Eradicating Homelessness in Birmingham—Faith Chapel Care Center on Mission

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When alumnus Dr. Michael D. Moore graduated from Berea in 1977 with a degree in business administration, his career trajectory was practicing law. He returned to his hometown of Birmingham, Ala., and attended law school at Samford University. He married Kennetha Brown ’79 a year before she finished at Berea and thought his life was set. Then one day, while … Read More

The 500-Acre Classroom

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Herd of cattle on Berea's farm

The country’s most sustainable college farm prepares students for future agricultural careers Every so often, students have a foot-stompin’ good time at the Berea College Farm. The dance floor is a bucket. The music is the sound created by feet squishing tomatoes. It’s part of the process of saving organic tomato seeds and just one of the tasks the Agriculture … Read More

Berea’s First Ladies

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Information and photos provided by Sharyn Mitchell FD ’65, BC ’69, Rachel Vagts and Harry Rice, Berea Hutchins Library Special Collections & Archives. In 2016, Temvelo Matsebula ’18, a student archives associate with the Special Collections & Archives was conducting research for Women’s History Month. Finding little information on the spouses of Berea’s presidents, she began a quest for more … Read More

Berea Kids Eat

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Spread of produce harvested from a garden

This bounty of tomatoes and beans grown in the garden behind the church helps decrease food insecurity for Berea’s children and their families. Children involved in the garden project set up a roadside stand to sell the crops and raise money for school clothing and supplies. How a garden and a little faith feeds an entire community About halfway down … Read More

Putting Meat on the Bones

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Portrait of Sharyn Mitchell

Meet Berea’s petite archive researcher who tells the College’s story in a big way As a little girl Sharyn Mitchell hated history because it was boring—it was all memorizing dates and didn’t pose any kind of challenge. But today, she is a research services specialist in Hutchins Library Special Collections & Archives. Mitchell spends most of her days digging through … Read More

Letter from the Editor

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Dear Berea Alumni and Friends, What does it mean to “Bloom where you are planted?” First, it starts with an action—bloom. To bloom is to flourish or to thrive. To bloom is to produce something new and beautiful. This issue is packed with stories of unique programs and people striving to create something new—from the seeds of research, relationship or … Read More

Nancy Lee Albright Shinn, First Lady: 1994-2012

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Ten years into Larry Shinn’s presidency, he and Nancy were interviewed about their decade-long experience on campus. Listen above to excerpts from that 2004 interview with Nancy Shinn. Whenever you saw Nancy Lee Albright, she was teaching children. A fast learner, she took just three years to earn her bachelor’s degree in education from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. Albright … Read More

Maria Ball Babbit Fairchild, First Lady: 1869-1888

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Maria Ball Babbit’s life was promising from the beginning. She met her future husband, Edward Henry Fairchild, at age 13 when they gathered for a prayer meeting. He would later become the first president of Berea College. She served on the Council of the Dean of Women from 1869 until the day she died. Fairchild passed her love for Berea … Read More

Anna Laura Murch Hutchins, First Lady: 1920-1939

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Despite being naturally shy, Anna Laura Murch Hutchins accomplished great things during her life. The wife of Berea’s fourth president, Dr. William J. Hutchins, she was known for caring deeply about people. Sending flowers to distressed members of the Berea community to comfort them was one of the many sweet gestures she made to quietly minister to the needs of … Read More

Eleanor Marsh Frost, First Lady: 1892-1920

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Eleanor’s love story with William Goodell Frost is as unconventional as they come. Eleanor was the caregiver for William’s wife, Louise Rainey, and their three children. After Louise’s death, Eleanor and William were married and had their own children. Sadly, they lost their son, Cleveland, during World War I. Despite the devastating effect of this on the family and on … Read More