One Blood, Interfaith Youth Core’s Berea Students

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(This is an updated and expanded version of the printed article) As a non-denominational institution, deeply rooted in its Christian heritage and committed to the “gospel of impartial love,” Berea College has long encouraged students to develop their faith through the informed exploration of other beliefs while critically examining their own beliefs. This makes Berea a perfect match for Interfaith … Read More

Partners Near and Far: Finding Ideas and Resources to Sustain Appalachia

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Chris Green, director of the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, engages with participants at the Rural Education Summit.

  Geoff Canada might not be the first person one would expect to give the keynote address at a conference on issues facing rural America. He has spent most of his professional life as the director of the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), a project that combines educational outreach and economic development, focusing on a 100-block area in Harlem, New York … Read More

Bridges into the Blue: Admissions and First Year Experience

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Haaga House

Located in the “white house” next to Presser Hall at the far end of the campus, the Admissions Office is busy throughout the year promoting the College, recruiting prospective students and processing applications. The Office of First Year Experience receives admitted students from the Admissions Office, and guides them towards a stable and efficient college life. Hence, these two offices … Read More

Rediscovering the Home I Never Left

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It isn’t quite déjà vu, but the feeling is close. Over the last few months, when rounding the corner to my new office, or dropping in for a first meeting with colleagues, I often have an eerie sense of familiarity. The feeling is strongest during conversations with student workers in the Marketing & Communications department or when, from the corner … Read More