July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020

4 Sons Storage and Rentals
31 South, LLC
1985 Cobb Living Trust
1987 Peterson Living Trust
1989 Marcia Waxman Living Trust
2007 Baker Family Trust
Madeline and Richard Abate Living Trust
Evelyn S. Airey Charitable Fund
Mary Jean Alig Revocable Trust
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Endowment Foundation
American Feed Industry Association
Annunciation Orthodox Church
Combs Apartments
Appalachian College Association, Inc.
ART Engineering Corporation
Asbury-Warren Foundation Trust
Ascension Health
Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities
August Fifth Foundation, Inc.
Austin Community Foundation
CC Auto, LLC
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Bank of America Foundation
Bartlett Joint Revocable Trust
Cecile and Fred Bartman Foundation
Francis M. Batson Revocable Trust
Elsie and Harry Baumker
Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Paul Bechtner Foundation
Florence and Minnie Behl Trust
Keltah L. Belanger Living Trust
Mary M. Bell Trust
Benevity Social Ventures, Inc.
Bhatia Foundation
Bissex & Shaheen Charitable Fund
Paula Blackburn Living Trust
Vance Blade Enterprises, LLC
Era M. Blakney Trust
Roland and Mary Bloes Family Trust
Lillian R. Blomgren Trust
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Bluegrass Retina Consultants, PSC
BMWC Constructors
Carolynne F. Bobbitt Rev. Trust
Stephen D. Bolerjack Trust
Cornelia W. Bonnie Revocable Trust
Brett Bowes Farms
Bowling Family Foundation
Zorah W. Bowman Trust
Bridgeport Community Church
Ann C. Briechle Trust
Eva Reid Brosius Trust
Robert W. and Susan T. Brown
Family Foundation
Milton & Fannie Brown
Family Foundation, Inc.
The Louise Este Bruce Foundation
Bryson Middle School
Jacob and Eugenie Bucky
Memorial Foundation, Inc.
George and Mary Jo Budig
Family Foundation
Gary W. Burbridge Trust
Edward J. Burnell, III Living Trust
Ouida Midkiff Burrus Charitable Trust
Dorothy J. Butz Revocable Trust
Don M. Byrd Living Trust
Susan W. Carlson Revocable Trust
Carmelite Monastery of Erie, Pennsylvania
Thomas K. Carpenter Trust
Frank J. Carroll Farms
Carson-Etheridge Foundation, Inc.
Robert G. Carter Living Trust
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Anita O. Casey Living Trust
Cather Charitable Gift Trust
The CBPC Charitable Foundation
Cedar Heights Animal Clinic, LLC
Glen and Angela Charles Family Foundation
Joyce N. M. Chesnut Revocable Living Trust
Chetelat Family Trust
Church of Christ Union
Betsy Churchill Revocable Trust
Cigna Foundation
City of Berea
Clar Family Trust
Clark Memorial Home Association
Tommy L. and Dorothy R. Clark Trust
Dr. William R. Clark, Jr.
Phyllis P. Clements Revocable Trust
Cleveland Foundation
Alfred Leon Cobbs Living Trust
Ann Walker Collins Revocable Trust
The Community Foundation
Community Foundation of
Central Illinois
Community Foundation of Louisville
Community Foundation of
Greater Memphis
Madison County Conservation District
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Leslie and Loretta Copeland Foundation
Ken and Marie Corey Revocable Trust
Robert and Marcia M. Costello
Family Foundation
Harold and Betty Cottle Family Foundation, Inc.
Council of Independent Colleges
CPR Medical Products
Cranaleith Foundation, Inc.
Catherine Cropper Foundation
Crosset Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Kinsman E. Crumb Charitable Trust
Crystal Waters Resort, LLC
CST Revocable Living Trust
Gary R. Culberson Trust
The Dancing Skies Foundation
William Danforth Revocable Trust
Dayton Foundation
The Dr. E. Lawrence Deckinger
Family Foundation, Inc.
Delta Dental of Kentucky
Richard M. Devereaux Living Trust
Dinner Bell Restaurant
DLZ Corporation
Doehring Foundation
Francis E. and Julia R. Drury Trust
DS2 Architects
Duluth Superior Area
Community Foundation
Educational Foundation of America
Eisenhour Family Trust
Eliasberg Family Foundation, Inc.
Ellison Family Trust
Laurel L. Elsea Trust
John A. Englund Trust
Naomi M. Epstein Trust
ERMCO Distribution Transformers
Sherman Fairchild Foundation
Farristown Baptist Church
Joseph Russell Fawley, Jr. Trust
John F. and Priscilla J. Felter Living Trust
Lida M. Ferguson Estate Trust
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First Christian Church of Berea
Ann Hardeman and Combs L. Fort Foundation
Benny Fowler Enterprises
Gordon C. Franklin Revocable Living Trust
Mary S. Frazer Trust
The Michael C. Frederickson Trust
D. E. French Foundation, Inc.
Fund For Education
Fry Trust
George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation
Perry and Madeline Garver Family Foundation, Inc.
Wayne A. Geiss and Ruthann Geiss Trust
Ghiselin Foundation at Kitsap Community Foundation
Gillett Family Trust B
Carol S. Gillilan Living Trust
Ruth and Jack Glantz Family Foundation, Inc.
Peggy Glenn Memorial Permanent Fund
Golden Orion I. Trust
Good Stuff
Hilary and Ralph Goodwin Foundation
Goris Financial Group, Inc.
Grant’s Lawn and Garden Center
R. Lee Gravatt Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s
Jean Dale and Cedric H. Jaggard Fund
Mary Nell Griffin Charitable Trust
Walter Gross, III Family Foundation
Joseph and Eunice Grover
Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Inc
Henry Gund Trust
The William M. and Janet L. Gurd Revocable Living Trust
H. J. Hagge Foundation
Hallett Charitable Trust
The Hamblett Family Trust
Hamilton Baptist Church
Marion Hampden Trust
Jim H. Hannah and Mary C. Hannah Revocable Living Trust
Colonel Harland Sanders and Pete and
Arline Harman Trust Fund
Joel A. Harmatz Revocable Trust
Mary Ann Harris Trust
Robert E. and Clara D. Harrison
Sue B. Hart Foundation
Haughney Family Trust
Gray Hawk Building Supply, Inc.
HCD Foundation
Margaret Headley Trust
Heffner Fund
Willis C. Helm Charitable Trust
O. Tinsley Helton Trust
Hennepin Healthcare Kidney Center
Joseph J. and Rose A. Herrmann Charitable Foundation
Highland Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Hill Joint Trust
D. E. Hill Trust
Irene H. Hills Trust
Janis M. Hoffman Revocable Trust
Jeffrey L. Hoffman Trust
Ilene Horenstein Trust
Horn Home Improvement Supply, Inc.
H. Mathilda Horst Trust
David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation, Inc.
William Horvitz Family Fund
M. Lorna Hotz Trust
Irene R. Houchins Trust
Virginia W. Hughes, Jr., Trust
Humanity Foundation
Jane M. Husebo Living Trust
Hyden Citizens Bancorp, Inc.
Illinois Prairie Community Foundation
InFaith Community Foundation
Mary H. and Neale R. Jenkins Living Trust
Jenkins Law, LLC
Anne H. Jenkins Trust
Jephson Educational Trusts
Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Robert A. Johnson Trust
Harold R. Johnson Trust
Marilyn M. Jones Revocable Trust
The Vern E. Jones 2019 Trust
Joy Sunday School Class
JSB Industrial Solutions, Inc.
Dorothy W. Kelley Trust
Hayes R. and Jane S. Kelley Trust
Margaret H. and James E. Kelley Foundation
Florence L. Kelly Living Trust
H. Vincent Kelly Charitable Giving Account
George R. Kendall Foundation
Lewis and Marian Kenner Trust
Kentucky Oral History Commission
Kentucky River Broadcasting Co., Inc.
Nina S. Key Trust
Tuthill King Trust
King’s Daughters and Sons Foundation of Kentucky, Inc
Kline Family Trust
Kloper Family Trust
Esther Bridge Kohnle Trust
Eleanor and George Kokiko, Sr. Foundation
Kona Ice of The Bluegrass
William Kovacs, II Living Trust
KPMG Foundation
KPMG Gives
Loren W. Kramer Family Trust
George & Mary Kremer Foundation
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Kuehne Family Trust
Joan C. Lansford Revocable Living Trust
Harvey W. Lappen Trust
The Law Office of Farry & Stock, P.C.
Laub Foundation
LDC Associates, LLC
L.E. Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Bertha Lebus Charitable Trust
Robert G. Lenz Trust
Emanuel and Pauline A. Lerner Foundation
The Levy Foundation, Inc.
LG&E and KU Foundation
LMB Trucking, LLC
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Ruth Lofgren Irrevocable Trust
Lothian LLC
Louisville Lodge 8 BPO Elks
LPGI & Affiliates
Lykins Family Trust
JJB Hilliard WL Lyons, LLC
W. L. Lyons Brown Foundation
Mad River Dental Society
Moses M. and Hannah L. Malkin Foundation Trust
Malu, Ltd.
Manning Family Trust
Massey Foundation
Cynthia N. Mastro Revocable Trust
Charles A. Mastronardi Foundation
May Foundation
Justin Mays Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.
Mazar Family Charitable Foundation Trust
McBath Family Trust
Stewart McCullum Trust
McGuire Law Office
William B. McLaughlin Charitable Trust
Johanna Y. Meara Trust
Meisel Family Foundation
Rita K. Meltzer Trust
Messer Construction Company
Stanley W. Metcalf Foundation, Inc.
Mill Creek Service Unit
Lewis B. and Helen M. Miller Trust
Mary McClure Miller Foundation
Royce B. and Evelyn M. Miller Trust
George E. Mills, III Trust
Joan L. Mitchell Trust
John Paul Mitchell Systems
Penny Moore Trust
Morningside Farm
Peter W. Moyer Revocable Trust
Murch Foundation
Emily R. Nashner Trust
National Philanthropic Trust
Nationwide Insurance Foundation
Neal Sisters Foundation
Nelson Trust
Network for Good
W. O. and Lois Newell Irrevocable Foundation Trust
Charles S. and Phoebe O. Nicholas
No-Till Growers
Hartzell Norris Charitable Trust
Northwest Mortgage Services, Inc.
Novelis Corporation
Novo Nordisk Charity Trust
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Patricia E. Oliansky Revocable Trust
Omnibus, Inc.
Onward and Upward Foundation, Inc
O’Sullivan Family Trust
Joseph A. Paoletta Revocable Trust
Parker Family Revocable Living Trust
Anna Paulina Foundation
PayPal Giving Fund
Pearl Foundation
Keith Milo Pearson Trust
E. Dorothy Pelton Irrevocable Trust
Peoples Bank and Trust Company
Perry’s Forestry and Farm
Phase Foundation
Jack D. Pittillo Revocable Trust
Pittsburgh Foundation
Pogue Family Trust
Eugene and Maureen Poulin Trust
Powell Family Trust
Benjamin Pratt Revocable Trust
Pratt Family Trust
Premier Water & Energy Technology, Inc.
Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Trust
Eugene B. & Renee P. Price Living Trust
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Patsy C. Puterbaugh Trust
Radiographica Medica of LA
Rawlins Family Trust
Charles C. Reardon Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Cecilia S. Repair Revocable Trust
J. W. Richen Trust
River Oaks Foundation, Inc.
E. O. Robinson Mountain Fund
Edythe N. Rock Revocable Trust
Rojas Family Revocable Trust
Roman Congregation of St. Dominic of USA Province
Dr. Jeffrey A. Ropar and Associates
Roselle Foundation
The Douglas E. Rosenthal Revocable Trust
Frances K. Ross Trust
Edward C. Roth Charitable Lead Trust
Roxiticus Foundation
Rueff and Associates
Russell-Davidson Foundation
Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation
Sara De Coursey Ruth Trust
Gloria W. Sage Revocable Trust
M & D Sarty Family Trust DTD
Satter Foundation
Robert H. and Kathyrn E. Saunders Living Trust
Elizabeth Ford Sayman Revocable Trust
Aldo Scafati Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Edward and Hildegarde Schaefer Foundation
Patricia Schaefer Trust
James B. and Phyllis J. Schoonover Revocable Trust
Barbara S. Schubert, UDT
Else L. Schulze Charitable Trust
Schwab Charitable Fund
Schwartz Living Trust
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
The Seabury Foundation
Elmina B. Sewall Foundation
Blanche Wiley Shafer Memorial Fund
Kathryn and Vishnoo Shahani Charitable Trust
Shaheen Carpet Mills, Inc.
Kate B. Sheadle Trust
Shorter Living Trust
Sidney Anderson Foundation, Inc
Myrtle I. Sillen Revocable Trust
Edward P. and Mary Klein Smith
Cora Taylor Younger Smith Memorial Fund
Snowy Owl Foundation
Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, Inc.
Sound Investments
Kenneth E. Spieckerman Living Trust
Sisters of St. Joseph
Star Center Childrens Theatre
Paul & Sheila Steiner Charitable Lead Trust
Steppe Family Trust
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Stewart Family Foundation
Strive Together, Inc.
Milretta Stroheim Trust
Structural Design Services, LLC
Ruth and Hiram Sturm Family Philanthropic Fund
The WM Surbaugh Revocable Trust
Jerry Szumski Trust
Tactix Goverment Consulting
Tirbracken Green Foundation, Inc.
Titmus Foundation, Inc.
Topper Industries, Inc.
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Inc.
Thomas F. Trail and Jo Ann Trail Family Trust
Travelers Rest Church
Triangle Community Foundation, Inc.
Beverly I. Turner Trust
Ty Ink Promotions
United Methodist Stewardship Center and Foundation
United Parcel Service Foundation
Universal Machinery Sales, Inc.
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Robert G. and Florence E. Van Duyn Charitable Foundation
Van Sloun Foundation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Shirley J. Walker Revocable Living Trust
Watauga County Cattlemen’s Association
Way Law Offices, LLC
Welchwood Foundation, Inc.
Cliff and Norma Wells Foundation
West Concord Union Book Club
Laura Amelia Davis Whisnant Trust
James O. and Mary Ann Wilkes Trust
Mark Willard Charitable Trust
The Williams Family
Delius E. Wilson Revocable Trust
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Helen S. Wineland Revocable Trust
Douglas E. Wingeier Trust
Dume Wolverine Foundation
The Wood Family Trust
Woodward Hines Education Foundation
Bernal R. Woodward
Glen and Joanne Wooters
Revocable Living Trust
K. I. Wright Living Trust
Marion and Robert Wyatt Foundation
H. Glenn and Geraldine Ziegenfuss Living Trust
Margaret A. Zimmermann Trust


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