1985 Cobb Living Trust

1st Security Investors Limited Partnership

Madeline and Richard Abate Living Trust

Mary Ellen Ackermann Living Trust

Air Force Village II Protestant Church

Jean S. Alderson Trust

Allied Health Care Facilities, Inc.

AmazonSmile Foundation

American Center for Philanthropy

American Endowment Foundation

America’s Promise

B. Annis Educational Foundation

Appalachian College Association

Argosy Foundation

Art Engineering Corporation

Asbury-Warren Foundation


Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Neva Diane Bahr Revocable Trust

Baker & McKenzie, LLP

Mervin Baker Trust

Mary Elizabeth G. Baker Trust

Balloons, Etc. by Laurie

Baria Living Trust

Barnard Foundation

Barry Charitable Foundation

Cecile and Fred Bartman Foundation

George A. Bates Memorial Foundation

Marilyn O. Baurle Trust

#Florence and Minnie Behl Trust

Benevity Social Ventures, Inc.

Berea Arena Theater Company

Ellen and Richard Berghamer Foundation

Bhatia Foundation

Bingham Family Foundation

Paula Blackburn Living Trust

Alton Blakley

Era M. Blakney Trust

Bliffert Foundation

Lillian R. Blomgren Trust

Blossoms Montessori

Lauren M. Blough Living Trust

Blue Grass Community Foundation

Blue Mountain Herbals

Bluegrass Business Services, Inc.

Carolynne F. Bobbitt Revocable Trust

George T. Bogert Revocable Trust

Bondtech Corporation

#Bou Family Foundation

Bowling Family Foundation

George and Ruth Bradford Foundation

Erwin M. Brand Trust

Bridgeport Community Church

Ann C. Briechle Trust

Community Foundation of Broward

Ann Lee Saunders Brown Revocable Trust

Milton & Fannie Brown Family Foundation

Robert W. and Susan T. Brown Family Foundation

Harvey and Joanne Bryant Charitable Remainder

Buck Millenium Trust

Edward J. Burnell, III Living Trust

Linda Stafford Burrows Revocable Trust

Busy Bee Hardware

Dorothy J. Butz Revocable Trust

Butz and Associates

Don M. Byrd Living Trust

Byron Family Corporation

California Community Foundation

Campbell’s Locksmithing

Daniel W. and Nancy E. Capps Trust

Susan W. Carlson Revocable Trust

Frank J. Carroll Farms

Cather Charitable Gift Trust

Glen and Angela Charles Family Foundation

Joyce N. M. Chesnut Revocable Living Trust

Marisa Y. Chuang Revocable Living Trust

Albert S. C. Chun Revocable Living Trust

Church of Christ Union

Church of The Savior

Claddagh Financial Group, LLC

Cleveland Foundation

Alfred Leon Cobbs Living Trust

Cogan Family Foundation

Coleman Children Revocable Living Trust

Columbus Foundation

Combined Jewish Philanthropies

Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin

Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis

Community Foundation of Henderson County

Community Foundation of Louisville

Community Foundation of New Jersey

Conservation Fund

Contos Family Trust

Harvey G. and Betty B. Cook Living Trust

William R. or Delores L. Cook Trust

Cooper Family Trust

Leslie and Loretta Copeland Foundation

Robert and Marcia M. Costello Family Foundation

Harold and Betty Cottle Family Foundation

Cranaleith Foundation

Croatian Foundation of America

Catherine Cropper Foundation

Crosset Family Fund

Crystal Investing, LLC

CST Revocable Living Trust

Elvin G. Curtis Living Trust

D and B Janitorial Service

Damascus Motor Sales

Dancing Skies Foundation

F. and E. M. Davis or Survivor Trust

Dav-Lo Tours

Dayton Foundation

Delta Kappa Gamma Society

Delta Natural Gas Company

Detoy Family Survivors Trust

Richard M. Devereaux Living Trust

Doehring Foundation


Carol L. Doty Declaration of Trust

Kay K. Drey Revocable Trust

Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

Dume Wolverine Foundation

Robert and Polly Dunn Foundation

†Jessie Ball duPont Fund

Elizabeth A. Dyer Trust

E-B Foundation

Eliasberg Family Foundation

Koch Ellis Fund

Laurel L. Elsea Trust

Ernest Campbell Development, LLC

Everybody’s Auto Sales, LLC

Stanley J. and Doris Fenvessy Foundation

Lida M. Ferguson Estate Trust

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

John J. Filak Trust

Paul R. Finch Trust

First Families of Kentucky

First Presbyterian Church of Neenah

Ann Hardeman and Combs L. Fort Foundation

William L. Foster, Jr. Revocable Trust

Four Seasons Roofing, Inc.

Peggee J. Franklin Revocable Trust

E. French Foundation

George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation

Rita I. Ganz Revocable Living Trust

Elizabeth J. Gardner Trust

Perry and Madeline Garver Family Foundation

Gary’s, Inc.

George I., Jr. or Jo Ann Gates Living Trust

Bernadette C. Geller Lawrence H. Geller Social
Justice Fund

Genesis Diamonds Louisville, LLC

Gheens Foundation


Peggy Glenn Memorial Permanent Fund

Global Impact

Arnold P. Gold Foundation

Good Stuff

Hilary and Ralph Goodwin Foundation

Gordon Family Trust

Grace Episcopal Church

Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Grant’s Lawn and Garden Center

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Leonard and Jerry Greenbaum Family Fund

Greenfield Trust

Shirley Z. Grekin Trust

Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, Inc.

Murray and Jeanne Griffin Revocable Trust

Walter Gross, III Family Foundation

Gruber Family Foundation

Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice

George and Eden Hackney Revocable Trust

J. Hagge Foundation

Hahn Family Foundation

Richard A. Haller Revocable Trust

†Hallett Charitable Trust

Roberta Abbe Hallowell Revocable Trust

Melvin G. Hamm Revocable Trust

#W. A. Hammond Drierite Company

David Hammonds Construction, LLC

Roberta J. Hanson Trust

Hardscuffle, Inc.

Dr. Lewis A. Hare and Ruth Lerman Hare
Charitable Fund

Lewis A. and Ruth L. Hare Trust

Colonel Harland Sanders and Pete and Arline Harman
Trust Fund

Harrison Tran, LLC

Sue B. Hart Foundation

Hatchett Family Living Trust

Haughney Family Trust

C. D. Foundation

Margaret Headley Trust

Hebron Presbyterian Woman

Hedgehog Holdings, LLC

Heffner Fund

Willis C. Helm Charitable Trust

Camille Helminski 2003 Trust

Mary D. Herberich Family Trust

Danny Herman Trucking, Inc.

Joseph J. and Rose A. Herrmann Charitable Foundation

Janis M. Hoffman Revocable Trust

Jeffrey Lee Hoffman Trust

Home Depot Charity Program Trust

Hometown Pediatric Care

Louise Martel Huddleston Trust

Huheey Family Revocable Trust

Norman A. Hunstad Trust

Hunter-Jelks Fund

Mary A. Hurst Revocable Trust

Mark and Judith Hylton Educational Trust

InFaith Community Foundation

Innovative Manufacturing Service, Inc.

Thomas Henry Jaekel Family Trust

Richard & Elisabeth Jay Intervivos Trust

Anne H. Jenkins Trust

Jephsons Educational Trust

Jewish Communal Fund

Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

Houston Jewish Community Foundation

Gertrude A. Jockusch Trust

Johnson Family Trust

Harold R. Johnson Trust

Dr. Wayne D. Johnson Family Ltd. Partnership

Betty P. Johnston Co-Trustee Living Trust

Marilyn M. Jones Revocable Trust

W. and A. C. Joy Family Trust

JP’s Peace, Love, & Happiness Foundation

Just Give

Paul and Margaret Kauffman Revocable Trust

D. S. Trust

Ann Kearns Trust

Kelley, Brown and Breeding

Margaret H. and James E. Kelley Foundation

Florence L. Kelly Living Trust

David Woods Kemper Memorial Foundation

†George R. Kendall Foundation

Kentucky Hospital Association

Kentucky Academy of Science

Kentucky State University

Keon Family Fund

Roberta Latzer Keydel Revocable Trust

Kline Family Trust

William Jay Klopstock Revocable Trust

William Kovacs, II Living Trust

KPMG Foundation


Kutzner Trust

Lambda Chi Omega National Sorority

Laub Foundation

Patrick James Lavelle Trust

Leconte Family Living Trust

*Leever Foundation

Eleanor V. Leonard Trust

F. Lessing Living Trust

Faith M. Levitt Trust

Zethel Lewis Trust

LG&E and KU Foundation

Lilly S. Lievsay Revocable Trust

Carrol and Barbara Lock Revocable Living Trust

Love and Understanding Institute

Peter R. Luedtke Family Trust

Harlan L. MacDowell Revocable Living Trust


MacLean Foundation

Thomas & Betty Magee Living Trust

Maine Community Foundation

Malu, Ltd.

Manning Family Trust

Deane C. & Nancy G. Manolis Charitable Giving Fund

Riley W. & Ruth A. Marcum Revocable Trust

Mary Elizabeth Martin Scholarship Trust

Massey Foundation

Charles A. Mastronardi Foundation

McAuley Family Charitable Fund

McGinley Living Trust

McGrew Survivors Trust

Alice Inez McKay Trust

William B. McLaughlin Charitable Trust

McPheeters Trust

Mead Family Revocable Trust

Meadowbrook Farm

Orval Mead and Anne Mead Trust

Johanna Y. Meara Trust

Mercurio Family Foundation

Meta C. Mergott Foundation

Stanley W. Metcalf Foundation


Miller Equestrian Clinic

Margaret A. Miller Revocable Trust

Mary McClure Miller Foundation

Robert E. and Rhoda A. Miller Living Trust

Miller’s Furniture Restorations

Minneapolis Foundation

Leo Model Foundation

Moeller Family Trust

Jay R. Monroe Memorial Foundation

Moore Community Property Trust

Moore Family Trust

Morgan Stanley Foundation

Morningside Farm

Beverly S. Morrison Living Trust

Mount Revocable Trust

Murch Foundation

Myers-Ball Foundation

National Christian Foundation East Tennessee

National Summer Learning Association

Neal Sisters Foundation

NeighborWorks America

Network for Good

Benjamin S. & Elizabeth F. Neufeld Inter Vivos Trust

New York Community Trust

James Day Noe Trust

Norberg Family Trust DTD

Tokiko Ide Noricks Trust

Patricia E. Oliansky Revocable Trust

James D. & Donna M. Olson Trust

Omena Law Firm, LLC

Oncology-Hematology Clinic

One Foundation

Irvin and Sybil Ottman Family Trust

Rosalie Oughterson Trust

Overlook International Foundation

PACCAR Foundation

Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton Garrison Charitable
Gift Fund

Anna Paulina Foundation

Pearl Foundation

Keith Milo Pearson Trust

Peoples Bank

Pershing Charitable Trust

Personal Financial Planning, Inc.

Bruce R. & Barbara A. Peterson Revocable Trust

Phase Foundation

Planting Seeds of Kindness Trust

Gladys J. Potter Trust

Powell Family Charitable Trust

Powers Auto Service & Body Shop

Travis Pruitt & Powers

Pratt Family Trust

Presbyterian Foundation

Christina L. Price Living Trust

  1. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

Radiographica Medica of LA

Rainville Family Trust

Rena Marie Ramm Revocable Living Trust

Charles C. Rayburn Revocable Trust

Rector’s Discretionary Fund, Trinity Church

Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Cecilia S. Repair Revocable Trust

Resource Foundation, Inc.

Rick’s Auto Supply

Rick Shaw Advertising, LLC

Riffe Construction Co.

Hope Ritz Revocable Trust

River Front Berry Farms, LLC

River Oaks Foundation

†E. O. Robinson Mountain Fund

#Allan B. and Frances M. Roby Charitable Trust

Rockefeller Family Fund

Adele Rodbell Revocable Trust

Roll Giving

Roman Congregation of St. Dominic of USA Province

Roseblade-Leonard Trust

Roth Foundation

Thelma and William K. Rouse Revocable
Memorial Trust

Agnes J. Rudberg Living Trust

Rudd Equipment Company Foundation

William Knight Russell Family Foundation

Saindon and Saindon Family Dentistry

San Francisco Foundation

Betty M. Sanneman Living Trust

Sarco, Inc.

Satter Foundation

Aldo Scafati Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Edward J. and Hildegarde H. Schaefer Foundation

Patricia Schaefer Trust

James B. and Phyllis J. Schoonover Revocable Trust

Barbara S. Schubert UDT

Schwab Charitable Fund

Alfred H. Schwendtner Living Trust

†The Seabury Foundation

Secrest Living Trust

Brooks Senn Living Trust

Jerold W. Serman 2010 Revocable Living Trust

Elmina B. Sewall Foundation

Stephen R. Sexton Revocable Living Trust

Blanche Wiley Shafer Memorial Fund

Kathryn and Vishnoo Shahani Charitable Trust

Shaheen Carpet Mills, Inc.

James R. Shaw & Associates

Joy C. Shoemaker Living Trust

Noel M. Shutt Insurance Agency

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Julie Community

Smith Joint Trust

Smith Private Foundation

Cora Taylor Younger Smith Memorial Fund of the
Community Foundation of the Dan River Region

John L. Soelling Trust

Spaulding Family Trust

Spencer Foundation

Kenneth E. Spieckerman Living Trust

Stafford Automotive Service

Henry M. Staley Charitable Trust

Steele-Reese Foundation

Herman P. Steele Trust

Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

Ruth G. Stewart Living Trust

Stewart Family Foundation

Emma E. Stewart Living Trust

Robert E. Stewart Revocable Trust

Stickle Family Trust

Milretta Stroheim Trust

Tammy L. Studebaker Revocable Trust

C. Styberg Foundation

Joanne Styles Revocable Trust

†Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation

Solon E. Summerfield Foundation

Supreme Parts Company

Sutton Living Trust

Sol and Doris R. Swiss Foundation Charitable Trust

SWS Charitable Foundation

Tarantino Living Trust

Charles M. and Joan R. Taylor Foundation

Robert P. Temmen Trust

Texas Presbyterian Foundation

Garland Thayer and D. Jean Thayer Revocable
Living Trust

James S. and Ruth Eloise Thompson Family Trust Tom’s of Maine

Karene M. Topp Trust

David and Mary Townsley Family Trust

My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc.

Trinity Presbyterian Preschool

TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation


Trull Foundation

United Way of Bartholomew County, Inc.

United Way of Addison County

United Methodist Stewardship Center and Foundation

United Parcel Service Foundation

University of Virginia

U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Elsie Procter Van Buren Foundation

Van Sloun Foundation

Vandermale Family Trust

Robert G. and Florence E. VanDuyn Charitable

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

VanHook Architectural Services

The Vardy Living Trust

A Villager’s Hand

Old Town Violins, LLC

Isabelle B. Vollrath Loving Trust

Patsy Jayne Ware Trust U A

Warne Family Trust


Webb Foundation

Robert Stephen Weimann Endeavor Fund

Welchwood Foundation

Welsh Living Trust


West Sixth Brewing and J. Westhoff Trust

Nancy T. Whipple Revocable Living Trust

White 1989 Revocable Trust

Louise Whiting Crosby Revocable Trust

James O. and Mary Ann Wilkes Trust

William B. Rogers Trust

Dorothy A. Williams Revocable Living Trust

Roger A. Wissman Revocable Trust

Wolken Family Trust

WELCA of Apostles Luthern Church

I. Wright Living Trust

Marion and Robert Wyatt Fund

Paula M. Zera Trust

Margaret A. Zimmermann Trust

Zwirner Family Revocable Living Trust




†   indicates Fee Society member

#   indicates Founders’ Club member

*   indicates President’s Club member



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