Kyle Kincaid ’13 passed away on Feb. 2, 2019. His mother, Denise Kincaid-Franklin wishes to honor her son’s memory through his writing and poetry. Below, you will find samples of Kyle’s various writings, submitted by his mother.

Photo of Kyle Kincaid at his Berea College graduation
Kyle Kincaid ’13
Some say I might be useful after disaster happens, 
And that I was relevant back when Graham was trackin’, 
I bet if I took a vote I’d be correlated with wishful thinkin’,
Or some kinda state of concentration, 
Some of these people say they hate math, 
But then make me into some kinda equation,
It’s Evil.  
And I’m somewhat of a political scientist 
So I know that’s dehumanization.  
“The reasonable person adapts themselves to the world….”
And I like where his heads at 
But me and reason ain’t gotta be disconnected.  
If you perform me I might 
Stretch ya past your former opinion, 
But I ain’t never made a minion out a nobody. 
I wasn’t the greatest in Paul’s list, 
But I’m essential for justification 
And, I ain’t sayin’, 
But I’m just sayin’ 
If I’m mis-defined how can anyone receive salvation?
What is Faith?
**** Save your questions and perception, 
I’m defined as lip service to the resurrection
************  Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!  *************
They say righteousness doesn’t come from deeds, 
But rather by me, 
But how could I be me 
If I’m not accompanied by action?
They say I’m the opiate of the masses
An intellectual assassin
They think I’m what happens after 
Actual dreams die
And naivety binds reason.
I’m seen as eyes glazed over in defeat
While the mouth below professes victory
And that’s contradictory
And that ain’t me
Because I don’t have any relation
To hypocrisy.
If you accept evil don’t dare
You walk with me
Bad fruit does not come from good trees
Don’t tell me its impossible 
To see another mans heart 
Because out of its abundance 
It speaks
Therefore, a person’s manner
Of speech makes it evident
Whether or not
They belong to 

Some say I might be useful
After disaster happens and 
That I was relevant back when 
Graham was trackin….
I bet if I took a vote I’d 
Be correlated with wishful
Thinkin’, or some kinda
State of concentration
Some a these people say 
They hate math but then
Make me into some kind of equation
It’s evil.
Proof absent
And some people make me 
Into some kinda excuse 
They tell people to have me 
Rather than providin’ them proof.
And I’m somewhat of a political scientist so I know 
that’s dehumanization.

They say righteousness doesn’t come from deeds, But rather by me, But how could I be me If I’m not accompanied by action?

Faith, by Kyle Kincaid
Photo of Kyle and Denise Kincaid sitting on a couch
Denise Kincaid-Franklin and Kyle Kincaid
Easter Perspective

March 26, 2012

A Personal Perspective on Who Christ Is and What Easter Means

A friend once said to me “there’s no such thing as an atheist, everybody believes in something” and while at first, I thought this comment seemed to me to be poorly developed I have come to find that it is profoundly true.  Every human being has foundational beliefs that they build a life on.  Some build a life that hinges upon the love of a significant other.  Some trust that success in a career will bring their heart fulfillment. Some trust that doing good for others will bring purpose to their life.  For myself, Christ is my foundation, and the event of Easter is a reminder of God’s power to raise people from the dead both spiritually and physically.  On an individual level Christ is the one who came and transformed my life, the one who gave me a new hope.  He is the one who literally put a new song in my mouth and has shown me that with him it is truly possible have an abundant life.  Christ is my moral standard.  The Word and words of Christ are my truth, they are what I use decipher the many lies that surround us each day.  Christ brings me spiritual, mental and physical contentment.

Jesus matters to me because if Christ was not physically resurrected then I will have wasted my life telling others of his transformative power.  The main reason many people walk away from the Christian church is because they have come to find that it is impossible for them to live up to the standards and rules Christ has set for them.  Therefore, if Christ cannot literally come and transform a person’s heart and change their desires, if he cannot come and make someone desire to do his will, doubt the church would be in existence today.  Many times, before I became a Christian I would often think, “why would I want anything to do with a religious organization?”  The people I know who attend them seem self-righteous, overly, and just no fun.  Jesus showed me that following him did not have to look like this.  Jesus showed me a verse that said, “delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  He showed me that he was not going to give me what I saw that other Christians had. Jesus showed me that if I gave my life for him that he would bring me the true desires of my heart.

So, what does Easter mean to me?  Easter means leaving thirty minutes early for my home church to get a seat.  It means listening to the pastor tell the extra hundred people in the congregation that they need to be there every Sunday morning.  Easter means a family basketball game in the driveway of my grandparent’s house.  It means pasta and homemade Italian sauce and meatballs.  Easter means watching all my little cousins running frantically around the yard in search of Easter candy.  It means hearing my mom sneak into my room on Sunday morning with a basket full of Bubblicious and Reeces.  Most importantly Easter reminds me that one day because of what Jesus freely gave me that I will eat a feast with the savior in the Kingdom of lights.

-Kyle Andrew Kincaid-

Kyle’s Testimony of Jesus’ Love
Headshot of Kyle Kincaid

Jan. 19, 2012

I sang at the top of my lungs each and every morning, “Your Grace Found Me” (the guys in the shower beside me I’m sure were not as excited as I was).  The only way I can possibly describe the feeling is to say the very core of my heart had been filled with this incredible Love that I knew had not come from myself.  This was several months after our relationship began and it was still on fire.  I couldn’t believe that – I, me – Kyle Kincaid, had been sought out.  I could now see that someone had been pursuing me my entire life, and time after time I shoved Him away.  And now I stood in the shower singing at the top of my lungs “You chased for me, when I wasn’t breathing, my eyes now see, Your grace found me,” I cried uncontrollably, I couldn’t believe I finally understood.  I couldn’t believe how real this Love was.  I remember in the beginning being fearful of this Love being just like all the others, I was scared it would fade, change, and leave like all the others had.  Then I read these powerful words: “perfect love drives out all fear” and I was not afraid.  I had this deep desire to tell others about the Love I had found.  I didn’t care what their initial reaction may have been, I just wanted them to see and understand this joy  I had been given.  I knew they could have it too.  I knew how many had never known a Love and a Joy as this one; it was so real.  This love was thick.  I thought to myself, “denying this love would be as ridiculous as walking up to a newlywed couple and telling them the love they had between them wasn’t real.” I was consumed with an overwhelming peace after 19 years, I had finally had my blinders taken off, I had come to know my Savior, The Lion, and The Lamb, Jesus.

I grew up under pragmatics and behavior modification.
And some say broken is just the human state
-But for me --I’m a new creation. 
His love changed what I wanted and now I’ve got new “cravins”,
And all kinds a reason for dedication. 

The essence of the college and university – The greatest search; how do we find 
unity in diversity?
John G. Fee solved the problem of finding unity in diversity,
He knew if men were reconciled to God their desires would change,
And he knew under heaven there was only one name
That came, to transform universally and yet exclusively.
You see, for Fee, the truth was not relative, 
No if’s ands or maybe’s, and call him crazy, 
But he said of course such a gospel was opposed.
By the middle aged, their ducks were already in rows
So, to reach the youth was the mission he chose.
Fightin’ the blows, defendin’ the truth,
Because from the grave He had rose, death is dead I suppose,
Fee conquered a Kingdom, Hebrews 11 he chose, with that slavery goes,
Please, Understand, what – he knows.
By, with, and through Jesus slavery goes, and unity follows.
But my freshman year here I was bein’ led around, 
Veil over my eyes, I was wearin’ the crown, 
But I had things backwards—
Because reality reflects the other way around,
Jesus is King, Majesty is HIS sound,
I was headed for an end more dangerous 
Than signin’ a prenup’ blindfolded, and bound. 
I thought there was no one to trust, thinkin’, 
If all truths are relative – then this life is a bust, 
And my heart’s so empty -- why not lust? 
But see:
Statements that are Contradictory cannot be true at the same time,
Which is why sayin’ all religions are correct is a false line,
The law of non-contradiction holds true even in modern times,
Please check the doctrine of other religions 
They will not be the same you will find.
They differ in the most important of matters: 
Who God is, who we are, creation, sin, heaven, hell, and salvation 
Let’s stop playin’ like their all in the same bind. 
Fee said, the most sure way to ruin a youth was to run a middle line,
To put students under teacher’s who taught 
Other doctrines would have been a terrible crime.
By Fee the purpose of Berea College was clearly defined:
“it was seen that there must be raised up native defenders of T he Truth…their minds so stored with knowledge…that they should be able to withstand false teachers and gain for God and humanity that ascendancy which truth and righteousness demand.”
I’m looking at Berea’s Christian Identity today and these words I can’t find. 
Fee’s love was holistic, 
He knew he was being intrusive, 
But his love was inclusive.
Still, so many ask me, what about the places where the people haven’t heard?
I respond, 2.1 billion people identify as Christian, and I ask them: how many places would there be with people who haven’t heard if the great commission was truly 
central in the hearts of those with access to the word. What if we were obedient? – It is eternally important, that our interests line up with His. 
With the love that Jesus gives we should be ruthlessly gentle  — loving everyone — 
those that identify as Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Atheist. The love and 
peace that come exclusively through Jesus provide a foundation that is our only hope to tear down the walls that exist. 
Jesus did this, and I’ve got his words on my breath,
AND; I know — SOME churches that are out there makin’ a mess,
But the truth should not separate our love from our brothers 
Like we’re going right ways left,
We’ve forgotten the Good Samaritan 
And put I am The Way, The Truth and The Life to death!
This is the gospel Fee lived, the one that rose above slavery,
But it’s no longer taught, it’s opposed,
Without Jesus’ transformative power 
Our hearts are lustful, greedy, and wicked, 
But He arose,
And it’s His way I propose, 
I’m tryna’ let Him put our ducks into His rows, 
I want His name to glow, His power I show, 
He doesn’t wish that anyone should go,
 --There --is hope, I know,
“To promote the cause of Christ” is more than ethic, it shows,
Which is why by a trees fruit seeds can be sown,
We could put away our selfishness, 
And make Jesus’ name known
Our love should reflect His 
And — Jesus demonstrated perfect love 
All the way to the cross, 
Without this, 
The definition of love,
In the New Testament 
Is lost. 
But were still stressin’, 
Tryin’ to please men,
Punchin’ the clock,
Holdin’ on just a little longer, 
Strivin’ got us in shock,
But I’m Just sayin’ let’s stop
-- let’s trade our plans for His, 
If we whole heartedly seek Jesus, 
An abundant life we will live,
I promise He will not leave you disappointed,
These aren’t my words they’re His. 
Men, Women, and children of every nation, race, culture, and disposition 
Let’s choose Jesus.  
Let’s live!
Denise and Kyle Kincaid at Kyle's Berea College graduation
Denise Kincaid-Franklin and Kyle Kincaid at his Berea College graduation in 2013.
Love Tatted on My Thigh
Love rules the world
Tatted on my thigh
I’m not talkn’ about
A tattoo shop man
It’s from the sky.

We see very clearly after the fact, 
as a matter of fact, 
the Lord let me have my way
and never look back at the fact 
that he had already tattooed me
with his love,
you can see it on my thigh man, 
it’s real, 
you could question me,
but first I’m gonna’ have to ask you 
to knee 
and ask the Most High God 
to show you His Love
that is real.
Photo of Denise and Kyle Kincaid
Denise Kincaid-Franklin and Kyle Kincaid

The Lord let me have my way and never look back at the fact that he had already tattooed me with his love,

Love Tatted on My Thigh, by Kyle Kincaid
Lose Yourself
Man, sometimes I feel like it’s just me against the world… But it doesn’t have to be that way… 
For “No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor heart imagined, what God has planned 
for those who Love Him” …  “For I know the plans I have for you declares 
the Lord.”
Lose yourself
Gain everything, 
Cross carryin'
Truth marryin' 
Life findin'
True grindin'
Planned timin'
Jeremiah twenty-ninen'
Never quit never quit, 
Never never, never quit,
Love more than adequate, 
Gary player combatakit
Radical survival swagger kit
Bible happen to blab of it
Ask me about Jesus’ name
I say advocate advocate
Mouth speaks, heart flow
Heavenward goal, Go
Patient prayer
Time flow
Matthew number 9 Go
Sick need a doctor bro
Come to call the righteous, No
The sore on wings like eagle’s show
With God’s arm I’ll always go, Isaiah 40:31
Times of joy heaven flow
Earnestly I seek Him Mo
Jesus enter Jericho 
Up the tree Zacchaeus, Go
Salvation reins for seeds grow
Up high, down low
Love severed, never, no…33 J Go
Call to me and you will know
Perfect peace, rock show
Jesus on my block Bro
Wise men always know
Never shaken, action flow….

Written by Kyle Kincaid
Grew up with a green Trek, not more tricycles
We hit jumps in the yard to see who could go higher
Days of buddy league basketball and elementary school passed
In the years that followed some of us found a new kind of exhilaration
The heart of our desire was that we wanted Love, Love that was true 
and unfailing
We also wanted adventure
But our Mom dragging us to church wasn’t exactly the quencher for the thirst 
that was inward
We inhaled and found laughter, not Love, but
It felt great and we were having so much fun
Days flew by, soon we met men with guns
We were going on an adventure
Chasing pleasure, money and merchandise
Our parents’ hearts in shambles
Heard the gospel but it sounded like rambling
I’ll do the God thing when I’m older, I thought
There is still so much I want to do
From the Christians I knew
All Jesus seemed to be offering was a long list of dos and don’ts
Now sex till marriage
No partying
Certainly, no satisfaction
Thankfully my bike broke
All my plans failed
My youth minister had always preached about surrender
So, I did. Wholeheartedly this time
Not like all those other prayers I had said
I remember the night He came
It felt like I had met my wife
You will seek me and find me when you seek me wholeheartedly, He had said
Jesus came to set us free, an Unfailing, Intoxicating Love came down for 
you and me
The truth is we’ll all die – and you can know a Love that is True
The truth is eternal life begins now, not later
I pray His satisfaction finds you.
-Kyle Kincaid-

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Colleen M
Colleen M
1 year ago

Denise, thank you for sharing the writings of your son. I did not know him, but as a believer, he is part of God’s family, as I am. I do not know you, but as a mother myself, I see your strength in reminding the world of Kyle. May many others find his words and his memory to shine Light on their paths.

Denise Kincaid-Franklin
Denise Kincaid-Franklin
1 year ago
Reply to  Colleen M

Thank you, Colleen, It is hard is some ways to see this, but in others very comforting to know Kyle’s heart is here for people to remember and get to know his Faith in Jesus.
My prayer is Kyle’s, that young people would know that it is worth it to give your life to your Creator, who loves you with a rich and intoxicating love.

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