A Promise Fulfilled: Donor Profiles

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Bringing together profiles of various donors and Berea College supporters, this issue reveals the interest and motivation that lead so many generous persons to invest in the College’s mission. For some, it is gratitude and giving back; for others, commitment to education as the engine of social mobility; and for still others, it is service to those less fortunate. In this way, the donors of today mirror those of earlier generations and echo the compelling story of our founding by men and women of principle, determination, and courage. You can think of these individual profiles as new chapters in the Berea story. As they come to life for you, please be reminded that it is only through the combined philanthropic efforts of thousands of devoted supporters that Berea College is able to continue and advance its mission of investing in lives of great promise.

Dr. Daniel Lee

Berea Patrons

Esfandiar Lohrasbpour

Dr. Steele and Betty D. Mattingly

Karin Larson

Albert and Marian Thomas

Reverend J. Oscar McCloud

Brian and Laura Reed

Walter Gross III

Meisel Family Foundation

Richard Wiener

Janice Blythe

Alice Baker

John and Sandy Bolin

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  1. I think your report is both unique and impressive. It is so much more interesting than the many I’ve seen and as a student, teacher and administrator at colleges. It makes me want to give MORE! I’m very fond of Berea and it’s purpose AND the way the students have a role in its success. Emily Richardson, Asst Professor, University of Maryland, University College and Northern Va Community College.

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