Fashion Foward

Cora Allison '223 Comments

Derek DeAndre walks the runway waving to attendees

2013 alumnus creates a runway between art and awareness Derek DeAndre (Matthews) ’13 went from watching “Project Runway” on TV to becoming a two-time semi-finalist on the show with his own designs. Born and raised in Birmingham, Ala., DeAndre’s supportive family pushed him to excel in all his endeavors. Pursuing a liberal arts education at Berea College sparked a dream … Read More

Berea College Fire fighters: Then and Now

Jason Lee Miller2 Comments

Berea College Firefighters in the early 1930s

It’s 1964, and a siren is whining across the Berea College campus. A small band of young men drop their books and sprint across the quad and all the way to Chestnut Street, where they jump onto the back of a student-driven fire truck. Off they ride toward some local danger. “They didn’t have cars,” explains alumnus John Stephenson ’66, … Read More

That Time the Dalai Lama Came to Town

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President Stephens walks through campus with Dalai Lama in 1994

For three days in 1988, a woman quietly toured the Berea College campus, chatting with students about their school and observing life in town. She remained anonymous until, on the third day, she appeared in President John B. Stephenson’s office asking to meet with him. There, she announced herself as the niece of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin … Read More

Giving Voice to Hope: The Black Ensemble

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The Lord is Blessing Me album cover

The Berea College Black Ensemble recorded its first album, “The Lord is Blessing Me,” in 1971. The cover art was created by Bruce Gray ‘73 to capture the group’s vibrant and uplifted emotions. What is now a Berea College institution, the Black Music Ensemble—with 80 members who tour all around the country—was born 50 years ago out of a small … Read More

Berea College Football: A Century Undefeated

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1902 Berea College football team

One of the most popular T-shirts for sale in the Berea College Visitor Center and Shoppe presents the image of an early 20th century football team. It reads: “Mountaineer Football: Undefeated Since 1907.” That’s a fun joke because the early 1900s was the last time Berea College fielded an actual intercollegiate football team. “It’s one of our most popular T-shirts,” … Read More