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July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017
Legacy gifts left to Berea by will:

Kathleen Anderson and
Frances I. Hebel
R. D. Anderson
Anne Somers Bailey
Evelyn Blust Baker
Jeune C. Baker
Philip D. and Cornelia D. Baker
Ballmann Family
Florence and Minnie Behl
Dessie I. Black
John S. Black
David A. Bowman
Zorah W. Bowman
Scharlene O. Branum
Eva Reid Brosius
Ouida Midkiff Burrus
Dr. Wilfred A. Bychinsky
Dr. William R. Clark, Jr.
Mary Ann Craft
Glenn Crosswhite
Kinsman E. Crumb
John F. Curley
Margaret Simpson Daniels
Donal S. and Ramona S. Dawson
Bruce DeBruhl

Mary C. Ehrlinger Demmler

E. Ruth Dorsett

Francis E. and Julia R. Drury

Maxine Alice Dull

Robert O. Ebert

Mary E. Faber

M. Ferguson

Washington Foose

Ann Hardeman and Combs L. Fort

Mary S. Frazer

Thomas A. Gherman
and Anne H. Gherman
Mary Nell Griffin
Lena Ethel Guest
Henry Gund
Lawrence A. Gurnett
Jessie F. Hallett
Robert E. and Clara D. Harrison
Adelaide I. Hass
Frances I. Hebel
James B. Heird
O. Tinsley Helton
Irene H. Hills
Irene R. Houchins
Charlene Seabury Houser
Mrs. Charles P. Howard
Marjorie Hylton
Fred E. Johnson
J. Kennedy Kincaid, Jr.
Ruth W. Kerley
Tuthill King
Diane S. Klingenstein
Eleanor Knotts
Esther Bridge Kohnle
Robert H. Lee
Helen Lucas
James V. Madden
Stewart McCullum
Dorothy and Clarence Meacham
Lewis B. and Helen M. Miller
George E. Mills, III
Harriet C. Mills
Helena Mink
Douglas Stapf Mitchell
Joan L. Mitchell
Dellazine M. Moran
Emily R. Nashner
W. O. and Lois Newell
Charles S. and Phoebe O. Nicholas
Jeanette M. Ocker
Douglas Orre
Marlene Ellis Payne
Ernestine Peebles
E. Dorothy Pelton
Robert B. Pelton
Margaret B. Peterson
Ruth B. Phillips
Dorothy E. Pollak
Elisabeth Severance Prentiss
Fred S. and Rose M. Prouser
Marian F. Rawlins
Charles C. Reardon
Walter L. Rees
Josephine Rommell Reid
Charles M. Richardson
Kathryn Sandera Rieder
Beverly L. Robbins
Rowland G. Rose
Frances K. Ross
Sara De Coursey Ruth
Isma B. Saloshin
Aldo Scafati
Elizabeth L. Schellberg
Anna Schorman
Else L. Schulze
Raphael E. Schwartz
Blanche Wiley Shafer
Kate B. Sheadle
Polly B. Sherman
L. Demarest Sisco
Edward P. and Mary Klein Smith
Marguerite Smyth
Barbara E. Snyder
Steven L. Steele
Marcella H. Stilwell
Louise C. Stolle
Mary C. Stone
Matthew James Storms
Virginia Sutherland
Dorthea G. Tamborski
Rev. Dr. Michelle Tooley
James M. Watt
Anne C. Weatherford
Charles Barton Weaver
Laura Amelia Davis Whisnant
Nancy Williams
Sarah R. Wilson
Doris M. Witt
Frederick W. and
Genevieve Witteborg
Judy L. Wolicki
Alfred M. and Mary Swain Wood
Bernal R. Woodward
W. Leslie and Mabel D. Worth


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