Friends A – H

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ΔMr. Jonathan Aaronson

Ms. Mary Abarca

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Abate

Mr. W. Robert Abbot

◊Rev. and Dr. James L. Abbott

ΔMr. Richard D. Abbott

Steven Abbott

∏ΔMr. and Mrs. John E. Abele

Mr. and Mrs. Benny F. Abney

ΔMs. Anes Wiley Abraham

Mr. and Mrs. Perry C. Abrams

Mr. Joseph H. Abramson

Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Abrash

+Ms. Eleanor D. Acheson

  • ΔMrs. Loretta L. Achey-Noland

Dr. and Mrs. William T. Achor

Col. and Mrs. A. D. Ackels

Mr. and Mrs. Griffith G. Acker

ΔMiss Janet G. Ackerman

Ms. Kathleen M. Ackerman

Ms. Mary Ellen Ackermann

ΔDr. and Mrs. Joe M. Adair

#§Mrs. Kay E. Adair

Ms. Catherine D. Adamescu

ΔMs. Ann L. Adams

Beverly M. Adams

ΔMs. Debora S. Adams

ΔMs. Elaine Adams

Mr. George R. Adams

Mr. George Adams

+Ms. Linda Tafapolsky and
Mr. James F. Adams, III

Odis E. Adams

ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Adams

William W. Adams, III

Mr. and Mrs. Joel L. Adelman

Mr. and Mrs. David Allen Adey

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Adkins

Mr. Ronald Adkins

Mr. Peter T. Adler

Mr. James R. Adney

Dr. Jean R. Adrien

Ms. Janet Afflerbach

Mrs. Naty Agdinaoay

Mr. and Mrs. C. Phillip Agee

Hon. G. Stephen Agee

Mr. Lothian A. Ager

ΔDavid Agnew

  • ΔMr. Oscar W. Agre, Jr.

ΔMs. Mitzi S. Aguirre

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Aharrah

Ms. Lucille Carolyn Ahearn

Ms. Grace Diana Ahlem Torbohn

ΔMr. Shahnaz M. Ahmed

ΔMs. Lisa M. Ahorner

+Mr. and Ms. Thomas B. Ahrens

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Ainley

ΔDr. William H. Ainslie, Sr.

◊§ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert E. Airhart, II

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Aiu

Ms. Omolara A. Ajayi

Ms. Tsivya Akavya

Ms. Irene Akemon

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Akers

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Akins

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Akins

Terry J. Akins

ΔDr. Kathryn R. Akural

  • Mrs. Carol H. Albee

Mr. Lawrence H. Albert

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Albertson

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Albright

ΔMr. and Mrs. John W. Albright, Jr.

Mr. John W. Albritton

Mr. James Alcorn

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Alden

ΔMrs. Jean S. Alderson

Ms. Margaret Aldredge

ΔMs. Suzanne K. Aldrich

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Alessi

ΔMr. Charles R. Alexander

Dan and Carolyn Alexander

ΔMs. Emogene Alexander

Mr. J. Douglas Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Alexander

Mr. Lionel Alexander, Jr.

Ms. Sue Alexander

Ms. Virginia M. Alexander

Mr. John Alexandra

Ms. Bonnie C. Allan

ΔMs. Ruth E. Allard

ΔDr. Abram Allen

Mr. Alfred E. Allen

Mrs. Andrea Kirsch Allen

Billy F. Allen

Mr. Robert E. Allen, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Alley

∏ΔSharon R. Alley

Mrs. Jean Allgeyer

Ms. Arlene M. Alligood

Mr. Hubert B. Allinger

Roger T. Allison

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Allman

Ms. Evelyn Alloy

+ΔMs. Lillian H. Koblenz and
Mr. Majeed Al-Mateen

Ms. Constance V. Sanders and
Mr. Steven J. Alperstein

Mrs. Velma Alridge

ΔDavid H. Alspaugh

Mr. Howard Alston

Mr. James L. Alston

∏ΔMs. Miriam Alsup

Dr. Rickert R. Althaus

ΔRev. LaVonne Althouse

#∏Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Altman

Mr. Bernard Altman

Ms. Christine Alvarado

ΔMr. and Mrs. David Alvirez

Mrs. L. T. Ambler

ΔJack Ambrose

ΔMr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Ambrose, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Ameduri

Ms. Mary E. Ames

Mr. Terrell Amos

Ms. Beverley Andalora

#§Mr. and Mrs. K. Tucker Andersen

Ms. Shirley T. Andersen

Mrs. Annye C. Anderson

ΔMr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson, Jr.

#∏ΔMrs. Deborah Anderson

Ms. Frances T. Anderson

ΔMr. Harold A. Anderson

Mr. Kenneth W. Anderson

ΔMr. Kevin Anderson

  • Mrs. LaVerne A. Anderson

ΔMs. Leah M. Anderson

+ΔMs. Nancy A. Anderson

Rev. and Mrs. Richard R. Anderson

Ms. Shirley A. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Sigfrid E. Anderson

#∏Stephen M. and Jane Anderson

Ms. Evelyn M. Andre

Mr. and Mrs. George Andrela

Dr. Elizabeth L. Andress

  • Ms. Jean K. Andrews

Ms. Melodie Andrews

ΔMr. Frederick R. Andrle

Mr. Dennis P. Angelo

Miss Elisabeth Anger

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Angerman

+Mrs. Susanne S. Angermeier

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Angevine

+ΔMr. H. Glenn Angle

Mrs. Ulanda Angton

Rev. Larry A. Angus

Mrs. Cynthia E. Anthony

Mr. J. Anthony

Mrs. Laura B. Anthony

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Anthony

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Antle

Ms. Wanda Lucille Antosz

Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Apol

Mr. Dominick P. Aponte

Ms. Mary Ellen Appleman

Mr. Leon B. Applewhaite

ΔMr. Allan L. Apter

Ms. Pilar Ara

ΔMrs. Ilda Arcari

  • ΔDr. and Mrs. Robert Archer

ΔMr. Richard L. Ardis

Dr. Amany S. Aridi and
Mr. Ziad A. Aridi

ΔMr. and Mrs. V. A. Arjun

Ms. Shirley I. Arlt, Ph.D.

Mr. William F. Armfield

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Armitage

ΔJoseph B. Armstrong

Mr. Mark Armstrong

Mr. Timothy Armstrong

+Carol Jean Arnett

David L. Arney

ΔAnna L. Arnold

Billy G. Arnold

◊+ΔMr. and Mrs. David A. Arnold

Ms. Pamela C. Arnold

Dr. Richard W. Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Arnold

פMr. Richard E. Arnold

Sam Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Arnold

Mr. Richard B. Aronson

Mrs. Eileen H. Arpke

ΔMr. and Mrs. Kevin James Arrighi

Mr. Terry Arvin

Ms. Brittany Lynn Ash

Mr. James Richard L. Ash

Mr. Claude Ashby

Mr. Robert A. Ashcraft

Ms. Catherine E. Ashdown

+Mrs. Barbara Ashenfelter

Ms. Mary Jo Ashenfelter and
Mr. Tom Heckman

*∏Mr. Jefferson W. Asher, Jr.

Ms. Lisa Wersal and Mr. Louis Asher

Roy E. Asher

Mr. Lewis J. Ashley

Mr. William W. Ashley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Askey

Mr. Erdogan Atasoy

Mr. Paul A. Atkins

Mr. Ralph B. Atkins

Mr. David I. Atkinson

ΔMr. and Mrs. James E. Atkinson

  • Mr. and Mrs. James W. Atkinson

Ms. Jill A. Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Atkinson

ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas Auchincloss

ΔMs. Hedy M. Auletta

Mr. Roy E. Ault

∏Mr. and Mrs. Clayton M. Austin

ΔMr. and Mrs. Gilbert R. Austin

+ΔMs. Jane Austin

Ms. Martha W. Steuart and
Mr. Paul F. Austin

ΔMr. Richard S. Austin

*∏Sally Austin

Steven D. Austin

ΔMs. Teresa Austin

◊∏ΔMary Lou Auxier

Mr. Jerry A. Avellino

+Mr. George C. Avent

Mr. Michael R. Averdick

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Awe

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Awtrey, Jr.

Ms. Carol Axelrod

ΔSenora Maria Hernandez Ayala

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Donald E. Ayer

ΔMrs. Anne L. Ayers

ΔMr. and Mrs. Donald E. Ayers

Mr. Eric Ayers

ΔMr. James T. Ayers, Sr.

Ms. M. Babayale

Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Babb

◊*§Dr. and Mrs. David Babbott

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Babcock

Cpt. Francis E. Babineau

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bachar, III

ΔMr. John Gale Bachman

+ΔCarrie Back

  • ΔMr. Dennis Bade

ΔMr. and Mrs. Carl R. Baeuerlin

Ms. Martha H. Bagby

Ms. Linda Kay Baggett

Ms. Amy Baglan

ΔAnnette C. Bagnoli

Ms. Neva Diane Bahr

Mr. Bryan Bailey

ΔMr. Clyde Bailey

Mr. Frank A. Bailey

Mr. James D. Bailey

ΔMarshall Roy Bailey

Ms. Maxie L. Bailey

ΔMrs. Eleanora G. Baird

ΔHarry E. Baird, Jr.

Miss Vivian Bakal

Mrs. Andrea R. Baker

Ms. Carolyn R. Baker

◊+ΔRevs. Donna B. and David R. Baker

  • ΔMr. David W. Baker

Mr. Fred Baker

Hazel E. Baker

Jeune Baker

Mr. Jim Baker

Judy C. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Morris A. Baker

ΔMs. Patricia Baker

Mr. Richard Baker

ΔWinton E. Bakke

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Baldridge

  • ΔDrs. Nancy T. and Fletcher N. Baldwin, Jr.
  • Mr. Jeffrey E. Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Baldwin

Ms. Kathleen T. Baldwin

  • Mrs. Nancy H. Baldwin

ΔJames V. Bales

Ms. Mary Anne Ballard

Andy Balmer

Ms. Martha Ludwig and
Mr. Jerome Balmuth

Ms. Paula B. Bonino and
Mr. Francis A. Balog

Ms. Janet L. Balthaser

ΔJay H. Baltisberger

Mr. and Mrs. Ranan B. Banerji

◊Mr. Alterio A-G Banks

ΔMr. and Mrs. James R. Banks

+ΔJudith G. Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Bannerman

*§ΔMr. and Mrs. Hancock Banning, III

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Joe N. Banton

Ms. Katherine R. Barbero

  • ΔMrs. Marion Barbero

+*Jessie Fay Barbour

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barbuto

Rev. Peter R. Barclay

ΔMr. Robert Barclay, Jr.

ΔMiss Mildred E. Barhorst

ΔMr. and Mrs. Noshir Baria

  • Mr. and Mrs. Flavius A. Barker

ΔMr. and Mrs. John R. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barkley, Jr.

ΔMrs. Gail S. Barklow

Mr. Lawrence H. Barlowe

◊#∏ΔDr. and Mrs. C. Robert Barnard

Leroy H. Barnard, Jr.

Dr. Samuel Barndt

Ms. Bette E. Barnes

Ms. Elizabeth J. Barnes

Mr. George L. Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Barnes

ΔLTC. and Mrs. Lowell H. Barnett

Mr. Robert Barney

Mr. and Mrs. Keith F. Barnhardt

Mr. Chris Barnum

◊+ΔMs. Nancy E. Barnwell

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Baron

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Barone

Mr. and Mrs. A. Lawrence Barr

  • Charles R. Barr

ΔHarold W. Barr

Ms. M. W. Barrabee

ΔMs. Melissa T. Barrett

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Barrett

Mr. William R. Barretti

Mr. Frank W. Barrie

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Barrowman

Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Barry

Ms. Linda Bartera

ΔDr. Gregory W. Bartha

Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Bartlett, Jr.

◊#∏James T. and Hanna Bartlett

ΔMr. Robert E. Bartlett

  • ΔMrs. Cecile Bartman

Dr. and Mrs. Allen H. Barton

∏Dr. and Mrs. James C. Barton, Jr.

  • Narmin Musaeva Bashirov

Ms. Susan E. Baskett

+ΔSymerdar Baskin

ΔMr. and Mrs. George F. Bason, Jr.

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Henry L. Bass

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bassett

Ms. Priscilla T. Bassett

Ms. Polly B. Bassoni

Mr. M. Drew Batchelder

◊*Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Batchelder

Dr. Robert H. Batchelor

Mr. David P. Bates

+ΔRobert H. Bates

ΔMr. Walter T. Bates

ΔMs. Cheryl Bates Harris

◊#•ΔMrs. Dora M. Battram

ΔMrs. Vickie W. Batzka

Mr. and Mrs. Jared O. Bauch

ΔMr. Barry W. Baucom

  • ΔDoris B. Baucom

ΔMrs. Dorothy W. Bauer

  • Mr. Fredrick W. Bauer

ΔMr. John D. Bauerlein

Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Baumann

Mr. R. A. Baumler

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Baur

ΔMrs. Marilyn O. Baurle

Rev. C. M. Bavaro

ΔMs. Susan Bayley

Ms. Lois Bays

Mr. and Mrs. James Bazzoli

Mr. David P. Beach

ΔMr. Paul W. Beach, Jr.

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Beale

Gerald T. Bean

+ΔMr. Alan M. Beasley

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Beaston

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight M. Beattie

Mr. Joe Beauchamp

Mr. George A. Beaudoin

Ms. Mary Beaumont

ΔMs. Barbara J. Beck

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Beck

ΔMr. and Mrs. Goddard F. Beck, Jr.

+Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Beckemeyer

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Becker

Mary Earle Becker

Drs. Heather A. and Michael F. Becker

Mr. Robert A. Becker

ΔMr. Robert A. Becker

Drs. Sarah and David Beckmann

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Beckner

Ms. BeeJay Bee

  • ΔMs. Janis G. Glover and Mr. Richard W. Beebe, II

ΔMs. Carolyn J. Beeman

Mr. David E. Beer

Mrs. Marycile Beer

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Clifford Beesley

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Beeton

ΔMrs. Cora M. Beggs

Mrs. Alicia M. Behn

+ΔMr. and Mrs. E. J. Beidler

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bein

Dr. Shirley Bekey

Ms. Elizabeth J. Belanger

ΔMr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Belchik, Jr.

Ms. Gertrude E. Belden

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Belhumeur

ΔMs. Alice Wright Belknap

Ms. Brenda Truedell Bell

ΔMr. Donald S. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Bell

*∏ΔJohn L. Bell

+ΔMr. Louis M. Bell

ΔMiss Mary M. Bell

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Tom G. Bell
  • Mrs. Betty C. Bellamy

Ms. Kimlya Householder Beller

Mrs. Jeanne L. Bellman

Mrs. Ruth Bellocchio

Mr. Eugene W. Bellospirito

ΔMr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bemis

+Col. Jack S. Bender, III

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beneby

Ms. Lucie Benedikt

ΔMiss Elinor S. Benes

Mr. Vincent W. Benfante

Mr. Allyn M. Bengtson

Mrs. Joan E. Benjamin

ΔMr. and Mrs. John R. Benjamin

Mr. Hugh E. Bennett

  • Mr. P. E. Bennett

ΔMr. Richard J. Bennett

  • Mr. Robert D. Bense

◊ΔDoretha Bensenhaver

+Mrs. Marie G. Benson

ΔMs. Patty Ecker and Mr. Joseph Benti

ΔMr. Michael Bentinck-Smith

Omer A. Bentle

ΔMr. and Mrs. Edward L. Berg

Ms. Ellen Z. Berg

ΔMr. and Mrs. Frank E. Berg

ΔGerald J. Bergen

Mrs. Edith May Berger

Mr. Stanley J. Berger

ΔMr. Steven Berger

◊*§ΔMs. Ellen A. Berghamer

Dr. Michael C. Berheide and
Mrs. Becky J. Berheide

ΔMr. and Mrs. Don Berheim

Ms. Lane K. Berk

  • ΔDan and LuAnn Berkley

ΔDr. and Mrs. Richard E. Berkley

Mr. and Mrs. John Berlenbach, Jr.

Mr. David I. Berman

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Mark E. Berman

Mr. Jerome Bernauer

Mr. and Mrs. Roland W. Bernbeck

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert A. Berndt

Ms. Barbara Bernstein

Mr. Darrell Berreth

∏ΔDr. Chad T. Berry and
Mrs. Lisa Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Berry

  • Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Berry

ΔMr. Robert Hunt Berry

+Wayne Berry

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bertell

Ms. Susan D. Cooley and
Mr. R. Kim Berten

+ΔMs. Mary Anne Bestebreurtje

Ms. N. Dillon Beukenkamp

ΔMr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Bewley

  • Dr. and Mrs. Prem Bhatia

ΔMs. Bettie A. Biancardi

  • Marie R. Bibbee

Darrell Bicknell

ΔJoanne L. Biddix

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Biddle

Ms. Courtney Leigh Bidwell

Mr. Stephen H. Bier

ΔMs. Alice M. Gordon and
Mr. Alan W. Biermann

Mr. Gene Biermann

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Biller

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Donald Billings

◊*•ΔMr. Elmer Billman

+ΔDr. Deborah F. Billmire

Mr. and Mrs. Dick W. Bily

†•Mrs. Edith Bingham

Δ*Mr. Richard L. Bingham

∏ΔDr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bingham

#§ΔBig Bug and Mr. Feesh

Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Birchard

ΔMr. and Mrs. Howard L. Birlew

ΔMr. Dion Scott Birney, Jr.

Mr. Reginald J. Bishop

Mr. Thanh N. Bishop

Ms. Merrill Bittner and
Ms. Nancy Noppa

*∏ΔMr. David A. Bjorklund

Ms. Betty G. Black

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Black

ΔMr. and Mrs. Henry Clay Black

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Ted R. Black, Jr.

James Blackburn-Lynch

ΔEdward M. Blackmer

ΔMs. Ginny Ann Blackson

+Ms. Kate Blackwell

Ms. Linda K. Blackwell

ΔMr. Irving J. Blaesing

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Blaine

+ΔMary C. Blair

◊#∏ΔNancy E. Blair, Esq.

  • ΔMs. Barbara Howald and
    Mr. Michael Blake

Mr. Frank Blakemore

Dr. and Mrs. Simmie S. Blakney

Mr. John W. Blanchard

*∏ΔMr. and Mrs. Hadley Bland

Alvin Blankenship

ΔMr. Larry E. Blankenship

Ms. Irma T. Blankinship

ΔMr. and Mrs. Ellis Blanton

*§ΔSandra Blanton

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Blanton

Ms. Mary Ann Blatt

Ms. Margaret M. Blau-Anderson

Ms. Barbara J. Blecka

∏Margaret B. Bledsoe

William C. Bledsoe

Mr. Samuel H. Bleier

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Blenker

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Blevens

Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Blevens

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Blevens

+Ms. Juanita D. Blevens

+Mr. Thomas J. Bliffert

Ms. Marion C. Bloch

Dr. Rina M. Bloch

Sr. Lesley Block

Rev. Peggy S. Block

Ms. Virginia S. Block

Mr. Don Charles Blom

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Gary W. Blome

ΔLester D. Blomgren

ΔKaren G. Blondell

ΔMary S. Bloomfield

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Blount

Rev. and Mrs. Ross Blount

∏ΔCarol E. Blue

*•Sept of Blue

Mr. Allen C. Bluestein

Ms. Gayle K. Blume

ΔMs. Mary E. Blumle

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bly

  • ΔDr. Janice B. Blythe

ΔMs. Andra M. Boak

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Boardman

ΔMr. and Mrs. Thaddeus J. Boardman

Dr. Maeberta Bobb

Ms. Beatrice Bobotek

Ms. Diana L. Bochenski

Mr. Hal W. Bochin

Mr. Peter Bodenheimer

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Bodine

Ms. Elizabeth G. Bodine

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bodine

Ms. Maxine E. Bodman

Mr. Andrew Bodnaruk

ΔMs. Mary Anne Boehm

  • Mr. John V. Boehme

Ms. Elizabeth A. Boehne

Ms. Jane Eynon Boesch

Barbara S. Boettcher

◊ΔMiss Marjorie Boetter

Mrs. Joan-Lorna Boewe

Mr. Gene Bogenberger

Dr. J. Neil Boger

+Mr. George T. Bogert

ΔBirger K. Boggild

ΔMs. Eloise J. Boggs

ΔMs. Helen Boggs

Ms. Miriam Bogin

ΔMr. John F. Bohner

Ms. Gretchen Boise

ΔMrs. Nancy T. Bolden

Ms. Mary Douglass Boldrick

ΔMr. and Mrs. H. Tom Bolen

  • ΔMs. Susan A. Gasparian and
    Mr. Stephen Bolerjack

+ΔAnnette C. Boles

*ΔDr. John S. Bolin

Ms. Kathryn A. Bollhoefer

ΔRev. Anthony P. Bolman

ΔMr. John H. Bolton, III

Ms. Linda S. Bond

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Randall Bond

Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Bonneville

+Mr. Benjamin H. Bonnlander

∏ΔRev. Anne B. Bonnyman

  • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonnyman, Jr.

Miss Josephine Bonomo

ΔDr. John Doughty Bonvillian

׸Eleanor S. Borders

Ms. Marianita Borgstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Bornstein

Melvin J. Bosma

Ms. Laura Lee Bost

  • Mr. Thomas M. Bosteels and
    Ms. Isabella Tcaciuc

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Boston

ΔMs. Mary M. Hofle and
Mr. Ken W. Bosworth

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bottona

ΔDr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bouchard

Ms. June Boudreau

Ms. Nola Jean Boughton

ΔDelores Bourne

Matthew Bourque

+Mrs. Doris E. Bouwensch

Ms. Anna L. Bovee

+ΔMr. William C. Bowden

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bower

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bowers

Mrs. Frances C. Bowers

  • ΔMs. Mary Bowers

Ms. Pamela S. Bowers

ΔMs. Phoebe H. Bowers

Linda K. Bowles

◊†∏ΔMrs. James C. Bowling

Mrs. Maria C. Bowling

  • ΔDr. and Mrs. Frederick O. Bowman, Jr.
  • Ms. Gail Elizabeth Bowman

#Linda W. Bowman

Ms. Diann M. Bowoman

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bowyer, Jr.

+Ms. Dawn Boyce

+ΔM. Margaret Boyce

ΔMr. and Mrs. Donald T. Boyd

Mrs. Evelyn S. Boyd

Rebecca D. Boyd

Mr. D. Clark Boykin

ΔMrs. Annie M. Brabson

*§ΔMilton G. Bracht

Dr. William Braden, III

Mr. Eric V. Bradham

ΔMrs. Elva M. Bradley

Mr. Fay Bradley

ΔMr. James R. Bradley

ΔMs. Margaret Bradley

*+Mr. Hugh Brady

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brady

ΔMr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Brady

Ms. Suzanne L. Brady

◊*∏ΔMr. Felix Braendel

Steven J. Brahm

Ms. Rita A. Bramkamp

ΔMs. Beverly A. Branaman

Mr. Erwin M. Brand

+ΔRev. and Mrs. William A. Brandner

ΔMiss Adeline Brandt

  • ΔMrs. Dorothy Brane

Dr. Jeffrey G. Brantley

Ms. Nora D. Brashear

  • Lt. Gen. and Mrs. Arnold W. Braswell

Mrs. Ida F. Bratton

ΔDr. Beverly Ann Brauer

ΔMs. Elaine A. Brauer

Ms. Nelleen C. Brauer

Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Braun

Dr. Ira L. Braus

Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Brautigam

Mr. Eugene G. Braxton

Mr. Carl L. Brazell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Brearley

Ms. Linda B. Brebner

Ms. Leona A. Brecht

ΔMr. Ernest F. Brede

∏Ms. Marguerite A. Bree

ΔMr. and Mrs. James E. Breece, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Breidenbach

Mr. Frederick S. Breimyer

◊Mr. and Mrs. Chris Everett Brekke

◊+ΔMr. and Mrs. Wayne F. B’Rells

Mr. Frank Brennan

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brewer

∏Mr. and Mrs. James E. Brewer

ΔJoe O. Brewer

ΔMr. Lyle Brewer

ΔMr. Daniel G. Brick

Mr. Charles R. Bridges

Ms. Betsy A. Bridwell

##∏ΔMr. Joseph J. Bridy

Mrs. Barbara A. Brien

Mr. William Brien

ΔMr. and Mrs. Arthur Bright

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Graham M. Bright

Ms. Sierra Heath Bright

ΔMr. Joseph E. Bringman

+Miss Dorothy P. Brink

Whitfield R. Brinkley

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Broaddus

  • Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Brock

Randall Brockwell

ΔMr. and Mrs. Paul G. Brodeur

ΔMrs. Janice R. Brody

Mrs. C. A. Broecker

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Brogan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Brooke, Jr.

Mr. Enoch Elias Brooken

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wayne Brooks

Mr. Richard G. Brooks

Robert C. Brooks

Mrs. Mary Brorein

+ΔMrs. Faye M. Brotherton

Mr. and Mrs. Winston Broussard

Mr. Hugh L. Browder, Jr.

ΔJanene D. Browder

Mr. Vernon L. Browitt

*§ΔMrs. Ann Saunders Brown

Ms. Anna L. Brown

+ΔDr. and Mrs. Bernard O. Brown

Ms. Betty F. Brown

ΔMs. Betty Brown

ΔMr. Bruce E. Brown

ΔCharles E. Brown

Mrs. Darlene D. Brown

Ms. Donna M. Brown

Ms. Doris J. Brown

Mrs. Doris Todd Brown

◊+ΔMr. Douglas L. Brown

Ms. Estela A. Brown

ΔMr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Brown

ΔMr. G. Dennis Brown

Mr. Gary L. Brown

ΔMr. and Mrs. Henry Thomas Brown

ΔMs. Irma T. Brown

ΔMr. James P. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Brown

Ms. Jennifer J. Brown

ΔMs. Jerilyn L. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Brown

  • Ms. Joan C. Brown

Mr. John L. Brown

Ms. Kathleen Brown

Mr. Keith Brown

Ms. Kennaria Brown

*§ΔMrs. La Verne Blaser Brown

Ms. Loretta G. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Luvaghn Brown

ΔMr. Meredith M. Brown

ΔMr. and Mrs. Michael H. Brown

Ms. Nancy Brown

Miss Nancy T. Brown

Ms. Pamela Wedd Brown

Mr. R. Sanborn Brown

Mr. Raymond C. Brown

#∏ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brown

Rev. Dr. Roland J. Brown, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Brown

Ms. Valerie R. Brown

ΔMr. and Mrs. William H. Brown, III

Mrs. Yvonne B. Brown

Ms. Carol P. Browne

◊Mr. David G. Browning

Mr. H. Browning

+Ms. Karen Browning

  • ΔMs. Junie Ledbetter and
    Mr. Gaston Broyles, Jr.

Mrs. Arlyn F. Bruccoli

ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bruce, III

Ms. Mary Ann Brucher

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bruell

ΔGeorge E. Brummitt

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Brune

Cassandra A. and John J. Bruner

Mr. William E. Bruner

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bruner

Mr. Steve Bruss

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Bruzga

*ΔDr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bryan

  • ΔBlanche E. Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bryant

ΔJames Bryant

Mr. John W. Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Bryant

ΔMr. Charles Raymond Bryce, II

ΔMr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Brzozowski

ΔMrs. Phyllis A. Buchwalder

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Buck

ΔEvan Buck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Buck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Buck

ΔT. Krolikowski Buck

+Mr. and Mrs. David L. Buckle

ΔMr. and Mrs. O. B. Bucklen

+Glenda Buckley

Mr. Michael Buckley

Mr. Donald H. Buckman

Mrs. Gloria M. Budik

Ms. Katharine L. Budman

Ms. Anne Flynn and Mr. Jon Buggs

ΔMrs. Patricia A. Bulger

Mr. Jeffrey D. Bullock

+Mr. Steve T. Bullock

Mr. Ray Bunch

Mr. Richard Alan Bunch

ΔMr. and Mrs. William R. Bunge

Ann J. Bunis

Mr. Gerald H. Bunkowske, Sr.

Mr. Joseph L. Bunnell

Mr. Marvin R. Bunnell

Mr. David W. Burch

Ms. Laura H. Burchard

ΔMs. Myriam S. Burda

ΔRet. Col. Charles B. Burdette

Ms. Elizabeth K. Burdick

ΔDr. and Mrs. Dewey A. Burdine

Mr. Dennis Burge

◊Mary Lou Burger

Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Burgreen

Mr. Peter H. Burian

Mr. Ivan Burke

Mrs. Mary Alice Burke

ΔMs. Peggy Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Burke

∏Mrs. Velma W. Burke

ΔMr. and Mrs. John P. Burkhard

*§Marie Burkhart

ΔMs. Mary G. Burkitt

  • Ms. Phyllis L. Burlingame

ΔMr. Edward Burnell, III

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Burns

ΔMr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Burns

Ms. Rebecca J. Burns

Mrs. Sigrid A. Burns

◊ΔMrs. Virginia I. Burr

◊#∏Mr. Richard M. Burridge

+Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Burroughs

Mr. Harold Burrows, Jr.

ΔMr. and Mrs. Maurice M. Bursey

Ms. Sandra Burst

ΔDonald R. Burton

ΔMrs. Elisabeth W. Burton

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Burtt

Mr. and Mrs. Fotios M. Burtzos

ΔMr. Richard H. Busch

Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Buschlen

Dr. Charles A. Bush

Ms. Marsha G. Bush

Ms. Zelma Buskell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Busman

ΔMr. and Mrs. Frederick Butcher

ΔWilliam R. Buterbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Butler

ΔMs. Deborah C. Butler

ΔRonald G. Butler

+Mrs. Sally T. Butler

  • Scottie J. Butler

Ms. Joan L. Mantel and Mr. Tod J. Butler

Mr. Shahid A. Buttar

ΔMs. Dorothy J. Butz

Mrs. Lynn Butz

ΔMr. Eric A. Bye

Mrs. Phyllis Calhoun Byerly

Ms. Evalyn L. Byers

Mrs. Mary Elspeth Byers

Alexander X. Byrd

ΔMr. Charles F. Byrd

  • Cheryl S. Byrd

Mr. Don Byrd

Mrs. Miriam J. Byrd

ΔMs. Virginia C. Byrn

ΔMrs. E. Lee Byron

Mr. and Mrs. Roberty E. Bystrom

Mrs. Nancy L. Cabaniss

Mr. and Mrs. Gaston L. Cadieux

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cadman

Mr. Benjamin R. Cadwalader

Mr. Robert C. Cagen

ΔDr. and Mrs. Richard Cahill

Ms. Jean Watson Cahouet

Ms. Linda S. Cain

Lloyd Cain

Mr. R. Michael Cain

Ms. Karin B. Leonard Cake

ΔDr. Francesco A. Calabrese

ΔMr. Edward A. Caldwell

ΔNeill M. Caldwell, Jr.

Mark L. Caldwell-Reiss

Mrs. Virginia A. Calich

Mr. Mark Richard Calkins

Mr. Thomas F. Callan

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Callaway

Ms. Clare Callender

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Calvert

Ms. Alva F. Calvin

+ΔMr. Ross Calvin

Mr. Thomas J. Camarata

ΔMs. Anne M. Cameron

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Cameron

ΔMs. Sally Cameron

Ms. Alice L. Camille

Mr. Charlie C. Campbell

ΔMrs. Dorothy Campbell

Ms. Francine Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Campbell

Mr. Greg A. Campbell

Mr. James D. Campbell

+Ms. Jane E. Campbell

Mr. Jim J. Campbell

+Ms. Maryellen Campbell

Mrs. Nancy H. Campbell

Dr. and Mrs. Walker Campbell

Ms. Martha M. Canamare

ΔMs. Catherine L. Canham

*§Dr. Robert R. Canida

Rev. and Mrs. T. K. Cannon

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Cantor

Gerald C. Cantrell, Sr.

Mr. Paul Cantrell

Dr. Hendrika B. Cantwell

ΔMr. and Mrs. Richard P. Canuteson

John B. Capelle

ΔMr. Howard L. Caplan

Mr. Michael P. Caplice

ΔNancy E. Capps

Ms. Wanda K. Capps

Miss Colette Cardwell

Mr. Mark Carl

◊#§ΔMr. Richard L. Carl

Mr. Marvin C. Carlberg

Mrs. Barbara U. Carlin

Ms. Sandra J. Carlock

Ms. Barbara A. Carlos

Mr. James W. Carlson

ΔMrs. Justyna M. Carlson

+ΔSusan W. Carlson

Ms. Susan A. Carlson

Freida G. Carlton

+Mr. David A. Carmine

Mr. Douglas L. Carnahan

+Mr. Dennis H. Carney

+Steven Caron

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carpenito

Cron Carpenter

ΔJames D. Carpenter

Ms. Lisa Carpenter

  • ΔMrs. Marilyn Z. Carpenter

Ms. Shirley B. Carpenter

  • ΔMs. Linda J. Arlien and
    Mr. Lennis W. Carpentier

Mr. and Mrs. H. Bruce Carr

Mr. James M. Carr, Jr.

ΔMr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Carr

+ΔMs. Cecilia Carreon

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Carretta

Mr. David J. Carrier

Mrs. Linda R. Carrier

Ms. Lynne T. Carrier

Mr. and Mrs. W. Dale Carrier, Sr.

Mrs. Janice M. Carringer

Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Carroll

+ΔMr. Frank J. Carroll

  • ΔMs. Joan Margaret Carroll
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carron

Ms. Margaret Carson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Carson

+Mr. Michael Cart

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Carter

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Carter

Mr. Larry L. Carter

Ms. Margaret Ann Carter

ΔMrs. Marjorie Carter

Mr. and Mrs. P. John Carter

  • Mr. Benjamin Cary
  • Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Cary

Ms. Janaan Cary

Barbara M. Case

ΔMr. Carl J. Case

Vernon Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Cash

Mr. Dexter Andre Cashwell

Mr. James N. Caske, III

Mr. Lee A. Casper

ΔMr. and Mrs. Richard Casper

ΔMrs. Margaret W. Cass

Ms. Judith H. Cassetty

Mr. Robert J. Cassidy

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cassidy

◊+ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cassidy

ΔMr. Brian L. Castilow

ΔMs. Denise M. Castle

Mrs. Lillian R. Castor

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Catalfamo

Mr. Richard M. Cate

ΔMr. and Mrs. William B. Catton

Barbara W. Center

+ΔMr. Theodore J. Century

+ΔFlorian F. Ceperley

ΔMrs. Mary A. Cerrato

Mr. and Mrs. Mildred J. Chadwell

Mr. Jerry R. Chadwell

∏ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Chadwick

+Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Chai

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Chalfant

Ms. Margarete E. Chalfant

  • ΔArlene Chalmers

Mrs. Catherine A. Chalstrom

+ΔMr. Gordon B. Chamberlain

ΔBeverly A. Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chambers

ΔMr. John W. Chambers

Ms. Louise C. Chambers

Lowell Chambers

ΔMr. Albert E. Champney, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander U. Chan

∏ΔDr. Kamal C. Chanda

ΔMr. and Mrs. George P. Chandler

Rev. and Mrs. Marvin Chandler

  • ΔRobin Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Chandler

Ms. Constance Chandler-Ward

ΔDr. and Mrs. B. Chandra Sekar

ΔMrs. Rilla McCubbins Chaney

  • Dr. Pei Yang Chang

ΔMrs. Yu Nien Tze Chang

*∏ΔMrs. Catherine Wei Chao

Mr. and Mrs. John Chapin

#∏Mr. Harvey Chaplin

ΔMr. and Mrs. J. Harley Chapman

Mr. Roger C. Chapman

Mr. Thorne Sherwood Chapman

Ms. Barbara A. Charity

*§ΔMr. Glen Charles

  • ΔMr. Dennis Thompson Chase and
    Mrs. Roxanne W. Chase

Dr. Howard J. Chavis

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Chaykin

Mr. Joseph Chehebar

*ΔDr. and Mrs. Abraham P. Cheij

  • Jo Y. Cheng

Mrs. Nancy C. Chenoweth

ΔMr. and Mrs. William N. Cherniwchan

Mr. Allen Cherry

+Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cherry

ΔMrs. Elizabeth B. Chesick

Ms. Alice M. Chesley

Ms. Barbara J. Chesman

ΔMrs. Joyce N. M. Chesnut

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Chesnut

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Chewning

Mr. Stanley R. Chichester

Ms. Joyce I. Childers

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Childers

ΔBanner G. Childress

  • Mrs. Roberta L. Childress

∏Ms. Doris Childs

Mr. and Mrs. A. Duncan Chiquoine

ΔChoy Pik Chiu

◊*+Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Chivetta

∏Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Chivetta

Mr. and Mrs. Waclaw Chmara

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Chmell

Insuk P. Choi

ΔMr. Harold C. Choitz

Ms. Rita J. Choquette

Mr. Assadour Choungourian

∏ΔMr. David H. Chow

ΔMr. and Mrs. Duane M. Christ

Mrs. Arlis Christeck

Mr. and Mrs. H. Kurt Christensen

ΔMrs. Ila M. Christensen

Ms. Katherine Christensen

  • Gilad D. Christie

Mr. John W. Christie, Jr.

Ms. Marjorie A. Christman

Mr. George T. Chucales

Cynthia S. Church

+ΔMr. Herbert E. Church

Ms. Judy Church

Mr. Malcolm E. Church

ΔMs. Marianna E. Cicerchi

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ciesielski

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Ciganko

ΔMr. Edward F. Cincinnati

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cincotta

Miss Donna Civitello

Mr. William H. Claflin

Mrs. Beatrice M. Clapp

Mr. James S. Clapp

+ΔAnne Clark

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Barton M. Clark

ΔMr. and Mrs. C. E. Clark

ΔDorothy R. Clark

ΔMr. Glenn D. Clark, Jr.

Mr. James P. Clark

Joan Clark

Mr. Joseph O. Clark

ΔMiss Justine M. Clark

  • Ms. Lee Anna Clark

+ΔLouise Kinsey Clark

ΔMs. Margaret C. Clark

Ms. Mary Jean F. Clark

ΔMs. Michele C. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Clark

Mr. Robert E. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. W. Leighton Clark, IV

ΔMr. Donald D. Clarke

ΔMr. Michael A. Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Clarke

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert N. Clarke

ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Clarke

+Ms. Polly Clavijo

Ruby S. Clawson

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Clay

ΔMrs. Byrl A. Clayton

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Cleary

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Cleaver

  • ΔDr. Vera F. Gutierrez Clellen and
    Mr. Jeffrey B. Clell
  • ΔMiss Phyllis P. Clements

Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Clerman

ΔMr. Jesse M. Cleveland

Ms. Marilyn E. Cleveland

+ΔMs. Margaret Clifford

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Cline

ΔMr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Cline

Ms. Phyllis D. Cline

Ms. Vivian M. Cline

Geraldine Clontz

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Close

+Bud A. Clouse

Ms. Barbara B. Cluley

Ms. Eugenie H. Coakley

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh R. Cobb

Mr. Morton Coburn

ΔEugene C. Cochran

*§ΔMr. and Mrs. James W. Cochran

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cochran

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Cochrane

ΔMs. Lydia G. Cochrane

Mr. Thomas P. Cocke

ΔMr. and Mrs. David F. Coe

#Mr. Frank Cogan

∏Mr. John F. Cogan, Jr.

Jacquelyn A. Coggins

Mr. Bruce S. Cohen

Mr. Burton J. Cohen

Ms. Evelyn L. Cohen

Mr. F. Allen Cohen

Mr. Gerald S. Cohen

  • ΔMr. Harvey M. Cohen

Mr. Lester Cohen

ΔMrs. Lucille Cohen

ΔMr. and Mrs. Lyman H. Cohen

Ms. Lisa Goldberg and
Mr. Michael Cohen

ΔMr. Robert L. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Cohen

ΔMr. and Mrs. Seymour A. Cohen

+Mr. Richard Coholan

+Ms. Juanita Colbert

ΔMs. Minta Colburn

Ms. Elizabeth P. Colby

+ΔMr. and Mrs. John D. Coldeberg

Ms. Ann Cole

Rev. Brian Lee Cole

+ΔChristina S. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Derek J. Cole

+Mrs. Florence S. Cole

Jeraline Cole

Mr. Kenneth F. Cole

ΔMs. Lee E. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Leland M. Cole

פMs. Michelle Cole

+Ms. Sandra R. Cole

ΔMr. and Mrs. Sherman Cole

Mr. William P. Cole

Ms. Irma J. Coleman

Ms. Laney Nicole Coleman

Dr. and Mrs. Thurmond Coleman

ΔMr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Colen

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Coles, Jr.

*∏ΔMr. and Mrs. David Joseph Collard

Ms. Lisa M. Colletti-Jones and
Mr. Kristopher B. Jones

  • Ms. Deborah A. Harsch and
    Mr. Mark D. Colley

Ms. Barbara A. Collier

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Collier

Dr. Cynthia J. Collingwood

◊#+ΔElisabeth Covey Collins

ΔMr. and Mrs. Michael S. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Collins

Col. Ruth B. Collins

William Collins

ΔMr. Ken Collinson

Donald Colliver

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Colomb, Jr.

Rosemary F. Colson

ΔMs. Catherine M. Colvard

Ms. Linda A. Colvin

ΔMr. David G. Colwell

Mr. Enrico Colzani

Dr. Peter L. Comanor

+ΔMr. Frank R. Comfort

Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Conant

Mrs. Irene J. Conaway

Mr. and Ms. Craig Conde

Earl N. Condra

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert P. Conger

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O. Conkle

Mr. Thomas A. Conklin

ΔMs. Martha Downes and
Mr. Peter S. Conley

Rebecca A. Conley

Ms. Eva Conley-Williamson

Ms. Margaret L. Conlin

  • ΔMs. Janet M. Conn

Dr. and Mrs. Sherrill A. Conna

ΔMr. and Mrs. Leroy B. Connelly

Clinton E. Conner

Mr. Peter G. Connors

Rev. Dr. Judith A. Conoyer

Ms. Constance Conrad

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Conroy

+Ms. Kathryn E. Conte

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Contos

  • Mr. and Mrs. Aaron L. Cook
  • ΔMr. Donald E. Cook

ΔMr. and Mrs. Harvey G. Cook

Mr. James R. Cook

ΔMr. Robert Francis Cook

ΔMr. and Mrs. William R. Cook

◊ΔMrs. Bettie B. Cooke

ΔMr. and Mrs. David R. Cooke

ΔMr. Gerald W. Cooke

Ms. Marion Coolen

+Mr. M. J. Coon

ΔCarol Ann Coop

  • Mrs. Ann S. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Cooper

  1. F. Cooper, Jr.

Frederick D. Cooper

  • ΔMr. Gilberto A. Cooper

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Cooper

Ms. Janice M. Cooper

+ΔMrs. Patricia Irvin Cooper

Sharon B. Cooper

Taliaferro Cooper

+ΔMrs. Linda Cope and Mr. Daniel Cope

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Coppel, Jr.

ΔMr. Joshua D. Coran

Mrs. Helene A. Corbett

Mr. Robert W. Corbett

*∏ΔMr. Murray G. Cordin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cordova

Mr. Glenn M. Corey

ΔMrs. Joyce Y. Corey

Mr. D. E. Corley

ΔJudy Cornett

+Ms. Ruth E. Cornils

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cornman

Ms. J. Corpus

+ΔMs. Ann M. Corrigan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Corrin, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Corwin

+ΔDr. and Mrs. James A. Corwin

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Cosby, Jr.

ΔMr. John F. Cosby, Jr.

*§ΔMrs. Marcia M. Costello

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Costenoble

  • ΔDr. Betty Lowell Cottle

Mr. Otis E. Cotton, Jr.

Ms. Pamela Cotton

#•Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Couch, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David Coughlin

ΔMrs. Sally Read Coughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Dixon W. Coulbourn

Mrs. Margaret F. Council

Greg A. Counts

+Ms. Tracy Sturgill Counts

Mr. Robert Cousins

Mr. Conrad C. Coussens

ΔMr. and Mrs. John E. Covell

◊•ΔMr. John P. Cowden

  1. R. Cowley

Mr. John Kevin Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Cox

◊#•ΔMartin A. and Sandy Coyle

ΔMrs. Mary P. Crabbs

◊+ΔWilliam Crabtree

Mr. Fred Craig

Ms. Jennie Craig

*ΔAlice R. Crain

Drs. Lucy S. and William R. Crain

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cramer, II

Ms. Marilyn A. Cramer

  • Dr. Betty J. Crandall

Ms. Vivolynn C. Crandall

Ms. Barbara K. Crane

Ms. Elisabeth Godfrey Crane

Mr. Clifford J. Cranker

Mrs. Emma Lee Crannell

Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood F. Crary

◊#∏ΔDr. Dixie R. Crase

◊§ΔDr. and Mrs. William D. Craver

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Crawford

  • Mr. Peter H. Crawford

Ms. Beverly Cree

ΔMiss Annella Creech

Mr. and Mrs. John Donald Creech

Mr. Richard H. Crenson

ΔMr. and Mrs. David J. Crispino

ΔMrs. Josephine Y. Cristy

ΔMr. Cam Crockett

Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Crockett

Mr. Geoffrey Crofts

Mr. Albert E. Croker

Ms. Margaret Joan Crooks

ΔMrs. Louise Whiting Crosby

Mr. Muriel J. Cross

Mr. William V. Cross

Mr. John Moore Crossey

+ΔNancy Hurst Crouch

+ΔBeverly F. Croucher

+ΔMs. Willa C. Crowell

ΔMs. Eileen J. Crowley

  • Mrs. Jeanette L. Crown

+Mrs. Nancy S. Crowther

Mr. and Mrs. Tom A. Croxton

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Croy

ΔSandra Jane Crum

Rev. and Mrs. Robert T. Crumpton

Mrs. Mary G. Crusius

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert T. Cuff, Jr.

Mr. Don M. Culanag

ΔMr. W. Bruce Culbertson

  • Ms. Constance M. Cullen

ΔMr. and Mrs. T. P. Cullison

ΔMr. and Mrs. Hugh H. Culton

William Cumming

Ms. Yohaniecia Cummings

Mr. Michael M. Cunniff

Ms. Jane R. Cunningham

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Mark A. Cunningham

Dr. Nicholas Cunningham

Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Cunningham

Mrs. Beth Curlin Weber

ΔMr. and Mrs. H. Allen Curran

Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Curry

+ΔEmily Jane Curry

ΔMr. John C. W. Curry

ΔDr. and Mrs. Richard R. Curtin

Mr. Elvin G. Curtis

ΔDr. Jane E. Curtis

Ms. Kathryn A. Curtner

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cusick

ΔMr. and Mrs. Donald A. Custer

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Custer

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Cutter

Mr. Gerald E. Dackin

ΔDr. and Mrs. Douglas Daetz

  • Mrs. Virginia S. Daetz

Mr. John T. Daggett, Jr.

ΔDr. Gislin Dagnelie

ΔMs. Constance W. Dahlberg

Mrs. Shirley M. Dahlem

Ms. Joan Dahlke

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Daiker

Revs. John and Frances Dailey

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo C. Dalageorgas

◊ΔMr. Richard Dale

Ms. Mariana M. Dalessandro

+Sara B. Dalton

Rev. James E. Daly

Gerald W. D’Amico

ΔDr. William H. Danforth

  • Ms. Julie Daniels

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Daniels

*§ΔMr. and Mrs. David Dansky

Ms. Virginia Marie Darcy

Mrs. Debra Johnson Darling

Dr. and Mrs. Fouad L. Darweesh

Ms. Joan E. Dash

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. DaSilva

ΔMr. and Mrs. F. Davis Dassori

Mrs. Carleen H. Daughters

Mr. Donald G. David

Mr. Don Davidson

Mr. Fred L. Davidson

ΔCapt. George W. Davidson, III,

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Gordon K. Davidson

Ms. Patricia Davidson

Ms. Rosalie M. Davie

+Mrs. Susan DeWitt Davie

ΔMr. and Mrs. Ed R. Davies

ΔMr. John Davies

ΔDr. Abraham Davis, Jr.

+Dr. Anne J. Davis

Ms. Barbara J. Davis

ΔCarol Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Davis, Jr.

ΔProf. Edwin S. Davis

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Eric A. Davis

Ms. Gail E. Davis

Dr. Annette M. Chavez and Mr. Gregory J. Davis

Ms. Janice L. Davis

  • ΔJerrye L. Davis

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Davis

ΔMr. and Mrs. John V. Davis

Mrs. Kaye L. Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Davis, Jr.

ΔMrs. Lois L. Davis

Ms. Louise Davis

Mrs. M. Catherine Davis

Ms. Rebecca A. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Davis

Mr. Robert L. Davis

Dr. Nancy G. Thomas and
Dr. Roger E. Davis

◊+Roxy Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Davis, Jr.

ΔMr. and Mrs. William Bruce Davis

ΔMr. and Mrs. Bill Davis

Willy J. Davis

Ms. Raven Davis-King

Ms. Alice L. Davison

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dawson

Ms. Wynde J. Dawson

Ms. Ann E. Day

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Day

Ms. Marjorie E. Day

  • Ms. Joan Dayton

◊•ΔMs. Christine E. De Graffenriedt

ΔMs. Margaret R. de Rivera

Mr. David De Vries

Ms. Judith Ann Dean

Mr. Lloyd Dean

ΔMs. Patricia Amend and
Mr. Stephen Dean

Ms. Marjorie C. Dearmont

Mr. and Mrs. Ion V. Deaton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Deavers

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Paul M. B. DeBlank

James L. Deck, Jr.

Mr. Stacy M. Deck

ΔMr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Decker

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert Dale Decker

Ms. Deborah Deery

Ms. Phyllis K. Defano

ΔMr. and Mrs. Irving J. DeHut

Mrs. Etta Deikman

  • Gladys Deitz

Mr. and Mrs. Pete deJong

Dr. Thomas J. Dekornfeld

ΔMr. Andrew Del Giudice

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Delacey

Ms. Edith S. DeLaine

Mr. Blaine D. Delancey

ΔMs. Barbara Delaney

Ms. Renee A. deLassus

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Delgado

Ms. C. Gail B. Della-Piana

Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. DelMar

Mrs. June M. DeLong

ΔRonald G. Delph

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Deluca

◊ΔDr. and Mrs. Richard Dembo

ΔMrs. Judy N. Deme

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Demoff

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Demott

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Denby

Mrs. Bernadine B. Denenberg

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert L. Denham

Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel T. Denis

Mr. Nelson C. Denison

Mr. Michael Leo Denneny

  • Mr. Jeffrey L. Dennis

Miss Juanita Dennis

Ms. Judith B. Dennis

+ΔMr. Daniel Dennison

Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Denniston

Mr. Lance Denno

Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Denny

ΔMs. Ann L. Denton

Ms. Betty DePaola

+Ms. Nancy DePaul

Ms. Chantel Renee Depp

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Depperman

  • Dr. Sarah E. DeRossett

◊+ΔMrs. Carolyn M. Derr

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Derr

#∏ΔMr. Joseph T. Derry

ΔMr. Fal deSaint-Phalle

Mr. John A. DeSimone

+Ms. Mildred E. DeSmet

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Dessureau
  • ΔMr. and Mrs. David W. Detjen

ΔMrs. Virginia Y. Detoy

Dr. Ruthmary K. Deuel

ΔMr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Deutsch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Devereaux

Ms. Suzanne D. Devereaux

Mrs. Linda Devin-Sheehan

ΔMs. Betty Nexsen DeVries

+Mr. and Dr. William M. Dewane

Ms. Margaret M. Dewey

׸Ms. Leah L. Dey

Ms. Gwendolyn P. Dhesi

ΔMs. Christine K. Dial

Ms. Marie A. Diamond

Mr. Alfred Diaz

Miss Joan B. Dible

Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Dickerson

Ms. Geraldine Dickey

ΔWinston F. Dickey, Jr.

ΔMrs. Mary Miller Dickinson

+ΔBernice D. Dickson

Mr. Donald Didonato

*+Mrs. Lou Dunn Diekemper

Ms. Shirley L. Dierolf

Harry C. Dietrich

Mr. Joel A. Digirolamo

Della B. Dillard

ΔMr. Ronald C. Dillehay

Mrs. Alice S. Dillon

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Dillon

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. J. DiMarco

Ms. Jeannie L. Dimter

ΔMr. James A. Dingus, Jr.

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Clement Dinsmore

Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Dirkes

Mr. Peter Dispigno

Mrs. Sylvia Diss

Mr. and Mrs. Phil H. Dittmer

ΔMs. Mary S. Dix

Mr. David Dixon

ΔMr. and Mrs. W. Stan Dixon

+ΔMr. and Mrs. William J. Doane

ΔCharlotte Dockery

Ms. Gladys M. Dockery

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Doctor

Douglas Dodd

ΔMr. and Mrs. Michael C. Dodge

+ΔSharon S. Dodrill

ΔMrs. Frances H. Dody

#§ΔMrs. Paul C. Doehring

ΔMr. and Mrs. George W. Doeltz

Mrs. Pat Doerman

ΔDr. and Mrs. Carroll A. Doggett, Jr.

Dr. Arthur A. Dole

ΔMs. Joan Dombrowski

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Dombrowski

  • Ms. Elizabeth L. Domingue

Ms. Virginia R. Dominguez

+ΔMr. and Mrs. David A. Domino

Mr. and Mrs. John Donahoe

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Donahoe

ΔMr. Bruce R. Donahue

ΔMs. Susan K. Donaldson

Mrs. Willie Belle Donaldson

Ms. Dottie M. Donkin

Mrs. Marjory M. Donn

Mr. John W. Donnelly

Ms. Elizabeth A. Donohue

ΔDr. and Mrs. Robert E. Donohue

Mr. C. Ross Donovan, Jr.

ΔMr. Jeremiah J. Donovan

Mrs. Ann Bodden Doole

#ΔMrs. Nancy D. Dorer

Ms. Naoma F. Dorety

ΔMr. Albert A. Dorman

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Dorr

Ms. Rachel Dorroh

+Mrs. Elizabeth B. Dorsey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dorsey

ΔMr. Eddie H. Doss

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Dotolo

Ms. Barbara G. Dotson

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Dotson

Mr. John F. Dotson

  • ΔMs. Carol Doty

ΔDr. and Mrs. John W. Doucette

Mrs. Gwendolyn Dunn Dougherty

ΔMr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Douglas

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Douglas

Ms. Mary Beth Dowden

Mr. and Mrs. Dewie M. Dowdy

  • ΔJoan M. Dowdy

ΔMr. and Mrs. James B. Dowling

Dr. Robert Dowling

ΔMr. and Mrs. Harold W. Doyle

#∏ΔMarjorie Wood Drackett

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Drake, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Drake

  • ΔDr. Richard B. Drake

ΔMr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Drake

Mr. Richard L. Dreher

Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Dressel

  • Mrs. Kay K. Drey
  • Mr. Leo A. Drey

ΔMr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Driscoll

Mr. H. M. Drower

ΔMr. Dean W. Drulias

Dr. Charles D. Drummond, Jr.

+Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Dsida

ΔMr. and Mrs. Henry I. D’Silva

Mr. Alan F. Dubin

Ms. Louisa C. Dubin

Mr. Samuel M. Dubin

Mr. and Mrs. Elton Dublin

Dr. Melvin Dubose

Dr. John K. Duckworth

ΔNancy S. Duckworth

+ΔMr. and Mrs. David B. Dudley

Mrs. Dorothy L. Dudley

ΔMrs. Evelyn Duell

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. DuFault

Earl Duff

ΔSteve Duffee

Mr. David H. Duffey

+ΔMs. Barbara J. Duffner

Ms. Clare E. Duffy

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Duffy

Mr. and Mrs. William Duffy

ΔMrs. Doris H. Dugan

Ms. Ellen K. Duke

Ms. Marilyn J. Dumbleton

Mr. Leslie W. Dunbar

+ΔDonald P. Duncan

ΔMs. Karen L. Duncan

  • Mr. and Mrs. L. Scot Duncan

Mrs. Mary Alice Duncan

Ross E. Duncan

Anne G. Dungan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Dunham

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Dunhoft

  • ΔDr. and Mrs. Noel Dunivant

ΔMr. Glenn M. Dunn

Mr. J. Ritchie Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dunn, III

+ΔMs. Kendra L. Dunn

Mr. Robert J. Dunn

Ms. Jacqueline J. Dupon

Dr. Nancy A. Durant

Mr. Robert G. Durham

ΔJohn K. Durst, III

Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. Dwenger

Mr. Darren Dwyer

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert G. Dyck

Mr. Larry W. Dye

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. George R. Dyer

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Dykhuizen

◊ΔMs. Gretchen Dykstra

Mrs. Arline J. Dzwonkowski

  • ΔMs. Elsie M. Eads

Phillip I. Earl

Ms. Susan D. Earle

Mr. Thomas O. Early

  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry East

Ms. Peggy Joyce East

  • Mr. and Mrs. Francis Eastburn
  • ΔMs. Francesca Eastman

Mr. and Mrs. Sean M. Easton

ΔMs. Fonda Lou Eaton

ΔMrs. Patricia A. Eaton

Ms. Valerie K. Eaton

Ms. Vicky Lynn Eaves

Mr. Charles E. Eberle

Mr. David B. Eck

ΔMr. Richard L. Eckersley

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Eckles, III

*∏ΔMs. Jo Ann G. Eder

ΔLt. Col. and Mrs. John C. Edgecomb

Mrs. Sarah Edmiston

Rev. and Mrs. Fred D. Edmonds

◊ΔMr. and Mrs. Brian Edwards

  • Jimmy C. Edwards

Lorene W. Edwards

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. R. Kemerer Edwards

Ms. Vera Edwards

Mr. Eric M. Efron

◊#∏ΔMrs. Johanna K. Egan

ΔMs. Katherine Egerton

ΔDrs. Peter H. and Zuzka P. Eggena

Mr. George Ehrhardt

Dr. Danuta Ehrlich

Ms. Kathy Sax and
Dr. John C. Ehrmann, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Eichenberger

ΔMr. and Mrs. Richard R. Einhorn

David E. Eisenmenger

Ms. Barbara B. Eisman

Mr. and Mrs. Loren M. Eisner

Mr. Steven J. Ek

Mrs. Tammy E. Elam

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Barry Eldred

ΔLillard Eldreth

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Eller

Mr. John Eller

◊•ΔMr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Ellingwood

  • Miss Judith M. Elliot

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Elliott

◊#Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Elliott

+ΔMr. Joseph E. Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Elliott

Mr. Mark E. Elliott

Ms. Brenda E. Ellis

  • ΔMs. Linda K. Lorimer and
    Mr. Charles D. Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ellis

ΔMr. Randall E. Ellis

ΔMs. Virginia A. Ellis

Mr. David L. Ellison

+Lisa A. Ellison

  • ΔMrs. Laurel L. Elsea

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence D. Ely, III

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elzinga

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Elzinga

Mr. Alexander F. Emerson

Mr. Bob Emerson

Mr. Calvin King Emerson

Rev. Dr. Leatrice J. W. Emeruwa

Mrs. Kathleen L. Emery

Mr. Akhtar Emon

ΔMr. James T. Engell

Mrs. Emmy Englander

Mr. Billy R. Engle

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Engle

Mrs. Eleanor A. English

  • ΔDr. Evan A. English

+Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Ennis

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Enright, Jr.

Ms. Romayne Enter

ΔMr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Enzenbacher

ΔMr. and Mrs. Alan Epstein

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Epstein

Mr. Howard Erdman

ΔMr. John L. Erlich

ΔMrs. Kathleen S. Erlich

Mrs. Mildred Ernst

◊∏ΔMs. Marion S. Erwin

Mr. Richard Eskew

ΔMr. and Mrs. Evald R. Eskilson

ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Espenshade

*•ΔMr. and Mrs. Jerry Estes

Ms. Karen A. Estes

Mr. Henry Etheredge

  • ΔMrs. Hartley C. Etheridge

ΔMs. Susan D. Lannin and
Mr. Albert F. Ettinger

Ms. Joan Y. Ettinger

+ΔMr. and Mrs. DeWitt Eutsler

#∏Dr. Ann Evans

#∏Mrs. Anne H. Evans

Ms. Elizabeth A. Evans

Ms. Elizabeth K. Evans

  • ΔMs. Jane K. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Evans

Mr. Jesse D. Evans

ΔMr. and Mrs. Jon E. Evans

Ms. Lucinda L. Evans

+Nancy Evans

Patrick Evans

Mr. Philip L. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Evans

Tiffany Evans

ΔWanda L. Evans

Ms. Wendy D. Evans

Mr. Michael B. Everling

ΔMr. and Mrs. George J. Evertson

Mrs. Jean L. Evvard

+ΔMr. Bob J. Ewert

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Ewing

Mr. Ben Faber

◊*•ΔMs. Mary E. Faber

ΔRev. Aurelia Hale Fabian and
Dr. Peter Fabian

+Drs. Stephanie Leah and
Michael M. Fabritius

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Dale Faesi

Mr. Cletus William Fahrion

Dr. and Mrs. Leland L. Fairbanks

Kevin Fairchild

  • ΔDr. Janice Pearce and
    Mr. Robert Fairchild

Mr. and Mrs. Norval Fairman

Dedrick Falin

Mr. Michael S. Falk

Mr. Daniel E. Falwell

ΔMs. Mook Lan M. Fan

ΔMr. David A. Fankhauser

Mr. and Mrs. Todd D. Fansler

Mr. Alfred Fantasia

Joseph T. Fanti, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Faris

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Farler-Hoyt

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Farmer

Mrs. Anne L. Farnham

Briant J. Farnsworth

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Bruce Farquhar

Mrs. Joyce A. Farr

ΔMr. and Mrs. Yusuf P. Farrah

Ms. Carol B. Farrar

◊*§ΔMiss Joan E. Farrell

Mr. Robert J. Farrell

Mr. Phillip C. Farrelly

Mrs. Carney O. Farris

ΔMs. Josephine G. Farwell

ΔMr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Fast

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fastabend

׸Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Faubert

Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Faulkner

Ms. Janie Faulkner

Ms. Peggy R. Faulkner

∏ΔMr. J. R. Fawley, Jr.

∏ΔMrs. Ruth W. Fawley

Mr. James Douglas Fay

+Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Feakins

Mrs. Opal B. Fedde

ΔMr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Feenstra

Mr. Nai-Tai Fei

Mr. Stanley Feifer

Mr. R. Feige

ץMrs. Eunice Feininger

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert P. Feister

Mr. Leonard Feldman

Mr. Melvin N. Feldman

Mr. Warren Feldman

Ms. Marna Feldt

Ms. Doris M. Fell

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Feller

Ms. Christine A. Felton

Ms. Jean Fenchel

Ms. Anne C. Fendrich

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery J. Fendrick

ΔMs. Valerie Fennell

Mr. Guy D. Fenner

ΔMrs. Doris Fenvessy

ΔMr. and Mrs. James Gates Ferguson, Jr.

Mr. Jeff Ferguson

Mrs. Joan K. Ferguson

Mr. John T. Ferguson

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ferguson

ΔMr. and Mrs. Roger G. Ferguson

Mr. Dan Ferraro

+Martha C. Ferrebee

Ms. Linda B. Ferreri

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Ferwerda

ΔMr. Henry C. Fessard

◊#∏ΔMr. Robert W. Fessler

ΔMartha Few

◊Mrs. Wilma C. Fidoe

Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Field

+ΔMs. Jane Mohraz and
Mr. A. Belden Fields

Ms. Helyn Fields

+ΔPamela J. Fields

◊†•ΔFrances Rosi Fife

Ms. Martha R. Fiffer

ΔMr. John J. Filak

Ms. Emily K. Filardo

Ms. Eleanor R. Filburn

Ms. Rose I. Finan

Ms. Delores J. Finch

◊*•ΔMr. and Mrs. Paul R. Finch

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Finestone

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Finkbeiner

ΔMr. and Mrs. Ted Finlayson-Schueler

Ms. Joan M. Finucci

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Fischer

ΔEric N. Fischer

+ΔMr. Grahme Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Fish

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fishbaugh, Jr.

Mrs. Roberta B. Fishbeck

Mr. Charles Fishburn

*ΔMr. and Mrs. Allan R. Fisher

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Allen P. Fisher

◊Ms. Kathleen M. Snider and
Mr. Frederick W. Fisher

Ms. Gayle A. Fisher

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Irving J. Fisher

ΔLesa W. Fisher

Ms. Mary Jane Fisher

ΔMr. Robert Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fisher

ΔVernon E. Fisher

◊•ΔMr. and Mrs. Donald L. Fishman

+ΔMr. Clyde K. Fisk

Dr. Jeffrey W. Fisk

ΔMs. Sally A. Fiske

ΔMr. Christopher C. Fitz

Mr. Thomas H. Fitzgerald

ΔMr. and Mrs. Chris Flammang

ΔMr. and Mrs. Curtis S. Flatland

Mr. Leslie Gene Fleet

ΔMr. and Mrs. Alarie O. Fleming

Mr. George G. Fleming

Lillie J. Fleming

  • Ms. Ying Zhang and
    Mr. Paul R. Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Flertzheim, Jr.

Ms. Bette A. Flick

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Flick

Miss Arlene Flisik

Ms. Lauretta M. Flohr

ΔMrs. Anne M. Flood

ΔMs. Mary Tyler Knowles and
Mr. Laurence B. Flood

ΔMs. Mary Jean Flood

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Flora

ΔMr. and Mrs. David L. Flores

ΔMr. Raymond J. Flory

Ms. Sarah I. Fludd

Miss Alice T. Flynn

  • Barbara E. Flynn

Mrs. Charlotte Flynn

Mrs. Marguerite F. Fogleman

Mrs. Marcia M. Foley

Ms. Lisa Lewis Folk

ΔMr. and Mrs. Leon R. Follmer

+Mr. Paul J. Folse

+ΔCol. Hayward Fong

ΔMrs. Ruth Fonoroff

ΔMr. George L. Fonyo

Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Forbes

◊+ΔMr. Robert E. Forbess

Mr. and Mrs. Challis D. Ford

Ms. Donna M. Ford

Ms. Gail Ford

#∏ΔMrs. Helen H. Ford

  • Mr. Michael P. Ford

Raymond E. Fore

Ms. Edna Denise Foreman

ΔMr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Forester

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fornuto

ΔMr. and Mrs. Frederick Forro, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Forsling

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Forsyth

Dr. Jere L. Forsythe

ΔMr. and Mrs. Lawrence Forte

ΔMiss Sarah P. Foss

Mrs. Linda S. Fossi

ΔMr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Foster

ΔMr. Gershom Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Foster

ΔMr. and Mrs. Lyle Jack Foster, Jr.

Mrs. Nancy Leiser Foster

+Ms. Lucille B. Foust

+Ms. Teri Foust

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Fowler

Ms. Carolyn Fowler

+ΔMr. David V. Fowler

+ΔMr. and Mrs. M. Gregg Fowler

◊#∏ΔMrs. Shirley B. Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fowles

+ΔMargaret Gadd Fowlkes

ΔFred R. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Fox

Capt. Richard T. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fox

Mr. John France

Mr. Dean H. Francis

Mr. Bruce O. Frank

David Frank

*•Mrs. Marian Frank

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Frankel

+ΔMrs. Ann Barton Franklin

∏Ms. Bonnie S. Franklin

Mr. Gordon C. Franklin

Mr. Henry A. Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Franklin

Ms. Peg Franklin

  1. Kenneth Franks

*∏ΔMr. and Mrs. David Frantz

Ms. June M. Fraps

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Fraser

+ΔJoseph J. Fray

+ΔDouglas Frazier

Linda Frazier

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fread

◊+ΔThomas R. Freck

Mrs. Mildred Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fredericks

ΔPamela F. Fredericksen

Constance Frederickson

ΔMr. and Mrs. John K. Frediani

Ms. Virginia Fredricks

Ms. Sallie R. Free

Mr. Mark Freedman

◊#ΔDr. John P. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe E. Freeman, Jr.

ΔMr. R. Don Freeman

ΔMs. Paula C. Freepartner

ΔMrs. Elizabeth P. Freese

Mr. R. John Freese

ΔMr. and Mrs. Francis I. Frellick

Ms. Marjorie French

Mr. and Mrs. William D. French

+ΔMr. and Mrs. George Fresty

Ms. Barbara T. Frey

Judy Fricks

Mr. Robert E. Friday

Mr. Christopher O. Fried

Mrs. Phyllis A. Friedmann

Mr. Robert H. Fries

  • ΔMs. Norma A. Fritsche

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Fritz

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Froehle

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Clyde Froehlich

ΔMs. Barbara G. Froemming

Mr. Jeffery Todd From and Ms. Mary Ashley Cochrane

◊*Mr. Jess V. Frost

Ms. Katherine A. Froyd

Mr. and Mrs. Graham E. Frye

*∏William T. Fryxell

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Fuehrmeyer, Jr.

Mr. Ross J. Fugill

ΔMs. Denise A. Fulkerson

Ms. Ann Marie Fuller

#∏Mrs. H. B. Fuller, III

+Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fuller

Mr. Steven Fuller

Mr. Stephen A. Fulling

Ms. Linda P. Fulton

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. R. Brent Furbee

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Furlong

Mr. Stanley Furrow

ΔMr. and Mrs. Michael Furuta

*§ΔDr. and Mrs. Fletcher Gabbard

◊Mr. Gene Gabbard

Ms. Catherine V. Gadarowski

ΔJune C. Gadd

Mr. David M. Gaffin

◊Mrs. Pauline M. Gaffney

∏ΔMr. and Mrs. James M. Gaidis

*•ΔMr. Frank R. Gailor

ΔMr. Joseph H. Gainer

Mr. and Mrs. Abner J. Gaines

Ms. Geraldine Gale

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Gallagher

Angela K. Galloway

Marvita H. Galloway

Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Gallup

ΔMr. Jeffrey C. Gallup

ΔDr. Barry B. Galton

ΔMrs. Diane L. Galvin

Ms. Nancy B. Gambardella

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Gamble

ΔMrs. Virginia N. Gamble

  • ΔDr. and Mrs. Ray Wayne Gandee

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Gang

  • ΔDr. Dorothy J. Ganick

ΔMs. Mary Kay D. Ganning

Mr. Matthew Aaron Gans

Mr. Thomas G. Gans

Ms. Erin C. Gantt

Ms. Rita I. Ganz

ΔMr. and Mrs. James F. Gaquin, Jr.

Mr. R. J. Garbacz

Mrs. Nancy R. Gardiner

ΔEdgar E. Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Gardner

Mrs. Lilia M. Gardner

  • Peter D. Gareis

Ms. Sara H. Garfield

ΔMr. Irv Garfinkel

ΔMr. George F. Garland

Ms. Shirley Garland

Ms. Alice W. Garlock

Ms. Susan L. Garman

Mr. and Mrs. Burton L. Garrett

Mr. Floyd B. Garrett

Ms. Cecilia Shore and
Mr. Andrew Garrison

*∏ΔMr. and Mrs. Richard Garver

Mr. Patrick M. Garvey

Miss Ada Bruce Gash

Scott Gaskin

Mr. Jerry H. Gass

ΔMr. and Mrs. Sigmund Gast

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gatch, Jr.

Mr. George I. Gates, Jr.

Ms. Laurie B. Gates

ΔMs. Suzanne Gates

◊*ΔMr. and Mrs. Walter C. Gates, Jr.

Mr. James Gauer

Mr. Hudson A. Gaulman, Jr.

Vito J. Gautieri

ΔRev. Richard R. Gay

Mr. Bryan M. Gayhart

  • ΔJ. Edward Gayhart

ΔMrs. Margaret G. Gaynes

Dr. and Mrs. David Gearring

ΔMr. Robert H. Gedekoh

ΔDrs. Roger and Lois H. Geeslin

Mr. Layton Gehrke

Mrs. Kenneth Geiger

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert G. Geil

פMs. Kathleen M. Geile

ΔMs. Jacquelyn S. Geissman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Geitz

ΔMr. and Mrs. Michael Gelb

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Gelsthorpe

Ms. Patrice Gelvin

Ms. Karen Gens

Dr. Reginald E. Gentry

ΔMr. and Mrs. Patrick George

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Georgeoff

Ms. Maureen Gerardi

Dr. William J. Gerhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gerholz

ΔDr. Homer J. Gerken

Miss Elizabeth B. Gerlach

ΔMs. Constance A. Wischmann and
Mr. Franklin Gerson

Ms. Dorothy Gerstenfeld

Mrs. Mary Meeker Gesek

Mr. William J. Gessner, Jr.

Ms. Virginia E. Gettings

  • ΔMs. Evelyn C. Ghiselin

Mr. Albin M. Giaimo

Ms. Jeanne H. Gianakos

LTC. James R. Gibbons, USAF Ret.

ΔMr. and Mrs. Charles Gibbs

Ms. Marilynne Gibbs

Mr. William C. Gibbs, Jr.

Edward Gibson

Mr. Henry Gibson

ΔMr. and Mrs. LTucker Gibson, Jr.

+ΔDr. Lawrence E. Gibson

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. David L. Giele

Mr. Edward N. Gifford

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery A. Gilbert

ΔMr. Robert I. Gilbert

ΔMr. and Mrs. John F. Gilchrist

Mrs. Gale S. Gill

Ms. Jewel D. Gill

Ms. Violet Gill

  • Mr. Bruce M. Gillam

+ΔMs. Rebecca A. Gillan

ΔJanis Ann Gillenwater

Mr. Jacob Giller

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gillespie, Jr.

+ΔMrs. Frances A. Gillette

  • Dr. P. Roger Gillette

William Gillette

Miss Geraldine Gillio

Mr. Daniel J. Gillis

+ΔCharley E. Gillispie

ΔDr. and Mrs. John F. Gills

Mr. Ralph Henry Gillum

Mr. Alfred S. Gilman

+ΔMrs. Priscilla T. Gilman

ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Gilman

Mrs. Alison W. Gilmore

Mr. Christopher Gilmore

Mr. Samuel Gilmore

ΔRev. and Mrs. G. Kipp Gilmore-Clough

+ΔMrs. Barbara F. Ginn

*•Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Ginn

Dr. and Mrs. Roland E. Girardet

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Girling

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gist

Mr. and Mrs. Vincenzo Giustino

Mr. Craig K. Givens

+ΔMs. Helen W. Gjessing

Miss Robin L. Glantz

Ms. Maryann Glasgow

ΔMiss Patsy L. Glass

Mr. William F. Glass

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Glassman

ΔMs. Laura Glassman

Mrs. Tressa Glassman

Ms. Ella Rebecca Glassmeyer

Mr. Gilbert H. Gleason

#+Mrs. Joseph F. Gleason

Ms. Bertha Mae Glenn

  • ΔNancy B. Glenn

Ms. Jane Glew

*+Ms. Leslie Glew

Ms. Lenore E. Glodowski

Mr. William H. Glye

ΔMr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gmitter

ΔMr. Richard Gnaedinger

Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Goble

ΔMr. Aaron W. Godfrey

Mr. Joe Godleski

Mr. and Mrs. Ehrhard Goebel

Ms. Deborah Stewart Goergen

Ms. Evelyn G. Goering

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goggan

ΔMr. and Mrs. Francis V. Goins

Ms. Suzanne K. Gold

ΔMs. Janne Goldbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua N. Goldberg

Larry A. Goldberg

ΔMr. and Mrs. Peter Goldberg

Ms. Nancy H. Seymour and
Mr. Richard Goldberg

Ms. Margaret Goldblatt

+ΔMrs. Betty Goldiamond

Dr. Allen D. Golding

ΔMs. Elaine R. Goldman

Ms. Helene Goldman

Ms. Jane Goldman

Ms. Julie M. Goldman

Ms. Linda I. Goldman

ΔMr. Mark H. Goldman

Mrs. Laura C. Goldsmith

ΔDr. Leslie F. Goldstein and
Mr. Philip Goldstein

ΔMr. Thomas D. Goldstein

Anne F. Golliday

Mr. Robert Golub

Mr. Gus Gonzales

David Allen Good, Jr.

Linda H. Good

∏Mrs. Susan D. Goodhard

Ms. Evelyn Goodman

*§ΔMr. and Mrs. Joe L. Goodman, Jr.

ΔMrs. M. E. Goodman

Mr. Thomas G. Goodwillie

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Goodwin

ΔMr. and Mrs. Ralph Goodwin

ΔMrs. Thelma M. Goodwin

  • ΔMs. Nancy Ann Goolsby

Mrs. Anne Marie Gordon

Mrs. Nancy M. Gordon

Ms. Vera Julia Gordon

Mr. Wesley A. Gordon

Mrs. Leona Goren

  • ΔMs. Nancy A. Gorenshek

ΔMr. David C. Gorman

ΔMrs. Mary Louise Gorman

Mrs. Susan R. Gornall

Ms. Linda J. Gorton

ΔMr. and Mrs. Michael C. Gorton

Ms. Laura Goss

*§Mrs. Carolyn T. Gossett

Ms. Jeannette Gottlieb

Mr. Karl D. Gottschalk

Ms. Bobette L. Gouch

Mr. Michael R. Goucher

ΔAlan Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Goulty

ΔJames E. Gourley

ΔMrs. Nancy J. Gow

Ms. Mitzi Valentine Goward

Mrs. Nancy Gower

◊ΔDr. Cheryl J. Gowie

ΔMrs. Mabel R. Grace

  • ΔMr. J. Martin Grady

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert D. Graffenberger

+ΔMr. Forbes P. Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Graham

*∏Mr. and Mrs. W. Bruce Graham

Ms. Yvonne Graham

  • Ms. Bonita Granlund

ΔMiss Gertrude Grant

Mrs. Louise H. Grant

ΔMr. and Mrs. Walter M. Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Granter

ΔMs. Christine S. Grantham

Mr. William Graper

Mr. Lee R. Grasfeder

Ms. Carol Gray

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Darrell H. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Gray

ΔMs. Kathryn H. Gray

+ΔMrs. Mary Ann Gray

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Roger Gray

Mr. John C. Graybeal, Sr.

Drs. Sheila S. and Michael L. Graybeal

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Merle Graybill

Ms. Irene C. Grbich

ΔC. Thomas Green

ΔMr. and Mrs. Jack Green, Jr.

ΔMs. Judith B. Green

Mr. Norman Green

Mr. Robert A. Green

Mr. Roland Green

Mr. William L. Green

Rachel L. Greenawalt

Mr. Chester W. Greene

Mr. Herman P. Greene, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Greene

+ΔTeresa E. Greene

ΔMr. Carl O. Greenfield

Ms. Mary Dianne Greenley

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton M. Greenwood

Mr. and Mrs. Austin P. Greer

  • ΔMr. J. Stewart Greer

+ΔMartha J. Greer

Ms. Daria A. Gregg

James R. Gregory

  • Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gregory

Ms. Sharon Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Gregory

Leo R. Greis

ΔMrs. Shirley Z. Grekin

ΔDr. and Mrs. Lee W. Grier

*§Mr. and Mrs. Henry Griesser

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Griffin

Dr. and Mrs. Marion W. Griffin

*Murray S. Griffin

Ms. Pamalee A. Brady and
Mr. Eric D. Griffith

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Griffith

+Mr. Richard S. Griffith

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Griffith

Ms. Alejandrina E. Grijalva

ΔMs. Dorothy B. Grimm

ΔMr. Vincent Grippi

Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Grismer

ΔGordon E. Grissom

◊#∏ΔMr. and Mrs. William C. Griswold

Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Grogan

Mrs. Helen Pollock Groom

Mr. Richard G. Groome

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Grosella

ΔMr. and Mrs. Luke Groser

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gross

Ms. Louise G. Gross

*∏ΔMr. and Mrs. Walter L. Gross, III

ΔMr. William A. Grosse

ΔMr. and Mrs. Edward A. Grossmann

ΔMr. Jeffrey T. Grothaus

Mrs. Diane Grotz

◊ΔMr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Grover

Mr. Philip Leon Grubaugh

James Christopher Grubbs

Ms. Wanda J. Grubbs

Mr. Roger A. Grubic

Mr. Geoffrey R. Gruendl

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Gruenenfelder

+ΔMs. Joan O. Grunewald

Dr. Dana M. and Mr. Frank Guazzo

Ms. Therese M. Guedon

Col. Clarence W. Guelker

ΔMs. Michael Anne Guido

+Mr. Alfred B. Guinn

Mr. and Mrs. Karl P. Gulder

ΔMr. Robert E. Guliford

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Gulliver

Ms. Phyllis Gunn

ΔRev. and Mrs. Ronald C. Gustafson

Mr. Elder J. Gustave

Ms. Susanna C. Binzen and
Mr. David S. Guthrie

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Guthrie

ΔMr. and Mrs. Walter P. Gutierrez

Lynette R. Gwinn

ΔMr. Douglas C. Haag

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd D. Haag

Mr. Carl R. Haas

Ms. Deena M. Haas

Mr. and Mrs. G. James Haas

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Habercom

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Hacker, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Dee Hacquard, II

  • ΔOmar C. Haddad

Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Haddox

Mrs. Margaret A. Hader

+Dr. Jacques B. Hadler

ΔMrs. Beryl B. Haeseker

ΔLoretta Hafley

Ms. Lenore Hageman

Dr. Joy Hager

+Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Hagmaier

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hagwood

Raimund Hahn

  • ΔMrs. Anne H. Hahn-Baker

Ms. Virginia Haig

+ΔMr. Samuel Hairston

Mr. Gary Hakes

ΔMr. Scott L. Halberg

ΔMr. and Mrs. Melvyn L. Halbert

ΔRoger Hale

Ms. Carolinda Hales

  • Barbara L. Hall

Carole Nickel Hall

∏ΔDonna Stauffer and
John Richard Hall

◊*+ΔDorothy S. Hall

Dr. Elizabeth Hall

ΔMrs. Grace H. Hall

+ΔHomer W. Hall

Mr. Larry Hall

Madonna K. Hall

Ms. Margaret S. Hall

Ms. Mary Janice Hall

Ms. Mary A. Hall

ΔMiss Mary H. Hall

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Patrick Hall

Ms. Sarah L. Hall

Ms. Sylvia V. Hall

ΔMr. and Mrs. Van Hall

  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Halleck

ΔMs. Dorcas Haller

Ms. Deborah Halley

ΔMr. and Mrs. Thomas Halley

ΔDr. and Mrs. Donald P. Hallmark

  • Mrs. Roberta Abbe Hallowell

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Halper

Ms. Gloria Ham

ΔMr. and Mrs. Ernest Hamanaka

+ΔDr. Edward L. Hamblin

Michael Hamblin

ΔM. Hambright

Mr. Robert H. Hamburg

Carroll E. Hamilton

Mr. Percival B. Hamilton

Mr. Ronald R. Hamilton

Mr. Thomas B. Hamilton

ΔMr. Melvin G. Hamm

ΔDr. Mary Arneson and
Dr. Dale E. Hammerschmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hammersla

ΔMr. Walter F. Hammie

Dr. Deborah E. Hammond and
Mr. David L. Emanuel

Ms. Heather L. Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Hamond

Ms. Jayne E. Hancock

  • ΔDr. John P. Handago

◊*§Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Handel

Mr. Robin Christopher Handley

+Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Handy, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Hankins

Mr. Niles E. Hanna

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Reginald Hannaford

Mr. Mathew J. Hannon and Dr. Linda M. Nagy

Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Hansen

ΔMr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Hansler

Mr. and Mrs. C. Lee Hanson

ΔMr. and Mrs. E. Victor Hanson

Mr. E. Ross Hanson

Ms. Iris K. Hanson

+Ms. Lois K. Happe

Mr. and Mrs. Abdus Samad N. Haqq

Mr. Robert C. Haraway, III

+Mr. James A. Harbaugh

Ms. Nancy J. Harber

ΔMr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Hard

Mrs. Betty Jo Hardiman

Mrs. Virginia F. Hardin

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Hardy

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Hardy

Mr. Noam Y. Harel

ΔMs. Janet L. Hargett

Mr. Jerold Hargis

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy D. Harkins

ΔMr. and Mrs. John B. L. Harkness

Ms. Augusta J. Harlan

Mr. Joe E. Harlan

◊#§ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert E. Harley

  1. L. Harlow

#∏ΔMr. Leon W. Harman

CMr. and Mrs. John R. Harmon

Ms. Judith T. Harmon

+ΔJoseph R. Harner

Ms. Ruth Harp

Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Harper

Ms. Cynthia D. Harrelson

ΔMr. Wayne E. Harrer

Betty S. Harris

  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harris

Mr. James O. Harris

Ms. Janet L. Harris

Ms. Jeri J. Harris

Mr. Kendall L. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Marquis Harris

Mrs. Richard Harris

  • ΔRita H. Harris

ΔMs. Ruth Elmore Harris

Mr. Steven C. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Harris

+ΔMargaret A. Harris-Murray

David M. Harrison

Sandra Harrison

ΔMr. Clyde H. Harriss, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Harriss

Ms. Rachel Harrod

Mrs. Paula C. Harshaw

Mr. Arthur Hart

Ms. Barbara E. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Hart

ΔMr. and Mrs. Brian R. Hart, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Martin Hart

  • Mrs. Jean Lambeth Hart

#∏ΔMs. Sue B. Hart

*•ΔVivian H. Hart

Mrs. Tam Hartell

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hartenberg

+ΔMr. Thomas J. Hartford, III

+ΔMs. Marilyn A. Hartig

Mrs. Phyllis Hartikka

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Hartley

Miss Anita M. Hartman

Mr. Clarence P. Hartman

+ΔJoan R. Hartman

Mrs. Edith Elaine Hartong

◊*§ΔGene L. Hartsell

ΔMr. and Mrs. John F. Hartsig

Zenna Hartsog

ΔDr. John G. Hartung

Ms. Genevieve Hartwig

Mr. Herbert B. Hartwig, Jr.

ΔMildred P. Hartzog

Mr. James A. Harvey

Mr. Jeff Harvey, Jr.

Richard Harvey

Mr. Roger W. Haskell

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hasker

ΔMr. Robert W. Haskins

Mr. Sameer S. Hassan

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hassinger

Mrs. Jeanne G. Hatcher

ΔJune A. Hatcher

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hauer

Ms. Mary E. Hauge

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Haugen

Ms. Rita L. Haugh

ΔMr. Paul J. Haughan

ΔMr. and Mrs. Louis C. Haughney

Mr. Gary L. Haun

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dee Haun, Jr.

Dr. William E. Hauser

+ΔDr. Elizabeth Hausmann-Stokes

Mr. Herbert D. Havens

Ms. Iris Agard Hawkins

ΔKenneth Hawkins

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hawks

Mr. Richard Haworth

  • Drs. Carla H. and Robert Pettus Hay

ΔMr. Yukiyo R. Hayashi

Ms. Ann Leiphart Hayes

Mr. Cecil E. Hayes

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Gilbert F. Hayes

+ΔMr. Lawrence Patrick Hayes

ΔMrs. Lydia B. Hayes

ΔMr. Claude D. Haynes

Daniel A. Hays

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Hays

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil W. Hays

Ms. Barbara Hayworth

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl F. Hazel

◊+Miss Margaret Headley

ΔMs. Francesca L. Heap

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Hearn

ΔMr. Robert W. Hearn, Jr.

  • Mr. Curtis Heaston

Mr. Milton S. Heath, Jr.

◊+Ms. Michelle P. Heatherton

Ms. Mary M. Heaton

James M. Heck

ΔDr. Thomas F. Heck

ΔMr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Heckel

+Mr. Clark R. Hecker

+Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Heckman, Jr.

+Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hector

  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hedman

ΔMr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Heerema

Ms. Betty Branson Hefner

Ms. Norine P. Hegy

+ΔJoe L. Heiman

ΔMr. Donald J. Heimbrock

Mr. Douglas Heine

  • George G. Heiney, II

Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Heinmiller

*+ΔMr. and Mrs. James Heinrich

Mrs. Rebecca Heintz

+ΔRalph D. Heishman

ΔMiss Rhonda J. Heithaus

Mr. Carl Heitkamp

Mr. and Mrs. G. Heitler

∏Mrs. Joan E. Hekimian

Mr. James Gardner Heldman

Mr. Richard M. Helfrick

ΔPaul E. Helm

◊ΔMr. Ronald P. Helman

Mrs. Irene L. Helme

ΔMr. and Mrs. David A. Helms

ΔJim Helton

+ΔMs. Barbara E. Hempill

+ΔMr. Hugh G. Hempill

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Henault

+ΔNancy K. Henderlite

Mr. Chris Henderson

ΔMiss Gearldine Henderson

*Joyce Ritchie Henderson

Ms. Mildred K. Henderson

+ΔDr. and Mrs. Worth W. Henderson

Ms. Miriam E. Hendrickson

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hendrickson

◊#∏ΔMr. Charles T. Hendrix

ΔDr. David S. Henkel, Jr.

Mr. Richard E. Henne

Ms. Judith E. Hennessey

ΔMr. and Mrs. William S. Hennessey

ΔMr. and Mrs. Tom Hennessy

Mr. Herbert W. Hennings

◊Mr. Joseph R. Henry

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Malcolm C. Henry

Ms. Vera M. Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Hensel

Betty M. Hensley

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde T. Hensley

  • Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hensley

ΔMrs. Joyce W. Hensley

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Hensley

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin R. Henze

Ms. M. Julia McKenzie and
Mr. J. William Hepler

  • ΔMs. Sigrid Hepp-Dax

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Herald

ΔMrs. Mary D. Herberich

Ms. Claudette Herceg

ΔMr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Herdeman

Mr. David Hermann

+ΔMr. J. William Hernandez

Mr. John M. Herner

ΔDr. and Mrs. Billy R. Heron

  • ΔMr. and Mrs. Richard Herr

Mr. Stanley R. Herrlinger

ΔMrs. Lotte Hershfield

ΔMrs. Jill Ann Hersman

Mr. David Hertzberg

Mr. John M. Herzog

ΔMr. and Mrs. John D. Herzog

Mrs. Hedva Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hess

Mr. Robert M. Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Hesselgesser

Mr. and Mrs. Fritz M. Hessemer

ΔMr. and Mrs. Donald D. Hester

Mr. John M. Heston

+ΔMr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Heuser

Mr. and Mrs. Elton M. Hewitt, Jr.

Ms. Polly J. Hewitt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hewlett

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Heyman

ΔMr. Philip M. Heyman

ΔDr. and Mrs. John Peter Heyrman

  • ΔMaurice B. Hibbard

Ms. Edna B. Hibbitts

ΔMrs. Elizabeth A. Hicken

Barbara Hicks

ΔJack Hicks

Ms. Maryellen Whitlock Hicks

Ms. Patricia J. Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hicks

ΔMs. Judith T. Hickson

ΔMrs. Martha H. Hiebel

Ms. Liriel Higa

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Higgs

+ΔMr. Duane A. High

Mr. William S. Hight

Mr. James Hightower, III

Col. and Mrs. James E. Hildebrandt

+Ms. Hertha M. Hill

  • ΔMrs. Lucia M. Hill

Mrs. Lynda Ryan Hill

Mr. Robert C. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Hill

פMrs. Chong Lee Hill-Ellis

Mr. James C. Hilliard

◊#§ΔMr. Paul W. Hillier, Jr.

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hillis

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hillman

+Ms. Audrey Hillyard

+Mr. Arthur L. Hilt

+Debra S. Hilton

ΔMs. Marylyn M. Hilton

ΔMrs. G. T. Him

*∏ΔDr. and Mrs. C. Richard Hinckley

ΔMrs. Jean Hall Hinckley

+Amy Hincks

ΔMr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Hind, Jr.

#Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Hindman

ΔMs. Sharon L. Hiner

Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Hines

Mr. Dante Hines

ΔMrs. Frances M. Hines

+Rev. Msgr. Carl D. Hinrichsen

∏ΔMr. Gayford L. Hinton

Ms. Margaret A. Hinton

Mr. and Mrs. DuWayne R. Hintz

  • Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Hirn

Mr. John B. Hirsch

Rev. and Mrs. Roy E. Hiser, Jr.

ΔW. Leon Hisle

◊+ΔMs. Mary Ruth Green and
Mr. Don E. Hissam

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hitchins, Jr.

Mr. Paul S. Hiyama

ΔMr. David L. Hoats

+ΔDr. and Mrs. Harold R. Hobe

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan H. Hobgood

  • Ms. Lorraine Lesher and
    Mr. William Hobler, Jr.

ΔMs. M. Sebina Hobson

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hobson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Hochstedler

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Hockley

  • Ms. Elisabeth M. Dykens and
    Mr. Robert M. Hodapp

Mr. Michael Hodgman

Mr. Jack Carl Hoefer

John H. Hoehne

Mrs. Rackeline J. Hoff

ΔMs. Florette B. Hoffheimer

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hoffman

פDr. Megan M. Hoffman and
Mr. Charles F. Hoffman

Ms. Dava Z. Hoffman

Mr. Howard M. Hoffman

ΔMs. Janis M. Hoffman

  • Mr. Jeffrey Lee Hoffman

Mr. Rudolph Hoffman

Ms. Sharon Hogan

Mr. Rudy Hogenboom

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hogger

Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hohenschutz

Ms. Millicent Holbert

Faye Holbrook

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Holcom

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Holdener

ΔMs. Carla E. Holder

Miss Roberta J. Holder

+Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Holladay, Jr.

Lynda H. Hollan

Mr. William H. Holland

+Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Hollander

Mr. and Mrs. Vance T. Holliday

Ms. Margaret T. Hollingsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hollis

ΔKathryn L. Hollitt

Mr. Scott W. Holloman

  • ΔRonald Holloway

Mr. and Mrs. B. Kirk Holman

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Holmes

Ms. M. F. Holmes

+ΔMs. Marianne Holmes

+ΔPaul R. Holmes

Mr. Roger J. Holzman

Dr. Elton R. Homan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Homer

Mr. Philip C. Homes

ΔDr. and Mrs. Paul J. Homsher

◊#+ΔReba Honeycutt

Mr. L. Chad Hood

ΔMs. Odessa W. Hooker

Mr. Mark T. Hooper

ΔMr. and Mrs. Roger Hooper

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Hoover

  • ΔMr. Duane L. Hoover

ΔMs. Linda S. Hoover

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Hoover

ΔMr. and Mrs. J. Harold Hopkins

Mr. and Mrs. Herman L. Hoppe

ΔMs. Patricia H. Horan

Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Horcher

  • Mr. and Mrs. Horace B. Hord

Mr. Jeff Horen

ΔDonald and Mary Ann Horenstein

Dr. and Mrs. Simon Horenstein

  • ΔMs. Helen Horn

Mrs. Helene W. Horn

Ms. Sandra Stewart Horne

ΔMr. and Mrs. Terrell E. Horne

Mrs. Martha T. Horner

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Hornsby, Jr.

Mrs. Evelyn J. Horowitz

ΔSue T. Horton

  • ΔMs. Virginia Horvath

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Horvay

ΔMr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz

#∏ΔMrs. Norma M. Horvitz

Mrs. Leah Horwitz

Mr. Nahmin Horwitz

ΔMr. and Mrs. Phillip Horwitz

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert A. Horwitz

◊ΔMr. and Mrs. Carl E. Hosea, Jr.

Mrs. Margaret E. Hoskins

  • Dr. and Mrs. William Hoskins

ΔMrs. Teresa G. Hosler

Ms. Ann C. Hospelhorn

  • ΔMs. Maxine W. Houck

ΔMs. Susan E. Houde

Mr. Thomas M. House

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney R. Householder

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Houston

ΔMs. Roberta A. Houston

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Houy

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hovan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hovelmann

Bill Howard

Ms. Elise Howard

Emily V. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. James Howard

Mrs. Lynn D. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Howe

Ms. Ruth A. Howe

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Howells

William and Alice Howenstine

Mrs. Janice L. Howie

Ms. Virginia F. Howie

Mr. Peter M. Howland

Zelpha Hoyer

◊§ΔMrs. Vesta A. Hrnciar

  • ΔCarlton W. Hsu

Ms. Cheryl A. Hubbard

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Hubbard

ΔMs. Jean Hubbard

ΔMs. Susan J. Hubbard

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Hubbard

ΔMs. Wiltrud Hubbard

+ΔDr. and Mrs. Albert L. Huber

ΔMs. Marilyn J. Huddleson

Drs. Peggy M. and William Huddleston

+ΔMs. Carole I. Hudgings

Ms. Michelle S. Hudgins

Mr. V. Lavoyed Hudgins

Mr. Charles E. Hudson

ΔMr. Gerald T. Hudson

Mr. Isaac Hudson

Mr. Al Huestis

ΔMr. Kurt Huffnagle

Ms. Clara Jean Hughes

ΔMr. Gordon E. Hughes

Mr. Jesse E. Hughes

ΔMs. Mary Lou Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hughes, Jr.

ΔMr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hughey

#◊∏ΔMrs. Martha G. Huheey

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hulsey

Dr. Joyce I. Humber Faison

+ΔMs. Karen C. Humbert

Mrs. Evelyn Humphrey

Ms. Elenore M. Humphries

Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Hunderup

*ΔMrs. Caroline Lewis Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon E. Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie K. Hunter

  • Mr. Roger J. Hunter

*∏ΔMr. James G. Huntting, Jr.

ΔMr. and Mrs. Mark J. Hupf

David Neil Hurley

Jay E. Hurley

  • Dr. Patricia A. Mayer and
    Dr. Paul G. Hurst

Mr. Jerome Hurwitz

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy S. Huston

Ms. Kathleen M. Hutchens

ΔMr. and Mrs. C. R. Hutcheson

+Shelley Hutcheson

Mrs. Brenda Levy Hutchings

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hutchins

Ms. Amy Hutchison

ΔThomas S. Hutsell

ΔMr. and Mrs. Earl H. Hutt

Ms. Mary Huttar

ΔMiss Mildred Huttenmaier

ΔMr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Hutzell

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert A. Huxtable

Mr. David K. Hyatt

  • ΔMrs. Joni W. Hyder

ΔMr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hyduke

*׸Mr. Mark D. Hylton

Ms. Margaret Hypatia

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