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  • Provide immediate appointments, eliminating wait times.
  • Launch new tele-health counseling services.
  • Hired a case manager in Counseling Services to promote holistic student wellness
  • Provide expanded access to White House Clinic primary care by allowing unlimited visits
    and extending weekday and weekend hours.
  • Provide free unlimited dental care visits, with special thanks to the Linda Graham Fund.
  • Improve health care plan by working with current provider to expand health insurance to
    cover more healthcare costs. Provide new educational workshops for students to have a
    better understanding of options available for healthcare.
  • Increase access to Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) to further develop a residential climate
    that is positive, respectful and inclusive for all residents. Currently 17 percent of students live in GIH.
  • Expand on-campus student engagement activities for students.
  • Hired new assistant director of specialized services to provide oversight of the Black Male Leadership Initiative.
  • Create a Student Center on campus. Comprehensive student surveys were conducted along with input sessions (over 850 students have provided input) to gather feedback on Student Center design.
  • Installed solar Umbrella Charging Table that allows students to charge devices outdoors,
    using solar panels embedded in its umbrella.
  • Provided new outdoor furniture and hammocks.
  • Open a student-designed patio outside the library in the fall.
  • Assess and expand campus shuttles (expanded airport Shuttle for Winter Break).
  • Implement new Car Policy, with expanded parking and allows first-year students to have
    cars on campus.
  • Plan purchase of a van with lift chair for accessibility.

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