms. Jane Khaiyer
Ms. Habiba Khalilzadeh
Drs. Sukhdev Hari and Santosh Khurma
Rev. and Mrs. Paul D. Kidd ❡❦
Mrs. Velma E. Kidd ❖
Brenda Kidd-Gaydos
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kiefer ❡
Mr. Richard Kiegler
Ms. Jacqueline M. Kienzle ❖❡❦
Mr. Douglas Kiessling
Ms. Alice Cao and Mr. Nam Kieu
Mr. James Kiewel
Mrs. Suzanne Kifer
Mr. John R. Kight, Jr. ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Kilbourne
Ms. Carol J. Kilby
Ms. Jan Kiley ❡
Mr. Desmond B. Kilkeary
Mr. George J. Kilmer ❡
Rev. and Mrs. Andrew M. Kilpatrick, Jr. ❡
Ms. Audrey M. Kilrain
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Kimball
Ms. Elizabeth C. Swan and
Mr. Jonathan S. Kimmel ❡
Rev. and Mrs. George B. Kimsey ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kincaid

Mrs. Amy Fowler Kinch
Mrs. Anita Kathleen King
Ms. Beverly King ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee King
Ms. Dominique King ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. King
Dr. Horace Brown King
Ms. Jane E. King
Ms. Janet King
Mr. John King
Mr. John King
Dr. and Mrs. John D. King
Juanita Faye King
Mr. Robert King
Walter A. King ❦
Ms. Kathryn Ma and
Mr. Sanford Kingsley ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Wendell R. Kingsolver
Mr. Alan G. Kinstler
Ms. Sarah A. Kinter
Mr. Zach Kirchberg
Ms. Lorinda Kirk
Mary Jo Kirk ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Kirk
Mrs. Elizabeth E. W. Kirk-Anderson
Mr. James C. Kirkpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roger Kirkpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kirkpatrick ❡❦
Ms. Karin Zachow and
Mr. James Kirwan ❦
Mr. and Mrs. C. Cleveland Kiser
Mrs. Debbie Q. Kiser ✤
Mark P. and Deborah E. Kisker
Mrs. Sandra Jean Kissel ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Kittinger
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Klajbor
Mr. John W. Klawiter ❡
Dr. Nancy E. Kleckner
Capt. Carl R. Klee
Ms. Marlyn McGary Klee, Ph.D.
Dr. Robert E. Kleiger ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Klein ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Klein
Mr. T. W. Klein
Ms. Wilma Klein ❡
Ms. Emily R. Klenin ❖❦
Lalah P. Kline ❡❦
Dr. Paul A. Klinger
Mr. W. Scott Klinger
Mr. Joseph C. Klink
Mr. Tom Kluender
Dr. William M. Klykylo
Mr. Michael Knapp
Mr. Paul E. Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Knaut ❡
Ms. Kim M. Knebel
Mrs. Joan Kney
Mr. and Mrs. Al Knickerbocker
Dr. and Mrs. Joe W. Knickmeyer
Ms. Lucille Knight
Mr. Neal William Knight, Jr.
Ms. Rachel Knight ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Karl Knobler
Ms. Julie Knop
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Knopp
Mrs. Naomi J. Knorr
Mrs. Joyce P. Knox ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Maskins H. Knox
Ms. Bernadette M. Knudsen
Mrs. Waltraud E. Knudsen
Dr. Jane R. Knudson ❖
Ms. Barbara E. Koch
Ms. Eunice Manning Koch
Ms. Leona Feldhausen and Mr. Klaus Koch
Mr. Russell W. Koch ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Kocher
Mr. Harold H. Kodikian
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Koegel ❡❦
Ms. Charlotte J. Koehler
Mr. Ernest G. Koehler
Ms. Judith A. Koelmel
Mr. and Mrs. Darius M. Koenig
Mr. Douglas Koenig
Mary A. Koerner ❡
Mr. Mark Ira Koester ❡
Mr. Clarence J. Kofron
Mr. Ken Koh ✤
Charlotte C. Kohanek
Dr. Jane A. McLamarrah
and Mr. Michael F. Kohl ❡✤
Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Kohn ❡
Mr. Robert E. Kohnen
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Kok
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron H. Kolb
Ms. Doris E. Kolb ❖
Ms. Mary S. Kolbe
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Kolodziejczyk
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Konkol
Mr. John W. Kopff
Ms. Gloria B. Kopke
Mrs. Rita R. Kopp
Ms. Luisa Padilla-Korber and
Mr. Michael Korber
Mrs. Betty Ann Korbus ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant E. Korn ❡
Ms. Maurine E. Kornfeld
Mr. George J. Korschen
Ms. Heather Korsvik ❡❦
Ms. Linda Koslick
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Koster
Ms. Linda A. Kotowicz ❡
Mr. William Kovacs, II
Ms. Patricia M. Kovar
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kowalski ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kowalsky ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Kramer
Mrs. Roger D. Kramer ❖
Ms. Dolores Krapp
Ms. Beverly Ann Krassner-Bulas
Mr. and Mrs. David Jon Kraus ❦
Ms. Lynn F. Parkerson and
Mr. Emil Allen Kraus ❦✤
Ms. Ingrid Kraus ❡
Mrs. Marjorie J. Kraus ❖
Ms. Margaret M. Krause
Mr. Fritz Kreiss
Mr. Joseph Richard Krenicky
Ms. Barbara W. Kreuter
Nicole Marie Krewson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Kreyl
Ms. Vivian A. Look and Mr. Scott Krieger ❡
Ms. Kay Kristapovich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Kroeckel
Mr. Charles H. Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Krueger ❡
T. Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. George Kruer
Ms. Elizabeth Potter Kruesi
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Kruger
Mr. Michael J. Kruk ❡❦
Dr. Jan Krupp ❦
Mr. A. J. Krupski, Jr.
Mr. Robert W. Kruszyna
Ms. Susan M. Kryczka
Dr. Robert C. Kryter ❖
Mr. William J. Kubat
Ms. Alyce Howarth and
Mr. Paul Kubicek ❡
Ms. Yuriko Kubota
Mr. Walter A. Kuciej ❡❦
Ms. Sigrun M. Kuefner
Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Kuester ❦
Mr. Gilbert Kuett
Ms. Linda L. Kuhlmann
Dr. and Mrs. Forrest S. Kuhn ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kukachka ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kukura
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Kumpe ❖❡❦✤
Mr. Donald A. Kumpula, Jr. ❡
Mr. Thomas J. Kuna-Jacob
Ms. Mary Elyn Bahlert and
Mr. Jeff K. Kunkel
Mr. Jack Kupferman
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kurbiel
Mrs. Bari Ramoy and
Mr. Armand M. Kuris ❡
Mr. Thomas H. Kurkjian
William Kurtz ❡❦
Mr. Dale Kuykendall
Robert P. Kuykendall
Mr. Phil Kvasnica ❡
Ms. Nancy B. Kweik
Mr. Daniel V. Kyle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kyte ❡❦
Ms. Jacqueline L. La Fave-Perkins
Ms. Dianna La Raia
Dr. Sandra T. Laas ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Laatsch ❡
Ms. Modenna Lynn Labaugh ❡
Ms. Beth LaBelle ❦
Mr. Greg LaCava
Ms. Phyllis I. Lackey
Mr. David Lacross
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Lacouture
Mr. Chester K. Lacy
Diana G. Lacy ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Laemmlen
Mrs. Hannah E. Lafler
Mr. Tony Lagrega
Mrs. Iman Lahamer
Ms. Patricia Laibstain
Ms. Kathryn Laiks
Mrs. Rebecca R. Laine
Virginia L. Lainhart ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Ray Lakes
Dr. Donald H. Lakin ❡❦✤
Ms. Subramaniam Lakshmi
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph F. Lalak
Ms. Karmen Lallave
Elizabeth F. Lamb
Ms. Gemma Lamb ❡
Ms. Caren Sue Lambert ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Ray F. Lambert
Ms. Sammie Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Lambertson
Mr. Gerald T. Lambeth
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lammers ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson R. Lampert ❦
Mr. Dale Lamphier ❡❦
Ms. Claire G. Lampson ❡❦
Ms. Nancy Lampton ❡❦✤
Ms. Nancy K. Lamson
Mr. Michael K. Lamvik ❦
Mr. Herman B. Lancaster
Mr. Guy Paul Land ❡
James M. Landefeld ❡
Mr. Barney M. Landry ❡
Mrs. Kathryn Landry
Rabbi and Mrs. Alfred B. Landsberg
Ms. Gail N. Landzettel
Ms. Mary Jane Lane ❡
Ms. Cynthia Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Lang
Mr. Robert Lang
Ms. Jessica Lange ❦✤
Mr. Julian Langer ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Langley
Mrs. Eunice K. Langner
Mrs. Rose Marie Langrock ❖
Ms. Nancy Langsan ❦
Mr. Marlin Languis
Dr. John L. Lanham ❡
Ms. Debra Bergoffen and
Mr. Robert B. Lanman ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Lannert
Ms. V. Rebecca Lano
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Lappen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Laput
Mr. Armand E. Laramee
Dr. James Andre Laramee ❖
Mr. Wilfred R. LaRose
Brenda Todd Larsen and
Charles Larsen, III ❡❦✤
Ms. Hallie Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Larsen ❡
Mr. Michael A. Larsen ❡
Mr. Rolf E. Larsen
Mr. Donald R. Larson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John E. LaRue ❡❦
Ms. Doris B. Lash
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery T. Laske ❡❦
Mr. James P. Laskin ❦
Dr. Carol L. Lassen
Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Lassiter, Jr.
Mr. Edward P. Lathrope ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Laubach
Ms. Heidi D. Lauff ❡
Mr. John Lauren
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Laursen
Mr. and Mrs. James Laux
Mr. Julian Lauzzana ❦
Ms. Mary Sweetland Laver
Ms. Diann B. Law
Ms. Suzanne Law
Ron Lawler and Peggy Merritt ❡❦
Ms. Elizabeth Lawless
Herman F. Lawless
Mrs. Anne I. Lawrence ❡
Mrs. Dee Macleod Lawrence
and Mr. Richard H. Lawrence, Jr. ❡❦✤
Ms. Meredyth R. Lawson
Mrs. Myrtle Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Noel G. Lawson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Lawson ❡
Ms. Judy H. Lay
Ms. Sybil K. Lay
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Layne
Lois E. Layne ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Layne
Mr. Jeremy M. Lazarus ❡
Mrs. Leslie M. Lazzerin ❖
Ms. Jo Ann Leach ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Neil K. Leach ❡
Mr. Ramon Leach
Ms. Nydia Leaf
Mr. Thomas E. Leahey ❡
Ms. Jennie K. Leavell ❖
Ms. Louise Leavitt
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel A. Lebron
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ledbetter
Nancy G. Parrott and G.M. Ledford
Robert E. Ledford, Jr. ❡
Ms. Diana F. Ledonne
Barbara R. Lee ❡
Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Lee
Dr. Nicole Snyder Lee and
Mr. Christopher Patrick Lee
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Lee
Mr. Howard E. Lee ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Lee ❡
Mr. Jyehsu Brian Lee
Kay L. Lee
Ms. Margaret A. Lee
Dr. Maurice DuPont Lee, Jr. ❡
Ms. Nancy D. Lee
Mrs. Paula H. Lee ❖
Ms. Virginia D. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Leech ❦
Ms. Robin S. Leenhouts
Ms. Mavourneen Leeper ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Leffelman ❡
Mr. Donald J. Leffler ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Leger
Ms. Nancy T. Leginski
Mrs. Carmela Legnini ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lehman
Mr. Joey Lehrman
Mr. Elihu I. Leifer
Ms. Joan Leinbach
Mr. John Leinenweber ❖
Mr. Gordon A. Leiter
Mrs. Constance M. Leitheiser
Ms. Ramona N. Leitner
Ms. Irene Lejman ❖✤
Mr. Carl A. Lekan ❡
Ms. Stephanie Leland
Richard L. Lemke ❦
Mr. Robert J. Lemmer
Mr. John E. Lenihan
Mr. and Mrs. Lanis L. Lenker ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. K. Lentz
Mr. Robert G. Lenz ❡
Ms. Jane J. Hirt and Mr. Michael Lenzi
Mr. Robert Leon
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Leonard ❦
Ms. Jennifer J. Leonard
Ms. Marjorie M. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Leonard
Mr. Eric Way Leong
Mr. Charles Whitfield Leopold ❦
Mr. Joseph Lepak
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Lepesqueur ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lerner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. LeRoy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Leroy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Lerwick ❦
Mrs. Joanne Freund Lesher
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Leslie ❖
Ms. Constance M. Lesold
Mr. Roy F. Lessing ❖
Alfreda Lester
Ms. Judy Grant and Mr. David T. Lester ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Lester
Patricia P. Lester ❖❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Letourneau, Ph.D ❡
Ms. Mei-Ling Leung ❡
Ms. K. E. Leuschner ❖
Mr. Gordon Levack ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Leverenzzi
Ms. Darcy Marshall and Mr. David Levin
Ms. Pamela K. Levin
Ms. Aida Laleian and Mr. Steven P. Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Levinrad
Mr. and Mrs. John I. Levitt, M.D.
Mr. Charles Levy
Mr. Arthur Lewis
Ms. Marcia Greenberg and
Mr. David B. Lewis ❡
Georgina Lewis ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lewis
Ms. Ruth Abramson and Mr. Jim Lewis ❦
Ms. Lisa Lewis
Dr. Richard C. Lewis
Mr. Ronald L. Lewis ❡❦
Mrs. Jeralyn P. Lewitz ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Libbe ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Liberis ❖
Ms. Nina Libeskind
Dr. Sheldon Lichtblau ❡
Mr. Roy E. Licklider ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Liddle ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur R. Liebenow ❡❦
Ms. Phoebe S. Liebig ❡
Mr. Charles Liebman ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lieboff ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Lien
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Liepold
Mrs. Barbara Hillerman Lieske
Mr. Donald A. Lieu
Mr. Daniel A. Liftman
Ms. Julia L. Light
Ms. Frances Lightsom
Mr. Joseph Lile ❡❦
Mr. Benjamin G. Liles, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Liljeholm ❡
Ms. Carol E. Jenkins and
Mr. Douglas R. Lillesve
Ms. Averia Lilley
Peter B. Lilly ❦
Mr. Thomas I. Lilly
Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo L. Lim
Ms. Nancy Lin ❦
Mr. Gregory Lincoln
Ms. Mary C. Lincoln ❖
Mr. Paul Lincolnhol
Mr. Gerald F. Linderman
Mr. Robert H. Lindquist
Ms. Susan J. Lindquist
Mr. Allan J. Lindrup
Mr. Arturo Lindsay
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lindsay ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lindsay ❦
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Linduska ❡
Rev. Dr. Jan G. Linn and Rev. Joy J. Linn ❡❦
Donald E. C. Linnartz ❡
Ms. Jacki Price-Linnartz and
Mr. Isaac Linnartz ❦
Ms. Mabel June Linton ❡❦
Mr. David Lionel
Ms. Kristin Beck and Mr. Andy Liotta
Ms. Wai Yee Tong and Mr. Benjamin H. Liou
Z. L. Lipchinsky
Dr. Jonathan Lipow
Mr. Andrew Lippman ❖❡❦

Steven and Judy Lippmann
Mr. John G. Lipsett ❡
Mrs. Selena Lisnebee ❦
Ms. Mary K. Liss ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lissitz
Mr. Thomas E. List ❡
Mr. Roy Litland ❦
Newt D. H. Litteral
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil S. Little
Ms. Edna A. Little
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Little
Mr. John Littlefield
Dr. Elaine M. Litton
Mr. and Mrs. Kuen-San Liu
Mr. Abe I. Livchitz ❡
Ms. Esther Livingston ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Livingstone
Dr. Katharine W. Lloyd
Ms. Mary Ellen Lloyd
Ms. Rosemary K. Lloyd
Cecilia Wen-Ya Lo ❦
Ms. Nancy C. Lo
Ms. Nancy F. Lob
Mr. Ronald G. Lobach
Mr. and Mrs. James M. LoBue
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Lock
Ms. Virginia Locke
Currie Lockett ❡❦
Mr. James Lockhart
Mr. and Mrs. Zane D. Lockhart, Jr.
Miss Chess Locklear
Mr. and Mrs. Felix J. Lockman ❡❦
Dr. Judith H. Cassetty and
Dr. Alan L. Lockwood ❖❦
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Lodder ❡
Mr. Joseph Lodesky
Mr. Philip A. Lodge
Mr. Richard Allen Logan
Ms. Sharon Logan ❡
Mr. Willis H. Logan
Ms. Deborah A. Logerquist ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Roger Logsdon
Mr. Max Lohn
Ms. Paula R. Lollis
Dr. N. John Lombardi
Mr. Jeffrey C. Londa ❦
Ms. Nancy Londgren ❖
Ms. Maureen K. Lonergan ❡
Mr. Patrick Lonergan
Mr. Douglas A. Long
Mr. J. E. Long ❡
Mr. Jacob H. Long, Jr. ❖
Rev. Jerry W. Long
Dr. and Mrs. Randolph L. Long ❦
Robert E. Long ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Long
Mr. Robert G. Long
Mr. William Long
Mrs. Suzanne A. Longbrake ❡
Lina Loo
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Loos ❦
Dr. Hector H. Lopez, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Russell H. Lord ❡❦
Mrs. Sondra C. Lord ❦
Ms. Diana L. Lorenz ❡
Ms. Joan E. Loring ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Louden ❦
Mr. Bruce A. Loughran ❦
Ms. Dorothy Louise
Miss Ann Lousin ❡❦
Ms. Yvonne Louviere
Mr. James Lovejoy
Ms. Ruth E. Lovelace
Mr. Donald G. Loving ❡
DeWana Swords Lowe
Donald L. Lowe
Dr. Eugene Y. Lowe, Jr. and
Rev. Jane P. Henderson ❡❦
Mr. John G. Lowe, Jr. ❡
Mr. Philip N. Lowe ❖
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Lowell ❡
Ms. Susan Griffin Lowell
Ms. Lee Gaskins Kass and
Rev. Edward Lowenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Lowenstein
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lowery ❡
Ms. Maureen Peters and
Dr. Douglas H. Lowndes ❖❡❦
Ms. Ann Lowry ❡❦
Ms. Marian P. Lowry
Mr. Micah E. Lubensky
Mr. Lawrence J. Lubetsky ❡❦
Drs. Johna and Fred Lucas ❡❦
Ms. Marilyn J. Lucas
Mr. Paul Lucas
Mrs. Carol Ann Luche
Kathleen Lucido ❖
Mr. Stephen L. Luckman
Mrs. Mary Ellen Ludmerer
Mr. and Mrs. David Ludwig ❖
Ms. Margaret M. Campos and
Ms. Elizabeth Ludwig
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Ludwig
Ms. Maria Lugones
Dr. Betty Louise Lumby
Mr. Dennis M. Lund
Ms. Rita N. Lund
Mr. James D. Lundy ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent H. Lunetta ❦
Ms. Joan K. Lunney ❦
Georgia R. Lunsford
Ms. Phung Phi Nguyen Luong
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Lupo ❡❦
Mr. H. William Lurton ❡❦
Mr. Peter Lushing
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lusk
Tollison Lusk, Jr. ❡
Mr. Donald Lussky
Larry Joe Lutes ❡❦
Mr. Robert K. Luth ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Byron O. Lutman ❖❡❦
Dr. Alexandra Lutnick ❖
Ms. Marjorie Lutton
Mr. James W. Luvene
Mr. Arthur P. Lux
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Luxton
Sr. Mary K. Lydon
Mr. Maurice K. Lyerla
Ms. Hermena J. Lyke
Virginia F. Lykins ❡❦✤
Mrs. Gypsy and Mr. David Lyle ❖❦
Ms. Harriett Lyle
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Lyle
Ms. Eddie A. Lynam ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Lynch
Mrs. Florence Von Fremd Lynch
John A. and Eleanor R. Lynn ❡❦

Ms. Carol I. Lyon
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Lyons ❡
Ms. Mary Lyons
Mr. Russell Lyons ❡
Mr. Shawn Lyons
Mrs. Dorothy P. Lytal ❖

Last names M-P

Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Maag ❡
Mr. and Mrs. George Maalouf
Ms. Sandra Jane Maas
Mrs. Sondra Baird Mabry
Ms. Phyllis MacAdam ❦
Mr. Stewart Macaulay ❡❦
Mr. Blair W. MacDermid
Mrs. Bobbie W. Macdonald
Mrs. Kathleen MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick A. MacDonald
Mr. Verne H. MacDonald
Ms. Priscilla Ruth MacDougall
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry N. MacGowan
Mr. Andrew A. MacGregor ❦
Mr. Alan L. Machek
Ms. Sachiko Machida
Mr. Ronald MacInnis
Mr. Stephen R. Mack
Mr. Don MacKendrick ❡
Diane Stewart and Curtis MacKenzie ❡
Ms. Gretchen MacKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Mackenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Scott MacLellan ✤
Mr. William A. Macomber, Jr.
Ms. Mary G. Macvicar
Mr. Graham M. Madarasz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Madarasz
Dr. Catherine L. Madden ❡
Mrs. Marion S. Maddocks
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Madison ❦
James A. Madison
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Madole
Ms. Marticia L. Madory
Ms. Lisa Maestas
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Magala, Jr. ❡❦
Ms. Doris D. Magan ❡
Mr. James Magary ❖
Ms. Amanda B. Maggard
Mr. Ralph Magoun
Ms. Lucy Mahaffey
Mr. C.A. Mahan
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Maher

Delmar J. Mahler
Mrs. Cristina H. Mahon ❡
Linda Mahone
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Mahoney
Ms. Linda Mahoney
Dr. and Mr. Matthew K. Mahoney
Mr. Vincent D. Mahoney
Mr. John F. Mainieri
Mr. Dan Mainprize
Ms. Cosmin Maiorescu
Mrs. Lillian M. Mairs ❖
Mr. John C. Makemson
Ms. Mary Makena ❡
Mrs. Jacqueline R. Maki
Ms. Kristina E. Maki
Mr. Alan Makovsky
Mr. Donald W. Maley ❡❦
Mr. Maurice I. Malin
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby H. Mallard
Mr. William C. Mallard
Mr. Donald Mallow
Ltc. Annie E. Malone, USA, Ret.
Stephen and Cynthia Maloney
Ms. Carla Malottke
Mrs. Meenal B. Mamdani
Ms. Midori Aogaichi and
Mr. Richard D. Mamelok ❡
Dora K. Man ❦
Col. Philip A. Manaker
Dean S. Manchester, II ❡
Ms. Barbara Mandell ❡
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Manderioli ❡
Mr. John M. Mandi, Jr.
Joyce G. Maney ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Manire
Mr. James S. Manista
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Manley ❖❡❦
Ms. Patricia B. Manley
Genevieve P. Manly ❡❦
Mr. Dudley L. Mann
Mr. Philip G. Mann
Drs. Mary Parke and James A. Manning ❦✤
Mr. Jerry Manning
Mrs. Margaret Manoharan
Mr. James Manore
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Manougian
Dr. Theo C. Manschreck ❡❦
Mr. James R. Manshardt
Col. and Mrs. Michael R. Mantz ❡
Ms. Sharon S. Manuel ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. William Manus
Mr. Jim Manzardo
Mr. Peter M. Marano
Mr. Paul Marcelli, Jr.
Lavelle T. Marcengill ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. March ❡
Ms. Janis M. Marchand
Mr. George W. Marchant
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Marchino ❡
Ms. Marietta Marcin
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Marcotte ❡
Mr. David Marcus ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy I. Marcy ❡
Ms. Mary Alice Lavin and
Mr. Robert Mardirossian
Ms. Janis Marecsak
Mrs. Glenna W. Margaris ❡
Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Margetts
Ms. Marian S. Margolies
E. Blythe Marinelli ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Markham
Ms. Hannah M. Marks
Dr. Linda C. Markwardt
Ms. Mari Lou Marler
Mr. Marc Marmaro
Ms. Rita S. Marokko
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Maron
Mr. Edward F. Maroney
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Marquez
Ms. Rachel Sterne-Marr and
Mr. Jonathan Marr
Ms. Carolyn H. Marrah
Dr. Linda E. Marsanico
Mrs. Gail B. C. Marsella
Mrs. D. Lynn Marsh
Mr. James Marsh ❦
Mrs. Dorothy L. Marshall ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Marshall ❦
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Marshman
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Marsom ❦
Mr. David L. Marstrell
Bonita L. Martin
Dr. Deborah Martin
Dennis E. Martin ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Martin ❦
Everett L. Martin ❡❦
Mr. G. H. Martin
Gloria P. Martin ❖❡
Mr. Harold Martin
Mr. Hubert B. Martin
Mrs. Jacqueline A. Martin ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Martin
Miss Jean Ann Martin ❡
Mrs. Joan S. Martin ❦
Ms. Raquel Bech and
Mr. Larry W. Martin ❦
Ms. Leila Martin ❦
Mr. Lewis A. Martin, III
Ms. Margaret Funk Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Martin ✤
Mr. Norman R. Martin
Ms. Patricia T. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Martin ❦
Mr. Robert F. Martin, Jr.
Mr. T. Farrar Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. John Martinkovitch ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Martinsen
Mr. Mel Martynn
Mr. Leonard T. Martz
Mr. Dale A. Marx
Rev. David Marx ❡
Ms. Joann T. Marzocco
Mr. and Mrs. Claudio Marzollo
Mr. Colin P. Masica ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mason ❡
Mr. Charles P. Mason, Jr. ❡
Mrs. Ida M. Mason ❖
Ms. Mary Ann Mason
Mr. Paul J. Mason ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie B. Mason
Dr. and Mrs. Martin A. Massengale ❡
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Massey ❦
Mr. William Mast
Ms. Editha Masters ❡
Ms. Marjorie C. Masterson ❡
Joseph and Cynthia N. Mastro
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matchey
Ms. Jane Adair and
Dr. Albert R. Matheny, III ❡
Ms. Anna M. Matherly
Ms. Cynthia Matherly ❡
Mr. David L. Mathews
Ms. Donna J. Mathews
Jackie Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mathewson ❡❦
Ms. Susan A. Mathis
Ms. Teresa A. Matlock
Mrs. Rosalie K. Matt ❡
Mr. James D. Matten
Dr. and Mrs. Perry C. Mattern ❖
Mr. Steven M. Matteson
Ms. Berry Matthews
David J. Matthews, III ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Matthews
Mr. Robert Donald Matthews ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Mattingly
Mr. Richard V. Mattingly, Jr.
Ms. Vicki Mattingly
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Matusinec
Mr. Paul E. Matzner
Mr. Donald E. Maurer
Mr. Donald J. Maurer
Ms. Esther J. Maurer
Mr. Frank W. Maurer
Ms. Ursula P. Maurer
Ms. Leonor R. Mauricio
Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Mauzy ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Maxey ❡
Mrs. Carol J. Maxwell ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maxwell ❡
Rev. Sammie Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham May, Jr.
Ms. Christine C. May
Mr. Christopher N. May ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Mayberry ❖❡❦
Ms. Margery L. Mayer
Mr. Philip E. Mayer, Jr.
Mr. Raymond Allen Mayer ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Mayes
Maj. and Mrs. Joe C. Mayfield, Ret.
Mrs. Marion Mayfield-Johnson ❖
Mr. Gary Mayhew
Kathy Jo Maymon
Ms. Carolyn D. Mayo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Mayo, IV ❡
Dr. Elissa May-Plattner and
Mr. Kenneth Plattner ❖❦
Rev. Dwight R. Mays
Brian K. and Anne S. Mazar ❡❦
Ms. Cynthia Mazur ❦
Mr. Anthony Mazza, Jr.
Ms. Linda Mazzara
Mr. James W. McAlarnis
Mr. Milton L. McAngus ❡
Mrs. Lelia S. McBath
Mr. and Mrs. John T. McBride ❡❦
Ms. Linda McBride
Ms. Marilyn C. McBride
Mr. Neil McBride ❡
Ms. Virginia Hargis and
Mr. Ronald McBroom
Ms. Ruth Ann McCaa ❡
Brad McCain
Mr. John N. McCain
Ms. Jan McCall ❡
Dr. and Mrs. John M. McCall ❦
Mr. Gary M. McCalla ❡
Mr. Gerald McCalla
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett T. McCallum ❡
Ms. Winifred E. McCann ❦
Mrs. Anne C. McCarthy
Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Oliver McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Rich McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Sean A. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Benny McCarty
Ms. Jill McCaughna
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Peter McCauley
Ms. Kathleen M. McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. William E. McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. James D. McChesney
Mr. Brian R. McClain
Mrs. Charlene E. McClain ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David E. McClain ❡
Ms. Caitlin McClanahan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. McClary ❡
Mrs. Ann B. McCleary ❡❦✤
Mr. Paul F. McCleary
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McCleary ❦
Ms. Mary Jane McClellan
Mrs. Jean N. McClelland
Ms. Kathleen A. McCloud
Kathleen R. McCloud ❦
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. McClung
Ms. Mary McClure
Mr. and Ms. Douglas W. McConnell
Ms. Ruth M. McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. McCord
Mr. Locke McCorkle
Mr. G. Edward McCormack ❡
Mrs. Margaret D. McCormick
Ms. Rima McCoy
Ms. Mary C. McCracken ❦
Ms. Paula J. McCracken
Ms. Elaine D. McCrate ❖❦
Mrs. Rebecca D. McCubbin
Mr. Daniel L. McCullough
Ms. Diane McCullough ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Grady McCullough ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William A. McCune ❡
Ms. Maureen S. McCusty ❡
Mrs. Elizabeth G. McCutcheon ❡❦
Ms. Mary McDaniel
Mr. John McDevitt
Ms. Adele McDonald ❡
Eric A. McDonald
Mr. Myles T. McDonald
Dr. Verlaine and
Mr. Andrew T. McDonald ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McDonough ❡
Mary R. McDow ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond N. McDowell
Ms. Margaret L. McEachern
Mrs. Mary J. McEnery ❡
Mr. Mark McEvilly
Mr. Benny J. McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. James McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. James R. McFarland
Mr. David McGee
Mr. Michael McGill
Mr. Roger McGill
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McGinn ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Rick McGinnis
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McGinty
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McGiverin ❦
Mr. and Mrs. John McGovern ❦

Richard A. McGraw
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. McGrew
Mrs. Eve J. McGrory
Mr. and Mrs. Kent McGuire
Mr. Terrence McGuirk
Mr. Joe McHenry
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny L. McHolan
Ms. Erma M. McIlnay
Mr. William B. McIlwaine
Mr. and Mrs. James R. McIntosh ❡❦
Dr. Margaret V. McIntosh and
Mr. Kenneth McIntosh
Ms. Phyllis B. McIntosh ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. McIntyre ❡
Dr. and Mrs. William J. McIntyre ❦
Ms. Loretta M. McKay
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. McKee ❡
Mrs. Willine C. McKee ❖
Ms. Andrea McKeehan ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley McKeel ❡
Mr. James F. McKeighen, III ❡
Mr. Bruce H. McKeithan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKell
Mr. Robert A. McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. George T. McKenzie
Patricia L. McKenzie
Rev. Brendan McKeough
Ms. Aleyda G. McKiernan
Dr. Eileen McKiernan-Gonzalez
Dr. Ellen McKinley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McKinley
Ms. Alstene L. McKinney

George T. McKinney
Ms. Loraine McKinney ❦
Mark McKinney ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Monte D. McKinney
Nancy P. McKinney ❡
Ms. Ruth Ann McKinney ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McKinney ❡

Mr. Wayne McKirdy
Mr. and Mrs. William McKown ❖
Richard J. McLane
Ms. Anne McLaughlin
Ms. Shirley Burden McLaughlin ❦
Ms. Glenda Prosser and
Mr. Clyde McLennan ❡❦
Ms. Betty J. McLeod ❖
Sarah McLewin ❡❦
Mr. Reginald K. McMahan
Ms. Anne Marie McMahon
Ms. Beth McMahon
Ms. Maddy McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. McMahon ❡❦
Mr. Ronald McMahon
Ms. Carolyn C. McMillan
Dr. Thomas P. McMillin ❡❦
David McMullen ❦
Mr. William McMullen
Mr. William J. McNamara ❡
Ms. Toni A. H. McNaron ❡❦
Mrs. Carolyn M. McNaughtan
Mrs. Sandra B. McNeil
Mrs. Anne W. McNulty ✤
Mr. Darrel E. McNutt
Miss Frances H. McPhee ❡
Ms. Gayle McPherson
Mr. George McPherson, Jr. ❖
Mr. Thomas N. McQuin ❡
Ms. Sheila McRae
Dr. Lelan D. McReynolds
Mrs. Anne V. Mead ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. Orval G. Mead ❖✤
Ms. Marsha Nelson and
Mr. Kyle Meadows
Mr. G. Neil Means ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Meara ❡
Mr. William C. Medford
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Mediatore
Mr. Dante Medici
Ms. Carmen D. Rivera Medina ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Medlyn ❦
Dr. Ronald C. Medrud ❦
Mr. Joseph E. Medveczky
Mrs. Mary M. Meese ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Suresh N. Mehta
Dr. Marga Meier ❦
Mrs. Helen Meinicke
Dr. Ronald E. Meissen
Ms. Diane J. Meitner
Mr. Manuel F. Mejia
Ms. Isa-Kae Meksin ❡
Ms. Janet K. Melcher ❦
Ms. Linda Melevage
Mr. Joseph N. Meli
Mr. Neil E. Mellen ❡
Mr. David Mellinger
Ms. Jacquelyn C. Melmed
Ms. Betty Meltzer
Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Meltzer
Mr. David B. Melville
Ms. Erica R. Melville ❡
Dr. Meta Mendel-Reyes
Ms. Mary S. Kenny and
Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mendlow
Ms. Melissa Menta ❦
Mr. Frank Mercado
Ms. Violeta Mercado ❡
Mr. and Mrs. George Wall Merck ✤
Ms. Christine Ann Meredith ❡
Mr. Ira W. Meredith
Mr. Eugene Merfeld ❦
Mr. Robert E. Merkle ❖❡❦✤
Ms. Edythe S. Meronek
Ms. Mary Ann Merrell ❦
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Merrill ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mers ❡
Dr. John C. Mesch ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Messer
Mr. Jeffrey Chris Messerschmidt ❦
Mr. Eckehart Messner
Mr. Henry F. Mestayer ❡
Mr. Joe B. Metrick
Ms. Deborah J. Baldwin and Mr. James E. Metzger ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Meyer ❡
Bernice H. Meyer ❖
Dr. Carol F. Meyer ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Meyer, III
Mr. James Meyer
Prof. Emily Auerbach and
Mr. Keith C. Meyer ❦
Mr. Leon R. Meyer ❡
Ms. Melanie Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Meyring
Mr. Clarence Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Michael
Mr. Thomas Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Michel ❡❦✤
Dr. Jacqueline Michel ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Michelman
Dr. Sara A. Michie ❡
Ms. Carol L. Middlebrook ❡
Ms. Anna D. Mighell
Mrs. Janice Miglin ❡
Mrs. Rebecca J. Mignot ❡
Ms. Paulette K. Mihelcich
Mr. Apollo W. Mikolagak
Mr. Robert R. Milam, Jr. ❖
Mr. William B. Milam
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Miles ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Miles
Gwendolyn Miles ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mathias Miles
Ms. Madeline Miles ❦
Mr. James P. Miley, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. Malcolm Wayne Miley
Dr. Bruce Milin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Milk
Ms. Anne Milkie
Ms. Dolina W. Millar ❡
Aileen Miller
Dr. Albert J. Miller
Mrs. Anne A. Miller
Ben Miller ❡
Mr. and Mrs. C. Carroll Miller, Jr.
Mr. Christopher A. Miller ❡
Rev. David J. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Miller
Mrs. E. Joan Miller ❖
Ms. Elaine L. Miller ❡
Ms. Barbara B. Steinbeigle and
Mr. Eugene E. Miller
Mrs. Fae Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Gene Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Miller
Mr. James Miller
Ms. Jane M. Miller
Mr. Jason Lee Miller ❡
Mrs. Jean L. Miller ❦
Mr. John R. Miller
Ms. Judith A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Miller ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Larry V. Miller
Ms. Mary Katherine Miller ❖❡
Ms. Mary Louise Miller
Mr. Michael Miller
Mr. Oral O. Miller
Mr. Ralph Eddie Miller ❡
Mr. Richard D. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miller ❡
Dr. Terry C. Miller
Mr. William J. Miller ❡
Ms. Nancy A. Miller-Borg ❖❦
Mr. Samuel Aaron Milligan
Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Millikan ❖❡❦
Ms. Marleen E. Norman and
Mr. Alan Mills ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Borden H. Mills, III
Mr. and Mrs. Don Mills
Mr. Edward R. Mills ❡❦
Mr. John R. Milne ❖❡❦✤
Mr. Arnaud C. Milner ❡
Dr. Judith R. Milner
Mrs. Rebecca J. Milnes ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Milroy ❦
Rev. J. Margaret Milton ❡
Louise D. Milyko
Dr. and Mrs. Grover R. Mims, III
Mr. and Mrs. Ranlet Miner, Jr. ❡
Ms. Diane Grotz and
Mr. William Mingin ❡
Ms. Amy Minix
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Minner ❡
Ms. Joyce A. Minor
Ms. Barbara P. Minton
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Miranda
Barbara Mirbach ❡
Grover Frederick Mirgle
Ms. Kathy Mirzaian ❖
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Mishalani
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Mitchell ❡❦
Ms. Colleen Mitchell
Mr. James K. Mitchell ❡
Mr. Timothy S. Mitchell ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mitchell ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Mittelholtz ❡
Ms. Jean M. Miyashiro
Mr. and Mrs. Gavien N. Miyata ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Moberley
Ms. Leslie A. Mockenhaupt ❡
Mr. Michael F. Modde
Mr. Ingvald L. Moe
Ms. Patricia K. Moe
Ms. Laura L. Moe-Sandwick
Mr. and Mrs. Erick F. Moeller, Jr. ❡
Ms. Rebecca S. Moeller
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Moffatt ❖❡❦
Drs. Zoeb and Shera Mogri ❡❦
Mr. David J. Mogul
Ms. Margaret Rice Moir
Col. and Mrs. Robert D. Mojica
Connie S. Molineu ❡❦
Ms. Dorothy Anne Molla ❡
Carol and James Moller ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Moloney, II
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Molter ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Monahan ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Monahan ❡
Mr. Marc Monasmith
Mrs. Margaret S. Money ❡
Mr. Gregory L. Monge
Dr. and Mrs. Sam A. Monger
Ms. Carol J. Monhollen
Mr. and Mrs. R. James Monkman
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Monroe
Ms. Susan Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Montanio ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Enrico L. Montesa, Jr.
Ms. Judy M. Montgomery
Julie A. Montgomery
Lawrence C. Montgomery ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Montgomery ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Montgomery ❡
Mrs. Jane A. Moody
Mary Frances Moody ❖
Mr. Robert Moody
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mook
Mr. Brent Moore ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Moore
Ms. E. Bernice Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Garvin Moore, Jr.

Gary L. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Moore
Henry Ray Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Moore, Jr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Allen Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Moore, III
Ms. Josette M. Moore
Kay Moore ✤
Ms. Mary F. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Moore
Mr. Michael G. Moore ❡❦
Mrs. Monica E. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Moore ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Moore ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Moore ❡
Ronnie D. Moore ❦
Mrs. Ruth Moore ❖
Mr. Samuel L. Moore
Ms. Susan W. Moore ❡
Mr. Terry E. D. Moore ❡❦
Ms. W. France Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Moore ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Moore
Mrs. William W. Moore
Ms. Jacquelyn E. Moorhead
Mrs. Lisa Robin Morales
Mr. Neal F. Moran ❡
Ms. Sharon A. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Moreland
Mr. Dennis Moreland
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Moren ❡❦
Ms. Lisa B. Morenoff ❡
Mr. David S. Morey
Ms. Susan L. Morey
Jim and Diane Morgali ❡
Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Morgan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Morgan ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Morgan
Mrs. Jean M. Morgan ❡
Mrs. Margaret T. Morgan
Mrs. Mary Emily Morgan ❖
Thomas E. Morgan ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Morgeson
Ms. Dorothy T. Morin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morrell
Ms. Marie Knoerl and
Mr. Andrew Morrill ❦
Ms. Anamarie Morris ❡
Ms. Edna Morris
Eloise Morris ❡❦
Mr. George Scott Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Morris
Ms. Marion Morris
Mrs. O’Brien Morris ❖❡❦
Mr. Richard C. Morris
Mr. Steve R. Morris ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Morris
Ms. Lori D. Johnson and
Mr. Warren A. Morris
Ms. Abby Leigh Morris-Nantz ❡
Margaret Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Morrison, Jr. ❡❦✤
Mr. Peter D. Morrissey
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell C. Morrow ❦
Mr. Douglas A. Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Morrow ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Clark I. Moseley
Ms. Eugenia G. Moseley
Mr. Ronald F. Moseley
Capt. Tommy L. Mosely, Ret.
Mr. Willis H. Moser
Ms. Catherine J. Moses ❦
Linda H. Moses ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Frank Moss, III ❦
Constance Moss
Mrs. Jean R. Moss ❦
Ms. Josephine M. Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Moss
Mr. Donald W. Mossman ❡
Ms. Mary E. Mostaghim ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Moti
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph O. Mott, III ❡
JuLynn Mott
Mr. David L. Mounts
Mr. Michael A. Mouron ✤
Mr. Peter W. Moyer ❡
William C. Moyers ❡
Dr. David J. Moylan, III
Ms. Lois S. Carlson and
Mr. Jerome Mrowca ❦
Mr. William C. Mudgett
Mr. Michael Mudry ❡
Ms. Marcella Gilmore and
Mr. Ed Muehl ❦
Mr. Thomas R. Muehl ❦
Mrs. Elaine Muehlius
Ms. Elizabeth Mueller
Ms. Joyce Mueller
Mike and Cathy Muha ❡
Mr. Ahmed A. Muhammad
Mr. Marshall B. Muhammad
Mrs. Nicole Mulhausen
Dr. Thomas J. Mulhern
Ms. Mary Mullen
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Muller ❡
Mr. Richard S. Mulligan
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance J. Mullin
Mr. and Mrs. Theron E. Mullinax, Jr.
Mr. Herbert M. Mullinix
Ms. Anna C. Mullins ❖
Ms. Donna L. Mullins
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Mullins ❦
Mrs. Nancy Winters Mullins
Dr. and Mrs. Raynor Mullins
Ms. Sharon M. Mullis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mulvey
Rev. Stephen Muncie ❖
Mrs. Catherine L. Mundt ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Mundt ❡❦
Mr. Harold P. Munger
Ms. Kathryn Munnell
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Munyon
Ms. Karen S. Ando and
Mr. Matthew J. Murabito ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Murdock ❦
Mr. Mike R. Murdock
Dr. Dennis K. Murphy ❡❦
Ms. Jacqueline L. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Murphy ❡❦
Ms. Kathleen Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Murphy
Ms. Marietta Murphy
Mr. Sean C. Murphy
Mr. Terry Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Murphy
Mr. William F. Murphy ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William Scott Murphy
Ms. Gail Covington and
Mr. John Murray ❦
Ms. Karen L. Murray
Mr. Lee A. Murray ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Murray

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Murtaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Music
Ms. Elaine M. Musselman ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Varghese G. Muttahil

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Myer
Mr. J. Mark Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Mason C. Myers ❡
Ms. Margaret C. Peeples and
Mr. Russell Wally Myers
Sandra Jane Myers
Mr. William H. Myers, III ❡
Mr. William T. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Myrick
Richard H. Nachman ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Naef
Ms. Vreni Naess
Traci Nagle ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Nagy
Mr. Zoilo Nagy
Ms. Marilyn Cashman Nahas
Mr. and Mrs. Damodaran Nair
Ms. Sara Najjar-Wilson
Ms. Mikiko Nakai
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Naleway
Dr. T. Ray Nanney ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Nantz
Dixie Lee Napier

Mr. and Mrs. Carl K. Narsasian
Ms. Anne S. Nash ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Nash
Mr. William L. Nash
Dr. David J. Nashel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Nass
Ms. Malvina Nathanson
Mr. Marshall S. Nathanson, Sr.
Ms. Sharon J. Nations
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Naughton, Jr.
Ms. Cassandra S. Naylor ❡
Mr. C. Edward Neal ❦
Cynthia Neal
Dr. and Mrs. Norman R. Nedde ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Neeb ❡
Mrs. Gwendolyn Neff ❖
Dr. and Mrs. Ted R. Nehrenberg
Ms. Andrea Neichter
Miss Erika J. Neidhardt ❡
Ms. Ruth A. Neidinger ❖
Mrs. Lois M. Neilson
Mr. and Mrs. Humbert S. Nelli
Ms. Margaret P. Nelon
Mr. A. Jean Nelson
Ms. Brenda Nelson
Mrs. Delores H. Nelson
Mr. Garrison Nelson
Ms. Helen P. Nelson ❦
Mr. John E. Nelson, III ❡
Ms. Margaret J. Nelson
Mr. Maynard A. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Nelson
Mr. Theron F. Nelson ❡❦
Mr. Thomas I. Nelson ❦
Dr. Grace Toney Edwards and
Dr. John C. Nemeth
Miss Ilo Kay Ness
Mr. C. G. Nessler ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Sudhakar Neti ❡
Ms. Evelyn M. Neuhouser
Miss Virginia Neukirch
Mrs. Jane S. Neumann
Col. Nyle C. Neumann, Ret.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Neumann
Ms. Elizabeth Neureiter-Seely ❦
Ms. Elizabeth Neuse
Nancy Nevels ❡
Mr. Bryan New
Mr. Dennis L. Newberry
Mr. Steve Newberry ❖
Ms. Melany Stinson Newby
Mr. and Mrs. F. Mitchell Newcomer
Ms. Ruby A. Newcomer ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel H. Newhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby C. Newkirk ❦
Mr. Edward Newkirk

Carmel Ray Newman
Ms. Carol G. Newman
Mr. John Newman
Mr. Walter Newman
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Newton
Mr. King C. Ng
Mr. Tae Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Nicholls ❦
Mrs. Amy McCleese Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nichols
Ms. Catherine A. Nichols ❡
Dr. Charles Nichols
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Norman Nichols ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Merle R. Nichols
Ms. Sally A. Nichols
Mr. Bradley J. Nicholson
Ms. E. Ann Nicholson
Mr. Hugh P. Nicholson ❡
Ms. Roberta Nickelsen
Mrs. Myra Nickolaus ✤
Ms. Donna Nicolazzi
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Niederer ❡
Ms. D. Marya Axner and
Mr. Mark Niedergagn
Ms. Jane Nieman
Ms. Melani Nierras-Lee and
Mr. Ernest Thomas P. Nierras, Sr.
Ralph Nieter ❡
Mr. Mark Nigro ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Nimkoff ❡
Mr. William K. Nisbet ❡❦
Mr. Clarence Nishihara
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Nishijima
Mr. Eugene W. Nissen
Ms. Lisa Nissenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Nix
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nobert ❦
Mary S. Noble ❦
Ms. Heidi Nobles

Dr. Sally Ann O’Connor and Dr. Donald L. Noel

Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Nogueira
Mrs. Vanda G. Nohinek
Ms. Linda Nolan
Ms. Marta Nolan-Alley ❦
Ms. Jo Ann Noland
Ms. Darlene Nolin ❦
Mr. Mark J. Noonan, Jr. ❡
Ms. Merrill Bittner and
Ms. Nancy Noppa
Ms. Jean Leslie Norcross
John B. Norcross
Mrs. Vera Nordal ❡
Mr. Eric D. Nordgren ❡
Ms. Martha Jane Nordsieck
Mr. Richard L. Nordstrom ❦
Ms. Tokiko I. Noricks ❖
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Norris
Mr. David A. Norris
Miss Elizabeth C. Norris ❡❦
Mr. Javan Philip Norris
Ms. Robin Bent Norris
Ms. Ruth Norris
Ms. Carole Norris-Shortle
Mrs. Ann F. Norton
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Norton, Jr.
Dr. Joan G. Sullivan and Mr. Walter Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Notier
Mr. Bill Notz
Beth A. Novak
Ms. Carol J. Novak
Mr. James J. Novak
Mr. Joseph F. Nowak
Mr. and Mrs. Gene P. Nuckolls
Mr. William Nugent, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Nusbaum
Ms. Genevieve A. Nyenhuis
Mr. Rex D. Nyquist ❡
Mr. A. D. Oak ❡❦
Dr. Merilee R. Oakes ❦
Mr. Alan Oakley ❦
Ms. Susan Oakley
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Oakley
Ms. Ann F. Ober ❡❦

Molly and Gary Oberbillig
Mrs. Marilyn Oberembt
Anna Kathryn Oberg
Ms. Geraldine Oberman, Ph.D. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Oblinger ❦
Mrs. Frances H. O’Brien ❡
Mr. James G. O’Brien
Rev. James J. O’Brien
Ms. Julianna Christine O’Brien ❖
Ms. Sheila A. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Obrzut ❖❡❦✤
Ms. Maureen O’Connell
Mr. Charles E. O’Connor
Dr. Patricia E. O’Connor ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. O’Connor
Roberta O’Connor
Prof. Dr. Jean Oden
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Odendahl
Ms. K. Lynne Odom
Ms. Beverly A. O’Donnell
Ms. Lani Plonski and
Mr. Dennis O’Donnell ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. O’Donnell ❦
Ms. Patricia M. O’Donnell
Ms. Shirley C. Odwarka ❦
Ms. Christine A. Oetjen ❡❦
Ms. Arliene E. Oey
Ms. Dorothy M. O’Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Ogella
Dorothy J. Ogilvy-Lee ❖❡❦✤
Greg Ogle
Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Ogle
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ogren ❡
Mr. Michael O’Hair
Ms. Martha C. O’Herlihy
Mr. Robert W. Ohlerking
Mr. William Ohs
Margaret E. Oiler
Ms. D. A. Oldenburg

Dr. Linda E. Olds
Ms. Sally Oldson
O. J. Oleka ❡
Ms. Patricia Oliansky ❡
Rev. Sandra L. Olsen and
Dr. Donald B. Oliver ❡❦
Mr. Peter N. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Oliver ❖❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Oliveri
Ms. Betty-Jane Olmstead
Mrs. Leslie O’Loughlin ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Oloya
Mr. Richard S. Olsen
Ms. Barbara H. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Olson, Jr. ❡
Mr. David Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Olson
Ms. Paul Olson
Ms. Virginia A. Church and
Mr. Thomas B. Omara
Ms. Judith J. Oneill
Mr. Roger O’Neill
Mr. and Mrs. David Onion
Mr. Roberto Onofrio ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Leighton O’Quinn ❡
Dr. Edward T. Ordman ❦✤
Ms. Katherine M. O’Regan ❦
Mr. J. Archer O’Reilly, III
Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich Orlow
Joseph Ornelas ❦
Mrs. Nancy Orosz ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Orr, Jr. ❡❦
J. Michael Orr
Mr. Richard Orridge
Mr. and Mrs. Julio W. Ortega
Dr. James Orwin
Ms. Charlotte E. Osborn
Ms. Gloria D. Osborne
Mr. Richard Osburn
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Oskins
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ostar
Lucille B. Osteen ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Osterman ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah P. Ostriker ❡❦
Ms. Marjorie O’Sullivan ❦
Ms. Margaret Oswald
Miss Phyllis Oswald ❡
Mrs. Barbara A. Ottinger
Ms. Joan S. Ottinger
Mr. George A. Otto
Ms. Rosalie Oughterson
Ann L. Overbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Jorgen I. Overgaard
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Overman
Ms. Marilyn P. Overmyer
Mrs. Elsie E. Owen
Jennifer Owen ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Owens
Miss Jean Phyllis Owens ❖❡❦✤
Mr. Michael D. Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Owens ❡
M. Oyama
Mr. Stanford P. Pa
Ariana L. Packard
Ms. Teresa Bolser Paddock
Mrs. Terry Padgett
Mr. and Mrs. Eric N. Page ❦
Mr. and Mrs. F. Dan Page
Mr. Ronald R. Paggen
Mr. Charles Paine
Mr. Thomas Paine ❦
Ms. Alice L. Arnold and Mr. John W. Pajunen
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pak
Father Michael G. Pakula
Mr. Stacy Paleologos
Dr. Robert S. Pallas
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Palmer ❡
Mr. James F. Palmer
Ms. Nancy Rae Palmer
Mr. Paul A. Palmer
Col. and Mrs. Samuel L. Palmer
Mr. Donald G. Palmgren
Mr. Satish Palshikar
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Panciera ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James Pandaru ❡
Ms. Thalia Pandiri
Ms. Christine A. Panek
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Panella ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Panish
Mrs. Virginia R. Pankow ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pantley ❡
Mr. Joseph A. Paoletta
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Paonessa ❡
Rachel Papantonakis ❦
Ms. Vivian Papson
Mr. Steve Paragamian ❖
Mr. Byron A. Parham
Ms. Margaret Parish
Ms. Billie S. Park
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Park, II
Mr. and Mrs. Larry V. Park ❡❦
Mr. Robert M. Park
Mrs. Betty S. Parker ❦
Carroll Parker ❡
Ms. Eleanor Parker
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams Parker ❦
Jonlyn Truesdail Parker ❡
Mr. Peter R. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Parker ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur A. Parker ❦
Barbara C. Parks ❡
Ms. Carol R. Parks
Joyce Parks ❡❦
Mr. Walter G. Parks ❡
Ms. Addie Parman
Ms. K. Parnell
Ms. Carolyn Miller Parr
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Parr ❡
Ms. Sondra J. Parr
Kenneth W. Parrett

Claude M. Parrish
Ms. Emily A. Parrish
Judith M. Parrish ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Parry
Mr. Allen T. Parson, Jr. ❖
Mr. David D. Parsons ❡❦
Mr. Fredric W. Parsons
Mr. Peter Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Partma
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Parton ❖❡❦
Ms. Michaela Passalacqua
Ms. Virginia M. Passanante
Ms. Peggy Chiang and Mr. Dean J. Pasvankias
Sister Josephine Pate ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Dilip T. Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Dineshkumar P. Patel
Ms. Jacqueline R. Smith Patman
Ms. Marjorie S. Patrick ❖❦
Ms. Sue C. Patrick ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Patterson
Ms. Shirley A. Patterson
Ms. Andrea Patton
Mrs. Carol P. Patton ❡
Mr. Dennis Patton
Mr. Richard Patton
Mr. William P. Patton, Jr.
Rabbi Norman Patz
Ms. Andrea Paulson ❡❦
Mr. Trevor L. Paulson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Paulson
Ms. Linda S. Pavey ❡
Ms. Maryjean Pawlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Payne
Cheryl Caurso Payne ❡❦
Mr. George E. Payne
Dr. and Mrs. Hosea Payne
Mr. L. Howard Payne ❡❦
Ms. Sylvia C. Payne
Mrs. Amanda A. Peach
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wray Pearce
Ms. Margaret Maya Page and
Mr. J. Michael Pearce ❡
Ms. Susan Pearce
Ms. Erika Pearl
Ms. Suzanne Pearson

Mr. Theodore Pearson
Mrs. Nancy J. Pease ❡
Ms. Pearl A. Pease
Mr. Stuart Peck

Mr. and Mrs. William Larry Peck
Mr. Dean B. Pedersen ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Pedersen
Mr. and Mrs. David Pederson
Ms. Jana M. Pedowitz ❡
Ms. Farheen Shaikh Pedron

Ms. Susan M. Peeples
Mr. Monroe Peeler ❖
Mrs. Catherine B. Peercy ❦
Mr. Donald H. Peery ❡❦
Mr. Melvin H. Pekarsky ❦
Col. and Mrs. Marion D. Pember, USA Ret.
Ms. Jessica L. Pena ❡
Michelle Feistritzer Pendergraft ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Pendley

Wayne Penland
Ms. Ann W. Penn
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Penn ❦
Ms. Nancy Sue Penn
Carrie Pennington
Mr. Gary A. Pennock
Ms. Mary Gale Pennscott
Mr. and Mrs. John Pepper ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Flory J. Perini
Ms. Janice B. Perison ❡❦
Ms. Rose M. Perius
Mr. H. F. W. Perk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Perkaus, Jr. ❡❦
Ms. Carol J. Perkins
Mrs. Darlene R. Perkins
Jennifer C. Perkins ❡
Mr. Thornton D. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Perkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Perlin
Ms. Rebecca Lauran Perrill
Ms. Robin Nicole Perrin
Dr. Carl Perrino
Mr. Anthony M. Perry
Ms. Cecily Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Perry
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Perry
Mr. John T. Perry ❡
Ms. Sharifa E. Perry ❦
Mrs. Sharon K. Perry
Mr. William E. Perry ❦
Ms. Anne Persico ❡❦
Mr. Willard H. Peschier
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Peszynski
Mr. David Peters
Ms. Jess Dominguez and Mr. David R. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin G. Peters ❡
Mr. Juergen Peters
Dr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Peters ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Claine Petersen
Mr. Harold G. Petersen
Ms. Rebecca Raybould and
Mr. Aksel W. Peterson ❦
Mr. Alfred H. Peterson, III ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Peterson ❦
Ms. Carol L. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Peterson ❡
Ms. Elizabeth Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Peterson, Jr. ❡❦
Ms. Kristin M. Peterson ❖
Ms. Nancy Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Peterson ✤
Mr. Richard T. Peterson
Mr. Rock Peterson
Ms. Stephanie M. Peterson
Mr. Timothy A. Peterson ❖❡
Mr. John Petitto ❡
John W. Petras
Mr. Glenn H. Petrick
Mrs. Julia R. Petry ❡
Ms. Sherry L. Petry ❡❦
Mrs. Kathryn W. Pettengill ✤
Ms. Donna Petterssen
Mrs. Thelma E. Pettway
Mr. Millard E. Petty
Mr. Donald Pfeifer
Mrs. Suzann M. Pharr
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Phelps
Ms. Sue C. Phelps ❦
Mr. Peter Philip
Ms. Barbara Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Bradway F. Phillips
Ms. Caroline L. Phillips
Dr. David B. Phillips ❖❡❦
Dorothy M. Phillips ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Phillips
Ms. Janice E. Phillips ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Phillips
Mr. John H. Phillips, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Phillips ❡❦
Mr. Timothy R. Phillips
Ms. Joy Phoenix
John A. Picardi ❡
Ms. Kathleen Picken ❡❦✤
Ms. Anne Pickett
Father Ezra Alden Pickup, Jr. ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Piechocki
Mr. John Pieratt
Mr. Alan F. Pierce
Mr. Brian B. Pierce
Ms. Charlotte J. Pierce
Ms. Donna M. Pierce
Ms. Susan Pierce
Mr. Patrick E. Piercy
Mr. Darrell E. Pierson
Dr. and Mrs. Reto A. Pieth ❡
Ms. Jacquelyn H. Pietz ❡
Mrs. June E. Piff
Alger Pigman
Ola Pigman ❡
Ms. R. Pikser ❡❦
Ms. Victoria L. Pilate ❡
Mr. Victor H. Pinckney
Mr. Robert K. Pinschmidt, Jr. ❦
Col. Eric N. Piper, USMC Ret. ❡❦
Mr. David M. Pirnie ❦
Mr. John Pirogowicz
Lori E. Pistor ❡❦
Mr. Jack Pitman
Devon Pitt
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pitt
Mr. George Pittel ❡
Ms. Helen Pittman ❡
Mr. Robert E. Pittman
Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Pitts ❦
Dr. Carl Plager
Ms. Barbara Planck ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Plank
Dr. and Mrs. Austin P. Platt ❡
Dr. Charles E. Platz ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Plauzoles ❡
Mrs. Lenore H. Plissner ❡
Mr. Adam W. Plizga
Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. Plumb
Roy W. Plunkett, Jr. ❡

Mr. Louis G. Pobo
Mr. James J. Podanowski ❡
Mr. Ron N. Poedtke
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Poehling
Nancy K. Poff
Shane Poff ❡

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Poggenburg, Jr.
Mr. Joe Pohedra ❡
Ms. Virginia L. Pohlmeier
Mr. and Mrs. Francois Poisson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Polesnak ❖
Cherry Poliquin ❡❦✤
Mr. Nicholas A. Polito
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Politylo
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Polk ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Pollack ❡❦
Ms. Renee Pollack
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald B. Pollard
Dr. Randle E. Pollard ❡❦
Ms. Sharie D. Polli
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Pollock, Jr. ❡
Ms. Rita C. Polzin ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ralph Pomeroy ❡
Ms. Constance K. Poore ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Pope
Mr. Steve J. Popovich
Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Porta
Dr. Dorothy A. Porter ❦
Mr. Glenn G. Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O. Porter, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. Marvin C. Porter
Robert Porter ❖❦✤
Mrs. Ruth Atcher Porter
Mr. Richard L. Portine
Mrs. Jerrilyn K. Portlance ❡
Mrs. Irene Portokalis
Mrs. Susan E. Posey
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Posner
Dr. Eva Strube Post and
Mr. Robert Post
Mr. Robert L. Poston, Jr.
Aija Potapous ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Potter, Jr.
Mr. Bill Potter ❡
Ms. Karen Potter ❖
Mr. Peter R. Potter
Mr. Quentin Potter
A. A. Poucher
Ms. Paula C. Powdermaker
General Colin and Mrs. Alma J. Powell ❦
Mrs. Anne Powell ❖❡❦
Mrs. Barbara B. Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Powell
Jesse Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Powell
Ms. Elizabeth Maude Powers
Dr. Janet M. Powers ❦
Ms. L. Jeanne Powers
Ms. Lois Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Powers
Scott Powers ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Powers ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Powers, Jr.
Ms. Constance Pozniak
Ms. Lore Prag ❡
Mr. Peter A. Prahar
Mr. Roger M. Prasser ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. Prater
Mrs. Nancy D. Pratt ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Pratt ❡
Ms. Susan N. Pratt
Mrs. Gretchen W. Pratte
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Prendergast ❡❦
Mr. Paul Prentiss
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Prentiss ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Aric J. Press
Dr. Beatrice O. Pressley ❖❡❦
Johannes Lee Pressley
Mrs. Alyce C. Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Preston ❡
Ms. Leslie K. Preston
Ms. Alexa Previti
Mr. Charlton Price
Dr. and Mrs. Don C. Price ❖
Gary Lynn Price ❡❦
Ms. Irene Price
Mr. John N. Price
Ms. Ruth R. Price
Dr. Sylvia C. Price ✤
Ms. Rita Pridgen
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Priestley
Ms. Delma Jo Prince ❡❦
Mrs. Desdie P. Prince ❡❦
Steven Mark Princenthal ❖❡❦
Ms. Jeanette Rachel Pringle
Mr. and Mrs. Gene H. Printz
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Pritchard
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Pro
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Probert ❡
Ms. Carla Procaskey ❡
Ms. Linda Proffitt ❦
Ms. Christine Doris Prosch
Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Prosser
Ms. Caterina F. Provost
Mrs. Betty Altimore-Pry and
Mr. Guy E. Pry ❖
Mrs. Rose Pu ❖
Mr. and Mrs. James Pua
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Pucci
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Pucello
Emily E. Pugsley ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Pulford

Kenneth F. Pulkkinen
Ms. Linda J. Punch
Mr. Nicholas W. Puner ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Mervyn J. Punnett
Mr. Michael Lee Purdy

Mr. Eugene D. Purdum, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Purkey, Jr.
Mr. Robert Byron Purves ❦
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Pusey ❡❦
Ms. Lenora H. Pusta ❦
Michael Puterbaugh
Mr. Khalid Puthawala
Mr. Harry E. Puthoff
Mr. Andre M. Putnam
Louise Putnam
Ms. Wanda Wray Putnam ❡
Mrs. Susan Pyper

Last names Q-S

Ms. Ying Tang and Mr. Yang Qi
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Quant
Miss Joan Quick ❖
Maj. Lincoln W. Quigley, Ret.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quillin
Ms. Verna B. Quillin
Mr. David G. Quinlan, Jr.
Ms. Linda R. Quinlan
Ms. Sara Quinn ❦
Ms. Leda M. Quiros-Weed
Mr. Mark Quistad
Mrs. Marilyn H. Quitno
Mrs. John E. Raber ❖
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Raby ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rachfalski
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick W. Rackow
Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Radant ❡❦
Mr. B. W. Radtke ❡
Clifford P. Rafson ❡
Mrs. Avis Ragan
Ms. Virginia H. Rahja
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Raine
Ms. Janet Raines
R. Marina Raines ❡❦✤
Mrs. Charlotte B. Rainwater ❡❦
Mr. Jerry L. Raisor

Prof. Rishi S. Raj
Mr. Elmer Rakoce
Mr. Varun Ramdevan
Dr. Mary E. Ramey ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jovelino Ramos
Ms. Laurie Anne Ramsey
Mr. Craig A. Ramseyer ❦
Ms. Emily B. Rancier
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Rand
Ms. Katherine Randall
Mr. Brett W. F. Randolph ❦✤
Mr. Dinanath F. Rane
Mr. and Mrs. K. Ned Rankin ❡❦
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David P. Ransom
Mahenigaar Rao
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Rapp
Mr. John Daniel Rask
Ms. Mary E. Raso ❖❡❦
Ms. Amelie L. Ratliff ❡❦
Ms. Sheri L. Ratz
Mr. Arthur I. Rauch
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Raudenbush ❡
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gene Raulston
Mr. Steven A. Rautenberg ❦
Ms. Robin Van Liew and
Mr. Azim Rawji ❦
Clinton M. Ray
Ms. Martha L. Ray
Ms. Ella Sue Rayburn ❖
Ms. Hope Raymond
Mr. James Raynesford
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rea
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rea ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Read
Ms. Anna Dolores Ready
Mr. Timothy P. Reardon
Mrs. Wendy J. Reasoner ❡❦
Pauline H. Reber ❦
Ms. Wanda Recchia-Hansemann
Mr. N. Clark Rechtin
Dr. Joel Recinos
Mr. Matthew Reckard
Mr. James Recktenwald
Dr. Charles W. Rector ❖
Mrs. Rosanne Mary Reddin
Mr. and Mrs. Morris J. Reddout ❖❦
Mrs. Judith Redfield ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Reding ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Redmon ❦
Mr. Timothy Redmon
Ms. M. Carmen Milano and
Ms. R. Bronywn Reece
Mr. Adlai Reed
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Reed
Rev. and Mrs. H. Jason Reed
Mr. John W. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Reed
Ms. Rebecca L. Reed
Ms. Roberta E. Reed
Sandra Reed ❡❦
Ms. Vicki E. Reed-Levine
Mr. W. Casey Reed
Norman Reeder ❡
Robert B. Reemelin ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Reese
Mr. and Mrs. William Reese ❡
Mr. Paul C. Reeves
Mr. Daniel Regan
Mr. John F. Regan
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Regas
Mrs. Judith Regelman
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Register
Mrs. Joan B. Rehnborg
Rev. Edwin K. Rehrauer
Mr. Kurt A. Reichardt ❡
Mr. Jonathan F. Reichert
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reichman ❦
Ms. JoAnne B. Reid ❡
Mr. Mervin R. Reid
Mr. Robert T. Reid
Vernon M. Reid ❡❦
Mr. Marc S. Reigel ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Dann M. Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Reilly
Sue E. Reimondo ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Reiners, Jr.
Mr. Timothy O. Reinert
Mr. Richard Reinhardt
Mrs. Charlotte E. Reinicker ❡❦✤
Mrs. Marilyn F. Reinking
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Reinmann
Ms. Patricia C. Reisinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Reisman
Mr. and Mrs. John Reiss
Mrs. Anne S. Reister
Mr. Edwin A. Reiter
Ms. Teresa F. Remein ❡
Nancy M. Reneau ❡❦
Ms. Bonnie Renfro
Mr. Joseph David Reno
Ms. Margaret S. Rentmeesters
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Reppert
Mr. William M. Resnick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Reuff
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Reupert
Mr. R. Douglas Reuter
Mr. Robert E. Reuter ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. C. Kelly Reynolds ❖
Mr. Calvin F. Reynolds
Mr. Craig Reynolds
Mr. James W. Reynolds
Ms. Judith L. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anthony Reynolds
Mr. Robert W. Reynolds ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Reynolds
Steven E. Reynolds ❖❡❦
Mr. Jimmie W. Rheinschild ❡
Ms. Rebecca S. Rhinehart ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Rhoad, Jr.
Mr. Ronald A. Rhoadarmer
Mrs. Louise Rhoads ❖
Ms. Betty A. Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Rhodes ❡
Dr. Ann Rhodes and
Mr. John Stephen Rhodes ❦
Dr. Anne Smith Rice ❖❦✤
Ms. Darlene Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Rice ❦
Harry S. Rice ❡❦
Mr. Philip M. Rice
Dr. Stephen G. Rice ❡
Ms. Jean P. Richards
Mr. Mark Richards
Mr. Paul W. Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Richards
Mr. Barry Richardson ❡
Mr. Charles B. Richardson
Mr. Harold Richardson, Jr.
Ms. Jane C. Richardson ❡
Joan B. Richardson ❖
Ms. Joyce L. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Richardson ❡❦
Richard Richardson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Rowland C. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Richardson ❡
Dr. Jeffrey Lynn Richey and
Ms. Kelly A. Smith ❡
Mr. Richard L. Richman ❦
Mr. John D. Richter
Drs. Stephen L. and Diane Richter
Mr. Gustavo Rico
Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Riddle ❡
Drs. Emma Jane P. and
David B. Riddle
Mr. Gustave Rieck
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Riedlinger, III ❡
Mr. Dennis J. Riedy
Mr. and Mrs. Rueben R. Riemer ❡
Mr. John Rienecker
Ms. Barbara M. Rierson
Mr. Jacques Rieux
R. J. Riffey ❦
Mr. Frank J. Riggio, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony I. Riggs
Mr. Richard S. Riggs
Mr. Christopher Riley
Mr. John E. Riley ❦
Mr. Brent Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riley
Mr. Reed D. Riley ❦
Ms. Judith K. Ring
Ms. Mary M. Ring ❡
Mr. Frank Ripa
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Ripley
Ms. Margaret Shean Ris
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Rishel
Mr. Henry F. Ritchie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Rittenhouse ❡
Malcolm F. Ritter ❡
Drs. Michael and
Marguerite Rivage-Seul ❡
Mr. Thomas Rivell
Janet Rivers
Dr. Katrina Rivers Thompson and
Mr. Ralph Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rives
Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Rizy
Ms. Barbara Adair Roach ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Roach ❦
Dr. Kathleen A. Roach ❡
Dr. Beverly Roane
Mr. Bob N. Robards
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Robb ❡
Ms. Molly W. Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Will Robbins ❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Robbins ❖
Margaret M. Roberson ❦
Mrs. Betty B. Roberto
Ms. Cynthia Roberts
Ms. Darlene Roberts ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Roberts ❦
Ms. Dawn D. Roberts
Ms. Emmie Denise Roberts
Gerald F. Roberts ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dean Roberts, III
Mr. James S. Roberts, III

Mr. Joe Roberts ❡❦
Mr. Peter Roberts
Dr. Barbara Wade and
Mr. Randall Lee Roberts
Mr. Robert Charles Roberts
Mr. Samuel A. Roberts, Sr. ❡
Mr. Stewart Roberts, Jr.
Tammy Roberts ❡
Mrs. Catherine H. Robertson ❖❡❦
Mr. Charles Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Robertson ✤❡❦
Mr. James D. Robertson
Ms. Jean Robertson
Mrs. Margaret W. Robertson ❡
Mr. Merritt A. Robertson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Robertson
Dr. Kathy M. Robie-Suh
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gordon Robinson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett F. Robinson
Mrs. Betty Jane Robinson ❖
Ms. Carol Robinson
Ms. Deborah Robinson ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Robinson ❡
Mr. John A. Robinson, Sr.
Mr. John E. Robinson
Mr. Leslie J. Robinson
Ms. Lois M. Robinson
Mr. Merle Robinson
Mr. Robert B. Robinson ❡
Mr. Rufo William Robinson
Mr. Thomas C. Robinson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Robinson ❡
Mr. William Russell Robinson
Mrs. Lois E. Robison ❖❡❦
Ms. Sari C. Roboff
Admiral and Mrs. Allan B. Roby ❖❡❦✤
Mr. Mordecai Rochlin
Mrs. Lisenne Rockefeller ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Rockey ❖
Ms. Adele P. Rodbell ❡❦
Mr. Glenn Rodgers, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rodman
Prof. Kenneth A. Rodman ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Rodman
Mr. and Mrs. Gerson Rodriguez
Dr. Maria Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Raul Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Roe, Jr. ❡
Ms. Marjorie O. Roeder
Mrs. Cynthia Roelofs
Mrs. Eugenia Roelofs
Lauren M. Roelofs ❖❡❦✤
Dr. Lyle D. Roelofs ❖❡❦✤
Mr. Daniel Rofrano
Col. John F. Rogan, USA, Ret.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Rogers ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Rogers ❡❦
Heather R. Rogers
Jean Gauger and Hiram Rogers
Ms. Janice R. Rogers ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rogers ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Rogers, III
Terry W. Rogers ❖
William Rogers ❡❦
Dr. Milton W. Roggenkamp ❖❦
Mr. Sam Rohde
Mrs. Jane L. Rohlf
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Rojas ❡
Gene D. Roland ❡
Mr. John R. Roland
Mr. Charles Rolen
Mr. George P. Roller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Roller ❡
Ms. Marianne Rollins
Mr. Roderick R. Rolston
Ms. Roberta L. Roman
Mr. Ward L. Romer
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Romero
Mr. Julio Romero
Ms. Victoria Romero
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Romick
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ronkainen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. G. Ronus ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Rood

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Rood
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Rook, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Roos
Ms. Valerie M. Fargo an
Mr. John A. Roper, III ❡
Dr. Robert C. Rosan
Ms. Angela P. Rosania ❖
Mrs. Anne Tucker Rose
Ms. Cecelia Y. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Rose
Mr. James Rose
Ms. Kathryn Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Rose
Rubye L. Rose ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Rose
Mr. Rich L. Rosen
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Rosen ❡
Mr. Gordon B. Wood and
Mr. Warren D. Rosen ❡
Doris Rosenbaum ❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rosenbaum ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Rosenberger ❡❦
Ms. Yvonne Rosenblatt ❡
Mr. Doug Rosenthal ❦
Mr. Warner A. Rosenthal ❡
Frederick M. and
Joyce Y. Rosevear ❡❦✤
Ms. Gail L. Wread and Mr. Robert T. Rosin
Ms. Marlene Rosinski
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Rosolina ❡❦
Mr. Anthony B. Ross, Sr.
Mrs. Concetta V. Ross ❖❡❦
Mr. David Lee Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Ross
Irene H. Ross
Ms. Jean P. Ross
Mr. Joseph B. Ross
Mr. Ken Ross
Ms. Leslie W. Ross
Mr. Robert H. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne I. Ross ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ross
Ms. Jacqueline Rossi ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Terry T. Roth ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rothstein ❦
Mr. John J. Rotolo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rottman
Ms. Patricia Rourke ❦
Ms. Kay Ellen Rouse ❖
Mr. Brian P. Rousseve
Ms. Thalethia Routt ❦
Mr. James P. Rowan
Mr. Lawrence P. Rowells ❡
Mr. Timothy R. Rowland ✤
Ms. Diane Elaine Rowley
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Rowley
Mr. David P. Roy ❡
Larry M. Roy
Ms. Nancy M. Roy
Ms. Lisa Royal
Mr. Sam Royall
Mr. Peter Roybal
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Royse
Ms. Hilah Rozier
Mrs. Estelle R. Rubenstein
Jeff Rubin ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Ruccio
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rucker
Ms. Diane Ruckman
Ms. Evelyn K. Rudolph
Mrs. Susan Kay and
Mr. Jeffrey R. Rudsten ❖
Mr. Donald B. Rudy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Rue
William J. Rueger ❡❦
Dr. Peter C. Ruenitz ❖❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Ruether
Ms. Judith A. Rugoff ❡
Ms. Lynn S. Ruiz
Mr. Peter A. Rukavina ❦
Ms. Gloria L. Rule
Ms. Barbara L. Rumminger ❡
Mr. Steve Runyan ❦
Ms. Louise Morgan Runyon
Mr. Marvin G. Rupp ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Rupp
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Rupp
Mr. and Mrs. John Ruppenthal
Ms. Pamela S. Rups ❖❡❦
Mr. John D. Rusack
Ms. Linda B. Rush
Ms. Martha W. Rush ❦
Mr. William A. Rusinak
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Ruskin
Mr. George T. Rusnock
Ms. Alice K. Russell
Mr. Benjamin F. Russell ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Russell
Ms. Jacqueline C. Russell
Mr. John P. Russell, Jr.
Miss Mary Russell ❖
Mrs. Ruth B. Russell
Ms. Elva L. Rust
Mr. and Mrs. Paul O. Rusterholz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rutledge ✤
Mr. Stuart Rutledge
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ruzich, Jr.
Ms. Mary C. Ryan
Dr. Nancy Ruth Ryan
Ms. Jennifer Ryan-Graniero
Ms. Heidi Rybolt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Saberin
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sacca
Angela Sachleben
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sachs
Mrs. Patricia C. Field-Sadd and
Mr. Vincent Sadd ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sadowniczak ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Romuald Sadowski
Mr. Bernard M. Saftner ❡❦
Mrs. Gloria W. Sage ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Allan H. Sager
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy S. Sager ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sager
Ms. Robin Sahner
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sakai
Ms. Estela Palomino Salazar
Mr. Gaston I. Saliou-Diallo
Mr. Stephen G. Salkever ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Salstrom ❡
Ms. Elizabeth A. Salt ❡❦
Mrs. Jane C. Saltonstall ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Saltsman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saltzman ❦
Ms. Gloria Saltzman
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Sames
Betty C. Sammons ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sammons
Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Sampsell
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Sampson, Jr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Angelito G. Samson
Ms. Carole N. Samuelson
Stephanie San ❡❦
Mr. Alvin Sandberg
Mr. Byril J. Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Sanders
Ms. Elaine Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sanders
Mrs. Joan Sanders ❦
Mr. Ronald Lee Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Sanders, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. William Y. Sanders
Mr. Mark Sanderson
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd I. Sandlin, Jr. ❡❦
Ms. Sarah B. Havens and
Mr. Gregg Sando ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Sanford ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Santos
Mr. Mark A. Santucci
Ms. Carole Sargent ❡
Dr. Stephen N. Sarikas
Dr. and Mrs. Merrill E. Sarty ❡
Miss Holly Sassone
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Satkus
Ms. Kristen H. Hertel and
Mr. Muneer A. Satter ❦✤
Mr. Ridge Satterthwaite
Ms. Wendel Ann Satterthwaite
Mr. and Mrs. George Sauciunac
Ms. Gloria M. Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. James Saunders ❡
Mr. Robert H. Saunders
Mr. Stephen Saunders
Ms. Christine Saurel ❡
Ms. Judith M. Sausen ❡
Ms. Audrey G. Savage ❡
Mrs. Harriet H. Savage ❡
Mr. Thomas H. Savery
Dr. Barry S. Savits
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Sawdey
Mr. Tim Sawinska ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Art Sawyer ❡❦
Mr. Jack Sawyer ❡
Mr. Richard F. Sawyer
James Sawyerr ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Ned H. Sawyers
Dr. Patricia R. Sax
Ms. Elizabeth Ford Sayman ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scaramucci ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scarpello
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Scearce ❦
Mr. Bruno K. Schabarum
Mrs. Marian L. Schaefer
Miss Patricia Schaefer ❖❡❦
Ms. Rae E. Schaeperklaus ❡
Mr. Bruce Schafer
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney F. Schaffter, Jr.
Ms. Peggy L. Schafran
Mr. Albert W. Schagen
Ms. Margaret Van Schaick
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Schardein
Mrs. Ann M. Scharff
Mr. Norman C. Scheaffer, Jr. ❡
Ms. Patricia Makely and
Mr. Joseph Schechter ❡❦
Ms. Joan M. Scheel ❡
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Scheerer ❡
Mrs. Alice Janet Scheevel ❦
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Scheib
Mrs. Judith McCartin Scheide ✤
Mr. Paul F. Schellhammer
Mr. Walter Scheppke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scherb
Ms. Ruth M. Scherbarth ✤
Mrs. Jeannine M. Schetzen
Mr. Thomas J. Scheuring
Mrs. Victoria I. Schiavoni ❡❦
Ms. Ruth E. Allard and
Mr. Erik Schickedanz
Ms. Mary E. Novello and
Dr. Robert A. Schiesler
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schiff ❡❦
Ms. Susan Schiffer ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James Schifferle ❡
Eric C. Schilens ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schimpff ❡
Ms. Maria Schirta
Mr. David L. Schkolnik
Ms. Jeanne C. Schlesinger
Mr. and Mrs. Don Schleucher ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Schleupner ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schley
Dr. and Mrs. George Schloemer
Mr. Gerald J. Schluck ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Schluter ❡
Ms. Eva Marie Schmatz
Mr. Raymond G. Schmid
Ms. Carol Schmidt
Ms. Cynthia J. Schmidt ❡
Mr. Dennis Schmidt
Ms. Donna Schmidt
Mr. Michael Schmidt
Paula H. Schmidt
Mr. Terry Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Earl P. Schmitt
Mr. James W. Schmitt
Mr. Paul D. Schmitt ❡
Mr. Richard Schmitt
Mr. Johnnie H. Schmitz
Mr. and Mrs. Kris Schmitz ❦
Ms. Freya Schmus
Ms. Dorothy L. Schnabel ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schnack ❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Schnadt ❖
Ms. Dorothy H. Schnare ❦
Dr. Jurate E. Raulinaitis and
Dr. Kirk J. Schneider ❡
Mrs. Lucy S. Schneider ❖❡❦✤
Dr. Robert James Schneider ❦
Ms. Norma Schnizler ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ernst W. Schoen-Rene
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schofer
Ms. Doris V. Schoon ❖
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Schoonover ❡
Mr. Arthur C. Schoultheis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schrader
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Schramm
Mr. Glenn E. Schreiber ❡
Mr. Stephen J. Schreiber ❡
Ms. Angela M. Schrimpl
Ashley Schroader
Mrs. Charlotte E. Schroeder ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Schroeder
Dr. and Mrs. LeRoy W. Schroeder ❦
Mrs. Maria Schroeder ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schroeder
Mr. Dale L. Schruben
Mrs. Barbara Schubert ❡
Jean M. and Walter C. Schubert ✤
Mr. William Schuberth
Mr. Curtis S. Schuelein ❡❦
Mr. Chris Schuette
Mr. and Mrs. Alan N. Schulman ❡
Ms. Mary I. Schultz ❡
Mr. David R. Schultze, II
Mr. Donald P. Schulz ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick W. Schulz ❡
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Schumacher, Jr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Schumacher
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Schumburg
Ms. Carolynne M. Schutt
Ms. Elizabeth A. Schutt ❡
Mr. Peter Schwalbenberg ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Schwanebeck ❡

Mr. and Mrs. Hand M. Schwaiger
Ms. Alice H. Schwartz
Ms. Alta Schwartz
Ms. Barbara L. Schwartz
Ms. Dorothy D. Schwartz ❦
Ms. Ellen Schwartz
Ms. Margaret Schwartz ❦
Mr. Steven J. Schwartz
Mrs. Radonna Schwarz
Miss Virginia E. Schwatel ❖
Mr. Emanuel R. Schwegman ❖
Dennis L. Schweitzer ❡❦
Miss Helen E. Schweizer
Mr. Robert G. Schwemm
Ms. Carole D. Wagner and
Mr. Alfred H. Schwendtner ❡❦✤
Ms. Shirley Schwenke
Sara N. and Perry J. Schwierzke ❡
Dr. Samuel G. Scime ❖
Ms. Helen C. Scinto
Ms. Dixie L. Scism
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Scobey
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie W. Scott
Mr. David A. Scott ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Scott
Mr. Earl Scott
Mr. Irving Scott
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Scott
Ms. Laura K. Scott
Ms. Rhonda M. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Robertson C. Scott, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Scott ❖❡❦✤
Mr. William L. Scott ❡❦
Ms. Sally Scrimgeour ❖
Drs. Marilla and Roy M. Scudder-Davis
Margaret Scutchfield ❦
Dr. Charles Ward Seabury, II ❡❦✤
Mr. David Seabury ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Seale
Travis Seals, Jr.
Ms. Lonette Donahue Seaton ❖
Ms. Judi Seaver ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Sebrell
Mr. Matthew Seccombe
Lang F. Secrest ❖❡❦
Mr. Thomas A. Sedgwick
Mr. Robert A. Sedler
Ms. Melinda Marchal and
Mr. Paul Seebeck
Ms. Frances Seegert
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Seerey
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Segar, MD.
Mr. Stephen Craig Sego
Ms. Amy A. Seidman
Mr. Peter F. Seidman ❡
Ms. Andrea Seielstad ❦
Ms. Meredith Feinman and
Mr. Eric A. Seiff ❡
Dr. Travis Seifman
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Seip ❡
Ms. Irene Selden
Mr. Scott J. Self, DDS
Dr. William G. Self, Jr. ❦
Mrs. Madge W. Selinsky ❖
Ms. Barbara J. Sellers
Ms. Mary Anne Sellers
Dr. Richard Sellers ❖
Ms. Sally Sellers
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Sellstrom ❡
Mr. Robert Senior
Mr. and Mrs. John Senn ❦
Ms. Carol A. Senter
Mr. Joseph Sentinella, Jr.
Ms. Naomi Serotoff
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Serrage
Mrs. Eleanor J. Sesta ❦
Ms. Mary Barbara Sestina
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Setlow ❡❦
Mr. Thomas P. Seward, III ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Sexton ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Joel S. Sexton
Ward Sexton ❡
Hon. Harold E. Shabo
Mr. William Shack
Ms. Judith E. Shackelford
Mr. and Mrs. Grover L. Shade ❡
Mr. Frank Shaffer
Mrs. Kathryn W. Shahani ❦✤
Mr. Said Shaheen
Ms. Marcia Shaich
Dr. and Mrs. A. Shamm
Mrs. Mary G. Shanahan ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Corenlius Shand
Rev. Alfred R. Shands, III ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Shane

Ms. Carol E. Shanesy
Ms. Virginia N. Shannon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Shanshala
Mrs. Ruth S. Shantz ❦
Ms. Helen M. Y. Shao
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Shapiro
Ms. Andrea J. Ruff and
Mr. David B. Shapiro ❡
Ms. Rosalind Shapiro
Ms. Linda L. Sharkey ❡
Ms. Paula Sharon
Donald Sharp
Mr. Donald E. Sharp ❡
Mr. James F. Shaughnessy, Jr.
Mr. Robert James Shave, Jr.
Mr. James J. Shaver
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Shaver
Ms. Beverly Shaw
Mr. Carl F. Shaw ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Shaw
Dr. James S. and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Shaw ❡
Ms. Jane Shaw ❦

Ms. Kathryn M. Shaw
Mr. Kevin A. Shaw ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy C. Shaw
Mrs. Sonia Shaw
Dr. Vance Shaw
Mrs. Margaret W. Shawley
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shea
Ms. Susan Wygal and
Mr. J. Gregory Shea ❡❦
Ms. Theresa A. Shea
Ms. Ann M. Sheadel ❡❦
Ms. Karen J. Sheaffer
Mr. Bruce Shearer
Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Shearer
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Shearin
Ms. Joellen M. Sheehan
Ms. Betty M. Sheets ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sheets ❖
Mr. Harold T. Shehan
Dr. and Mrs. Afra Shekarloo ❡
Ms. Shirley J. Shelangoski
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Sheldon ❡❦
Mr. Robert H. Sheldon ❖
Ms. Ruth Sheldon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Shell ❖
Ms. Rozella Ma Lanceta Shell ❡
Bob and Betty Shellenbarger ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Shelley
Ms. Elizabeth B. Shelly
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Shelton ❦
Ms. Velora Jean Shelton
Ms. Irena Shemkus
Dr. and Mrs. Ray E. Shenefelt ❡
Mrs. Katherine P. Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Shepard
Mr. Ralph Shepherd ❡❦
John R. Sheppard ❖❦
Laverne Sheppard ❦
Dr. Marjorie Senchal and
Mr. Stan Sherer ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Sherman
Rev. William W. Sherman, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Sherry
Dr. Anne L. Sherwood
Mrs. Dorothy Dale Sherwood
Mr. Thorne Sherwood
Dr. and Mrs. John Shields
Ms. Susan G. Shillinglaw
Mr. Perry D. Shilts
Mr. G. Dennis Shine
Ms. Pamela Shingler
Mr. Tom Shipley
Mrs. Farra Mai Shipp ❖❡❦
Mr. Jonathan Shippey ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Shirley
Ms. Joanne L. Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Shirley
Dr. Michael C. Shisler ❡
Dr. Jaigobin Shivcharran
Rev. and Mrs. Deane S. Shively
Mrs. Sonia Lee Shively
Ms. Carolyn Shobe
Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Shockey, Jr. ❦
Mr. Lynn Shoemaker
Ms. Frances L. Shoffner
Mrs. Frances G. Shoolroy ✤
Ms. Patricia L. Short
Mr. Stanley J. Short
Mr. William B. Short, Sr. ❖✤
Mrs. Minnie Shorter ❦
Diane M. and Roger J. Shott ❡❦
Mr. J. Wayne Shourds
Mr. and Mrs. David Shroyer
Ms. Brenda K. Shuey
Ms. Bonnie Shulman
Mrs. June Hill Shulman ❦
Mr. John B. Shultz ❡
Ms. Pam Goodman and
Mr. Michael Shwartz
Glenn and Pam Sibbel
Mr. James B. Sibley ❡
Mr. John Durbin Sibley
Sumaiya Tul Siddique
Ms. Irene Sidun ❖
Ms. Regina Sieben ❦
Mr. William A. Siebert ❡
Mr. Charles S. Siebler
Mr. Lawrence Siebler
Margaret Siedschlag ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Siedschlag ❡
Mr. Stanley F. Siefer
Mr. Edward M. Siegel
Mr. Martin Siegel
Ms. Fayebelle Siegrist
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Siegrist
Mr. Robert Sievert
Mr. Henry Siewert
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Sigman, Jr.
Col. William G. Sikes, Jr. ❡
Mrs. Louise Sikora ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Silber
Mr. William Silberman
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Silseth
Ms. Bernice Silverman
Miss Ellen-Marie Silverman ❡
Ms. Naomi Silverstone
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Silvey, Jr.
Ms. Natalya Simi
Ms. Nancy C. Simmons
Patricia M. Simmons ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. David Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall C. Simon
Ms. Patricia L. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Simone ❡
Mr. Peter Simons
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Simonsen
Dr. Jeff Bary and Dr. Mary Simonson
Mr. James H. Simpson ❡
Miss Kathleene Ann Sims ❖❡❦
Ms. Paulette Sinclair
Mr. and Mrs. Roland B. Sinclair ❡
Mr. Michael Sindram
Mr. Michael D. Singer
Mrs. Joanne Watson Singh ❖❡
Mr. Mark L. Singleton
Phillip Derrick Singleton ❡
Jack M. Sink ❦
Ms. Loretta F. Sisson ❡
Mr. Robert Sisson ❦
Mr. Sankar Sitaraman ❡
Ms. Laura H. Sitterly
Ms. Patricia E. Regan and
Mr. David M. Skeels
Miss Bonnie L. Skelton ❖
Mr. Patrick Skelton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Skidmore
Mrs. L. G. Skinner
Ms. Veronica L. Skinner ❡
Mrs. Shirley U. Skirvin ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Skoog
Mr. Randolph J. Skora
Ms. Barbara Skousen
Barbara C. Sky ❡
Ms. Linda D.C. Skywatcher
Ms. Aida Slabotzky ❦
Mr. Alexander R. Slafkosky
Ms. Ann M. Slater ❡
Ms. Linda Lee Slesinger
Mrs. Carole Slesnick
Dr. Donald J. Slipp ❡❦
Cheri Sloan ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Slotten ❡
Ms. Wilma S. Slyoff ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smaby ❦
Mr. Donald Small
Mr. Ryan Small ❦
Ms. Sandra E. Small
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Smallwood
Mr. W. Irwin Smallwood, Jr.
Mrs. Caroline G. Smart
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Smart ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Miles E. Smid
Mr. Robert Smit
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Smith
Ms. Alice N. Smith
Ms. Beryl E. Smith ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith
Mr. Carl W. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Smith
Ms. Claudia M. Smith
Ms. Michele Frank and Mr. Craig Smith
Mrs. Cynthia Smith
Dr. Margery Lackman and
Mr. Daniel F. Smith ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith ❡
Mr. David A. H. Smith ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Smith ❦
Ms. Edith L. Smith
Mr. Edward Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Smith
Mr. Emil Smith ❡
Ernest H. Smith ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Smith
Rabbi H. D. Uriel Smith
Mr. J. Neil Smith, Jr. ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Smith ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith
1stSgt. James O. Smith, USMC
Ms. Janice V. Smith
Mr. Jefferson Smith, Jr.
Mr. Jerry V. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Smith
Joyce S. Smith ❡❦
Ms. Kathryn Kelly Smith
Ms. Kathy S. Smith
Ms. Kelsey Smith
Ken and Linda Smith
Dr. and Mrs. L. Douglas Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lary R. Smith ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy A. Smith
Ms. Marilyn G. Smith
Mr. Mark E. Smith, Sr.
Ms. Martha H. Smith
Mr. Marvin W. Smith ❡
Rev. Dr. Michael J. Smith, Ed.D. ❡❦
Ms. Michel D. Smith
Ms. Nevenah M. Smith
Ms. Patricia M. Smith ❡
Mr. Paul Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Smith ✤
Mr. Reginald M. Smith, Jr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith
Mr. Richard L. Smith ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Smith ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Smith
Dr. Robert S. Smith ✤
Mr. Roger R. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Sean O. Smith
Sharon L. Smith ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith
Ms. Susan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Smith, III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Smith ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler R. Smith ❖
Mr. Vincent M. Smith ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Wayman W. Smith ❖
Mr. Willard Smith
Ms. Elaine Smitham
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smithson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Smoker
Mr. Michael David Smolen
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Smyth, Jr. ❦
Betty Snapp ❡
Michael Snavely ❡
Ms. Audrey Snider ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Snow, Jr.
Mr. Vinson Snowberger ❡
James L. Snyder
Ms. Julia A. Snyder ❡
Mr. Mark H. Snyder
Mr. Randall Scott Snyder
Mr. Edward Sober ❡❦
Mr. James L. Sobieski ❡❦
Ms. Mya Nwe and Mr. Than Soe
Mr. Lawrence E. Sohn ❡
Ms. Loretta Soignier ❡
Ms. Cheryl Y. Laurent and
Mr. John S. Sokalski ❡❦
Mr. Peter G. Sokaris ❡
Mr. Kenneth Sokolow
Ms. Caroline M. Ross-Solberg and
Mr. Jason J. Solberg ❦
Mr. Frank Sollosy
Ms. Magen Solomon
Ms. Phyllis L. Solter
Ms. Judith E. Sommer
Mr. M. Josef Sommer ❦
Ms. Carolyn M. Sommerich ❦
Ms. Poonam Soni
Ms. Annie Sonner ❦
Mr. Herhardus R. Soodsma ❡
Leroy D. Soper
Mr. Billy Sopshire
Dr. Danita D. Sorenson
Mr. Michael Sosin ❡
Ms. Joyce B. Soule
Mr. Dale R. South, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Southards
Mrs. Shawnna K. Southerland ❡
Mr. David G. Southwick
Dr. Sara C. Hamel and
Dr. Wesley E. Sowers
Ms. Susan M. Spadinger ❖
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Spain ✤
Dr. Susan E. Spalding
Mrs. Patricia Q. Spampinato ❡
Donella Reynolds Spangler
Dorothy E. Spangler ❡❦
Ms. Jeri Spann
Ms. Marion Spann
Mr. Roger Sparhawk
Ms. Ruth Ann Sparkman ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sparrow ❦
Mrs. Jane R. Spath ❡❦
Bradley Spatz ❦
Ms. Kathy J. Spears ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Speed ❡
James G. Speer ❦
Ms. Shirley E. Speer
Robert F. Spelman, Jr.
Ms. Rosemary Spence
Bruce D. Spencer ❡❦
Jane and Craig L. Spencer ❦
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Spencer
Ms. Ingrid Sperber
Ms. Nancy L. Sperry ❡❦
Mr. Kenneth E. Spieckerman ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Spiegel ❡
Mr. Daryl A. Spilde ❦
Monique A. Spina
Mrs. Janet R. Spinelli ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Spinelli
Mr. Donald R. Spivack ❡
Ms. Sheila Spivey
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Spohn ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Sponseller
Mr. Howard B. Sporn
Mrs. Patricia L. Spory
Ms. Margaret A. Spragens ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Sprague ❦
Father James W. Sprague
Mrs. Nancy P. Sprague ❖
Mr. Daniel Spring
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel E. Springer
Mr. John Sproat, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tor Goettsche Spurling
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Spurlino ❡❦
Ms. Karla Spurlock-Evans ❦
Ms. Joy Allen St. John
Mr. Larry E. Staats
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Stacy ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Staffa
Ms. Carol Stallworth
Mrs. Sarah Frost Stamps ❡
Ms. H. Anita Standifer
Mr. David Stanford ❦
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rex Stanforth ❦
Mr. Richard Stanger ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Arville L. Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Stanley
Ms. Norma Jean Stanley
Ms. Paula J. Stanley
Ms. Barbara S. Stanton ❦
Mr. Daniel W. Stanton ✤
Mr. Jordan Stanton ❦
Mr. Stephen G. Stanton ❡❦
Ms. Diana Stark ❡❦
Dorothy R. Stark ❖
Mrs. Doris H. Starker ❡
Mr. James R. Starkey
Mrs. Judith C. Starkey ❦
Ms. Sarah A. Starkey ❦
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Starr ❡
Ms. Melody Kranifeld Starr ❖
Ms. Mildred J. Starrett
Dr. and Mrs. Terence W. Starz
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Staton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Staudt
Mrs. Doris W. Stauffer ❡
Mrs. Carole H. Stavenhagen
Mrs. Mary Frances Stayton ❦
Ms. Venelle M. Steadman
Ms. Arlene E. Stearns ❖

Mrs. Karen Stearns
Ms. Dorothy S. Stearns
Ms. Anne Morris and Mr. David Steed ❖
Andrew E. Steel
Mr. Greg Steel ❡
Mr. Robert K. Steel ✤
Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Steele ❡❦
Mr. John P.H. Steele
Mr. Robert J. Steele
Mr. Roger D. Steele
Ms. Lori Myers-Steele and Mr. Scott Steele ❡
Mr. Daniel W. Steenken
Rev. and Mrs. Thomas R. Steensma ❡
Allen C. and Margaret M. Steere ❦
Rev. and Mrs. Ian Steeves ❡❦
Mr. James Stehle
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Stehouwer ❡❦
Mr. Robert M. Stein, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Steinberg ❡
Mr. Arthur Steiner
Rev. Joyce Steiner
Mrs. Margaret S. Steiner ❖✤
Ms. Phyllis R. Steinke
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Steirer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Stelmaszewski
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Stemm ❡
Mrs. Paula M. Stendel ❡
Mr. Charles E. Stephens ❡❦
Mr. Ellis M. Stephens ✤
Ms. Jackie Stephens ❖
Ms. Juliette I. Stephens
Ms. Patricia W. Stephens
Mr. Ralph Stephens, Jr. ❖❦
Ms. Joan L. Stephenson ❦
Karen A. Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Stephey ❡❦
Mrs. Ercelle G. Stepp
Mr. Cecil H. Steppe ❡❦
Ms. Shirley Sterling ❦
Mrs. Rebecca B. Stermer
Mr. Seymour B. Stern ❡❦
Ms. Tora Sterregaard
Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens ❦
Mrs. Lisa Kittler Stevens ❖
Mrs. Sara Charles Stevens ❖
Ms. Janelle Stevenson
Ms. Rowena M. Young and
Mr. Myron F. Steves, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. David B. Stewart
Ms. Glenna Stewart ❦✤
Mrs. Hannah Stewart ❖
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stewart
Ms. Kathy Ann Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Stewart
Robert Lynn Stewart ❡
Velra J. Stewart ❡❦
Mr. W. L. Stewart, Jr.
Willis Stewart
Dr. Douglas F. Stickle ❦✤
Mr. Herbert O. Stiefel ❖
James Stiegler ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Stigliani
Ms. Barbara M. Still
Mr. Edward J. Still
Mr. Quentin Still
Ms. Joan F. Stimson
Mr. Gene H. Stinchcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stitzer ✤
Mrs. Jane K. Stiverson ❡❦
Mr. David Stockhausen
Dr. and Mrs. Doug R. Stocks ❦
Jacob Stoebel ❡
Ms. Carol Iwata and
Ms. Valerie Stoehr ❖❦
Ms. Martha Stokely
Ms. JoAnn Czekalski and
Mr. Jim P. Stokes ❡❦
Mr. Matthew Duncan Stokes ❖❦
Ms. Elizabeth Joy Petroelje-Stolle and Mr. Greg C. Stolle ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Stollings ❡❦
Sharon F. Stollings ❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. William F. Stolte ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Stompe ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Stone ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stone
Mr. William F. Stone, Jr.
Mr. Tom W. Stonecipher ❦
Ms. Bonnie M. Stook ❡❦
Mr. James S. Storer
Mr. Dennis A. Story
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Story
Mr. Donald S. Stosberg ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Stothers
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Stott
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Stout
Mr. George H. Stout ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Stowe
Ms. Alice Stowell ❖❦
Mr. Michael Stranahan ✤
Ms. Marianne Stranch
Mr. and Mr. W. Terry Strange ❦
Mr. Carl Strass
Mrs. Cheryl H. Stratten
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Franklin Stratton
Ms. Margaret Wallhagen and
Mr. William J. Strawbridge ❖❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. George Strecker
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Streedain ❡❦
Mr. James L. Street
Ms. Sarah C. Street
Ms. Linda B. Streitfeld ❡
Ms. Elizabeth Daniels Streun ❡
Ms. Julie P. Strickland
Mr. Kenneth Strickland ❡
Ms. Sara Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. Stacy S. Strickland, USN Ret. ❡
Susan H. Strickler ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David Stringer ❡
Mrs. Melissa M. Strobel ❖❡❦
Ms. Milretta R. Stroheim
Ms. Nancy Strohminger
Ms. Barbara J. Strong
Dr. W. R. Strong ❖✤
Dr. Linda Strong-Leek ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Strother
Ms. Lelia P. Stroud
Jacqueline S. Stryker
Mr. Dwayne Stubblefield, USA, Ret.
Mr. Christopher W. Stubbs ❖✤
Ms. Joann J. Stubbs
Ms. Kerry Stubbs
Ms. Esther C. Stuehm

Ms. Elizabeth C. Stull
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Stull ❡❦
Ms. Sheral A. Stumbaugh ❖❡
Rev. Wayne C. Stumme
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Stumpf
LaTonya Sturdivant
Ms. Lois M. Sturm ❦
Mr. Melvin S. Sturm
Ms. Peggi Sturm
Ms. Michele McNally and
Mr. Russell Sturm ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sturtevant ❖❦✤
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Styer ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Styles
Mr. and Mrs. William Su ❡
Ms. Stephanie R. Sudhalter ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sudmeier
Mr. Ben Sugg, Jr.
Mr. Richard P. Sugg
Mr. Daniel R. Suhart
Heidi R. Sulis
Mr. Daryl Sullivan ❦
Mrs. Deborah Sullivan
Cheryl G. and Frank Sullivan, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. Fred W. Sullivan ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Sullivan
Mrs. Jane R. Sullivan ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan ❡❦
Ms. Mary Sullivan ❦
Ms. Nancy J. Sullivan
Rev. W. Jerome Sullivan ❡
Mr. William L. Sullivan
Ms. Patricia L. Sumers
Mr. Daniel C. Summerlin
Mr. Philip H. Summerlin
Col. and Mrs. George P. Summers
Ms. Orly Yadin and
Mr. Robert A. Summers ❡
Mr. William R. Summit
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sunderland
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Paul Sundmark
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Surbaugh ❦
Mr. Barry Sussman
Ms. Avanell C. Sutherland
Ms. Shannon Sutherland
Ms. Eleanor B. Sutter ❡

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sutterfield
Ms. Patricia L. Sutton
Dr. Robert Sutton ❦
Mr. and Mrs. William Sutton
Mr. Gerald Suzawith
Mr. Daniel J. Svenconis
Ms. Elke E. Svoboda
Col. and Mrs. Ludvik Z. Svoboda, USAF Ret. ❡
Mr. William Paul Svyantek ❖
David and Ann Swanson ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Swanson, Ph.D.
Mr. R. Lawrence Swanson
Mr. Irving E. Swartz
Mr. James L. Sweatt, III
Ms. Carolyn N. Sweazy ❦
Mr. David Graham Sweet
Mr. David W. Sweet
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Swenson
Ms. Margaret Swickard
Ms. Carol H. Swift
Mr. Thomas F. Swigart
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Swinehart
Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Swing ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Swiontoniowski ❡
Mr. Richard Mohr and
Mr. Robert Switzer
Barbara A. Sword
Ms. Mary Kay Sykes
Mrs. Anne G. Symchych ✤

Lt. Col. Frances T. and
Mr. Charles E. Symes
Mr. Robert B. Symon
Mr. James Syphers ❡
Mrs. Ann Syska
Mr. and Mrs. Carol Szabo ❦
Mr. Robert C. Szczerbicki
Ms. Elisabeth W. Szegho
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Szeszulski
Ms. Lisabeth K. Szilagyi ❡
Kathleen Waters and Joy Szopinski ❡

Last names T-Z

Mr. Vandoster L. Tabb
Yoshiko Tachibana ❖
Jennifer Tackett
Ms. Robin Taffler and
Mr. Dick Dougherty ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Taffler ❦
Dr. Joseph D. Tajnai
Mr. David Takesian ❖
Mr. Thomas L. Tallentire
Ms. Rebecca H. Tallman ❦
Mr. Charles H. Talmadge
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Talty
Mr. Michael Tamarack
Mr. James P. Tambling
Mr. and Mrs. Noyan Tanberk ❖❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Tanguay ❡
Mr. Alan Tankoos
Ms. Amy S. Tanler
Ms. Helen Mills and
Mr. Gary N. Tannenbaum ❡❦
Dr. Annop Tantisunthorn
Ms. Patricia L. Tanyhill
Ms. Barbara Taormina
Ms. Jody Tappero ❦
Patricia R. Tarter
Drs. Elaine Stauble and Bruce J. Tasch ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Tashlik
Ms. Lucy C. Robinson and
Mr. Kelly George Tatchell ❦
Mr. Timothy S. Tattan
Mr. James H. Tatum, Jr.
Mr. Jonas Taub
Ms. Fredricka Taubitz ❡
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Alva W. Taylor ❖
Ms. Beverly A. Taylor
Mrs. Britta K. Taylor ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan W. Taylor ❡
Ms. Carol G. Taylor
Ms. Cassandra Taylor
Ms. Cinda C. Taylor
Dr. Janelle Curlin-Taylor and
Mr. Jeffrey L. Taylor ❦
Mr. John Herbert Taylor, Jr. ❦
Dr. Karen M. Taylor ❡

Dr. Louise T. Taylor
Ms. Marlene M. Teal

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Teeple
Mr. John D. Teets
Mrs. Martha Teghtsoonian
Mr. Gerald F. Tello ❡
Ms. Barbara A. Templeton

Mary S. and Al Templeton, Jr.
Ms. Thelma A. Tengen
Mr. Gordon W. Tennett ❡

Richard L. Tennis
Ms. Mary Jane Tenny
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Teply ❦
Mr. Michael Terpstra ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Terrell
Mr. Raymond L. Terrill
Mr. Anthony M. Terrizzi
Barbara Terry ❖❡❦
Mrs. Shirley Terry
Miss Claudia M. Tesoro ❡❦
Ms. Martha Ara Tess
Mr. Steven B. Tesser
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Teubert
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Tews ❡
Mr. N. Raymond Thach, Jr.
Mr. Anthony Thein ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Theis
Mr. Jack Theo ❦
Theresa A. and John H. Thesing ❡
Sister Frances Thibodeau
Lisa M. Thiel
Ms. Sherry J. Thiele and
Mr. Chris K. Thiele ❡
Michael Thiemann ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Eberhard Thieme ❡❦
Ms. Irmgard V. Thoma
Mr. Albert H. Thomas ❡❦
Mr. Anthony Thomas ❡
Mr. Ben A. Thomas
Mr. Bruce E. Thomas
Mr. C. Gomer Thomas ❡
Ms. Cecilia Thomas
Ms. Charlotte J. Thomas
Mrs. Connie B. Thomas
Mr. Cordy Thomas ❡
Mrs. Cynthia Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie D. Thomas

Graham Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Thomas, II
Ms. Jean Thomas
Jonathon Patrick Thomas
Ms. Martha L. Thomas ❖
Michael L. Thomas
Dr. R. Dale Thomas
Ms. Susan I. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Thomas ❦
Ms. Jennifer D. Thomas-Adams
Dr. Glenn C. Thomason
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Thomasson, Jr.
Ms. Bernice E. Thompson
Carl B. Thompson ❖❦
Ms. Chrisanna Thompson
Ms. Cynthia P. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Thompson ❡
Ms. Doris R. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Thompson
Dr. Frances Thompson ❡❦✤
Dr. Francis Thompson
Mr. J. Scott Thompson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Thompson
Ms. Jeanne A. Thompson
Mr. Jeffery K. Thompson ❡❦
Ms. Karen Thompson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Thompson
Ms. Margaret E. Melun and
Lt. Col. Ky L. Thompson USMC Ret ❡❦
Ms. Linda J. Thompson ❦
Ms. Linda K. Thompson ❡
Mrs. Mary Lou Thompson
Mr. Stanley A. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Thompson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Thompson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Jay Thompson
Mr. Zachery C. Thompson
Cheryl L. Thoms ❖❡❦
Dr. and Mrs. Norman W. Thoms

Miss Carolyn Thomson
Ms. Linda Thomson
Mr. Patrick W. Thomson
Ms. Sarah Thorn
Ms. Sue E. Thorne
Mr. Colin R. Thornsberry
Ms. Martha M. Thornton
Dr. and Mrs. Frank K. Thorp ❡

Mr. Christopher N. Thorpe
Mr. Jack C. Threet ❦
Mrs. Kathryn McKillip Thrift
Miss Joan M. Thuebel ❡
Dr. and Mrs. Carl P. Thum
Ms. Melissa Thun
Ms. Hilary A. Winter and
Mr. John Thurman ❡❦
Dr. Bonnie B. Thurston ❡❦
Ms. Delabian L. Rice-Thurston and
Mr. Robert E. Thurston
Mr. and Mrs. Viscount F. Thurston
Dr. Esperanza M. Tiamson
Dr. Harry F. Tibbals, III
Mrs. Sue M. Tice ❖❦✤
Mr. Kenneth W. Tieman ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Tierney
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Tiffany
Dr. and Mrs. Lourente B. Tigas
Mr. Roger W. Tilbrook ❡
Ms. Jennifer M. Tillis ❦
Ms. Elfriede Tillman
Mr. Michael L. Timbo
Mr. Donald A. Timm ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Timmerman
Ms. Greta E. Tindall
Drs. Beatrice T. and Stanislaus Ting ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Tingle
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Tom Tinker
Charles W. Tinnin Jr. ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Tinsley
Mr. Richard Tippens, Sr.
Ms. Becky Tippins
Dr. Barbara L. Tischler ❡
Mr. Franklin E. Tobey ❖
Mr. James S. Tobiason ❡
Mr. Jon E. Tobiessen ❡
Ms. Elaine Tobin
Ms. Margaret Tocci
Mr. Paul R. Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Todd ❡❦
Mr. Ronald C. Toifel
Mr. Michael D. Tokar ❡
Mr. Scott P. Tolbert ❡❦
Ms. Jane R. Tolleson
Miss Joan Tomaszewski ❡
Dr. Clyde E. Tomlin
Dr. and Mrs. Fred B. Tomlinson ❡
Deborah G. Toms
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Joe Toncray
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kelly Tonsmeire
Mr. Daniel J. Toohey
Ms. Sharon B. Tool
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Toor ❡
Mr. Ryan Toriello
Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Tornatzky
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Torp
Mr. Pete S. Torres, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Torres
Mr. Robert Tortoriello
Mrs. Cheryl F. Toschlog
Ms. Camille M. Toth ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Totilo ❡
Augustine Toussaint
Mrs. Helen L. Townsend ❡
Mrs. Melinda G. Townsend ❖❡
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Townsend
John A. Townson ❦
Martin B. Tracy ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Tracy ❡
Mr. Michael E. Tragesser
Mr. George D. Tramp, Jr.
Mr. Bernard Traphan
Ms. Barbara Luborsky and
Mr. Charles Trapp
Mr. Byron R. Trauger ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Trautmann ❦
Mr. Ben David Traylor
Mr. Richard Tredwell ❖❡❦✤
Mr. Paul D. Tremel
Ronald V. Trense ✤
Ms. Dixie V. Trent
Ms. Monica Trent
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Trent
Ms. Katherine Trentham
Mr. Samuel V. Trice, Jr. ❦
Mr. Jack E. Trick ❖
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Trickett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Trickey ❖
Jeanne Triplett-Adams ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Tritschler ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Trksak
Mr. Robert S. Troth ❦
Mr. Curtis W. Trotter
Ms. Julie A. Trowbridge-Alford ❡
Walter Troxler ❡❦
Ms. Mary Trubek
Ms. Carolyn R. Truesdell
Mr. David W. Truscott
Mr. Tom Trykowski ❡
Kay Tseng ❖
Dr. Andy Tsoi ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Ching I. Tu
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Tudor ❡❦
Ms. Nancy C. Tudor
Miss Mary Frances Tunison
Ms. Christine A. Chisholm and
Mr. Robert S. Tures ❡
Mr. David Turino ❦
Ms. Alice H. Turk
Mr. Dale Turk
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Turk
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Turnbull
Ms. Canzata B. Turner
Mr. Daniel S. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Turner ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Turner
Mr. Jackson Turner
Mrs. June M. Turner ❖
Mrs. Kathleen Turner ❖❡❦
Ms. Linda H. Turner
Ms. Lisa Michelle Turner
Ms. Martha Turner ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Turner
Mrs. Roberta S. Turner ❖
Mr. William Bennett Turner ❡❦
Ms. Rona Turnheim
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Turpin
Mr. Tony Tussing
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tutas, Jr. ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tuuk
Mr. Joseph A. Twarog
Mrs. Alice M. Tweedy ❡
Ms. Ruth Twine
Mr. Richard A. Tybout
Ms. Ivonne Tykocki
Mr. Irwin Tyler
Mr. Michael A. Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Tymitz
Mr. Gregory Tyrell
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Uding ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John Uebel
Mr. Dennis Uhlken
Ms. Nancy Ulanowicz
Mrs. Rebecca A. Ullom
Ms. Susan Ulmer
Ms. Lillian G. Umphres
Mr. Randall Updegraff
Mr. Wayne M. Updike
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Upham ❖❡❦✤
Miss Emily F. Upton
Ms. Mary Ann Uranium
Mr. Gregory P. Urban ❡
Mr. Rudolf E. Urban ❡❦
Mr. William Kelly Urban
Mr. Gerald Wayne Usery
Ms. Jackie Usher
Mr. Roger Stephen Utter ❦
Dr. Linda A. Vachon
Ms. Rachel S. Vagts ❖
Ms. Vinka Valdivia
Mr. Christopher R. Vale
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Valente
Ms. Marie A. Valenti
Mr. and Mrs. James Valeri
Paul Valerio
Dr. Sally W. and Mr. Harald W. Van Aller
Mrs. Barbara D. Van Arsdale ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Van Auken
Dr. Roel W. H. Van Bezooijen ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Van Blarcom
Rev. Dr. Ann M. Van Cleef ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Van Frank
Dr. Carole M. Van Handel ❡
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Van Horne ❦
Mrs. Helen N. Van Prooyen
Mr. John Van Raalte
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Van Saun ❡
Mr. Neil J. Van Sloun ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Van Spronsen ❖❡❦
Mrs. Alice C. Van Tuyl
Dr. Joseph Vanable
Annabelle Vance ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Larry VanDyke ❡
Mrs. Connie M. VanHook ❡
Mr. John H. Vanier
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vanlandingham ✤
Mr. Bruce VanLoan
Ms. Linna P. VanNette
Mr. Owen VanWinkle ❡
Mr. Anthony F. Varacallo
Mrs. Shelley Varga and Mr. William Varga ❖
Ms. Ruth H. Varney ❡
Mr. Thomas Varnum, Jr.
Mr. Charles S. Vartanian ❡
Mrs. Edna Floy Vas
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vaslow ✤
Ms. Peggy L. Vaughan ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Vaughan
Calvin Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. Emmet P. Vaughn, Jr. ❖
Ms. Judith J. Vaughn
Ms. Laurel Vaughn ❡
Ms. Dixie Vaught
Mr. and Mrs. Julio Vazquez
Ms. Marion J. Veale
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Veale
Mr. Anthony Vecchio
Ms. Kristin Moore and Mr. Thomas Vega
Ms. Stephanie A. Vendig
Ms. Ann H. Venneri
Mr. Richard L. Venneri
Mr. and Mrs. George Vento
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Ventre ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Ashton I. Veramallay
Eduard Verbeke ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice C. Vercoe ❦
Dr. Ann L. Vercoutere ❡❦
Dr. Elsa Verderber
Mr. and Mrs. E. Verrey ❡
Ms. Diana A. Versenyi
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vescelus
Ms. Barbara Vice
Mr. Brice E. Vickery ❡
Rev. and Mrs. Lester B. Vier
Dr. James E. Vike ❦
Ms. Patricia B. Viles
Mr. Vincent J. Villa
Ms. Minerva Villafane
Mrs. Manuela O. Villescas
Ms. Martha Vinick ❡
Mr. Sterling P. Vinson
Dr. Richard A. Vinton
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Vires
Ms. Mary T. Virgin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Visceglie
Mr. and Mrs. J. Visser ❦
Ms. Maria F. Vitagliano
Ms. J. Rita Vital
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Vitti
Ms. Jane Shepperd Vivian
Ms. Susan A. Vlamis
Ms. Rose Marie Voelker ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. John Vollmer
Ms. Hedda Windisch von Goeben ❡❦✤
Mr. Herkus W. Von Letkemann, II ❡
Ms. Julaine Voorhis
Mr. and Mrs. Arvind Vora
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Voss ❡
Mrs. Claire M. Vota
Mr. Robert J. Vrablik
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Vyhonsky, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waaler
Mr. Ted E. Wachtel ❡
Mr. Farmer Waddle
Mr. Terry G. Waddle
Ms. Joan P. Wade ❖❡❦
Ms. Linda Wade
Ms. Patty L. Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Wade
Mr. George Waechter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Waeltz
Ms. Ann Wagner
Mrs. Ann D. Wagner ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Wagner
Mr. Frank Wagner
Mr. John W. Wagner
Ms. Suzann J. King-Wagner and
Mr. Larry E. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Wagner ❖✤
Ms. Sigrid Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Wagner ❖❡❦
Mr. Kenneth A. Wahlers ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Wajenberg
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wakefield
Ms. Jean A. Wakefield
Richard A. Wakefield ❡
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Walcott ❦
Mr. Donald E. Walden

Mark Edward Walden ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Waldenberger, Sr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Walder
Ms. Helen Mae Wales
Mr. Adron Walker ❡
Dr. Arthur W. Walker ❦
Mrs. Avonelle S. Walker ❡❦
Mr. Benjamin W. Walker ❡❦
Mrs. Frances S. Walker ❖❡❦
Dr. Galal L. Walker
Ms. Hilda G. Walker ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Mackie J. Walker ❡
Mrs. Mary Alice Walker ❡
Phillip E. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Walker ❡
Ruth Gregory Walker ❡❦
Ms. Shirley J. Walker
Ms. Sonja Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Walker
Ms. Virginia Shields Walker
Mr. and Mrs. William Walker, Jr.
Dr. Austin A. Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick H. Wall
Ms. Sue Wall
Mrs. Faye Wallace ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wallace ❦
Ms. Sarah M. Wallace
Mr. Thomas L. Wallace
Rev. and Mrs. Clifford S. Waller ❦
Dr. Kathy Waller
Dr. and Mrs. David V. Wallerstein
Mr. and Mrs. John Wallingford
Mr. Birrell T. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Walsh
Ms. Evelyn Moore and
Mr. George J. Walsh III ❦
Ms. Joan Walsh ❡
Mr. John J. Walsh, III
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Walsh, II
Ms. Katherine A. Walsh
Adam H. Walter ❡
Kenneth G. Walter
Douglas R. Walters ❦
Mrs. Marilyn S. Walters ❡❦
Camille C. Walthall ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Walton, III
Ms. Barbara B. Walwik
Dr. and Mrs. Garland E. Wampler
Mrs. Jianfen Wang
Mr. James E. Wanner
Deborah A. Wanninkhof ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wansley
Ms. Joyce A. Warchol
Dr. Anne B. Ward ❡
Mr. Charles A. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ward ❦
Ms. Kathleen M. Ward
Kyleen Ward ❦
Ms. M. Sue Ward
Ms. Patricia L. Ward
Steve Ward
Mr. William Ward ❦
Ms. Mary Lu Wardle ❡
Mr. Robert Wardrop
Ms. Colleen A. Ware
Ms. Laura G. Ware ❡❦
Ms. Patsy Jayne Ware
Mr. James Warfield
Ms. Mary-Ann Warmerdam
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Warnecke
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Warner
Rev. Suzanne M. Warner ❡
Ms. Cheryl L. Warren
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Warren ❖❦
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Warren
Ms. Dawna L. Warren ❡
Mr. Edward C. Warren
Ms. Jo Anne Warren ❡
Philip Warren
Mr. Paul A. Warzinski
Mary Jane R. Washburn ❖❡❦
Mrs. Grace C. Washington ❡
Mr. Oliver J. Washington, Jr.
Mr. Raymond Washington
Mr. and Ms. Terence V. Waskey
Mr. Louis Wassermann
Ms. Diane C. Waterman
Ms. Mudite Waterman
Mr. Lincoln Watkins ❡
Mrs. Robin H. Watkins
Mr. Donald Watlington
Ms. Janet Couper Watrous
Ms. Linda Watskin
Ms. Lee Clark and Mr. David Watson ❦
Elizabeth G. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Watson
Mrs. Joan A. Watson ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Watson ❦
Ms. Pauline W. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Watson
Mr. Jamie W. Watts, MA
Karen Watts ❖❡❦
Ms. Martha Watts
Drs. Richard M. and
Elisabeth P. Waugaman ❖❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Way
Mr. James E. Way, Jr.
Ms. Margaret N. Wayne ❡
Mr. Arthur Weathersby
Ms. Audrey Weaver ❡❦✤
Mr. David C. Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Weaver ❡
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Weaver ❡
Mrs. Susan Weaver ❡
Mrs. Sylvia B. Weaver ❖
Ms. Althea Webb ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Webb
Ms. Carol Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Webb
Mr. J. Russell Webb
Jonathan Webb
Ms. Joyce C. Webb
Ms. Judith L. Webb ❡
Ned Webb ❡
Ms. Jane M. Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weber ❡
Mr. Grant R. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Weber ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weber
Mrs. Ethel N. Webster ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Webster ❦
Mrs. Wilda G. Webster ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Weck ❡
Ms. Joan K. Weddle
Mr. and Mrs. Henri L. Wedell ✤
Mrs. Theresa Walker-Wedell and Mr. Thomas J. Wedell ❦✤
Mrs. Susan Weedall ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Weedman
Mr. James L. Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Weemes
Mr. William G. Wegener ❡
Ms. Rita Wehner
Mrs. Eunice M. Wehrenberg
Ms. Mary Wehrle ❡❦
Zheng Wei ❦
Ms. Dorothy Weicker ❦
Mr. Fred Weigel, Jr. ❡
Dr. David Jeffrey Weil
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Weimann ✤
Mr. Thomas Weimer
Dr. and Mrs. Gerhard L. Weinberg ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Weinberg
Ms. Susan Weinberg
Mr. Tony Weinberger
Mr. Anthony Weinert
Mr. Richard Weinert
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Weingarden ❡
Ms. Carol Weingeist
Mr. and Mrs. E. James Weinmann ❡
Mr. Gene Weinstein ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Weinstein ❡
Ms. Susan Weinstein ❦
Mrs. Ann Jones-Weinstock and
Mr. David Weinstock ❡❦
Meghan Weir ❖❡❦
Lynn Weisel ❦
Dr. and Mrs. Don C. Weiser ❡
Ms. Anne K. Weiss
Ms. Cynthia A. Weiss
Ms. Joan M. Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Weiss ❡
Mrs. Elisabeth Swan Weitzel ✤
Mr. Abraham Weizenberg
Mr. Richard Wekerle
Ms. Betty A. Welch
Mr. Donald E. Welge ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Merris A. Welge, Jr.
Mrs. Jennifer E. Welham ❡❦
Kimberly Wellman ❡❦
Ms. Virginia Wellman ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wells ❖❦
Mr. Jonathan Wells
Ms. Pamela K. Wells ❡
Roger W. Wells
Ms. Sarah L. Wells ❡
Ms. Janet Welsh
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Welti
Ms. Karen Wendell
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Westin Wendt ❦✤
Ms. Judy Wendt
Ms. Ruth Wene
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Wenrich
Mr. Thurman B. Wenzl ❖
Mr. Thomas Werge ❦
Mr. Philip Wergeland
Ms. Katherine M. Werner
Ms. Julie A. Werner-Simon
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Wernette
Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Wernsing ❡
Sarah T. Werntz
Mrs. Phyllis C. Wertime ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Wesche
Janice Wesley ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wesling ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Adam West ❡❦
Mr. Frederick S. West
Mrs. Jean L. West ✤
Mr. Jerry R. West
Ms. Kathleen H. West
Mr. and Mrs. Malvern S. West
Mr. Michael West
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. West
Mrs. Paul West ❖
Mr. Russell West
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Westerberg ❡
Mr. William T. Westergaard
Dr. W. Joe Westerheide
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Weston
Mark Weston
Ms. Lucille V. Westphal
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Westpheling, III ❦
Miss Alpha A. Wetenkamp
Ms. Geraldine A. Wetsel
Joseph Wexler
Mr. Joseph Wexler ❡
Mr. John Weyeneth
Ms. Darla J. Wheaton
Betty Peterson Wheeler ❖
Ms. Darlene K. Wheeler
Ms. Elizabeth L. Wheeler ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wheeler ❦
Mary B. Wheeler ❦
Elizabeth J. Whelan
Ms. Barbara Whipperman
Mrs. G. Hoyt Whipple ❖
Ms. Susan C. Whipple ❡
Ms. Edna Whitaker
Ms. Gwen C. Whitaker ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. James Whitaker
Ms. Mary Whitaker
Ms. Sharon K. Whitaker
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Whitaker ❡❦
Mrs. Barbara B. White
Carolyn J. White ❡
Ms. Eugenia Delorge White
Frederick White ❖
Mrs. Garnetta R. White
Mr. Geoffrey A. White ❦
Ms. Joan White
John S. White ❡
Ms. Judith White ❦
Lois D. White
Ralph J. White ❦
Raymond C. White ❡
Mrs. Roseyolonda White
Mr. Thomas A. White
Dr. William H. White, Jr.
Mrs. Yvonne White
Mr. Reginald A. Whitehead
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Whitehead ❦
Mrs. Heather Whitehouse ❖❦
Ms. Elaine W. Whitehurst
Mr. Gareth Whitehurst
Ms. Jan W. Whiteley ❡
Ms. Ann Whiting
Mr. David M. Whitis ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Whitlock
Mr. Ray W. Whitmore ❡
Mr. Gary A. Whitney
Mr. Jeffrey F. Whitsitt ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Andre Wiberg
Ms. Janice Litwin and Mr. Alan Wichlei ❡❦
Ms. Louise Westling and
Mr. George Wickes ❡❦
Jacquelyn G. Widner ❖✤
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Widner ❡
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wiedenheft
Ms. Andrea Korotky Wieder ❦
Mr. Richard Wiener ❖❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Wieners
A. Darryl Wiesenhahn ❡
Ms. Jacqueline Wigfall
Ms. Bernice Wiggins
Mr. Jesse Wightman, Jr.
Ms. Sarah Wikler-Marchand and
Mr. Daniel Wikler ❦
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wilborn
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Wilbur ❡
Ms. Joan H. Wilce
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Wilcox, Jr. ❦
Mrs. Gail W. Wilder
Mr. John Bacon Holding and
Mrs. Leigh Ann Wilder ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Wilderoter ❦
Ms. Janet Wildman
Mr. Charles E. Wildoner
Ms. Lori Wilds ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wiley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Wiley ❡❦
Mr. Peter Booth Wiley ❦
Mr. John Wilgus
Ms. Miriam G. Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wilhoit
Ms. Penelope Wilk
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Wilkes ❖❡❦
Ms. Sue Wilkins
Ms. Melanie S. Ito and
Mr. Charles W. Wilkinson ❦
Mr. Ernest L. Wilkinson
Ms. Leah Wilkinson
Ms. Mary Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Willard ❖
Mr. Mark Willard ❡
Mr. H. Keith Willcox ❡
Ms. Patricia A. Willey
Mr. James S. Willhite
Ms. Alice S. Williams ❡
Ms. Carolyn Y. Williams
Ms. Clarice J. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Williams
Donna M. Williams ❡❦
Mrs. Elisabeth Williams ❡❦
Ms. Frances J. Williams
Ms. Francis J. Williams
Mr. Frank D. Williams, III
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Williams ❡
J. Ron Williams ❡
Mr. James J. Williams
Mr. Jerry D. Williams, Sr.
Mr. John E. Williams ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Williams
Ms. Kay S. Williams
Mr. Larry Bernard Williams
Ms. Marian E. Williams
Dr. Patricia A. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Williams
Dr. Preston Williams ❡❦
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Richard L. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Williams
Ms. Sandra Williams
Ms. Stephanie M. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Williams ✤
Mr. William Joseph Williams
Mrs. Betsy B. Williamson ✤
Mr. Stephen Williamson
Virginia M. Williamson ❡❦
Ms. Claire B. Willis ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Willis
Ms. Suzanne Willis ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Willock ❡
Ms. Mary Lou Wilm
Ms. Mildred B. Wilmoth
Barbara P. Wilson ❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilson ❦
Mr. Charles D. A. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kenneth Wilson ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Wilson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Wilson ❡
Mr. Dean D. Wilson
Debbie Wilson
Mr. Delius E. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Wilson ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse David Wilson ❦
Ms. Joan M. Wilson
Ms. Kathleen H. Wilson
Mr. L. Jack Wilson ❡
Ms. Margaret Wilson
Mr. Mark K. Wilson, III
Mr. Michael L. Wilson
Mr. Michael Ellsworth Wilson ❦
Mrs. Patricia R. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wilson ❦
Mr. Ronald G. Wilson
Sarah Wilson ❡❦✤
Terry J. Wilson
Dr. Thomasyne Lightfoote
Wilson, Ph.D. ❖❡❦
Mr. Timothy G. Wilson
Dr. Tracy M. Hodge and
Mr. Charles R. A. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wimbrow
Mr. James I. Wimsatt
Mr. Jack J. Winch, Jr.
Ms. Susan M. Winck
Mr. John W. Windhorst, Jr. ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Windle ❡
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Winer
Ms. Inge K. Winer
Mr. and Mrs. John Wines
Ms. Jan Winfield
Mrs. Nancy B. Wing
Rev. Arthur K. Wingate
Mr. Douglas E. Wingeier
Mr. Charles R. Zalac and
Ms. Penny D. Winkle ❦
Mr. Peter A. Winograd ❖❡❦✤
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Winsberg ❡❦
Miss B. J. Winslow ❡
Mrs. Marian C. Winslow
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Winton
Mr. Kent Winterholler
Ms. Cynthia Wintermyer
Mr. Douglas Winters
Mr. Robert E. Winters, Jr.
Ms. Joan R. Wirth
Ms. Constance A. Wischmann ❡
Mr. Stephen Wise ❡❦
Mr. D. Reid Wiseman
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wiseman
Ms. Phyllis A. Wisherd
N. A. Wisznia
Mr. Jeffrey H. Witte
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Witte ❡
Mr. Paul Wittek
Ms. Beverly P. Wittenberg
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wittmann
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Wittmer ❦
Mr. John F. Wixted ❡
Mr. Thomas Woehrle ❡
Mr. Paul N. Woessner ❡
Ms. Gayl P. Woityra
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolcott ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. David Wolf
Mr. Donald L. Wolf
Ms. Frances H. Wolf ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wolf ❡
Ms. Margaret H. Wolf ❡
Mr. Richard F. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Wolf
Ms. Charlotte Wolfe ❡
Deborah Wolfe ❡❦
Rodney G. Wolfenbarger
Mrs. May Jean Wolff ❖
Ms. Judy Wolfinbarger
Mrs. Gretchen M. Wolfinger ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Wolfthal ❡
Dr. Norbert S. Wolloch ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wolniak
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Wolter ❖❦
Ms. Mariel L. Wolter
Ms. Amy Woltman ❦
Ms. Anne Womeldorf
Ms. Penelope A. Wong
Mr. Xavier S. Wong
Anna H. Wood ❦
Mrs. Carol S. Wood
Ms. Clara K. Wood
Ms. Elizabeth Wood Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wood, Jr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wood, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wood
Mr. Clarence A. Woodall, Jr.
Mr. Clarence A. Woodall, III ❡
Mr. Henry H. Woodard, Jr.
Ms. Kimberly R. Woodard
Ms. Sara G. Woodard
Thomas C. Woodbridge ❖❡❦
Ms. Stephanie M. Woodie ❡❦
Ms. Grace Wooding ❡
Ms. Josefina M. Wooding
Ms. Valerie Woodring
Mrs. Mary E. Woodrow ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Woodruff ❦

Mr. William F. Woodrum
Ms. Claudia C. Woods
Mr. Dale C. Woods
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Woods ❦✤
Ms. Sarah Calabi and
Mr. Gregory Woods ❦
Ms. Patricia A. Woods
Dr. Robert C. Woods ❡
Mr. William E. Woods ❡
Mary Ann Woodson ❡❦
Ms. Celia A. Woodworth
Ms. Barbara L. Woody ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wooley ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Woolverton ✤
Ms. Noralyn Gail Word
Mrs. Linda H. Worden
Ms. Linda S. Worlow
Mr. Neal Wormsley
Adam Worsham ❦
W. Nelson Worsham
Julia L. Worthen ❡
James R. Wray ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wray
Ms. Linda M. Wray
Mr. and Mrs. David Wright ❦
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Wright ❖
Ms. Kathleen Venter and
Mr. Glen Wright, Sr. ❖✤

Mr. Homer E. Wright, Jr.
Ms. Isabelle M. Wright ❡
Mr. John E. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wright
Ms. Myrna Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Wright
Ms. Rosemary Wright ❖
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Wright
Dr. Theodore P. Wright, Jr. ❡
Ms. Betty E. Wrightson
Ms. Susan K. Donaldson and
Mr. John D. Wrigley
Dr. and Mrs. Erich-Oskar Wruck ❡
Manxi Wu ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wulfestieg ❡

Dr. Ruth N. Wukasch
Mr. J. A. Wunderlich, III
Ms. Frances A. Wurster
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Wyatt ❦
Kelly Wyatt
Mrs. Marion S. Wyatt ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wycherley ❡
Ms. Deborah Wygal
Ms. Jacqueline L. Wylie
Ms. Heidi L. Wells and
Mr. Burleigh Fairchild Wyman
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Wynn ❡
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wynne
Amanda Jeane Wyrick
Ms. Diane K. Wysowski
Ms. Marlene C. Yacso
Tina Ing Yahng ❡❦✤
Christopher Yaluma ❦
Mr. Keith R. Yamamoto
Dr. Qi Yang
Ms. Sharon S. C. Yang ❖❦
Mr. John W. Yarbrough ❡
Ms. Olivia M. Yarbrough
Dr. Jon A. Yasin
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Yates ❡
Ms. Kerin N. Yates
Dr. Margaret B. Yates
Mr. and Mrs. David William Yeary ❡❦
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Yeast
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Yeatman ❡❦
Ms. Karin B. Yeatts ❡
Ms. Josephine C. Yeh
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Yerkes, Jr. ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Yglesias

Mr. John M. Yoakum
Ms. Sue Yoakum
Mr. Kendall L. Yoder
Rev. M. Romanov Yosso ❖
Ms. Lynette Yost
Ms. Betty Henry Young
Mr. Dennis Sai Git Young
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Young ❡
Dr. Nancy M. Young ❡❦
Mrs. Rebecca Young ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Young ❦
Ms. Karen E. Youngblood
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Younghouse ❡
Mr. and Mrs. David Youngren
Ms. Linda H. Youngstrom
Ms. Karen J. Yount
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Yount, Jr. ❡
Mr. Carlos Yu
Ms. Leokadia H. Zach
Judy Zachary
Mr. and Mrs. Randell Zachery
Mrs. Beatrice Linda Zacur ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Zadecky
Mr. Charles Zahn, Jr.
Mr. Clyde S. Zaidins
Ms. Imarie S. Zambrana
Dr. Rosalind L. Hunter-Anderson and
Dr. Yigal Zan
Ms. Arlene Zarembka
Mr. Thomas Zaslavasky
Ms. Pamela Zave ❡❦
Mr. Russell Zawacki

Mrs. Judith A Houser Zayas and

Mr. Robert H. Zayas
Mrs. Myrna V. Zayas and
Mr. Jose R. Zayas-Aguiar ❡
Mr. David P. Zdancewicz
Mrs. Stephanie Bowling Zeigler and
Mr. Eric Zeigler ❡❦✤
Mr. Eugene J. Zeman, Jr.
Mr. Fred Zemke ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zenos
Mr. Edward Zerin
Mr. Henry Berrien Zettler
Mr. Bob Zickler ❦
Mr. Brian K. Ziebart
Dr. and Mrs. H. Glenn Ziegenfuss
Col. and Mrs. David R. Ziegler
Mrs. Sue C. Zienert
Mr. Anthony J. Zierer
Mr. Martin J. Zigovsky
Mr. David J. Zimet
Ms. Margaret E. Timm and
Mr. John D. Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Max Zimmerman ❦
Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Zimmerman ❖
Mr. T. G. Zimmerman ❡
Ms. Margaret A. Zimmermann
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Zink
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Zink
Frederick Zipf
Mr. John J. Zitzelberger
Dr. H. J. Zoffer ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Zoller, II ❡
Drs. Janet Wygal and Robert C. Zoller
Mrs. Evelyn Zolondek ❦✤
Mrs. Janet Burridge Zorsky ❖❡❦
Ms. Nancy A. Zoss
Mr. Michael Zuckerman ❡
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Zuehlke
Miss Patricia Ann Zugcic ❖
Mr. and Dr. John Zumbrunn

Ms. Joanne M. Zupon
Mr. Donald J. Zutter

Dr. Melvin L. Zwillenberg


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