There is no escaping technology. It touches every part of our lives, from the pocket-sized camera phones we use to communicate, to the cars we drive, and the appliances that fill our homes. Berea College’s technology offerings have grown exponentially in the last decade to ensure our students’ success in a technology-driven world. Computer science is perennially a top major among students, and enrollment in technology courses—especially among female students—is rapidly growing as more graduates seek tech careers that will ensure their social mobility and contributions to this growing part of society. 

Our Student Software Development Team, a group of talented students who use their skills and knowledge to develop solutions to operational challenges, has completed nine projects and saved the College time and money on hiring outside vendors to do the work. One project automated the labor evaluation process, eliminating paper and the need for students to traverse campus to collect signatures from labor supervisors.

Donors like Sandy Reynolds understand the challenges women in technology face and the importance of mentors. She and her husband, Steve, support Berea and its technology students to repay the mentors and colleagues who paved the way for her success. 

Technology is the future. And our students will be ready. 

By the Numbers


The percentage of graduates who earned degrees in Communication, Computer and Information Science or Engineering Technologies and Applied Design (2015-2020)


The number of computer science majors who have been student programmers (2018-2021)


Where Computer and Information Science ranks as a major among male students


The number of laptop computers Berea College issues to first-year and transfer students each year. Since 2003, the College has ensured every student has a laptop that is theirs to keep when they graduate. This program helps close the “digital divide” for our students, many of whom are from rural areas with limited or no internet access.


The percentage of Computer Science majors who completed one or more internships since 2016


The percentage of Communication degrees awarded to female students (2015-2020)


The percentage of Berea students who exceed the national norm in engaging with technology to complete assignments, make presentations, work in teams, etc.


The average starting salary for technology majors in the
class of 2019

You’re Hired!

Berea College tech majors have landed jobs with Amazon, Apple, Google, Hitachi, Morgan Stanley, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Oracle, Bank of America and
Red Hat, among other companies.

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