Berea graduate raising her fist to the air

Every year, Berea College celebrates with more than 300 graduates who successfully complete their degrees and move on to further their education, fulfill career aspirations, serve communities around the globe and share their Berea experience with a broader world. And every year we are delighted to share the stories of faithful donors whose support makes it possible for these students to change the trajectory of theirs and their families’ lives. Here, we share stories of alumni who fulfill their ambitions and gratefully support the next generation of Berea students to follow in their footsteps. We reveal stories of happenstance where strangers find their way to Berea and are so moved by the people, values and mission they become supportive friends for life. We herald the faithful stories of those whose families have been supporting and serving Berea for decades. Each story and each gift weaves together to create a beautiful image of endurance, sacrifice and success.


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