Perspectives on the Great Commitments: Love of Works and Works of Love

In 1855, the Christian faith of John G. Fee and Berea’s other founders led them to undertake a monumental task, the creation of an anti-sectarian community where “all people of good moral character” could learn and work together, where love could triumph over hate. Today the genius of that faith is affirmed through the actions of the members of the Berea Community who, despite deep differences, continue to engage with each other on matters of faith and religious belief, and who are compelled by those beliefs to work to change the world. The interviews that follow hint at the many ways in which the Berea experience leads to a love of work and works of love.

Reverend Gail Bowman

Reverend Gail Bowman, Director of the Willis D. Weatherford, Jr. Campus Christian Center




David Tipton

David Tipton, Cx ’73, Dean of Labor




Ashley Cochrane

Ashley Cochrane, Director of the Center for Excellence in Learning Through Service




Sona Apbasova

Sona Apbasova, ’15, History, German, Asian Studies




Sona Apbasova

Dr. Chris Adams, Assistant Professor of Biology


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