Bequest Gifts

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  Ms. Carlotta R. Anderson Mr. R. D. Anderson Arthur J. Starr Col. Robert A. Atkins, Sr. Roy D. Baker Ballmann Family Florence and Minnie Behl Zorah W. Bowman Jay L. Boyer Eva Reid Brosius Harvey and Joanne Bryant Roger Ellis Buchanan Ouida Midkiff Burrus Dr. Wilfred A. Bychinsky Cloe A. Call Ogden B. Carter, Jr. Ms. Mary E. Clemesha … Read More

Memorial Gifts

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Gifts provided in Memory of the following individuals: Elliott Abels Faith Abels Mr. Vincent L. Achey Blon L. Ackels Esther Sandifer Adams, ’41 Jeremy Alvin Adkins, ’00 Martha H. Agnew, ’52 Sharon Newkirk Akers, ’61 Mr. Forrest Albright Antonio A. Aler, ’21 Sylvia Elizabeth Sutherland Allen, ’56 Julia Allen Reah Robinson Allen, ’64 Dr. Franklin H. Alley, ’30 Alvin C. … Read More

Friends Q – Z

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Mr. and Mrs. Carlos L. Qualls Rev. Harvey N. Quarles Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Queffenne Mr. Lincoln W. Quigley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quillin Mr. Muriel Quint Ms. Leda M. Quiros-Weed Mr. David W. Quist Mr. Edgar Raber Mr. and Mrs. John C. Raby Mr. John Racanelli Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Radant Mr. and Mrs. John J. R. … Read More

Friends I – P

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Mr. and Mrs. Rufus A. Iannucci Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Icenhour Mr. Alan K. Iles Mrs. Ina Imbrey Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Imershein Ms. Margaret Ingate Dr. Robert Louis Ingberg ΔMr. and Mrs. Frank L. Ingenito Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Ingraham Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Innocenti Dr. Gerald W. Ireland Mr. Robert A. Irvin Mr. … Read More

Friends A – H

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ΔMr. Jonathan Aaronson Ms. Mary Abarca Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Abate Mr. W. Robert Abbot ◊Rev. and Dr. James L. Abbott ΔMr. Richard D. Abbott Steven Abbott ∏ΔMr. and Mrs. John E. Abele Mr. and Mrs. Benny F. Abney ΔMs. Anes Wiley Abraham Mr. and Mrs. Perry C. Abrams Mr. Joseph H. Abramson Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Abrash … Read More

Faculty and Staff Contributors

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ΔElaine Adams +Thomas B. Ahrens ∞Jenny Boyle Akins, ’11 ΔDr. Kathryn R. Akural ∞ΔApril Aldeen, ’07 ΔJeffrey S. Amburgey, Hon.’10 Shaiquan K. Arline, ’17 ◊#ΔJames Thomas Arnold, ’75 ◊+□ΔCandis R. Arthur, ’11 Brittany Lynn Ash James W. Atkinson Jeffrey E. Baldwin ΔJay H. Baltisberger +ΔTony Basham, ’00 +ΔKatie Racz Basham, ’02 +ΔAndrew Lewis Baskin, ’73 Becky J. Berheide Dr. Michael … Read More

Honorary Alumni

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Contributors: 10 Berea Fund:     $146.00 Total Funds: $2,396.00  ΔJeffrey S. Amburgey, Hon.’10 #William H. Bowman, Hon.’08 Dr. Paul C. Hager, Hon.’98 *Dr. Robert L. Johnstone, Hon.’96 ◊*+ΔDr. William A. Laramee, Hon.’09 Jack Marema, Hon.’94 #•ΔRev. J. Randolph Osborne, Hon.’95 ΔMelissa S. Osborne, Hon.’14 +ΔLester Pross, Hon.’92 ◊#∏ΔLarry D. Shinn, Hon.’08 ◊#∏ΔNancy Shinn, Hon.’08 ◊#∏ΔAnnette H. Tinnin, Hon.’01 ◊#∏ΔCharles W. Tinnin, … Read More

Key to Honor Roll

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†   indicates Fee Society member #   indicates Founders’ Club member *   indicates President’s Club member +   indicates Second Century Club Bronze member indicates Second Century Club Silver member indicates Second Century Club Gold member ∏ indicates Second Century Club Platinum member ◊   indicates Great Commitments Society member Δ indicates 5 or more years of consecutive giving, including FY2014-15, 2014-13, 2013-12, … Read More

Student Giving

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Berea Patrons Committee

Contributors: 527 Berea Fund: $10,552.76 Total Funds: $10,722.76 2014-15 Berea Patrons Committee: Cory Payton, ’15; Klara Aminova, ’15; Maggie Smith, ’16; Kerstin Wright, ’16; Holden Dillman, ’17; Julie Jent, ’18; Osvaldo Flores, ‘18   ¤Ali Tahseen Abdulsamea ¤Jamila Abril ¤Olamida Adejumo ¤Ishwar Agarwal ¤Amaelle Alami ¤Shahwar Ali ¤India Allen ¤Tuvshinzaya Amarzaya ∞¤Klara Aminova ¤Jesse Anderson ¤Rebecca L. Anderson ∞¤Sona Apbasova … Read More

Alumni by Class Years

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Class of 1944 and Prior Contributors: 49 Berea Fund:   $23,170.00 Total Funds: $442,763.93 Phyllis Douglass Abbott, ‘41 ◊#•ΔRoberta Larew Allison, ‘42 ΔAudrey Dodd Bales, ‘42 ΔWilma Wilson Barath, ‘44 ΔLizzie Allen Barrett, ‘41 Wilson H. Bent, ‘41 ΔVirgie L. Wright Bloomer, ‘44 *§ΔOlga Beck Bracht, ‘44 James H. Brightwell, ‘44 Ruth Wilson Caldwell, ‘43 ΔHazel Hughey Canon, ‘42 ◊ΔFrances … Read More