Cornell Weekend: A Partnership Helping Bereans Bridge Out

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All it took was one simple letter and Joe Bridy was captivated by Berea College. Bridy’s Berea story begins in 2003 when he received a capital campaign letter from the College asking for financial support to establish the William R. Gruver Chair in Leadership Studies, which supports the study of leadership theories and practices in community, nonprofit, and business settings.  As … Read More


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Faculty and Staff Mary E. Anders, of Valparaiso, Indiana, passed away March 27, 2015. She was a music instructor at Berea College from 1945-1956. Having already earned a bachelor’s degree in music from DePauw University prior to teaching at Berea, Mary left to study at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where she earned a master’s degree in music. After earning … Read More

Perspectives on the Great Commitments

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 Perspectives on the Great Commitments: Love of Works and Works of Love In 1855, the Christian faith of John G. Fee and Berea’s other founders led them to undertake a monumental task, the creation of an anti-sectarian community where “all people of good moral character” could learn and work together, where love could triumph over hate. Today the genius of … Read More

Alumni Award Recipients

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Dreama Gentry, ’89, Rodney C. Bussey Award of Special Merit Dreama is a first generation college graduate from rural Appalachia. She worked in the public relations department during her time as a student, and graduated with a political science degree in 1989. After completing her Juris Doctor at the University of Kentucky College of Law, she worked for three years … Read More

Class Notes

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The Berea College Alumni Association enjoys hearing from Bereans from all over the U.S. and the world. The “Class Notes” section of Berea College Magazine (BCM) reports verifiable news that has been sent by alumni. BCM reports the news you wish to share. “Class Notes” reports careers, weddings, retirements, births, and other items of importance to our alumni. Please include … Read More

Bernadine Douglas Named Vice President for Alumni and College Relations

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“Bernadine brings a wealth of experience to the position,” says Berea College President Lyle Roelofs. “She is a first-generation college graduate who finds that Berea College’s mission resonates deeply with her.” “I grew up in a small town in Florida, where I lived with my mother and three sisters,” Douglas says when describing her background. She adds that the dream … Read More

A New Path to Wellness: Berea’s Students Get a Fresh Start

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It comes as no surprise that at Berea College we emphasize the positive qualities of our students—their outstanding work ethic, strong academic records, and unique personalities. But for more than a century, Berea College has also focused on educating the whole person, including  not just enhancing the mind but also working to improve students’ quality of life. The College, for … Read More

Berea Buddies: Role Models, Fun, and the Future

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Berea Buddies is one of the longest running community service programs at the Center for Excellence in Learning through Service (CELTS). The program pairs Berea College students with children from the community who attend kindergarten through sixth grade, to provide the children with positive role models. “Children who have caring adults in their lives are more likely to be successful … Read More

Love of Works, Works of Love

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At the very heart of Berea, one finds two commitments, one to the Christian faith and the other to the dignity and utility of labor. These Commitments, individually essential, mutually reinforce one another as well, uniting beautifully in the theme of this issue “Love of Work and Works of Love.” Our Third Commitment, the Christian Commitment, says that Berea College … Read More

Honoring All Walks of Faith through “Understandings of Christianity”

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For many living today in western democracies, the term “sectarian violence” conjures images of destruction between religious groups in other countries. Violence rooted in disagreements over the interpretation of religious texts and historical events. Though the specter of such violence has largely ceased to cast a shadow on the relations between various Christian communities, in mid-nineteenth century America, circumstances were … Read More