Commitment to Do Good

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outdoor shot of Fee Glade on Berea College campus.

The Legacy Wall is part of the John G. Fee Glade, located in the heart of Berea’s campus. Built in 2009, the Wall lists the more than 3,000 names of those who have included Berea in their wills or made life income agreements with the College that resulted in a charitable gift, like David Schultz. Names are updated annually after … Read More

No Longer A Misfit

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portrait of Channell Barbour standing in front of a staircase bordered by red flowers.

Photo by Jennifer Lance ’20 Dr. Channell Barbour ’91 always had big plans. Whether it was dreaming of the bright lights and fame awaiting her in California or aspiring to be president of Berea College, her ambition has never been tethered. Barbour grew up a “misfit” in Oldham County, Ky. The youngest of nine children and an African American female … Read More

Wonderfully Contagious

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portrait of Steve and Jane Anderson

Photo by Rui Barros Photography Steve Anderson’s childhood memory of his mother packing boxes of clothes to send to Berea College for her Daughters of the American Revolution chapter in Texas is his first awareness of the College. It was that vague recollection that made him detour off the interstate for a stop in Berea in 1992 on a trip … Read More

Approaching a Century of Support

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picture of the 1927 laying of the cornerstone in Seabury center.

Many gathered to celebrate the 1927 laying of the cornerstone of Seabury Center. Photo provided by Berea College Special Collections and Archives Thousands of Berea students and College visitors know the Seabury name. It is attached to prominent buildings on campus and awards for students and faculty. The connection goes back to the 1920s when Louise Seabury visited Berea while … Read More

A Bridge to Something Better

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Portrait of Blair Frank and Tena Fisherman-Frank

Photo by Sandy Frank Luck and a second chance made all the difference for Blair Frank. Now, he’s paying it forward. “I came from what you would call a ‘fractured family,’” Frank shared. “I was an emancipated minor in high school. So, I was living on my own, and I probably wouldn’t have gone to college if it wasn’t for … Read More

Passing it Down the Line

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portrait of Mary Lou Salter

Photo by Crystal Wylie ’05 Mary Lou Salter ’47 had no plans to attend Berea College. And when she arrived she had no intention of staying. A Berea alumnus teaching at her school in North Carolina had persuaded her to take the entrance exam. Soon after, a telegram arrived saying there was a reservation for her in nursing class. Mary … Read More

New Worlds and New Opportunities

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portrait of Jose Socarras

Photo by Lucila Santiago ’21 José Socarras ’21 emigrated from Cuba to the United States when he was 2 years old. He and his mother followed his father, who had secured exit only for himself a year earlier and had to apply to bring the rest of his family in hopes of starting a new life together in America. They … Read More

Making it Possible

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portrait of Emmanuel and Sharon Tuffuor

Photo by Rodney Kimbangu ’20 Like other college-going students, Emmanuel Tuffuor ’88 says coming to Berea College was life changing. As with most students, leaving one’s family, home and familiar surroundings behind requires adjustment. For Tuffuor, home was in Ghana—5,485 miles away—meaning he dealt with a lot more change than most Berea students. “I came to Berea with nothing, just … Read More

Helping Others Like Herself

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portrait of Sabina Sabal

Photot by Desiree Dunn ’21 Sabina Sabal ’22 is aiming for a job with the World Health Organization, and she’s studying neuroscience and mental health in order to get there. “I always had an interest in the nervous system, but when I turned about 13, I started to look more into mental health issues.” Sabal is a first-generation American whose … Read More

Serving Something Bigger

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portrait of Janis Ian

Photo by Lloyd Baggs According to Janis Ian, creator of the hit song, “At Seventeen,” everybody deserves a chance. That’s why the Grammy-award-winning singer and songwriter and her spouse, Patricia Snyder, cofounded the Nashville-based Pearl Foundation. Named after Ian’s mother, Pearl, the foundation provides scholarship funds to students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to attend college. Pearl’s fondest … Read More