Every year, we have the privilege to work with and educate 1,600 students, each with their own unique and remarkable journey to Berea. They have overcome economic difficulties, limited educational resources, discrimination, and sometimes much more to get here. Their strength, energy, and desire to succeed inspire and challenge us daily.

“Without tuition income, Berea must rely heavily on gifts from caring alumni and friends. We celebrate all those who give, and thank them for their kindness and support.”       

–Joanne Singh, Associate Vice President for Development

They challenge us to provide the resources necessary not just to succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive global economy but also to become economic leaders emboldened and strengthened by the values underpinning our Great Commitments. Of course, we face this challenge with the help of friends and alumni of the college, who believe in the transformative potential of our students and our institution. The Berea College Honor Roll of Giving is about more than financial support. It is a statement of shared belief in the power of young people to change the world. It recognizes the bond between all Berea students, past, present, and future, whose personal and professional lives will always benefit from the world-class education they received here. It stands as also a testament to our generous friends, whose support reveals that Berea College, in the words of the late President John B. Stephenson, is still a great, transcendent idea that “enlarges the souls of all who learn of it.”

If, like us, you are inspired by these students, then we hope you will continue to rise to the challenge of providing them an education grounded in learning, service, and impartial love.


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