July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015

Lifetime memberships to the Founders’ Club are now conferred to those who have already contributed $50,000 or more to Berea College or indicate their intention of contributing $5,000 annually until $50,000 has been reached (including past donations). Those who became members prior to July 1, 2003 retain their membership under the previous criteria.

Mrs. Kay E. Adair

Mrs. Dolores W. Humphrey

Patricia Finn Hunter, ’48

Betty Partin Hurst, ’50

Jane Miller Hutchens, ’71

Thomas Walter Hutchens, ’67

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jackson, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. David Japikse

Debbie Jarvis-Yates, ’83

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jepson, Jr.

Dr. Flora Hsu Johnson, ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn C. D. Johnson

Brenda Starnes Johnstone, ’75

Dr. William H. Johnstone, ’74

Leigh A. Jones, Hon.’93

Pat Jones

Mr. George J. Kalanzis

Ms. Georgia F. Kearney

Ms. Susan Kellogg

Ms. Margaret L. Keon

Mrs. Charles F. Kettering, II

Pauline Schellberg Kifer, ’40

Averill Kilbourne

Mrs. Debbie Q. Kiser

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Allen Kraus

Janet C. Kreider, Hon.’91

Dr. Donald H. Lakin

Brenda Todd Larsen and Charles Larsen, III

Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Larsen

Mrs. Dee Macleod Lawrence and Mr. Richard H. Lawrence, Jr.

Dr. William M. Leach, ’56

Mrs. Marthella S. Lehtinen

Ms. Irene Lejman

Dr. George Ronald Lester, ’54

Patricia P. Lester

Hunter Lewis

Dr. David Litowsky

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lombard

William M. Lowder, ’62

Dr. John Y. Lu, ’55

Ruth Ferrill Luthringer, ’46

Mrs. Constable MacCracken

Dr. Steven C. Macdonald and Ms. Rita A. Altamore

Mr. James V. Madden

Mrs. Lillian M. Mairs

Dr. Alice R. Manicur, ’54

Bruce Martin, ’62

Sue Martin

Dr. Geneva Metzler Matlock, ’48

Mrs. Ann B. McCleary

Mr. and Mrs. William R. McFarland

Ann Bishop McNeer, ’50

Charles S. McNeer, ’50

Mrs. Lillian McNeily

Mrs. Anne W. McNulty

Mr. and Mrs. Orval G. Mead

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Meisel

Mr. and Mrs. George Wall Merck

Mr. Robert E. Merkle

Carol Ledbetter Miller, ’55

Dr. Robert Warren Miller, ’53

Helena Jacobs Mink, ’51

Mr. Wilburn L. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Morrison, Jr.

Dr. Harold L. Moses, ’58

Linda H. Moses

Mr. I. E. Murray, Jr.

Mr. C. G. Nessler

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nickolaus, Jr.

Mr. Thomas H. Oliver

Dr. and Mrs. Edward T. Ordman

Rev. J. Randolph Osborne, Hon.’95

Miss Jean Phyllis Owens

Betty Parker Parker, ’50

Dr. Franklin Parker, ’49

Mr. and Mrs. John Williams Parker

Dr. Eugene Q. Parr, ’49

Joan Lykins Parr, ’48

June Morton Perry, ’44

Mary McWilliams Perry, ’53

Eugene H. Peterson

Margaret Bowman Peterson, ’45

Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Peterson

Mrs. Kathryn W. Pettengill

Ellen Herron Phillips

Ms. Kathleen Picken

Mrs. Dona Lou Pierce

Virginia Ferrill Piland, ’43

Dr. Jack Daniel Pittillo, ’61

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Polk

Carol M. Porter

Mrs. Margaret C. Price

Mrs. Jill Gruver Puleo

Charles C. Rayburn, ’45

Mary Rayburn

Ruben D. Recio, Sr., ’51

Larrey W. Riddle, ’80

Mrs. Kathryn Sanders Rieder

James E. Ripley, ’66

Padi McKain Ripley, ’66

Dr. Linda Stewart Rivers, ’62

Ruth Barnes Robbins, ’49

Helen Swanson Robinson, ’49

Admiral and Mrs. Allan B. Roby

Lyle and Laurie Roelofs

Rubye L. Rose

Doris Rosenbaum

Frederick M. and Joyce Y. Rosevear

Mr. Albert L. Roy

Dr. Justine Jones Rozier, ’43

Mr. and Mrs. William Knight Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rutledge

Lou Haigler Salter, ’47

Willie Sanders, ’69

Mr. L. Manlius Sargent, Jr.

Mr. Muneer A. Satter

Barbara Weaver Sawyer, ’57

Dr. Hershel G. Sawyer, ’57

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scaramucci

Ms. Ruth M. Scherbarth

Victor E. Scherrer, ’43

Ms. Nancy J. Schmidt

Mrs. Lucy S. Schneider

Jean M. and Walter C. Schubert

David G. Schultz, ’41

Kathleen Jett Schwarzschild, ’46

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Scott

Ms. Catherine Seabury

Dr. Charles Ward Seabury, II

Mr. John Shafer, Jr.

Mrs. Lucy B. Shaw

Dr. David Eugene Shelton, ’69

Don Shinault, Jr., ’84

Larry D. Shinn, Hon.’08

Nancy Shinn, Hon.’08

Farra Mai Shipp

Dr. Robert H. Shipp, V-12 ’45

Mrs. Frances G. Shoolroy

Mr. William B. Short, Sr.

Mrs. Myrtle I. Sillen

Marjorie Singleton

Dr. Mary Slusser

Ernest H. Smith

Florence Pittman Smith, ’53

Frances Sturgell Smith, ’47

Henry H. Smith

Mrs. Kathleen M. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Smith

Dr. Robert S. Smith

Ron Smith, ’56

Mr. Vincent M. Smith

Rev. and Mrs. Harry C. Snyder

Sylvene Osteen Spickerman, ’56

Mr. Theodore R. Stanley

Mr. Daniel W. Stanton

Mr. Robert K. Steel

Mrs. Dorothy Stein

Nina L. Steiner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Steiner, Jr.

Mr. Ellis M. Stephens

Jane Stephenson, Hon.’93

Mrs. Margueritte C. Pendergast Stevens

Dr. Douglas F. Stickle

Mr. and Mrs. Gene P. Stickle

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stitzer

Catherine French Stookey, ’49

Mr. Michael Stranahan

Ms. Margaret Wallhagen and Mr. William J. Strawbridge

Effie Taylor Strong, ’50

Dr. W. R. Strong

Eleanore Burchell Sturgill, ’55

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sturtevant

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Styer

Dr. Faye Collett Sutton, ’65

David and Ann Swanson

Mr. Noyan Tanberk

Mrs. Eugene E. Tappero

Barbara T. Taylor, ’84

Harry W. Tennant, ’43

Mrs. Alice Terres

Tyler Smyth Thompson, ’83

Mrs. Sue M. Tice

Mrs. Mary Anne Tigges

Annette H. Tinnin, Hon.’01

Charles W. Tinnin, Jr., Hon.’01

Mr. Richard Tredwell

Kay Tseng

John Vanderstar

Mrs. William D. VanDusen

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vanlandingham

Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Van Sloun

Mr. and Mrs. Emmet P. Vaughn, Jr.

Nick Vaughn, ’97

Christine Chadwell Vensel, ’50

Ms. Hedda Windisch von Goeben

David L. Wallace, ’82

Diane Artist Wallace, ’80

Jeanne Carver Ward

Iverson Louis Warinner, ’66

Melba Wilson Wash, ’39

Miss Mary G. Waterman

Anne Smith Weatherford, Hon.’82

Ms. Audrey Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Webber

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Weber

Dr. Rosemary Maxie Weddington, ’53

Mr. and Mrs. Henri L. Wedell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Wedell

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Weimann

David O. Welch, ’55

Joyce Loy Welch, ’54

Mrs. John L. Wesley

Mrs. Jean L. West

Helen Kiser Wheeler, ’53

Max Wheeler

Mrs. Mary Alice Whiting

Shelby Alderman Whitson, ’59

Mr. Richard Wiener

Frieda Meade Wierda, ’54

Mary Coates Williamson, ’44

Judge Bradley Wilson, II, ’78

Mr. Peter A. Winograd

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Wolf

Mr. James D. Woodfin

Mr. Philip P. Woodward

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Woolverton

Dr. Ballard D. Wright, ’59

Elizabeth Peterson Wright, ’60

Ms. Page M. Wright

Robert T. Yahng, ’63

Tina Ing Yahng

Dr. Steven W. Yates, ’83

Jessie Reasor Zander, ’54

Mrs. Stephanie Bowling Zeigler and Mr. Eric Zeigler


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