President’s Report – Our Berea: From Exploration to Action

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Our Berea

The Report presents information about our solid financial position and data related to our sources of financial support. It also lists the names of the Berea College Board of Trustees and national alumni leaders, all of whom provide without compensation their time, their passion, their professional expertise, and their leadership to help guide this remarkable and transformative institution. In reading … Read More

Honor Roll of Giving

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The Honor Roll of Giving is an acknowledgement of all the donors who make Berea College’s mission possible.

Corporate Employee Matching Gift Programs and How They Benefit Berea

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What are corporate matching gift programs? Corporate matching gift programs are charitable giving programs set up by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. For example, if you work for Bank of America and donate $100 to Berea, Bank of America will double the donation by also writing a check for $100. Thousands … Read More

Young Alumni Advisory Council (YAAC)

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Youssouf Hussene

ANNOUNCEMENT 2014-15 President Hussene Youssouf, ’05 President-Elect Luke Sulfridge, ’03 Executive Vice President Missy Naseman Rivera, ’05 New Members: Beth Bissmeyer, ’09 William Cook, ’06 David Kretzman, ’14 Emily LaDouceur, ’04 Katy Sulfridge, ’03 Djuan Trent, ’09 Young Alumni Advisory Council 2013-14 Officers Charles Badger, ’11, President, New Jersey Hussene Youssouf, ’05, President-Elect, Georgia Julie Stewart, ’04, Executive Vice President, … Read More

Alumni Executive Council (AEC)

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ANNOUNCEMENT 2014-15 President David Cook, ‘85 President-Elect Andrew Hamilton, ’96 New Members: Dr. Ballard Wright, ‘59 Tedd Masiongale, ‘88 Katherine Silver Kelly, ‘91 Amy Burkhardt Harmon, ‘99 Executive Council 2013-14 Tim Jones, ‘94, President, Kentucky David Cook, ‘85, President-Elect, Kentucky Lowell Hamilton, ’61, Past-President, Alabama Lyle D. Roelofs, President of Berea College, Kentucky Diane Kerby, ‘75, Director of Alumni Relations, … Read More

Class Rankings

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Class    Percentage  Ranking   1951                  51.52%                1 1950                  39.20%                2 1952                  38.46%                3 1955                  37.35%                4 1949                  36.67%                5 1956                  36.13%                6 1945                  35.29%                7 1958                  35.17%                8 1954                  35.14%                9 1962                  34.11%                10 1948                  33.96%                11 1959                  33.49%                12 1966                  33.46%                13 1965                  32.39%                14 1947                  31.25%                15 1944                  30.91%                16 1961                  30.20%                17 1964                  29.57%                18 1957                  … Read More

Honorary Alumni

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Contributors:  15 Berea Fund:  $1,635 Total Funds:  $31,610 Δ•Jeffrey S. Amburgey, Hon.’10 Elvin Combs, Hon.’81 Dr. Paul C. Hager, Hon.’98 *Dr. Robert L. Johnstone, Hon.’96 #Leigh A. Jones, Hon.’93 Δ#§Janet C. Kreider, Hon.’91 Δ◊*+Dr. William A. Laramee, Hon.’09 Δ#+Rev. J. Randolph Osborne, Hon.’95 Δ+Melissa S. Osborne, Hon.’14 Δ•Lester Pross, Hon.’92 Δ#◊§Larry D. Shinn, Hon.’08 Δ#◊§Nancy Shinn, Hon.’08 Δ#◊‡Annette H. Tinnin, … Read More


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?   indicates Fee Society member #   indicates Founders? Club member *   indicates President?s Club member +   indicates Second Century Club Bronze member ?   indicates Second Century Club Silver member ?  indicates Second Century Club Gold member ∏ indicates Second Century Club Platinum member ◊  indicates Great Commitments Club member Δ  indicates 5-plus years of consecutive … Read More