Partners for Education: Rooted in Berea’s History of Going Out to Serve

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GEAR UP Students

For most Americans, the War on Poverty began in 1964 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act, but by that time Berea’s fight against poverty—financial and intellectual—had been underway for more than 100 years. Though the college’s commitment to serve the educational needs of Appalachians has not wavered, the methods by which it pursues this goal have … Read More

Berea Participates in White House Event to Expand College Access

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In early December, Berea College President Lyle Roelofs joined President Obama, the First Lady, and Vice President Biden along with hundreds of college presidents and other higher education leaders to announce new actions to help more students prepare for and graduate from college. The White House College Opportunity Day of Action helps to support the President’s commitment to partner with … Read More

Dr. Alicestyne Turley

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Director of the Carter G. Woodson Center for Interracial Education   How do you think Berea’s commitment to interracial education works to serve the Appalachian community or region? I think Berea recognizes the changing nature of Appalachia.  It recognizes that other than the popular stereotypes we see of Appalachians, there is a cultural diversity that has always existed in the … Read More

Chris Lakes, ’99

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Director of First Year Programs Assistant Director of Academic Services I think the two commitments are extremely related from a philosophical perspective. Let me start with the interracial commitment, because it has been the institution’s focus for generations. For decades we have been dedicated to serving underserved populations, which is why I work at this college, because we are trying … Read More

Osvaldo Flores, ’18

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First-Year Student What is your understanding of Berea College’s commitment to interracial education? It is very diverse. It is more diverse than I would have imagined. This year is the first year Berea admitted DACA* students, 14 in total. When I came here, [the counselors] said that there are students from 65 different countries. Because Berea is a small school, … Read More

Dr. Yoli Carter

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Robert Charles Billings Chair in Education What is your interpretation of the commitments to service and interracial education? What sorts of dialogue have you encountered regarding these ideas? During the time that I have been at Berea College I have seen, heard, and felt so much surrounding issues of service and interracial education.  The commitment to these issues is strong … Read More

Hasan Davis, ’92

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Hasan Davis, ’92

Former Kentucky State Juvenile Justice Commissioner How do you think Berea’s commitment to interracial education works to serve the Appalachian community or region? At Berea, I learned there’s no limitation on who I can be useful to.  Graduates walk away with this subtle message, believing that we can go to people and ask them, “Do you need some help? Is … Read More

Dr. Chris Green

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Director of the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center Appalachian Studies Program Chair What is your understanding of Berea’s commitment to interracial education? It is at the core of Berea’s definition. I say that, but it is truly at the core of it. It has metamorphosed over time and is undergoing that metamorphosis still because it leads us to ask difficult questions. … Read More

Meet Berea’s Faculty Dr. Dwayne Mack

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The Carter G. Woodson Chair in African American History and an Associate Professor of History, Dwayne Mack came to Berea in 2003 after completing his Ph.D. at Washington State University at Pullman.  His second book, “Black Spokane: The Civil Rights Struggle in the Inland Northwest,” developed from a conversation with his graduate advisor, Leroy Ashby, who suggested Spokane, Washington as … Read More

Entrepreneurship for the Public Good Nourishes Student Entrepreneurial Abilities While Promoting Local Economic Development

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Cohort 11 outdoors

What do bicycles, horses, and kayaks have in common with Appalachia’s economic future? What role does social media play in helping Appalachian businesses grow and thrive? What impact do venues featuring local foods and regional music have on tourist traffic in eastern Kentucky? What will zip lines and woodland trails do for rural economies? What impact will questions such as … Read More