Letter from the Editor

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Dear Berea Alumni and Friends, Everyone’s heard the saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” A great image can convey a depth of emotion, reaction and understanding that words often fail to capture. However, as a lifelong writer, I will never underestimate the sway words have over the human soul. As Nathanial Hawthorne once said, “Words—so innocent and powerless as … Read More

Class Notes

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The Berea College Alumni Association enjoys hearing from Bereans from all over the world. The “Class Notes” section of Berea College magazine reports verifiable news you wish to share with your alumni friends and associates: careers, weddings, retirements, births, and other items of importance to our alumni. Please include your class year and name used while attending Berea. Notes may … Read More

The Changing Face of Our Faculty

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Berea celebrates its diverse faculty and honors the journey of those who came before At a school heralded as the first interracial and co-educational college in the South, Berea College has always been committed to what is now its fifth Great Commitment: “To assert the kinship of all people and to provide interracial education with a particular emphasis on understanding … Read More

Two Lifelong Bereans Receive Rodney C. Bussey Award Of Special Merit

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Portrait of Virgil Burnside and Dr. Jacqueline Burnside (Photo: Jay Buckner)

Virgil Burnside ’74 and Dr. Jacqueline Grisby Burnside ’74 Dr. Jacqueline Grisby Burnside ’74 and Virgil Burnside ’74 met at Berea College, got married as students and marched together at graduation. Six years later, they returned to their alma mater and embarked on a nearly 40-year journey of service to the College and the city of Berea. At Summer Reunion, … Read More

Service-dedicated Alumnus Receives Alumni Loyalty Award

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Portrait of Dr. Peter Thoms and Cheryl Thoms

Dr. Peter Thoms ’55 The child of medical missionaries in Muscat, Oman, Peter Thoms ’55 knew his whole life he wanted to be a doctor. He grew up in southeastern Arabia assisting his father in the operating room in the community in which they served. “My dad was a wonderful example, a mentor,” Thoms said. “Though he did not encourage … Read More

A Display of History

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Doris Ulmann with a camera

“Are there any circumstances under which it might be possible for Berea College to receive copies of the photographs which you had on exhibit at the Southern Mountain Workers Conference in Knoxville?” On May 9, 1930, Berea’s President William Hutchins posed that question in a letter he wrote to Doris Ulmann. He was seeking to kindle a relationship between the … Read More

That Ship Has Sailed

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S.S. Berea Victory Ship before launch

The S.S. Berea Victory was one of 150 U.S. Maritime Administration cargo ships constructed during the war that were named after educational institutions. Its first mission started April 1, 1945, in the Battle for Okinawa. Stories on how World War II impacted Berea College and its legacy In March 1945 Berea joined World War II efforts off the coast of … Read More

Building for a Vision

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Black and white photo of Howard Hall

Howard Hall, built in 1869, is recognized as the first integrated male residence hall in the South. The $18,000 building was paid for by the Freedmen’s Bureau and named after its chief commander, General Oliver Otis Howard. Photo courtesy of Berea College Special Collections & Archives. Tucked away beside the Edwards Building on Berea’s campus sits a lone cupola. The … Read More

In Their Own Words

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Matilda Dada ’19 Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. Major: Business “I have changed a lot since coming to Berea. My mindset has definitely changed. My work ethic has also changed. It is not really about working hard, it is about working smart and managing your time. You determine your own success. And that is kind of what I realized coming here. “Having … Read More