Young Alumni Advisory Council 2017-18

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Council Members
Joe Saleem, II ’08
President, KY

Missy Naseman Rivera ’05
Past President, OH

Martina Jackson ’11
President-Elect, KY

David Kretzmann ’14
Executive Vice-President, VA

Ms. Lisa M. Colletti-Jones
Coordinator of Student, Young Alumni and Volunteer Engagement Programs, KY

Ehis Akhetuamhen ’01, IL
Jacob Burdette ’15, KY
William E. Cook, III, ’06, OH
Trinity Goodman ’17, KY
Wayne Jones ’15, West VA
Emily LaDouceur ’04, KY
Tran K. Nguyen ’17, IN
Cory Payton ’15, KY
Katy Jones Sulfridge ’03, OH
Djuan Trent ’10, NY
Lara Zavalza-Neeson ’13, KY

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