John G. Fee Society

Historical photo of John G. Fee

An abolitionist who opposed the American caste system, Reverend John G. Fee moved from northern Kentucky to establish the town of Berea in 1853. Two years later, he opened a one-room school that would eventually become Berea College, the first interracial and coeducational college in the South. Who could imagine a more challenging mission than founding and defending an institution devoted to abolitionism and interracial education in the antebellum South? Fee and his family faced numerous threats and dangers. The school was closed for a time as armed conflict swept across Kentucky, but it re-opened in 1866 as the Berea Literary Institute open to students of all races. Fee’s vision, social conscience and hard work are the legacy upon which Berea College is built. His message of impartial love and equality of all people was the guiding principle of the College, and the founding motto still stands today: “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth” (Acts 17:26).


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Gordie Ann McConkey White ’66
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Historic photo of Carter G. Woodson
(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Carter G. Woodson Society

Carter G. Woodson was one of the first scholars to study African American history. After earning a bachelor’s degree in literature from Berea College in 1903, he continued his education at the University of Chicago and went on to earn a doctoral degree in history from Harvard in 1912, the second ever awarded by that institution to an African American. The first African American to earn a Ph.D. was W. E. B. Du Bois 17 years earlier. Woodson dedicated his life to historical research and pioneered a weeklong observance of African American history in 1926, which eventually evolved into the nation’s annual celebration of Black History Month. A journalist, Woodson founded the Association for the Study of African American Life and History and its publication the Journal of Negro History. He is rightly known as “the father of black history.” Named in his honor, the Carter G. Woodson Center for Interracial Education on Berea’s campus serves to promote and guide the College’s historic commitment to interracial education.


Dr. Emel L. Atkins ’57
Margaret Boyd Atkins ’58
James Glenn Branscome ’68
Sharen Branscome
Ms. Jan Buckaloo
Dr. Warren E. Bulman ’48
Mr. Jim Cramer
Marjorie Wood Drackett
Dr. John Y. Lu ’55
Mr. Thomas H. Oliver
Dr. Eugene Q. Parr ’49
Ms. Kathleen Picken
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stitzer
Robert T. Yahng ’63
Tina Ing Yahng

Matilda Fee Society

A committed abolitionist and egalitarian from Bracken County, Ky., Matilda Fee partnered with her husband, Reverend John G. Fee, to establish the town of Berea in 1853 and Berea College in 1855. Confronted by angry townspeople and rising tensions, her iconic bravery in the face of danger and resistance helped forge a path to interracial education in slave-holding Madison County. That dedication to the mission of Berea College allowed it to grow from a one-room schoolhouse to the institution we know today. In the College’s early years, she served as the head of the Ladies’ Board of Care, which supervised the social lives of female students. Her life was characterized by prayer and service to others.


Dr. John Alden Auxier ’51
Mary Lou Auxier
Dr. and Mrs. C. Robert Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Christensen
Carl E. Clark ’62
Martin A. and Sandy Coyle
Ms. Catherine G. Ebert
Nancy Evans
William B. Evans ’50
William R. and Joan Gruver
Hazel Reynolds Hale ’48
Donna Stauffer Hall and John Richard Hall
Ms. Sue B. Hart
Helen Fillmore Harvey ’54
Mrs. Norma M. Horvitz
Patricia Finn Hunter ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jepson, Jr.
Ms. Jessica Lange
Brenda and Charles Larsen, III
Dr. Geneva Metzler Matlock ’48
Mr. Robert E. Merkle
Dr. Harold L. Moses ’58
Linda H. Moses
Betty June Parker ’50
Dr. Franklin Parker ’49
Mrs. Kathryn W. Pettengill
Cherry Poliquin
Myrtle Tonne Robinson ’50
Ms. Kristen H. Hertel and Mr. Muneer A. Satter
Mr. David G. Seabury
Sylvene Osteen Spickerman ’56
Ms. Margaret S. Steiner
Mr. Ellis M. Stephens
Eleanore Burchell Sturgill ’55
David and Ann Swanson
Anthony Thein
Dr. Frances Thompson
Tyler Smyth Thompson ’83
Ms. Hedda Windisch von Goeben
Ms. Audrey Weaver
Mr. Richard Wiener
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Woolverton

Loyal Jones Society

After earning his bachelor’s degree in English from Berea College in 1954, Loyal Jones served as the founding director for the College’s Appalachian Center. The Center now bears his name in recognition of his leadership from 1970 to 1993 and his contributions to the field of Appalachian studies. Throughout his career, he has focused on writing and educating others about Appalachian people, history and culture. A prolific writer, Jones has published dozens of articles and nine books concerning the Appalachian region and its people. A common theme of his writing is the resiliency of mountain people. A well-loved figure at Berea College, despite his recent move to North Carolina, his work continues to impact today’s Appalachian studies curriculum.


Roberta Larew Allison ’42
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Altman
Mrs. Mary Anne Anderson
Jane and Stephen M. Anderson
Dr. Robert Auerbach ’49
Mrs. Dora M. Battram
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Biltz
Margaret B. Bledsoe
Mr. and Mrs. Doin R. Bowers, Jr.
Mr. Thomas H. Bredt
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Bridy
Mrs. Susan T. Brown
Mr. Richard M. Burridge, Sr.
Richard Darrel Campbell ’58
Mr. Richard L. Carl
Mrs. Tyna D. Carter
Ms. Mabel Lee and Mr. David H. Chow
Mr. John F. Cogan, Jr.
Glenn Conn
Ruth Brantley Conn ’53
C. Dean Cornett ’55
Estill Cornett ’52
Nina Crabtree Cornett ’61
Reba Blevins Cornett ’54
Elizabeth Culbreth ’64
Dr. Chella David ’61
Judith K. David
Dr. James Dean ’66
Mr. Joseph T. Derry
Linda V. DuRand, Hon.’10
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Elliott
Dr. Ann Evans
Mrs. Anne H. Evans
Carl C. Evans ’62
Mr. Robert W. Fessler
Mr. Eugene V. Fife
Ralph G. Fort ’56
A. Wade Francis ’79
Mr. Glenn R. Fuhrman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Geil
Mrs. Joseph F. Gleason
Mr. Jim Gray
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Gross, III
Jerry B. Hale ’73
Nancy Walker Hale ’73
Brian E. Hall ’70
Mr. John Harrigan
Pamela Hatfield-Wells
Dr. John D. Haun ’48
Dr. Miles O. Hayes ’57
Dr. Don Richard Hirschman ’66
J. Charles Honeycutt ’51
Reba Honeycutt
Mr. Mark D. Hylton
Debbie Jarvis-Yates ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Jenkins
Brenda Starnes Johnstone ’75
Dr. William H. Johnstone ’74
Drs. Gregory Louis Kay and Susan Barcus Kay
Ms. Margaret L. Keon
Mr. Ken Koh
Mrs. Dee Macleod Lawrence and Mr. Richard H. Lawrence, Jr.
Ms. Irene Lejman
Dr. George Ronald Lester ’54
Patricia P. Lester
Mr. Charles Liebman
Dr. Esfandiar Lohrasbpour ’74
Jack R. Lykins ’64
Virginia F. Lykins
Dr. Steven C. Macdonald and Ms. Rita A. Altamore
Betty Dimmick Mattingly ’51
Dr. Steele F. Mattingly ’50
Mrs. Ann B. McCleary
Mrs. Anne W. McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. Orval G. Mead
Dr. Jacqueline Michel
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Morrison, Jr.
Dr. Edward T. Ordman
Miss Jean Phyllis Owens
June Morton Perry ’44
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Polk
Mrs. Margaret C. Price
Dr. Sylvia C. Price
Ruben D. Recio, Sr. ’51
Dr. and Mrs. Lyle D. Roelofs
Doris Rosenbaum
Frederick M. and Joyce Y. Rosevear
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rutledge
Lou Haigler Salter ’47
Barbara Weaver Sawyer ’57
Dr. Hershel G. Sawyer ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scaramucci
Mrs. Judith McCartin Scheide
Victor E. Scherrer ’43
Mrs. Lucy S. Schneider
Dr. David Eugene Shelton ’69
Dr. Larry D. Shinn, Hon.’08
Nancy Shinn, Hon.’08
Dr. Robert S. Smith
Ron Smith ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Stacy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sturtevant
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Styer
Mrs. Anne G. Symchych
Mr. and Mrs. Noyan Tanberk
Mrs. Sue M. Tice
Annette H. Tinnin, Hon.’01
Charles W. Tinnin, Jr.
Mr. Richard Tredwell
Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Van Sloun
John Vanderstar
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vanlandingham
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Wagner
Mr. Henri L. Wedell
Mrs. Elisabeth Swan Weitzel
Helen Kiser Wheeler ’53
Jacquelyn G. Widner
Dr. Larry Allen Widner ’69
Barbara P. Wilson
Judge Bradley Wilson, II ’78
Sarah Wilson
Dr. Ballard D. Wright ’59
Elizabeth Peterson Wright ’60
Ms. Kathleen Venter and Mr. Glen Wright, Sr.
Dr. Steven W. Yates ’83
Jessie Reasor Zander ’54
Mrs. Stephanie Bowling Zeigler and Mr. Eric Zeigler

Julia Britton Hooks Society

Berea College alumna Julia Britton Hooks was a gifted musician and a tireless advocate for justice, equality and educational opportunity. During her time at Berea, she studied and taught music, and is credited as the second African American female to graduate (1874) and Berea’s first African American faculty member. Her love of education, music and public service was instilled in her at a young age by her mother. Motivated by the poor quality public education available to black youth in Kentucky, Hooks worked to create and promote opportunities for these students. Later, that steadfast commitment to education in the region led her to serve communities in Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee as an educator and a champion of many causes, including women’s suffrage and civil rights. She is the grandmother of Benjamin Hooks, former director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).


Mr. and Mrs. John E. Abele
Mr. and Mrs. K. Tucker Andersen
Mrs. Deborah Anderson
Mr. Robert Henry Ashby
Mr. Jefferson W. Asher, Jr.
Ledford L. Austin ’55
Lois Speer Baird ’48
Mrs. Katharine M. Bassett
Dr. Charlotte Faye Beason ’70
Leo Begley ’64
Mr. William Bell
Mr. Steven Berzin
A. Y. Butch Bingham
Jackie Gunkler Bingham ’68
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bingham
Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Bland
Carolynne Fincher Bobbitt ’56
Dr. Jesse Leroy Bobbitt ’55
Mrs. Nancy Bowling
Linda W. Bowman
William H. Bowman, Hon.’08
John Carter Browning ’71
Linda Holbrook Browning ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Caldwell
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Canida
Mr. Robert P. Castrignano
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Chambers
Mr. Harvey Chaplin
Dr. Ann F. Collard and Mr. David Joseph Collard
Alice Hook Colley ’49
Elisabeth Covey Collins
Milinda Byrd Compton ’62
Dr. Robert N. Compton ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Couch, Jr.
Dr. Darrell Crase ’56
Dr. Dixie R. Crase
Ms. Margo W. Curl
Mr. and Mrs. George I. Danly
Dr. Donna Joyce Dean ’69
Dr. Wanda L. Dodson ’63
Mrs. Paul C. Doehring
Ann Peterson Duncan ’65
Ms. Kaye Dyar
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy C. Edwards
Mr. Christopher Fargnoli
Joyce Barnes Fields ’61
Truman Ray Fields ’61
Mrs. Helen H. Ford
Ms. Tena Lynn Fishman and Mr. J. Blair Frank
Mrs. Harriet E. Gamper
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garver
A. Barbara Goddard ’48
Shirley Reed Goossen ’59
Dr. Fred H. Greenberg ’55
Lowell A. Hamilton ’61
Sara Standifer Hamilton ’62
Mrs. Gloria H. Hamman
Mrs. Shirley B. Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Harley
Mr. Edwin Martin Hart
Betty Jean Gasaway Hartsell ’57
Dr. Charles F. Haywood ’49
Judy Haywood
Mr. Charles T. Hendrix
Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Hinckley
Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Hindman
Eula Turner Holliday ’45
Dr. Bobby A. Howell ’64
Mrs. Dolores W. Humphrey
Carol Fletcher Hunter ’67
Dr. David Lee Hunter ’67
Mr. James G. Huntting, Jr.
Betty Partin Hurst ’50
Jane Miller Hutchens ’71
Thomas Walter Hutchens ’67
Vera McKinney Hyman ’57
Mr. J. L. Jackson, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David Japikse
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Jay
Glenn R. Jennings ’72
Linda Owens Jennings ’80
Mrs. Anita T. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn C. D. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Jonsson
Janet H. Judd
Robert Peyton Judd ’58
Ms. Georgia F. Kearney Caldwell
Harry W. Kilbourne ’48
Mrs. Debbie Q. Kiser
Dr. Jane A. McLamarrah and Mr. Michael F. Kohl
Ms. Lynn F. Parkerson and Mr. Emil Allen Kraus
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Kumpe
Dr. Donald H. Lakin
Ms. Nancy Lampton
Dr. Daniel O. Lee ’84
Margaret McCoy Lee ’85
William M. Lowder ’62
Ruth Ferrill Luthringer ’46
Mr. and Mrs. Scott MacLellan
Drs. Mary Parke and James A. Manning
John S. Marsh ’54
Charles S. McNeer ’50
Mr. John R. Milne
Siddharth Mitra ’96
Mr. Michael A. Mouron
Mr. C. G. Nessler
Mrs. Myra Nickolaus
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Obrzut
Rev. J. Randolph Osborne, Hon.’95
Melissa S. Osborne, Hon.’14
Larry George Owen ’61
Dorothy M. Phillips
Judge Thomas W. Phillips ’65
Dr. J. Dan Pittillo ’61
Joseph W. Richen ’60
James E. Ripley ’66
Padi McKain Ripley ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Will Robbins
Hilda Karlsson Roderick ’48
Betty Hollandsworth Roop ’70
Dr. Dennis Russell Roop ’69
Rubye L. Rose
Mr. Timothy R. Rowland
Dr. Peter C. Ruenitz
Dr. Donald L. Sandlin
Ms. Ruth M. Scherbarth
Ms. Carole D. Wagner and Mr. Alfred H. Schwendtner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Scott
Ms. Betty M. Sheets
Mr. William B. Short, Sr.
Marjorie Singleton
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Spain
Mrs. Glenna Stewart
Dr. Douglas F. Stickle
Mr. Michael Stranahan
Ms. Margaret Wallhagen and Mr. William J. Strawbridge
Effie Taylor Strong ’50
Dr. W. R. Strong
Mr. Donald A. Timm
Ronald V. Trense
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vaslow
Christine Chadwell Vensel ’50
Mr. Harry L. Wallace
Hilton Weinberg and Leslie Weaver-Weinberg
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Weber
Mrs. Theresa Walker-Wedell and Mr. Thomas J. Wedell
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Weimann
Joyce Loy Welch ’54
Mrs. Jean L. West
Dr. ’56 and Mrs. Peter R. Whitis ’57
Shelby Alderman Whitson ’59
Frieda Meade Wierda ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Williams
Mr. Peter A. Winograd
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Woods


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